Is Numerology Affecting your life?

Is Numerology Affecting your life? – that, in case you like the subject; if not, at least it can be fun to know a bit about it :) Do you like Numerology? Which is your Destiny number?

Bohemian hat

Numerology and astrology, interesting topics – well, I like them :) According to astrology, a personal year starts after your birthday – one’s “real new year”. Not the Astrological New Year, that begins at Spring Equinox, March 20th. Numerology is so connected to our personal years, too.

As my birthday was last week, January 31st, my new year has then really started. It is nice to have the new year on the 1st, then Chinese New Year on the 28th, culminating with my personal new year on the 31st :) How can we calculate that? Easy!

There are many numbers in one’s life. Your Destiny, for example. The sum of your birth date. Example, someone who was born on February 11, 1991:

Destiny Number Numerology Calculation

Every year we have a different personal number, that will “guide you”. Sum again your month and day of birth to the sum of the current year. For example, this year is 2017. It is 2 + 0 + 1 +7 = 10. Reduce it to one number, it’s year 1. Now you can find your year’s personal number AFTER you have your birthday. If not, valid is the sum with the last year’s number, 2016 = 9. If you have your birthday on July 4th, for ex., your number is 7 + 4 + 9 = 20. One number only, your year is STILL number 2, till your birthday this year, that then will be 7 + 4 + 1 (2017) = 3.

Here you can find the numbers for your Personal Year, your Destiny, your Soul Urge, your Inner Dream, what your birth date says about you, relationship compatibility, etc. Also, explanations of the Master Numbers, that can’t be reduced, 11 and 22. And here you can find your Name’s number.

Fabric hat, Bijou Brigitte

Fabric hat, Bijou Brigitte

My Destiny number is 7 – peaceful, affectionate, studious, spiritual, secretive. My “new year’s number” began on Jan 31 + 2017, so 3 + 1 + 1 + 1 (for 2017) = 6. Oh my word, that is the number for Love, Family, Home and Responsibility. More responsibilities… oh! Well, a toast to all the unexpected and nice things that will happen!


Chinese patterned bag, don't remember. Embroidered jeans,  . Blouse,  Reality

Chinese pattern bag, don’t remember. Embroidered jeans, LB. Blouse, Reality

And a dry leaf on the floor, I liked that!

Dry leaves on the floor; I like them, so I left them there on purpose :)

Loved this top!

Loved this top!

A sweet cat!

A sweet cat!

Plastic chain necklace, Amaro

Plastic chain and metal necklace, Amaro. Ring, Zoppini Firenze

A homage to the Chinew New Year and a denim jacket with a dragon :)

A homage to the Chinese New Year – a denim jacket with a dragon :)

Chinese patterned bag

Chinese pattern bag

Maneki-neko shoes, Louloux

Maneki-neko shoes, Louloux

Suggestion for Valentine's Day nail art :)

Suggestion for Valentine’s Day nail art :) A heart beating!

Heart nail art

DIY Moment Cooking

Colorful gelatine with condensed milk. It was deliiiicious! As a vegetarian, use agar agar

Colorful gelatine with condensed milk. It was deliiiicious! As a vegetarian, use agar agar. Recipe on Vegetabible

Finishing Touch and Mood of the Week

Quote about the Future

By the way, I now have started to show some funny and interesting finds on a Fun Friday’s post. Hope you like that!

Wishing you a beautiful week with many smiles! Thanks for the sweet comments!

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72 thoughts on “Is Numerology Affecting your life?

  1. Belated happy birthday Denise :) I hope you had a lovely day.
    Thanks for all that info on numerology – I’ve never really spent much time looking at it, but I do believe that all those ancient systems have relevance to us today.
    Have a great week
    Fil xx

  2. I don’t know that much about numerology, perhaps because I was never a fan of math?:) I do know some things and I remember reading about one character in a novel that was able to tell future with it…and not just future but past and present as well. I suppose it is a bit like horoscope? Interesting that numbers told you that you can expect more responsibilities….well, that can be good. The greater the power, the greater the responsibility…so perhaps you’re about to become more powerful.

    You look amazing. I really like this denim look. I’m used to seeing you in skirt but you look nice in jeans too. Lovely top and shoes…print and colours – I do like those.
    How sweet that you added homage to the Chinese New Year. Fabulous denim jacket, it matches the bag with the Chinese print quite well.

  3. hey, Denise! it was great to read your post again! I read about those years and numbers and even tried to calculate mine but then it got slightly difficult and I moved on to your outfit and yummy food. I love the hair style – those waves are absolutely gorgeous! and the hat looks so good on you. I also like the dragon print on your jacket. and the backdrop is really cool as well! gosh and your cooking section always makes me hungry! condensed milk is SO good and I would totally have a piece of that dessert right now! yum! oh and your nails are cute too! wishing you a wonderful week, dear Denise! haha and I’m also finally back with a new post!

    • Dear Maiken, thank you so much for your lovely comment and the compliments! I must confess that the dessert was really good :) Your personal number now is 2 – until your birthday, that will change for 3 :) Number 2 means that you have a high peak of sensitivity, to nurture people, to have harmony in every area of your life and to be diplomatic. Great traits! When you have your birthday, be ready for the energy of number 3 – self-expression and self-enhancement, showing the world your abilities. I guess the green house will grow, and your excellent photography too! Again, thank you for your lovely comment, I will visit you blog today! XXX

      • thank you so much! it was really interesting to read those descriptions! unfortunately no harmony right now but I really hope it will arrive :) everything else I even agree with. and the time after my birthday sounds pretty exciting as well! actually I’ve been thinking about learning something new!

  4. Interesting read, Denise. I am not into numerology, I am not even in astrology or any such things. But I am all into your outfit. That hat is glam and you wear it so well, you look cute as a button wearing it, Denise and so so beautiful. You always have the most gorgeous and interesting shoes, girl. Love these ones and should you ever get tired of them send them my way. They are cute cute cute. Again I love your mani. Wishing you a fantastic start into a happy week, Denise.
    latest look: 🎭 Don Quixote 🎭

  5. Io non credo molto nella numerologia ma spesso mi capita di trovare spesso alcuni numeri della mia vita :) soprattutto i numeri pari! Il giorno e il mese del mio compleanno (4 e 8). Ad esempio sommando i numeri della mia data di nascita viene fuori il numero 8. Inoltre spesso il 22 fa parte della mia vita! bacii

  6. Scopro sempre nuove cose con i tuoi post cara Denise!
    Oggi ho scoperto che il mio numero del destino è il 3 (che è anche sempre stato il mio numero preferito insieme al 1 e al 7 senza che lo sapessi)!^^
    Non credevo alla numerologia, ma leggendo gli articoli che hai linkato mi sono accorta che questi numeri effettivamente ricorrono anche nella nei miei numeri del destino, incredibile!
    Deliziosa tu e carinissimo il tuo look, mi piace questa tua versione un pò più “urban”, quella giacca è super bella! E stai benissimo con i capelli ricci, li hai scuriti un pò? :)

    • Grazie, carina Paola, per le tue parole! Vedo la Rai Uno tutti giorni – prima mi piaciono molto “Tale Quale” e Sconosciutti :) Spero che il tuo numero per questo anno sia de buona fortuna! Ancora una volta piu, grazie sempre pr le tue pensieri e parole! Baci!

  7. I believe in all of that babe. I found your post so interesting as well , I am so going to check out the link :) Thank you for your kind words re my dad, I really appreciate it, Mwah xx

  8. I’m a 5 which described me perfectly!! This is the best post ever! :) Every time I read Denise’s Planet I’m convinced we should be friends, if only we didn’t live so far apart, I would pop over for some tea to chat about numerology and all fantastic ideas you have swirling around in your head. You can come to my house for wine and crafting :) I love your entire outfit today. I’m usually not a fan of shirts with cats on them but this one is adorable. That jacket is out of this world, perfect for Chinese New Year.

  9. Yes, in my family numbers are very important especially for my mum’s family. Denise, your outfit is lovely and you look gorgeous in these photos. <3 I especially adore your printed shoes.
    I hope that you are starting the week off well. Very enjoyable post. Thanks very much. x/Madison

  10. Mi hai aperto un mondo mia cara Denise. Io non sapevo nulla della numerologia, ma mi rendo conto che è davvero speciale e molto senso. Scopro finalmente quale è il mio numero e i link che hai segnalato sono molto interessanti.
    Che bella che sei in queste foto e il cappellino ti sta benissimo (dovresti usarli più spesso).
    Un bacione
    Maggie Dallospedale

  11. Dein Top ist wirklich total schön und auch deine Jacke, liebe Denise! Du erst recht <3 Ich glaube absolut an Zahlen und liebe es mit diesen mein Schicksal auszurechnen. Damit kann ich mich sehr lange beschäftigen und ich freue mich total, dass Du darüber einen Post gemacht hast. Vielen Dank und noch eine wunderbare Woche für Dich! Liebe Grüße, Rena

  12. Hi Denise! How are you? I hope that everything you are doing well, my dear. You interested me in this subject, despite the fact that I’m quite sceptical when it comes to that area, but on the other hand, you know what they say – everything is written in the stars. What about my numer, now I totally understand why we’re similar – I’m seven too, my happy number for this year is 6, of course, ha 😀 From my curiosity, I checked these websites about you noticed about and I’m quite shocked, because I can relate with almost everything what it is written about personality of people, who are seven, like me and you. 😀 What about your outfit, you look even more pretty (if it’s possible, because you always look divine:D) with that hat, you should wear them more often, Denise :)

    Have a lovely evening dear friend,

  13. How fascinating Denise! I don’t know a whole lot about numerology, but I’ve always had a connection with the number 3 and when I looked it up, it has a lot of personality signifiers that are very similar to me. It’s a really interesting thing to looki into! xx

  14. Hi Denise! How have you been? I’ve been super busy so haven’t had the time to comment or visit my fellow blogger’s pages for a while but am back now! Thank you for all the sweet comments you’ve left on my recent posts. I am crazy about numbers and am very superstitious. I am also a staunch believer of angel numbers in fact :) Hope you have a wonderful weekend!


  15. What’s the meaning of life? Why are we here? What makes you so unique? What’s your purpose? Some never wonder or care to answer this type of questions. Are you part of the special few who want to unlock their true identity and place in this vast universe?

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