May the 4th be with you – I couldn’t help :) I was writing about something else, but I found it would be nice to share the Ikigai philosophy now – reason why most of us live for!

Green headband, Osklen

Green headband, Osklen. My hair is  wavy – sometimes I leave it natural!

Ikigai (to be pronounced “eek-ee-guy“) is a Japanese concept for  “a reason for being“. In Okinawa, it is “a reason to get up in the morning“, how you enjoy and see life, a sense of purpose and focus. People there have the world’s longest life expectancy. Everyone has an ikigaithey say. Finding it is a very personal experience. It lowers heart disease and stroke’s risk and adds years to your life.

This video is so nice, quick (2 minutes!) and inspirational, in my opinion, about ikigai:

(The last second shows who made it – an ad – but it doesn’t overshadow the message, in my opinion.)

Now, my week :)

Jack Wills mint nail polish

Jack Wills mint nail polish

At the theater to watch Stomp

At the mall’s theater to watch Stomp

I found these sweets in a cute shop and had to buy them! Recipe here

I found these sweets in a cute shop and had to buy them! Recipe here

Ah, another Indian skirt!

Ah, another Indian skirt! I don’t remember where I bought it!

Vick Aldany bag

Vick Aldany bag

Dolce Vita shoes, already worn here

Dolce Vita shoes, with perspex heels, already worn here

WWJD bracelet bought in San Diego and the other bought in Bewdley

WWJD bracelet bought in San Diego and the other bought in Bewdley

Le Nereides Covent Garden turquoise earrings

Les Nereides Covent Garden turquoise earrings

An English styled house that I found, with kind of nice sash windows

An English styled house that I found, with nice kind of sash windows

Sunny day with a nice kind of English memory

Sunny day with a nice kind of English flair – funny 2 dots on my face, the sun, of course!

To honor people in Nepal, so much needing help and good vibes, a piece of their wisdom:

Nepali proverb

I would like to share nice news! On May the 5th I’ll start as a guest writer to the lovely Beauty and the Mist! Please check her great blog and my post here! Hope you like it! Thank you!

Hope you have a week with kind smilesThank you for your always nice comments!

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164 thoughts on “Ikigai

  1. Hi Denise I hope you had a wonderful weekend. I found this post to be very inspirational and I loved watching the video and the overall message about having a purpose what ever that might be for any person.
    I hope you have a great start oft he week,

    • Thank you, dear Simera, I am glad that you liked the post and the video! I really liked it and wanted to share it! It’s like you said: whatever purpose it might be, it’s what pushes us through life. Thank you so much for your sweet comment and I hope you have a very nice week!

    • Hi, dear Imogen, thank you so much for the sweet comment and the compliments! They are not little cake, more like sweet little balls… and soft and mmmm, sooo delicious! Very sweet, I must say, but I love sweets that way! The recipe is there, maybe you can try and then, please, tell me whether you liked them? I am eager to buy more of them this week, now that I found that shop! Hope you ave a very nice week!

  2. That is a good concept-the reason to get up!
    You are looking very jewel-like and pretty today-I love the touches of emerald green, especially those beautiful earrings!!! I love them!

    How are you studies going? Well, I hope. When I talked about my ears experiencung an assault, I meant due to the sheer loudness of it Rutgers than the fact they might play wrong. I’m sure you don’t. What IS your instrument?Xx

    • Thank you, Kezzie, for such a sweet comment! Hahaha, now I see, it was because it was loud! Well, in my case it’s because of singing out of tune :) I love green, though my favorite color is red – it seems green suits me, people always say this, so I should wear it more :) Hope you have a very nice week, dear friend, I am eager to read about your weekend (soon :) XXX

    • Haha, thank you dear Maria! I liked Stomp and the English styled house, but omg – those sweets were soooo good, maybe we could prepare them together one day? Though they are simple to make, you should try – I simply love them and will buy more this week :) Hope you have a beautiful week and thank for your kind comment! XXX

  3. Hey Denise, I’ve never heard of Ikigai! You are so cultured! I think thoughts of the mind can be so powerful. It’s not an area I know too much about but I find the whole topic fascinating. Now, I am totally ‘digging’ your mint nail polish. My husband bought me a similar shade (Rococco) for my birthday after I had a manicure featuring said polish as part of an instore makeover. Such a perfect Spring colour. You look beautiful wearing that headband. Green really suits you. Finally, massive big hugs for your incredibly flattering comments on my last blog post. Kisses Txxx.

    • Hi, dear Tracey! Thank you so much for your always lovely comments! My comments on your post were absolute honest! And I am so glad that you liked the mint nail polish and that you got one as a b-day present! It’s lovely for spring, it’s true – every week I have a different color and after some days I get saturated and need to remove it :) But with the mint color it didn’t happen! I could see it for many days! Thank you for the sweet compliments, you are always so kind! I hope you have a very nice week! Kisses!

  4. What an inspirational video, was really nice to start my week off with.

    I am loving the mint polish and those sweet treats look so yummy!

    Your outfit is so nice and you look so pretty in emerald, it’s your colour 😉

    • Thank you so much for your kind comment, dear Steffy! Red is my favorite color, but it seems, through your comment and other friends’ words, that green suits me well! I like it! I loved the ikigai philosophy, so I decided to share it… I am so glad that you like it! The sweets were excellent, and I am eager to buy more this week! I hope you have a very nice start of the week!

  5. Cute outfit love the head band those sweet oh my they look delicious, you cannot go wrong with mint color especially in this warm season.

    • Thank you so much for the kind comment, dear Jackie! You are so right, that color is so much spring-wise! And the sweets, I tell you, sooo good! Eager to buy more this week! Hope you have a very nice week!

    • Grazie tante, carina Maggie! Sempre carine parole per me, ti ringrazio con il mio cuore ed amicizia! Lo smalto mi piace, ma si bisogno scegliere entre lo smalto e gli dolcetti, voglio gli dolcetti :) Una bella settimana per te, bella maggie! Baci!

  6. A very inspiring video indeed. Too bad is a Nescafe commercial. But it’s always nice to have reasons to get up in the morning.
    I loved your shoes, I remember them from an older post and I loved your mint nail polish. I have one in the exact color, and it used to be the one I used the most. Now it’s a darker hue, but still a green one! :)
    Filakia polla!

    • Thank you for the comment! I saw it was a Nescafe commercial, but nevertheless I still found that they did a good job, with the message, so I kept it – you know i never post videos, so it had to be special to get a place here! I loved this Japanese philosophy so much! And watching the Okinawa people doing their things with pleasure brought so much admiration for them! Anyway, getting emotional – thank you again for your kind words! Filakia polla!

    • Grazie tante, carina Paola! Credo che ti ho detto una volta, parole come le tue, che sei bellissima, per me, wow, sono tanto speciale! Le dolcetti sono troppo buono – non posso mangiare tanto come mi piacerebbe :) La manicure, si, mi piace il colore…tante grazie! E questo video ed arrivato al mio cuore – tante gente nel mondo, che solo hanno vissuto senza amore, senza passione… e la vita ed una cosa sempre speciale! Kisses, carina Paola!

    • Thank you so much for the super sweet comment! I am experimenting with nail polishes, lately, and I am enjoying it, so much fun! That video made me reflect about life, once more! It’s really sweet! I hope you have a very nice start of the week and again, thank you so much for the compliments!

  7. What an inspirational post! I have never heard of Ikigai until now, but I absolutely love it! It sounds like you had a wonderful week! I love your nail polish color, and those desserts look so yummy! Your Indian skirt is beautiful, and your lucite heels are too fun! And I love your bracelets and earrings! That English style home looks lovely. I want to cozy up inside by a fire!


    • Hi, dear Jessica, you are so sweet! I was so touched by the Ikigai concept! I love Indian skirts and sweets – Indian sweets as well! But sweets in general – I should stop eating them, but I simply can’t! I wasn’t sure about the nail polish, but it turned to be that it looks good :) Thank you so much for your sweet words, they really lift me up! XXX

  8. You look so beautiful my dear friend, I love all the photos! I also really love the earrings you are wearing in one of the pictures love the style and color!!!!!! I love the nail polish too the color is perfect, I would love to try new colors too but every time i go get my nails done I just get neutral colors. I hope your week is going well my friend. Kisses


    • Thank you much, dear Jenny! You are so kind, I feel flattered – I think I told you this before, but it’s true, so I can say it again! I did love the earrings when I saw them… there was a second pair that I loved and I got it too – it was like 4 years ago :) The nail polish is this way: up to a certain time, I only wore red wine colors or neutrals. Then I started experimenting and loved the result! I have to confess that after I use all the “strangest” colors I will go back to neutrals, but I wanted to experiment at least once! So don’t worry, neutrals are very beautiful! Hope you have a very beautiful week! Kisses!

    • Thank you so much, Zubaida! I really liked the nail polish, first time I wore it, but I bought it a year ago! But better “late” than never :) Hope you have a very nice week!

  9. Olá Denise. Hoje vou escrever em português pois me expressarei melhor. Desculpe-me.
    Nunca tinha ouvido falar desta filosofia mas, considero os japoneses o povo mais evoluído do planeta. Admiro demais a sua cultura, inclusive já escrevi uma coisa sobre a arte japonesa outro dia no meu blog. Falei sobre o Kintsugi, que é uma arte para valorizar os defeitos. Considero os japoneses verdadeiros sábios. A filosofia do tsuru por exemplo, ou grou, que é o símbolo do origami, é linda! Lá, quando alguém adoece, os amigos levam grous que cada um fez, para presentear a pessoa, e nesses presentes, estão levando parte de suas energias pois, enquanto estavam fazendo os grous, cada um estaria pensando em coisas boas, pensamentos de melhoras, de saúde, de alegria para quem vai ser presenteado. Isso é muito lindo!! Thanks, my darling, for your kind words in my blog. I hope too that you have a very nice week. See you soon.

    • Ola, Alberto, muito obrigada pela visita e suas lindas palavras e ensinamentos! Entao somos 2: vc diz que nao tinha ouvido falar sobre ikigai, mas eu nao tinha ouvido falar sobre grou e adorei!!! Te agradeco imensamente, pois adoro aprender! Inclusive gostei tanto que quero pesquisar mais e colocar no blog soon! Realmente, adorei e te agradeco pelo ensinamento! Uma otima semana para vc e sua familia e um abraco!

  10. Hello Denise, oh what a beautiful video. I love the message. I probably shouldn’t admit it but I haven’t found my Ikigai so far. I’m not depressed or anything but I really don’t have a reason to get up in the morning. It might be because I’m totally stressed right now. Nonetheless I hope that one day I’m going to find my Ikigai. Better late than never.
    You look adorable as always. Love your Indian skirt and the cute mint nail polish. I haven’t heard of the brand before. Will check it out cos I really need that shade in my collection. Wish you a wonderful Tuesday sweetheart!

    • Hello, dear Mira! I always love your comments because they are so honest and show your great heart and mind, plus you always lift me up with your compliments and I know they are sincere! I tell you something, the Ikigai philosophy is like what you said, better to find it later than never! And believe me, I think you do have your ikigai. You gather your sisters, have the lovely blog, you take care of your dad – it’s ikigai enough! Some years ago I also didn’t know about my reasons to wake up. I thought it was to learn, constantly studying (well, I love it), but what about sharing it? Learning is great, but if I am not an actress, a book writer, a scientist… where will my learning going, after I am not here anymore? I discovered, through some people, that I’m the “glue” of the family, nearly always trying to help and gather my relatives and this may be my ikigai. So I am convinced that yours can be it too, but of course, only you can find which it is or will be – people change and maybe our ikigai changes too! That mint color I bought through Asos! I think you can find it there, still! Thank you again so much for your sweet comment and I hope you are having a great week! XXX

      • Hello dear Denise, thank you so much and I love reading yours. I feel the same way about you. You’re so lovely and sweet and it’s obvious that you have a great heart and mind too. It’s true I love to take care of people. No matter if it’s my family or friends. I think you might be right. I have an Ikigai. Just like you I might be the glue of the family. I had no idea we had so much in common. Haha we could have a worse Ikigai but I’m sure that it really changes. Let’s see what the future will bring. I will check it out at asos. Too bad that they don’t have free shipping anymore (erst ab 75€, oder irgend sowas). Wish you a wonderful Friday sweetheart!

        • Oh, no, I didn’t know that Asos didn’t have the free shipping anymore! Well, if you wait for some time, when I am back to the UK I can send it for you! Really! Well, I thought we do have many things in common, for sure and I convinced of it! I see you as very sweet, loving and caring and you see me the same way, so I guess we are all what people say (only positive things, let the negative behind :) And I also think that besides the ikigai being the glue of the family it’s also to enjoy accomplished work, enjoying things, even the little ones, smiling, learning. I am very sure you have these things and that’s what life is all about. Writing a great book, acting in a Hollywood movie must be interesting, but life is also smiling and seeing family happy – in my humble opinion! I hope you have a very sweet weekend, meine liebe Freundin (nenne ich so! Ich finde du bist eine liebe Freundin!) and that you can make the blog changes you want! Viele liebe Gruesse! And maaany thanks for such a beautiful comment! It does make a difference in my life!

    • Thank you so much, dear Demi Mist! I found that video really sweet and emotional, somehow! But it shows we all need purposes in life! It’s true, we do need positive thoughts! Again, thank you so much for the lovely comment and compliments! Hope you are having a very nice week!

    • Thank you, dear Ann-Alina! I know, sometimes the video doesn’t open in some places! Sometimes I try to watch videos from India and some of them don’t open, so don’t worry! But you can research about Ikigai on google :) It’s really nice, in my opinion! Yes, the little sweets are sooo good, I am eager to buy more of them this week!

    • Hello, dear Beauty Follower! Thank you so much for this lovely comment! Yes, when I saw that house I was like, oooohhh so sweet! I love architechture (as I know you do) and I had to photograph it! The candies were actually delicious and I am eager to buy more of them! And I love your ikigai, I can relate to that, totally! And it’s a nice one! Hope you have a very nice day and I am looking forward to more beautiful building in Athens, I love seeing them on your blog!

    • Tante grazie, carina Paola! Mi piace menta per unghie ed anche per mangiare :) Sempre tanto carina, che belle parole per me! Ikigai mi sembra una buona cosa nella vita, anche per me ed una nuova! Mi piace verde, ma tu lo sai,anche rosa (colore che e bella per te!) e rosso (anche bella quando lo indossa!) Grazie per il tuo complimento, sei sempre moltissimo carina! Baci!

  11. Hello Denice!!
    I just came from Demis post!!
    Lovely outfit!!!You look great dear!
    Love your nails and your Indian dress!
    Lovely sweets,too!!!
    Have a happy May!!

    • Hello, dear Dimi, thank you so much for your lovely words! And welcome to the blog! It took me a bit long to read your comment because I don’t use computers in the evening :) But I am very glad to check your blog and meet you now! I hope you also have a great May!

    • Thank you very much for your sweet comment! And welcome! I try to bring different researches to the blog, glad that you likedd the post and thank you for following me on bloglovin! Hope you have a very nice day! Heading to your blog to meet you, now! Kisses!

    • Hi, dear Kashaya! Thank you very much for the kind comment! Don’t worry very much about ikigai, because it’s very personal – some find it earlier, some find it later! I didn’t know much about mine till a few years ago! And I am not sure it is the right one :) Hope you have a very nice Wednesday and rest of the week!

    • Hi, dear Coco! Thank you very much for the kind words! I decided to post about ikigai because it was also new to me, and I thought that would be good to share! I am so happy that you liked my hair that way, cause that was the natural way and I seldom leave it wavy :) Should leave it like that more times! Baci!

  12. Well first of all congratulations on being asked to be a guest writer on another blog! The Ikigai concept sounds amazing; i’ve never heard of it specifically but I can truly understand how it could improve health and happiness. Everyone wants a sense of purpose and sometimes when I feel like I don’t know who I am or what I’m doing it can really affect my mood and wellbeing – I agree the video is inspirational and should be something to refer to every now and again. I love that house with the sash windows!

    • Thank you so much, dear Colleen, always very sweet words! It’s being a pleasure writing as a guest, I enjoy it! The house is truly sweet, indeed, I love sash windows! In London I live in different places and one house had those windows, so now when I saw the house I thought of the one in London again :) And you are so right – ikigai must be connected to happiness, as a sense of purpose, you are so right! Again, thank you for your kind comment and I hope you have a very nice Wednesday!

    • Hi, dear Tina! So sweet words, I feel so happy, thank you for the beautiful comment! I like reading about nice things for the soul! I am glad you liked it and I wish you a very beautiful day! Hugs and kisses!

  13. Hi Denise! It has been such a long time since I had the pleasure to read any blogs, I am so looking forward to catching up on all of your recent blogs right now! I hope you are most well. I’ve heard about this concept before of an ikigai and I think it’s a really strong and postivie idea to enforce. Have you seen the TED talk by Dan Buettner?

    • Hi, dear Laila! On one of the posts I have mentioned you, I think I have told you before! Don’t worry about coping with blogs, I know you are on tour and got to know your laptop was not working well! Ikigai is such a nice thing to think of, indeed! I read an interview he gave about ikigai and it’s so inspirational! I hope you are fine and having a nice Wednesday and week – well, and May! Thank you for your sweet comment!

  14. Hello dear Denise!
    It always makes me happy reading your comment… You truly read my words and it means a lot to me! I appreciate that you take time to come to say hello every day, thank you so much <3
    Ikigai is wonderful, everyone has a reason to get up in the morning and I think that we must always live with our heart full of love.
    Really, thank you Denise



    • Hi, dear Carolina! Thank you so very much for this lovely comment! I like your blog very much, so I do pay attention to it, and you always balance it with quotes (that i love), reviews of products that I love to know and the wonderful outfits you show! So I love to comment there! You are right, we all have an ikigai! It’s only that sometimes some people need to be reminded of it… you know, when people want always more and more and more (which is OK), but forgetting to be grateful for what they already have… but alas, each at his/her own time! Thank you again for your lovely comment and I am glad I know your blog! XXX

  15. Liebe Denise, jetzt habe ich dank Dir wieder etwas sehr Gutes gelernt! Vielen Dank, denn hier bei Dir habe ich gerade das erste Mal von Ikigai gelesen. Aber für mich macht dieser Ansatz sehr viel Sinn, denn ich bin überzeugt davon, dass jeder nicht nur seine ganz bestimmte Lebensaufgabe hat sondern dass auch jeweils ein ganz eigener Sinn für das eigene Leben dahintersteckt. Schade ist, dass manche Menschen sich dessen entweder gar nicht bewusst sind oder es vergessen haben. Ich werde jetzt auf jeden Fall noch darüber nachdenken, nicht nur ein bisschen sondern länger und ich danke Dir sehr für Deine Inspiration, Anregung und dass Du Dein reiches Wissen hier teilst. Schön siehst Du auch wieder aus. Ich bin immer wieder begeistert wie hier von Deinen wundervollen und prächtigen Kleidungsstücken. Alles Liebe und noch eine wunderbare Woche wünscht Dir von Herzen, Rena

    • Liebe Rena, danke seeeehr fuer deine immer so positive Woerte fuer mich! Und fuer jede, ich bin ganz sicher, dass du super suess bist! Ich habe kein reiches Wissen, aber danke sehr! ich lese gern, das ist alles – cih weiss, dass du auch gern liest! Ikigai ist toll, und ja, wir alle haben “ein” ikigaai, nur, dass manche Menschen denken nicht daran. Aber ich bin sicher, dass nach und nach, im Leben, wir alle nachdenken werden, um das Ikigai zu finden! Fuer mich, du weisst (du weisst die Geschichte) es kommte etwas spaet, aber vielleicht es ist nie spaet – es ist meine Bruerdern zu helfen, aber auch mehr lernen, dankbarer zu sein, und das Leben geniessen, und dankbar fuer Blumen und Freunde zu haben! Ist das nicht genial? Ich bin sehr froh, z.B., dich “kennenzulernen” – obwohl es war durch unsere Blogs, es fuehlt fuer mich als wir reden mit einem Tee in einem Cafe, zusammen! Das ist schoen! Noch einmal danke fuer deine suesse Woerte und Herz aus Gold, liebe Gruesse!

      • Liebe Denise, wer ein Herz aus Gold hast, das bist auf jeden Fall Du <3 Ich bin sehr dankbar, dass wir uns zumindest "virtuell" kennen, obwohl ich für mich das schöne Gefühl habe, es ist noch mehr. Ich denke nämlich oft an Dich und ich fühle mich wirklich für Dich verbunden. Und ich bin mir sicher, dass Du mit Deinem Wissen (das Du auf jeden Fall hast!) und Deinem goldenen Herz nicht nur Deinen Brüdern sondern auch vielen anderen Menschen helfen kannst – und hoffentlich auch Dir, was ich Dir von ganzem Herzen insbesondere wegen Deiner Geschichte wünsche <3 Alles Liebe für Dich, es ist so schön, das es Dich gibt! Deine Rena

        • Liebe liebe Rena! Habe ich Traenen jetzt, aber glueckliche Traenen! Du bist so suess, ich weiss es nicht, ob ich solche wunderbare Woerte und Gefuehle verdiene, aber akzptiere ich gern – die tun mir soooo gut! Herz aus Gold weiss ich nicht, aber ich versuche, alle Leute fair zu behandeln, weil jede Seele in der Welt wichtig ist! Und ich bin sehr dankbar auch, dass wir uns durch unsere Blogs kennengelernt haben und ich auch, denke oft an dich! Ich hoffe, das wir einmal in der “richtigen” Welt kennelernen koennen, und dann bin ich ganz sicher, dass wir viele Dinge zu sprechen haben, und gemeinsam Dinge die wir Interessen haben finden werden! Das bin ich ganz sicher! Und a propos, ich liebe Bayern! Weisst du, ich bin OK… es ist traurig, was passiert, uch vermisse meine Familie, aber ich bin OK, ehrlich. “Alles hat eine Ende, nur die Wurst hat zwei”… so ist das Leben. Aber ich versuche das beste von Leben und Kentnisse zu speichern! Danke dir, dass so eine schoene suesse Freundin in der Welt gibt’s! Liebe Gruesse immeeeeer!

    • Muchas gracias, querida Elisabeth! Siempre tan amable, me siento tan feliz con tus palabras! Estoy en mis dias de Indian fashion, porque me gusta tanto, asi que la falda me hace sentir bien y comoda! Gracias de nuevo, por tus dulces palabras y que tengas una semana linda (lo que aun tenemos de ella!)

  16. The ad was super heartwarming and inspirational. I loved it. Will be sharing on FB : )

    Gah! those shoes! you must have one of the most unique amazing collections I’ve ever seen.


    • Thank you, dear Suzanne! I also loved that ad, because although it’s an ad, in my opinion (I think yours, too) we barely notice it, since the message is what is more important there… and the ad is just the final second! So nice you will share it, I feel honored (although it is not my video!) Hahaha, the shoes! I confess that I do have many shoes and that I love eye-catching ones! Well, I think it makes all very “fun” – a basic, simple, formal outfit (the kinds I don’t wear :) can be so much fun with “different” shoes! Thank you again for such a lovely comment! Bisous!

    • Thank you so much! I liked the video, it talks about how to be happier… and the shoes I have for some years, and really like them :) Thank you again for the nice comment and I hope you have a nice day!

  17. Tu blog es siempre tan informativo e interesante! No sabía lo que era Ikigai y me parece algo muy lindo para compartir, muchas gracias :) Tus fotos de hoy son muy bonitas: la casita estilo inglés, tu manicura, tu outfit (amé los tacos transparentes de tus zapatos!) y mmm esos dulces!!
    Que tengas un hermoso resto de semana :)


    • Gracias, querida Deborah! Ese ikigai me ha hecho muy bien, pues pensar en cosas asi, mas hondas, me gusta! Y lo dulces, mmm, fueron estupendos, quiero comprar mas luego :) Los zapatos los tengo hace unos anios, pero aun me gustan mucho! Gracias por tus dulces palabras, siempre me haces sentir como “cierta”, que las cosas que escogi son ciertas para el post! Gracias! XXX

  18. Hi Denise. Such a gorgeous post. Life is beautiful:) thank you for every morning that we ups and being survive in each day. I love your green mint look nails is gorgeous the bag is so cute and wow the shoes are amazing. You look beautifully:). I’m not feeling too well and been throwing up all day. I may have to go get rest.

    Have a good day to you:).


    • Hello, dear Tanya! I am sorry that you are not feeling well, I hope you relax today and drink plenty of water, it says it helps the body to get well soon! Thank you so much for your compliments, I do love those shoes, that I have for some years, but still love them! And the mint nails, that was the first time I tried that nail polish, and it seems it worked! As I said, hope that today you get better and thank you again for the kind comment!

    • Hello, dear, thank you for your sweet comment! Those sweets were made with condensed milk and other delicious things and they were sooo good! I need to walk a bit more to burn the calories now :) Kisses!

    • Hi, dear Madison! Thank you very much for the sweet words! I have to say that reading your comment I see you have a new post and I don’t know why I am not receiving the updates! I told you that before, so I will check it again! As you can see, I like headbands and perspex heels :) Those shoes I have for some years now, but still love them! Thank you again o=for your kind comment! Hope you have a very nice day!

    • Thank you so much, dear Agnes! I love headbands and Indian fashion :) Those little sweets were really great – I had to walk a bit more to lose the calories… but it was worth, because they were great, melting when bitten! Hope you have a very nice weekend!

    • Thank you so much for your lovely words! Actually my hair is wavy, kind of very wavy :) And normally I do something to it, so that I “tame” it :) But I was lazy that day :) It is so nice that you liked it, cause it gives me support to maybe wear it that way again! Thank you for that!

    • Thank you so much for your lovely comment and welcome! I wore that nail polish for the first time and I like the color, so I may wear it again! Hope you have a very nice weekend!

    • Wow, this is amazing, a Christmas holiday in Okinawa must be great! I would love to go there, too! Thank you very much for the lovely comment, and although ikigai is very nice, makeup is part of our lives, too! If I had to leave my flat completely makeup free I would feel bad! Hope you have a very nice weekend, dear Jezz!

    • Hello, dear Anouk! It was the first time I wore that nail polish and I think it worked well! These sweets were sooo good – I want to buy more of them soon! Thank you so much for the kind comment! Hope you have a very beautiful weekend!

  19. Rad! I’ve studied Japanese and this is the first time I’ve heard of that phrase, so I learned something! 😀 Also, I love the bold print on your skirt and the bright colors of your bag!

    P.S. – I never want to hear you say that you’re too big or that you need to lose weight, because that is NONSENSE! Don’t say it, anymore! <3

    – Anna


    • Hi, dear Anna! Thank you so much for your very nice comment! Ikigai is sweet, isn’t it? I loved it and the word sounds nice! Wow, you studied Japanese, this is amazing! Hahaha, thank you for the not “too big”… I’ll tell you why… it’s because 4 years ago… I put on in a very short period of time around 18 kilos (36 lbs). Something bad happened and I wanted to have comfort food :) I had to buy new clothes and didn’t recognize myself anymore (till the day). But I think I was maybe too thin before (like some friends told me) and now I am getting used to my “new” body, little by little! But thank you soooo very much for your support, you are really amazing!

    • Hello, dear Marija! Thank you so much for the sweet words! That nail polish color is so sweet, I am in love with it! I hope you have a very nice weekend, with family, friends and fun! XXX

    • Hello, dear! Thank you so much for the lovely comment! I also love to sleep :) It’s good for the skin and humor! I hope you have a very nice weekend! Enjoy it and have loads of fun!

    • Thank you so much, dear Coco! I hope you have a very nice weekend, and I wish a beautiful Mother’s day around (just in case, if you are a mother, I am anticipating myself with the greetings)! Baci!

    • Thank you very much, Monica and welcome! I love Indian skirts, inspireational quotes and those sweets, that I must avoid – otherwise I have to walk a bit more to burn the calories :) But I simply can’t resist! Hope you have a very beautiful day and weekend!

    • Hello, Tash, thank you for such a nice comment and welcome! I bet you look great with a headband! I am so flattered with your compliments, again, thank you so much! I hope you have a very beautiful weekend!

  20. Hi Denise!
    I love this post! You look so amazing, I particularly love that indian skirt! it is gorgeous, I would totally love to have one like that! I will be on the lookout for something similar! and i love you in green/turquoise! your hair looks great down and natural! so many good vibes! :)
    hope you have a fabulous weekend, and hope you had a good “4th” hahah

    • Hi, dear Andrea! Thank you so much for your always super sweet comments! You are always so kind and sweet! And the only one who got the “4th” :) as you can see on the comments! Not that the others weren’t nice, they were, very much, but the 4th was a joke, as you know, and I like that you got it :) I don’t know why, but since I was 13 I am crazy about Indian fashion and I have to slow down a bit not to wear Indian skirts everyday! I think they are colorful and comfortable! I would love to see you wearing one! Hope you have a very nice weekend, full of fun! Kisses!

    • Thank you so much, Jenessa, you are so kind and sweet! I like acessories very much, and I know that many times I may exaggerate, but I like them! :) I hope you have a very beautiful weekend, with nice weather and fun! XXX

  21. I agree,having a purpose for living makes you excited for life and therefore would make you prioritize things to prolong your life to achieve your purpose, which is usually for greater good.
    I love your shoes, so pretty
    and your rings too.
    Those sweets are yummy.
    I also have wavy hair but
    I prefer it straight so I usually have it rebonded,
    but I love looking at wavy even curly hair on other girls
    just not with me.


    • Hello, dear Ann! Such a sweet comment, thank you so much! The sweets were, indeed, delicious! I think I will buy some more next week :) I totally agree with you about the life purpose. We hear about people who lost the energy for living and pass away very soon after that, while others still think “I have to be here for my family”, for ex., and last longer. Well, their ikigai :) Ah, the hair! Yes, I agree with you again! I seldom wear my hair like it is, wavy. I also love seeing that on others, but I prefer mine straight :) But sometimes (few) I leave it like it is… maybe once a month :) Hope you have a very beautiful weekend, with joy and fun!

    • Muchas gracias por tus dulces palabras! Me gustan pastelitos, muchisimo – quizas no debiera comerlos a menudo, pero me gustan :) Voy a leer tu blog, tambien! De nuevo, muchas gracias y una buena semana! Besitos!

  22. Hi Denise,
    What a lovely blog – how lucky are you getting to see Stomp. I’ve always wanted to see that show live. Was it brilliant?
    The Nescafe ad is lovely – that is a great word – thank you for introducing it to us.
    have a great week and thank you for dropping by my blog this week.

    • Hi, Fil, so many thanks for such a lovely comment! I have to say that yes, Stomp was briliant, even more than what I expected… I wanted to see it for years, and finally did it! You should go, I recommend! Ikigai seemed to me to be a great motivational word and concept… I am glad you liked it! I hope you have a very beautiful week and thank you again for the kind comment!

    • Thank you, dear Valentina (I like your name very much!) I am shy to pose where there are other people… so I don’t have amazing background, but I try my best to be Okish :) Hope you have a very nice week!

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