How to pack light

How to pack light, but in my case – I’m not saying everyone should so the same. It’s just that I prefer trips that way – practical and comfortable:) It’s tricky, but doable! Even during winter!

Trips to

Prague, Bratislava, Budapest and more: a two week road-trip with a few items here 

I commented on a blog about travelling light that I like trips with a backpack or a big shoulder bag (or a cabin sized-suitcase). OK, I buy things where I go, but still consider it to be light :) The girl said she’d like to be so, but needing to be beautiful for an event, a backpack isn’t OK. I understood, but it’s a matter of taste – I also have events and don’t feel awful at all with a few items. A light bag is practical and saves money – some air companies don’t allow more than a 10 kilo-suitcase anyway.

The Huffington Post suggests what I always do: layer, pack strategic items, pack ahead of time – at least ONE DAY prior to your departure. For the above and 2 pictures below road-trip, I crossed some countries by car in 2 weeks. I took 5 pairs of shoes, not a bad number! 6 long sleeved tops, a vest, 2 tunics, 2 winter coats, 2 pairs of jeans, 3 bags and even 2 umbrellas! I had many headbands, jewellery and scarves, to change the outfits a bit. Ah, tops daily washed!

Triips to

Berlin and Rzeszow

Trips to

Hanover, Rzeszow, Gdansk and Kaliningrad


Another light trip below :)

Trips to

Two week road-trip to Croatia, France and Austria here

I took 4 pairs of shoes, a coat, 2 pairs of jeans, 2 bags, 3 tops and accessories like scarves, headbands and jewellery.

Trips to

Milan, Paris, Colmar and Chambery

How do you prefer your luggage to be? How much do you carry when you travel?

I thank you a lot for your kind comments! May you have a week full of smiles!

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92 thoughts on “How to pack light

  1. Haaa! I am extremely lucky in this department because my husband is a pro when it comes to packing! Well, he’s a little OCD so he folds and arranges everything and all I need to do is lay out whatever stuff I want to take with me. LOL! The OCD part of him also means he never allows me to pack, I tried once and it drove him absolutely nuts and I was never allowed to pack ever again. LOL!

    Shireen | Reflection of Sanity

  2. Cuántos lugares hermosos has visitado, Denise! Tanto los conocidos como los menos renombrados, todos se ven realmente mágicos! Me encantaron tus tips, muchas gracias por compartirlos! Viajar liviana, especialmente en invierno, puede llegar a ser todo un reto! Por que las prendas tiendan a ser muy pesadas. Un tip personal que comparto para este tipo de viajes “livianos” es elegir prendas básicas, que por lo tanto, serán mucho más fáciles de combinar entre ellas y así “maximizar” las opciones de outfits :) Espero que te guste mi consejo, Denise!
    Un beso gignate!

    • Thank you so much, dear Lauren Blair! Actually I didn’t want to sound like a travel post, but because I commented about packing on a blog and got an answer that I totally understood, but made me think whether I was ugly during trips, then I wanted to write about packing… You are so right, layers are always important! Especially in a country we don’t know – the weather can be a surprise! Hope you have a great rest of the week and soon weekend! XXX

  3. What an amazing and handy article! I’m terrible at packing light, ’cause I just can’t choose – especially between my shoes, haha. You have seen so many places! Have you ever written a story about all your trips? Would love to read that! xo

    • Hi, dear Anouk! Thank you for the nice comment and so nice to have you back to the blogosphere! I was planning writing a page about trips, but I find a bit too “arrogant”, I don’t know… it’s so normal to travel, and it sounds like “showing off” what is not a big deal… but thank you so much about the idea! In fact, I just wrote this post because I got a comment implying I may have traveled in a careless way, considering my luggage, and it made me think :) But I still stick to comfort in everything I do – packing or to go to a fancy place! Hope you have a very nice weekend, dear Anouk, again, thanks for the lovely comment! XXX

  4. Hello sweet Denise!!
    I hate paking when i have to travel!!
    And i always cary a big shoulder bag,for my photography cameras and my lences!
    But i also cary my computer !!I like the places that you visit traveling in Europe !
    I have been in Poland many times in the past!I also love your casual outfits and your beautiful collection of shoes!!You are so preety with your long hair!!
    Have a happy week ahead!!Filakia!!

  5. Wow, you managed to pack 5 pairs of shoes and still travel light. My goodness, Denise. I am impressed – and envious! Your post made me laugh, coming just after my spf one in wich I confessed to failing miserably at packing light, lol! How do you do it? Well, I know the answer to that. I’ve just read your post!! Silly me! Some super tips in here that I will be following for my next foreign trip. Wish me luck ;). Tx

    • Hello, dear Tracey, thank you so much for the sweet comment and welcome back! Well, the 5 pairs f shoes are easy – IF they are flats! And flexible! Then one kind of “goes inside the other” and then it’s fine. I roll nearly everything – tops and jeans, and so it is easier to accommodate in the bag! One thing I tell you, air companies can’t charge what you are wearing, so if I want 3 to 4 scarves I do like this: one on the head and a headband, one as a belt, one as a scarf, one tied to the bag :) There are so many ways that I have friends asking me to help with the suitcase and it always turns up that clothes arrive in such a way, that there’s no need to iron. People say I tend to be very organized, but it’s more a matter of willing to be comfy :) If I can help, please tell me – I am no expert, but I love to help! Hope you have a very nice weekend, dear Tracey! XXX

  6. Haha I wouldn’t consider myself a light packer… I always bring too much to wear. But I do like your layering tips! It’s best to bring things that all go well together so you can mix and match your outfits :) I wish I had a nice play to travel and use your tips! Hahah does college-packing count lol?
    Thanks for entering my giveaway! I think you are either my first or second entry :)
    Olivia | Her Name Was Celebration

  7. Lucky you that you can travel light, Denise. It’s shameful how many suitcases I usually need if I travel. The funniest thing is that I always forget some of the very essentials .LoL You look amazing in these pants, (I think, I haven’t seen you in pants until now and you look stunning ) . Have a lovely day.


  8. I was going to create a similar post. I also love travelling light and I’d say that I travel even lighter, taking just one bag and two, maximum three, pairs of shoes. There are so many advantages to travelling light; I am all for it!


    • Please, write the post! You said “I was going to create”, not I was, please do it, I would love to read about it! I only travel with one bag, but I really like to have more shoes with me! They are easy to carry, because I start the trip with high heels on me, and the rest are so thin, like very easy to carry flats (that can go inside sneakers), that then it turns to be doable! I am looking forward to reading your post! Thank you so much for your lovely comment!

  9. Hi dear Denise, I think I am organize about packing, with two littles one I better be. Wow you take 4 to 5 pairs of shoes? you are so lucky, since I used to travel quite often so I have things in my main destinations, but If I go for a vacation I just take the very basics!! I really enjoy this post, I love your travel style.xx
    Glamoury Armory Blog

    • Hi, dear Glamoury Armory! Thank you for your lovely comment and for sharing about trips with me! I believe that with 2 kids it’s difficult, no doubt! In my case, I tale 4 to 5 pairs of shoes in a way that one “goes inside the other” :) One pair with heels starts the trip on me :) and the flats that can be kind of rolled :) Then it gets easy :) I also have things in different places, so when I visit a certain city I just grab things from the wardrobe, maybe that’s why it gets easy too – but for the trips I mentioned I really had a small bag with me! I am glad you liked the post and that you shared about your trips and tips with me! Hope you have a very lovely weekend! XXX

  10. Wow, you definitely do pack light! I wish I could do the same, I’m always worrying about what ifs haha. It’s great to bring tons of accessories, I didn’t even feel like you were rotating outfits in your photos, they all look unique and different!

    • I am glad you liked, dear Angelina! Thank you for your comment! I grant I could be better dressed, but it turns to be OK(ish) and the accessories are the help that I use :) I got really thinking of your latest post and I am really concerned with that – I guess you have many friends, but if you need to talk about that and get support, please count on me!

  11. Oh, my goodness .. I pack way to much. I try to make a list, make sure the color palette of my clothing is neutral and everything goes together, but I still pack that “one thing I may need” like dress shoes that I never wear .. lol.


  12. ¿Cómo lo logras? Mi ropa ocupa muy poco espacio en la maleta, pero luego están los accesorios, los zapatos y las bolsas y termino con una maleta enorme. Tenía un novio que me molestaba porque decía que necesitaba de muchas cosas para arreglarme, pero comparado con tu maleta me parece bastante normal. Admiro tanto esa habilidad de hacer que tantas cosas quepan en un pequeño bolso!!!

  13. To be honest, I think that I’m so bad at packing and I find that my main problem is the time – I do it too early (and later I change my mind what about things many times)or too late (for the last moment, when I know that I don’t have much time). What’s more I think that the best solution is when I travel to warm countries, because I know that I’ll need summer clothes only, what about trips here, in Poland you’ve never known what to pack, because the weather is changing all of the times, so it’s better to be prepared for everything (so I have to carry more things on anyway). But these tips are useful, I have to start packing at least one day before the trip. Btw, you’ve been in so many amazing places, dear, you’re so lucky! :)

  14. Quanti consigli utli cara Denise! Io quando viaggio penso sempre di fare una valigia “intelligente”, con i look a strati combinabili, ma poi finisce che mi porto dietro mezza casa!^^
    Ti unvece sei una vera esperta! I tuoi look da viaggio sono uno più carino dell’altro, mi piacciono soprattutto quelle deliziose borse a fiori e l’ombrellino a pois!
    Sei sempre dolce e carina Denise, ed hai uno splendido sorriso! ti auguro un bellissimo fine settimana!

  15. Liebe Denise, dann bist Du also auch ein Pack-Genie! Ich bin sehr beeindruckt, dass Du so wenig dabei hast und dennoch so umwerfend gut aussiehst <3 Leider muss ich zugeben, dass Packen gar nicht zu meinen hervorragenden Fähigkeiten gehört. Ich nehme fast immer zu viel mit und irgendwie habe ich dann doch nicht das Richtige dabei, was ich gerne dabei hätte :) Nun, wenigstens habe ich dadurch noch Potential zu lernen – zum Beispiel wie hier von Dir! Ich wünsche Dir ein wunderbares Wochenende.
    Alles Liebe von Rena

  16. your tips for light packing are awesome!!! I always pack as you said strategic items considering the weather, and always basics like denim, black, white and grey cloth so I would be able to make different mix every day..
    you look as always so beautiful! great travel looks!! Hope your trip makes you simle even more!

  17. Denise, another great post! Probably something I should take into serious account with my move cross-country. Beautiful photos, I am glad packing light works for you. Thank you for your fantastic comment on my blog, I am so happy you enjoy it! Don’t apologize for waiting until Saturdays :)

    XO K

  18. Hi Denise, great post on packing! Like you, I like to travel light! It’s just less of hassle, and more comfortable! Also, you really are the cutest! Your posts always put a smile to my face!
    You’re the best and I hope we meet in person sometime!
    Sending you much love & I hope your weekend is as fabulous as you are!!!
    xoxo, Vanessa

  19. Ciao dolcezza!
    Denise, ti invidio…tu sei bravissima a preparare la valigia! Io non riesco, mi sembra sempre di avere bisogno di tutto quello che ho nell’armadio…e così parto con valigie ultra pesanti!:-)
    Hai ragione, gli accessori sono importanti…cambiandoli, anche lo stesso outfit risulta diverso 😉
    Un bacio, buon weekend!
    Paola ♡

  20. so cool! i would love to learn how to pack light but then again my toiletries and makeup take up so much space already not to mention the shoes hahaha! I’m hopeless when it comes to packing!

  21. I am still learning to really light-packing. I just recently learned online on how to fold clothes to make more room on your bag. I always make sure to have this things; umbrella (rain or shine its handy), flipters (foldable slippers), maxi skirts (coz they can be worn in a lot of ways), jogging pants (for cold nights), Sarong (they can be life saver coz they can be a towel or a dress), dresses and shorts.
    I haven’t tried packing for winter travel though…

    (◕‿◕✿) | Bloglovin | Instagram

    • Hello, dear! I loved your comment, thank you so much! You know what, even for winter your tips are good! I will make sure to take a maxi skirt next time, no joke! Thank you so much for that, really! Hope you have a great weekend!

    • Wow, that’s amazing, one suitcase for both of you! That’s really clever! Thank you so much for your lovely comment! I would love to know what you take with you, cause it’s always good to learn more about packing! Hope you have a very sweet weekend!

  22. Your packing philosophy is a very good one. It is great you were also able to put all these strategies into practice. I agree with everything you wrote.

    I prefer to pack lightly too. I used to be a flight attendant so I know what it means to live out of one’s suitcase for weeks. I absolutely agree that we should pack basics (keeping in mind that the best clothing items are those that can be dressed up and down easily, for example jeans or cocktail dresses) and then put in accessories to refresh out looks. I think scarves are the best accessories because they take almost no place and we can use them for layering as well. It’s best to pack them in different sizes, patterns and colours.

    I must admit that sometimes I pack right before my trip but I always regret it because I get afraid that I will forget something…and then I really do forget something! So, I really do agree with your tip about planning in advance.

    I must say you look really pretty, chic and styling in all of these photographs, which proves one can pack light and still be able to dress well.

    • Thank you so much for such a great comment! It was fabulous to know that you were a flight attendant! I am sure you can teach a lot about packing! Thank you so much for all your compliments, you are so sweet! I am so glad we are now reading each other’s blogs, cause you are really really amazing! Hope you have a very nice weekend!

  23. I actually figuring out, I always carry my laptop with me so there is another bag to carry too, though if your on a holiday it is better you stay off computer, but I require it. I back 5 clothes, tops, night pyjamas and pants, as we travel for siteseeing atleast 2 clothes per day is needed. I really should pack one day in advance but back just before leaving, my trip would be for 3 days and I prefer carrying lots of clothes, two per day. Light travel is comfortable but it is tricky, anyway, nice topic to write on. I started using backpack and am able to put my laptop on it and went for a 6 day trip somewhere, but backpack got heavy. Shoes, slippers are must, I had travelled with just one pair of slippers and it wore away because of excess of walking, so shoes are a must, anyway.

  24. haha funny you post about this because I just got back from my trip and i DID NOT pack lightly at all! I thought I did before I left but on my way back I got in trouble for my checked bag being too heavy (58 lbs – 8 lbs over the 50 lb limit!).
    I didn’t bring that many things, 5 pairs of shoes (you are right it is a good number), a bunch of dresses, swim suits, the essentials, and other things, but somehow it all added up. although i do admit i brought clothes I didnt end up wearing but for a 3 week trip (business and vacation) you never know what you are going to want to wear, right?! haha!
    My handbag was SO heavy, i ended up having to take things out of my suitcase (the lady at airport gave me huge problem!) so I somehow had to stuff 8 lbs out and into my handbag that was already way too heavy! oh gosh it was horrible! never again, I am going to try to pack a lot lighter next time, but its just hard because I dont know how to pack for a 3 week trip! I can do shorter trips lightly no problem, but just this long one is the problem! do you have any advice for this??
    take care denise! you look lovely as always! 😀 xoxo

    • Dear Andrea, thank you so much for your sweet comment! Answering your question (advice), I know what you mean and I forgot to write on the post that I pack light exactly because of the experiences I had in the past, when I had to leave bags with friends or things at the airport, like going to the trash bin – the lady saying “choose what you really prefer, because you won’t be allowed to travel with all of the stuff you have”. After that I had to start packing light! What I do is cost x benefit calculations – I do buy stuff for home or myself when I travel, cushions, makeup, clothes, but then I check the prices of the post office and send a parcel to myself :) That is the same as paying for excess luggage! AND I am developing a vest with may pockets, because whatever you have ON you, dressed, they can’t charge. So pockets for makeup (powder, liquid is not allowed), for flats, pockets for scarves, so many things :) You’ll see, because I will definitely use that strategy! I hope I have helped a bit! And I hope you have a great Sunday! XXX

  25. Your travels sound so exciting, seems like you have been to a lot of different places. Travelling light can be hard but is definitely a necessity especially with the airline company restrictions. My sister left for the UK yesterday and had to send a lot of the luggage back to my house before getting on the plane because of packing too much.

  26. Hi dear Denise. Wow 4-5 pairs of shoes haha, that very is impressively. I needs to learn how to pack lights like you did just wow look what you’ve packed for two week is unbelievable:)! Thank you for brings up about umbrella:). I would never thought to bring with my any trips but it’s such needed item and I will definitely grab it the first thing on my list when my next trip:). Love your beauty traveler dark’s look. I wish you a safe and fun trip sweety. Hugs and kisses.


  27. Ciao Denise, posti bellissimi e consigli impeccabili. Io con le valigie sono una vera frana. Imparerò promesso! 😉
    Un bacione e che carina la tua borsa! Sei sempre di una dolcezza unica nei tuoi scatti. :*

  28. I always try to pack light, but most of the times I end up taking more things than I need.
    Lately, I’ve been better at this, but I can’t for example wash my clothes during the trip. I prefer to have enough to cover it and then return home and wash them there. But if it’s a long trip like 2 weeks or month, and if you need to save space, you’re gonna do that too.
    You’re always manage to stay stylish though. Even when traveling. :)

  29. Great post! I’m a bit of a middle of the road gal myself. I can, if I must, pack extremely light, but I prefer to create a small capsule wardrobe at home before I leave and bring that, complete with plenty of lightweight, versatile accessories, along with me if I’m going to be away from home for more than a few days. If most items compliment one another and can be mixed and matched, it makes what you packed feel like you have so much more than you really do.

    ♥ Jessica

  30. Interesting read. I’m always curious to know how others do things like this.
    I like packing if I like the place I’m traveling to otherwise it’s just no fun. I make lists over lists and plan what I’ll take so that I don’t end up with half the house in my luggage :) Even though I still pack things I never end up using, my packing skills have improved and I’m sure I’ll master it soon enough 😀

  31. I wish I’d read this before our last trip Denise – I took note of everything I hadn’t worn when I came home and promise to be better next time. But packing for stage and day, and with the months moving between warm days and Autumn around the corner I had covered every eventuality. And still there was too much. Luckily, we had our own car with us so I could decant things into other bags as time went on.
    I had a musician friend once who said that after you pack your case you should take out half of the clothes and put in double the money!! Great advice, but mind you that was from a guy who could go away for 10 days with 2 shirts!!!
    Great post :)

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