How to handle Mercury Retrograde

How to handle Mercury Retrograde, because if it’s true, it causes a lot of trouble… and if it’s not real, even better! Do you like astrology?

Braided crown hair style - but my hair is so thin, the braids are not full

Braided crown hair style – but my hair is so thin, the braids are not “full enough”!

I wanted to write about Mercury Retrograde phase for ages! It happens around 3 times a year, sometimes 4, like in 2016. Now it goes till May 22nd, and comes back in August – check the calendar out :) Lately I have noticed a lot of misunderstanding, from my side or other people’s sides – is it due to different cultures and personalities or because of Mercury retrograde? Who knows!

What does Mercury Retrograde phase represent? There are positive aspects, as well!

  • Astrologers recommend not to buy electronics and also, to read the small letters of a contract, very well. Things will change when it goes direct;
  • Expect misunderstandings; either people say harsh things to you or you say – maybe due to people’s different cultures and ways or because our thoughts are cloudy during this phase;
  • Don’t start a new relationship or job during this time :) And don’t ask for a salary increase!
  • Communications suffer and delays often happen – answers, flights, trains, etc;
  • But it’s also positive, because old friends tend to contact you during this period!

OOTW and cat now :)

I love this floral maxi dress! With the bell sleeves top!

I love this Neha floral maxi dress! With Colcci bell sleeves top!

I bought these shoes for a friend and a pair for me. She has already worn 5 times, but this s my first one!

I bought these Asos shoes for a friend and a pair for me. She has already worn it 5 times, but this is my first one!

Ah, Pepe the cat of a friend! He likes my shoes, always! And a nice flamenco shawl I bought in San Sebastian

Ah, Pepe, the cat of a friend! He likes my shoes, always! And a nice flamenco shawl  The weather was strange!

Such a lovely flameco shawl!

Such a lovely flamenco shawl, bought in San Sebastian

Madonna della Seggiola hand painted pendant, from around 1800 (Adalbert Suchy)

Madonna della Seggiola (1800),  hand painted porcelain pendant, (Adalbert Suchy) from my granny

Rings and bracelet - the latter from Prague, left hand from Bilbao and right hand from Santander

Rings and bracelet –  left hand from Prague and Bilbao and right hand from Santander; nails, Dior nail polish –  943

I love this hand made pearl clutch!

I love this hand made pearl clutch!


Positive vibes

Wishing you a super week with smiles! Thanks for the lovely comments!

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50 thoughts on “How to handle Mercury Retrograde

  1. That is so interesting about Mercury Retrograde Denise – things definitely feel more difficult around now – I’ll be watching for changes from the 22nd.
    Have a lovely week – I hope your cold is nearly better – mine is starting to leave.
    We’re on a very windy Hallig Hooge in NW Germany at the minute – heading out now to hear a shanty choir before our concert tonight.
    PS I love those rings.
    Fil x

  2. I’m not too sure how much I believe in astrology, but I do sometimes like to read my horoscope. It’s nice to know how your day’s going to be, right? 😉

    Loving those adorable pink shoes – xoxoxo! I love the low heel .. they must be so comfortable.


  3. Denise, you have such a kind soul. I don’t know if I really believe in astrology but my mom does for sure. However, I love the jewelry you are wearing — I can’t believe the necklace is from your granny! She has amazing taste — just like you! Oh, and the DIOR polish is just to die for! Sending you much love, my dear friend!

    Happy Monday, love!
    xoxo, Vanessa

  4. Liebe Denise und hallo an Pete :) Ich habe noch nie von dem Mercury Retrograde gehört, aber ich bin überzeugt davon, dass das stimmt, was Du schreibst. Es gab eine Zeit, da habe ich mich sehr mit Mondphasen beschäftigt und absolut festgestellt, dass das Sinn macht. Ich sollte das wirklich wieder öfter machen und danke auch Dir für Deine Hinweise. Mir gefällt hier Dein Haarstyle mit dem Zopf sehr gut – Deine Haare sind gar nicht dünn! Und das Blumenkleid ist ein Traum, die pinken Schuhe auch <3
    Alles Liebe von Rena

  5. What a dynamic, beautiful outfit! I really enjoyed seeing each charmingly pretty detail you included here and my eyes lit up like firecrackers over your fabulous pink heels (swoon!).

    Tons of hugs & happy second half of May wishes,
    ♥ Jessica

  6. Wow you look especially beautiful today my darling Denise! I don’t exactly believe in astrology: I believe to what I like to hear! Interesting topic, you have always something unique to say! Tons of love sweetie! Baci, Valeria – Coco et La vie en rose NEW POST

  7. I like that last thought you left here and I try to follow it but there are times when I just can’t and those worries come and take over. not good, I know, and I’m going to try harder to not worry about those things because being happy is always the best way to be, obviously.
    by the way, your outfit is beautiful. the bright colour of your shoes, that floral dress and the lovely shawl. very romantic and summery and very you of course!
    about that Mercury Retrograde phenomenon. I have heard about it but since I’m not an astrology person I haven’t thought about it very much. therefore it was even more interesting to read your post and learn more about it. thank you for sharing!
    ps. take care, Denise, and get well soon!!! I really hope you’re feeling better already!

  8. Whoa, I learned something from you today, Denise! And now I know and finally have an idea what is this mercury retrogade thing hihi.. I appreciate your time for sharing this :)
    Btw, that’s a sweet looking maxi dress! I noticed I’m also into maxi dresses recently and I’m loving it cos it feels so comfy.
    And I hope you’re feeling better than ever now!

    Jhem |

  9. I’ve never followed or understood the full concept of the mercury retrograde so thank you for sharing. It seems so interesting and now it’s got me thinking about what I should or should not do ha ha! I’m looking forward to old friends getting in touch though, hopefully. Such a pretty dress you are wearing and how amazing are your nails and shoes!

  10. I hope its not true but I am looking forward to reconnecting with old friends tho! :) I love your flora dress and the pink shoes. They look lovely on you!

    And that cat is <3 I am a cat person myself. I have two!

  11. Well I learn something new again. I didn’t really know too much about Mercury Rretrograde. I think I’d better stay indoors until it’s over, Denise! Too much to go wrong, potentially! I jest. I’m not terribly superstitious and I don’t read the stars, though I know people do get influenced by the readings. Who knows? Love those asos shoes. Such a Summery colour and I find ankle straps incredibly flattering. Sending you hugs and kisses. T xxx

  12. Hi Denise, this is a thing very difficult to opine. I belive in astrology but not everything. the planets have any influence on us, it is undeniable. The tides, the phases of the moon and many other things happen because the planets, so, we receive some influence them too. But, who knows?

  13. I didn’t know about “mercury retrograde” until I saw your post, I think It is called something else in India. I don’t really believe in astrology like most of the Indians do. Maybe it is true to an extent.. because I have been feeling really weak (physically) from last few days. :/ hope it will end soon! By the way you are looking very beautiful! I loved the colour of your shoes. Wish I could wear something like that. :)

  14. What an interesting and unique post! I had absolutely no idea about any of this, and to be honest my astrology knowledge is rather poor. It’s nice that there is a positive side to it, too, though, I look forward to hearing from old friends :) I love your pink shoes, by the way! What a lovely post, Denise! Hope you’re having a good week xx

  15. Dear Denise, I absolutely love your shawl, it’s gorgeous. Also, I see why you bought those heels for yourself as well because they are fabulous. I did know about Mercury Retrograde, but I don’t necessarily believe in astrology, although it’s entertaining to read at times.
    Style Favourites

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