How to enjoy Routine

How to enjoy routine :) People usually think that routine is boring. Well, respecting different opinions is fundamental, so, some like routine, some don’t and it’s fine this way! :)

A lovely ring from Santander and two side braids in a hippie style

A lovely ring from Santander and two side braids in a hippie style

Many people hate routine; but we eat, shower and sleep everyday, that’s routine :) Routine doesn’t have to mean monotony! Some are afraid of routine – we’re trained to look forward, wishing more, nothing seems to satisfy us. A proverb says “Don’t do things 75 times the same way and call it life”. What if people like it so? Embrace routine then; nobody is less interesting because of that. 

Our brains always want the most comfortable way, what we’re used to. Routine means organization, too. Changing an appointment can mess the whole week up! Holidays are needed after weeks of routine :) After some days, some people long to go back home:) I have 2 “routine ways”, depends on where I am. Alone, this looks like no routine, but I enjoy some rituals :)

How do you deal with routine – or no routine at all? Do you like it or not?


Two Dior nail polishes - they don't chip! I decided to have nails in a different way. Why not a differenr polish index instead of ring finger?

Two Dior nail polishes – they don’t chip! I decided to have a different polish index instead of ring finger!

A nice Your Life, YOur Fashion brown and orange dress with embroidery

A nice Your Life, Your Fashion brown and orange dress with embroidery

One minute you leave home with nice weather and the next it rains!

One minute you leave home with nice weather and the next it rains!

Here we can see the dress colors in a better way

Here we can see the dress colors in a better way

I liked the cut

Against the rain… I liked the cut of this Balmain trench coat

It's not to show the brand, but the detailing is so cute, with small holes forming the name!

It’s not to show the brand, but the detailing is so cute, with small holes forming the name!

Rustic Eram boots and Artenossa clutch

Rustic Eram boots from Saint-Malo and Artenossa clutch/bag

DIY Moment Cooking

Homemade parsley and onion dtess, recipe already on Vegetabible

Homemade parsley and onion bread, recipe already on Vegetabible

Finishing Touch and Mood of the Week


Wishing you a great week with many smiles! Thanks for the beautiful comments!

Hope to see you on Friday, with Friday Feelings! 

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66 thoughts on “How to enjoy Routine

  1. I don’t mind routine as long as it’s not too stressful and I’m not overloaded with work. There are just days though that it can seem so overwhelming and stressful so I wish for a simpler more carefree routine. I think the wine nail color suits your skintone so well and you look gorgeous in that neutral earth tones outfit <3

  2. Liebe Denise! Ehrlich gesagt bin ich ein echter Fan von Routine, denn ich finde, Routine gibt im Leben sehr viel Sicherheit. Insbesondere auch als unsere Kinder klein waren (Du kennst ihre Geschichte) habe ich sehr viel Wert auf Routine gelegt, da ich gemerkt habe, dass ihnen dies Sicherheit und damit auch Geborgenheit gibt. Ja, manchmal geht man gerade zur Türe hinaus, und schon fängt es an zu regnen :) Du siehst auch im Regen sehr schön aus, mit Deinem tollen Kleid. Ich mag den Schnitt und die Farben sehr, es ist so schön herbstlich <3 Eine glückliche neue Woche für Dich!
    Liebe Grüße, Rena

  3. Hi Denise :) Personally I’m trying to enjoy routine, especially when almost each day, from Monday to Friday, looks very similar in my life. I totally agree with you that routine doesn’t have to mean monotony, because we can do the same things, which everything in less or more different way, for example, we can do our favourite meal and everytime with using different spices and herbs. What about your outfit, I really like your trench coat – it’s really chic and timeless and it looks perfect with your orange dress and nude boots, Denise :)

    What about your comment in my last post – sorry to hear about that situation, but on the other hand, I’m happy that you found out who is your real friend! In my opinion, it’s better to have few friends, which will always support and stay by you, no matter what will happen, than to have a lot of people, who are just pretending your friends.
    Have a lovely evening, Denise :)

  4. Hi dear! You have some valid points in this post. I guess we all get a bit tired of routine sometimes, but that doesn’t mean that routine is bad, right? During my student days, I was always taught that routine was very important for childen because it gives them a sense of security. I do believe that. Children feel more relaxed when there is routine in their lives. In contrast, when there are many changes, they can easily become stressed. In a way this can be applied to adults.

    After all, many have jobs that require some repetition. Similiarly, most women have to do housework everyday but they don’t always find it tiresome. Sometimes routine is just a state of mind. With the right state of mind, we will never get bored. To be honest, often I find housework to be relaxing, just because it is so simple, I don’t have to think hard and I can put my mind to rest for that hour or two I’m spending cleaning the house. I know that for some women housework can get tiring, especially if they have to take care of a large family but as I explained it may not always be the case.

    You look absolutely stunning today. That boho dress looks fantastic on you. Plus, I really like your trench coat. Amazing boots and bag too…such a feminine and stylish outfit! loveee it!

  5. Hey Denise! I love this post!
    You are right – humans are creatures of routine, -and as much as we hate it sometimes, I’m always itching to get back to my routine! One or two days off from routine is ok for me but more than that I need to get back to my regular things I do! Hehe! I love ur outfit and that trench coat is beautiful!! Full balmain?! And I really like that you did the accent nail on a different finger – so cute and I love those shades! Will have to check out Dior!! Have a wonderful week beautiful Denise! :)
    Xo Andrea

  6. Super cute outfit! I love the coat! And what an interesting question! I guess, my life is decidedly not routine…so, having certain things that are routine are very important to keep myself sane! Such as having coffee in the morning and going for a run, writing my blog, etc. I really cherish those types of routines, especially when most of life can be a bit crazy. Love your posts, Denise! They’re always making me think! Hope you’re having a wonderful week!


  7. This is a subject so close to my heart, you wouldn’t believe Denise! I couldn’t survive without routine. It’s what makes me function. I have to know what I’m doing and when, and everything has to be planned out ahead. Even my evening meals are sorted a week ahead. Having a routine gives me control, manageability. I’d be a wreck without my little routines. It’s definitely an organisation thing. If your brain is wired that way, then I think you need routine. If not, then that’s fine, you can live more for the moment. There is no right or wrong, it’s all about you, and what makes you tick. Love the Dior polishes btw, especially the deep plum shade. And they don’t chip! I NEED those in my life 😂. Kisses and hugs xxxx

  8. Looking very pretty sis! Thanks for your lovely comments on my posts. Hope you’re having a great week so far! I’ve been little busy so that’s why I wasn’t able to read your awesome posts. I never have a fixed routine for anything, be it sleep, shower or blogging. 😛

  9. I like routine, to me it equals stability and comfort. I would like to be a little more adventurous as well, though, and maybe travel a bit more. I guess I like my routine a bit too much!

  10. Routine doesn’t have to be a bad thing at all, without planning, which means routine, life would be chaos, at least for me, lol. I need to plan, to have my routine otherwise I couldn’t manage all the things I do. Anyway, you look lovely Denise, love that dress and your mani are perfect, that color is so beautiful, the perfect color for fall.

  11. Denise, do you just get prettier with every blog post? :-) I love your photos!!

    I am one for routine and travel sort of messes with that. I’m always a bit off maybe a bit moody, but try to snap out of it quickly to enjoy the environment that I’m in :-)


    • What for a lovely comment, dear Monica, I am humbled! I had to look at the post again, to look at myself :) I gladly accept the compliments – although I think it must be the hairstyle and the color, that suits me :) I need to wear brown more often :) Thank you again for the sweet comment, you are sooo nice, always, and you have just made my day :) Hugs, dear Monica!

  12. Routine and discipline is essential for me when it comes to work and deadlines. But, ultimately, I think having a balance of a little spontaneity with routine can help break the monotony. Life is all about change though, so I just go with the flow. Lovely post, Denise. You look gorgeous as well. Hope you have a good rest of the week, my dear friend. x/Madison

  13. I usually hate change and don’t like it when things mess up my routine, it throws me out of sync! So I love routine. Knowing where I am and where I stand with things is great, but I like different now and then too. Like a holiday, a day trip, as long as I have my base routine and then extra on top, it’s all good!

    Raindrops of Sapphire

  14. Pretty nice post. I just stumbled upon your blog and wished to say that I’ve really loved surfing around your weblog posts. After all I will be subscribing on your rss feed and I am hoping you write again very soon!

  15. Such a lovely post, Denise. Love your words on embracing routine! For the longest time I’ve hated routine but now I’ve learned that you can still change your routine from time to time to make it more fun! Overall life’s short and you should truly each day to the fullest!
    PS: Thank you SO much for your sweet pregnancy wishes! Words cannot describe how much they mean to me! I’m so glad we connected! Much love, always!
    xoxo, Vanessa

  16. Dear Denise (posso parlare sia in italiano che in inglese, non ti ho ancora chiesto come preferisci, ahaha), as a Virgo I do need routine in my life, I don’t run away from that, I actually embrace it…discipline and routine have to be part of my life to be happy, it’s just the way I am ! Great post and I love your outfit, love your fall manicure and your dress ! PS Per essere una blogger un po’ di amore per la routine ci deve essere, perché si tratta di una attività che richiede impegno ! Baci

    Fashion and Cookies – fashion and beauty blog

  17. While I’m not advertise to a bit of variety, I’m definitely one of those folks who finds comfort, order and peace in routine (which I think overlaps with the fact that I’m often a total homebody). There’s a lot to be said for the stability of knowing what lies ahead and the task (or fun pastimes, etc) that you need/want to do each day. I keep detailed lists of such every day and delight in checking off things, as they happen. :)

    Wonderful outfit, Denise! Those boots in particular made me swoon.

    Many hugs & happy wishes for the final weekend of September,
    ♥ Jessica

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