How to choose a coat

How to choose a coat may talk about winter – actually it’s about packing to use budget airlines :) It’s a challenge in the winter! Some parts of the world will face winter soon, so, for them the post now :)

Choose your coat and fly!

Choose your coat and fly! Here Barcelona, The Basilica i Temple Expiatori de la Sagrada Familia

I love road trips, going to places spontaneously, with weather changes. In December 2015 and last January I went from snow to sun, tricky to pack!  I rented a car and got trains, too, but I knew I’d have budget flights, too, with one allowed hand luggage piece and a handbag only. Here is how I looked for 4 weeks in the beginning of the year, revisiting some places I love, going to new ones, too. For me, it’s worth getting to know places, museums, architecture wearing just one coat , if that’s the price to pay :) So here is a set of pictures with what was, at the time, my faithful beloved BLACK WOOL COAT :)

After that I went to Ireland and wore more coats, since I was living there (here). Tell me, have you ever been “forced” to wear just one coat for 4 weeks in a row? I would love to know about your stories!

I chose THE coat based on 5 important things

I think this was very sensible! I couldn’t be happier with my choice!

Now the BLACK COAT‘s pictures!

Starting the trip - Venlo, the Netherlands, Dec 26, 2015

Starting the trip – Venlo, the Netherlands, Dec 26, 2015. Handbag, Calvin Klein; pink wool scarf, gifted


Duesseldorf,  Germany – Dec 26th, 2015

Next step: getting a flight to Italy as a “magician” :) packing all in one hand luggage piece, plus a handbag. I love photographing landscapes during flights! Here, the Alps:


In Bergamo, Italy

In Bergamo, Italy


San Marino



Then get another flight… pack all again, but keep on wearing the faithful warm black coat :)





The lovely boots I bought in Amsterdam I had to leave behind because of lack of luggage room :( The bag I bought in Barcelona and could save :)

The lovely boots I bought in Amsterdam I had to leave behind because of lack of luggage room :( The bag I bought in Barcelona and could save it :)

FINISHING TOUCHMOOD OF THE WEEK : praising the “faithful” coat :)

Neiman Marcus quote

Well, all of us! :)

Hope it wasn’t so boring! Wishing you a great week with smiles! Thanks for the nice comments!

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59 thoughts on “How to choose a coat

  1. Hi Denise, I hope you are better of your health. Wow, what beautiful places are these? I have real madness by a coat of those who is in the middle of the legs. When I was in London last year I could not buy because it was too expensive since it was autumn. It is better to buy in the spring or summer. Have a good week. Regards.

  2. That is one well traveled coat ! And it was perfect for your needs, I think. I did travel for a month with one (rather ugly, by today’s standards) black coat, years ago when my husband and I were in Italy for a month. I don’t have the … wait a minute .. I’m gonna go look …

    YES! I still have the coat! Cheez! It’s by London Fog and it’s so out of style. Time to donate that one .. forgot I had it !! LoL!


    • Dear Monica, you are always so sweet, thank you for sharing that with me – maybe don’t donate the coat, but rather re-style it? Cause it has so many memories from Italy! Hope you have a lovely week and oooh, I would love to see your coat, sincerely!

  3. I have been wearing just one coat all winter, as it was the only thing that fit my belly. Not much variation there, but to be honest, there never is during pregnancy, or at least during the last stages. I am looking forward to wearing different things now though!

  4. I choose my coats firstly for style and fit, I need them to look good on me and then comfort and how easy is it to be matched with my wardrobe. This is also the reason why most of my clothes in general are dark and one colour so it’s easy for me to match and wear.

  5. its quite the opposite here since it’s summer already and it’s soooo hot! I live in a tropical country so we don’t really need to wear coats at all. I love the black coat you picked,. The cut is beautiful and it is stylish and functional at the same time :) Thanks for sharing your travel photos. Those places look beautiful!

  6. Oh my! You have been travelling the globe! Looks like fun!

    Black is ideal for travelling. That is true.

    When I was travelling and living overseas I wore the same grey trench overcoat that was my Dad’s for a year.


  7. Hey Denise, I hope you have been keeping well. You can’t go wrong with a black coat and I love how you have shown it’s versatility with your different outfits and scarves and how lucky are you to have been able to wear it in so many different places – I’m envious of how well travelled you are. I love that last quote that women who wear black lead colourful lives!!

  8. What a fabulously well traveled and very stylish coat. One can never, ever go wrong with a classic black winter topper like that. For the past few years, my go-to black winter coat has been a black Persian lamb’s wool number from the 60s that I scored at a yard sale for a total song a few years ago.

    Many hugs & joyful April wishes,
    ♥ Jessica

  9. well, for me it’s actually pretty ordinary to wear the same coat or jacket for 3 weeks or even 4 weeks in a row. it’s just that when we’re facing proper Estonian winter I pick the warmest piece and wear it as long as the cold stays. nothing special :) but when we travel we always choose a destination that’s warmer than our own country and winter jackets are not needed then 😉
    anyway, what I loved the most about that post were your travel photos, seeing the places you’ve visited. there’s so many of them! it’s a wonderful thing when you can travel the world and see all the places and history and architecture and food and… pretty much everything nice that’s out there. after that colourful post I’m even more excited for my own trip!

  10. Hi Denise, so happy you’re back to blogging! I’ve missed you! Like you, I love road trips too! It’s an adventure and so fun too! Love the places you got to visit! You are such an inspiration, and you look as lovely as always! The coat looks fab, and comfy! Sending much love your way, my dear friend!
    xoxo, Vanessa

  11. Lovely pictures Denise sis! happy to read your post after a long time. My mom has been looking for a perfect long coat from so many years now! i guess i will buy her one in next winters. Right now, it’s summer season here in India. :)

  12. Liebe Denise, Dein Spruch über Frauen, die schwarz tragen, ist sehr lustig und trifft absolut auf Dich zu! Ja, ich habe zum Teil einen Mantel sogar länger als 3 Wochen getragen. Ich kann mich erinnern, dass ich als ich ein Mädchen und eine junge Frau war, im Winter oft nur eine Jacke oder einen Mantel hatte – die ich dann während dem ganzen Winter getragen habe … Aber das ist lange her :) Und ich sehe schon, Du verstehst es nicht nur wunderbar die Welt zu bereisen, sondern auch sehr schöne Mäntel zu kaufen – Du siehst wieder wunderbar aus <3
    Alles Liebe von Rena

  13. What a great post Denise! and wow! I think you are a pro at getting ready for trips like this. I know it is hard when the weather is different since I go through the same thing when I go visit my family in South America. I feel that I always forget something because every time I’m there I wish I had brought other/more pieces to wear lol
    I will share you post of on my blog’s fb’s very helpful!
    I wish you a very nice weekend hermosa!!!
    – Elsey

  14. Dear Denise, it’s so nice to see your travel photos, and your coat has been through along with you to many locations. I love trench style coats, I saw a navy one that I wanted in the winter but I decided to just buy a pink one, since it was more affordable. Hope that you’re doing a lot better, and well rested by now. Wishing you all the best. Happy spring. x/Madison

    • Hi, dear Madison, thank you for the sweet comment! It is always such a coincidence, the post about a pink coat comes soon, I am amazed! I think you did it well, pink coats are so nice! I want to see yours now, but I know it’s spring now! Hoipe you have a very nice week! XXX

  15. hey Denise,
    I never ran into a situation where I had to wear just one coat for so long but I am amazed how beautifully you managed pairing it with different scarf..Each look is different and doesnt look monotonous :)

    • Hi, Elisabeth, thank you for your nice comment! I took a look at your coats’ post, great! I also love colorful coats, but for that particular trip I chose the black one… it was good, but for the March trip I chose a pink one and it was good! Only, that where I went no one wore colorful coats and it was kind of outstanding, but it was fine :) Hope you have a very lovely week! XXX

  16. That is one great coat to travel in, Dee. Gosh you had an amazing time, that’s for sure. You went to so many exciting places, no wonder you were jet lagged 😉 Glad you’re back in good health, darling. Oh well the renovation thingy…………….BIG SIGH, hahahaha. I am convinced by now it’s a lifetime project, lol.

  17. That coat has done lots of travelling!!! WoW! I’d probably choose something more waterproof with a hood, but that’s just me- I tend to worry about getting wet in a wool coat!!! Your coat is lovely and what a lot of places you have been to. I don’t go on planes that often as I worry about my carbon footprint too much but yes, packing for budget airlines can be a bit of a problem, especially the evil Ryanair who made me pay excess luggage at Florence!!! Look forward to hearing about more of your travels!

    • Dear Kezzie! You are right about the hood, I could have it, true! But in the end, I managed to be OK! You are right about the carbon footprint, but I had no choice at the time, since I moved some distances in 4 weeks – couldn’t really do it by train to some places. Although I did take trains, buses and green cars, since trains is my fave choice. Oh no, Ryanair! It is that way! I flew with Ryanair too, this time, they are strict true. On other trips in March I decided to dispatch bags beforehand, so it was a bit more comfortable :) So lovely to read your sweet comment, thank you!

  18. Hello Denise 😉 You’re totally right – sometimes timeless black warm coat is exactly what you need, it’s versatile and you, thanks to your photos gave a proof that it’s true! :) And wow, I’m impressed of number of cities/countries which you had visited for 1 month, it’s impressive, dear! What about my job hunting, tomorrow I’ll be inform about the results of one of my interview, I hope everything will end good for me, I’ll let you know 😉 Have a wonderful evening, my friend! :)

  19. I don’t have a problem wearing the same coat for weeks, because that’s what I usually do! I have a black one which I have been wearing almost every day since the day I got it, and I change to another one, whenever I feel like it. I don’t feel the need to change my outerwear as often as my clothes. It’s there just to keep me warm. A necessary evil for me.
    Good that you got to travel so much. Pity you couldn’t come to Greece this time! It would have been nice to have you here again….

    • Hello again, thank you for your nice comment! That was the point, exactly: we wear something a lot, and change WHENEVER we feel like – but I didn’t have this choice, since I was tied by the air companies! It was that or buying another and paying a lot more to dispatch luggage – what I did later, but Dec and January were frugal :) Yes, I would have loved to see you in Greece again, but I am sure we will do it one day, I know! Hope you have a great week! Makia!

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