How to be more attractive!

Today the post is about How to be more attractive, but not with the usual “rules”: get a tan, lose weight, smell nice. It’s something very different from that! :)

And old turquoise colored-ring and silver bracelet

Turquoise colored-ring and silver bracelet

One or two glasses of wine make the drinker look more attractive to people, says a new research. More than that makes no difference! It’ll be the same as when we’re sober.

It works both ways: we perceive others as more attractive and are perceived by them the same way. BUT PLEASE BE CAREFUL! Alcohol ingestion increases the number of mosquito bites we get! :)

Time for a quirky outfit with a versatile bag :)

DIY bag, with fabrics that I brought from Slovenia

My design bag, with fabrics that I brought from Slovenia – it can be used in 12 ways!

I love this skirt! I chose the fabric and Electric Gypsy made it for me!

I love this skirt! I chose the fabric and Electric Gypsy made it for me!

Detail of the fabric print, colorful fans!

Detail of the fabric print, colorful fans!

Top- from Napo-shop. Shrug - Asos

Top- from Napo-shop. Shrug – Asos

Shoes- Annabel Winship. Sorry for the sun stains and mosquito bites!

Annabel Winship shoes. Sorry: sun stains, veins seen due to my color, mosquito bites. I seldom have alcohol!

Detail of the top. Cattitude! I found it sweet!

Detail of the top – Cattitude! I found it sweet!

Another blue ring and bracelets - from Prague and Tenby. Revlon Marsala nails

Another blue ring and bracelets – from Prague and Tenby. Revlon Marsala nails

Hope you have a smiley week! Thank you for your always sweet comments!

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144 thoughts on “How to be more attractive!

  1. Oh, alcohol certainly helps us feel more attractive, view others as more attractive and become more attractive as a result. It would be great if we could just chill out everyday, have a few drinks and feel better about ourselves! It’s not as easy as that on a daily basis, but at least over the weekend we can enjoy an odd glass of wine or whatever else we fancy.. Have a lovely week ahead, Denise! You look lovely and feminine with or without the booze, I am sure! :)

    • Hello, dear Min! Such a sweet comment, thank you! It’s true, imagine if we could feel that way everyday, but as you said, it’s not easy :) So the weekend is there for that! I confess I rarely drink alcohol. Depending on the country I am, not more than 10 times a year. But then I rely on chocolate :) Thank you for the compliment! I like that skirt :) I hope you have a brilliant week, too!

  2. Hey Denise, what an interesting study. Well I know that when I have a few bevvies it makes others look more attractive to me. Because I’m a bit tipsy, of course, LOL! But I never thought to look at it from the other perspective, ie that we look more attractive to others when we’ve downed a few glasses of presecco! Now I know this, I’ll be heading out to the pub tonight! I joke but really how fascinating. I love your silver bracelet and that bag – I want! Tx

    • Hi, dear Tracey! And thank you so much for your always sweet comments! I was also amazed by this new research – like you, I also thought that only “the others” would look better to the ones who drank, but now the ones who drink look better too :) Th research says it is because we tend to smile more and to feel more relaxed, looking good to others. Well, whether it’s true or not, researches are fun :) That bag is practical to trips – it took me some weeks to develop the whole concept and now I will sew try a new one again, with other fabrics. Imagine 12 days with only one bag, on a trip! No extra luggage to carry! Hop you have a very beautiful week! XXX

    • Hi, dear Jessica :) That’s true, I thought the same: “wine?” But I think it must be the same for other drinks, too :) Thank you so much for your sweet comment! Hope you have a very nice week ahead! XXX

    • Hahaha, I totally agree with you, dear Suzanne! I never drink beer – well, I seldom drink alcohol, but if and when I do, Martini is my favorite drink! You are always classy, com’on! I never doubted it and now I see it a bit more! Thank you so much for the sweet comment, you always make me smile! Kisses!

  3. Ahahahha, questa è divertente! XD
    Io ho sempre pensato che le persone da ubriache fossero meno belle che da sobrie!^^
    Tu sei adorabile anche da sobria! Mi piacciono tantissimo i tuoi look, sono sempre originali e colorati!
    La gonna è bellissima ed adoro le tue scarpe (hai un sacco di scarpe stupende)!

    • Mille grazie, carina! Penso la stessa cosa, e divertente :) Ho pensato anche la stessa cosa, solo perche hanno bevuto, hanno pensato che certe persone che alcune persone sarebbero più bella :) Ma non, anche noi sono più bella per gli altri, quando beviamo :) Ha detto questa ricerca! Grazie per i complimenti! Tu lo sai adesso, a me mi piace molto looks colorati! Baci e una buona settimana, carina S!

    • Hahaha, that is amazing, dear Anouk, I loved your comment! It’s exactly what the research says – not only the beer goggles effect, but a new thing, that the ones who drink two glasses, only two, also come across with a better light! Thank you so much for this really very nice comment, you put a smile on my face!

    • Mille grazie, carina Maggie! E’ un look un po eccentrico, come piace a me! Sei sempre così dolce con me, grazie mille per questo! Ed una buona settimana con i tuoi bellissimi outfits! Baci!

  4. Beautiful skirt, these prints are amazing and gorgeous outfit! You look lovely! Alcohol help us to feel more self-confident and people who are happy with themselves always seem to be any more attractive for others.
    Have a wonderful start of the week:)

    • Thank you so much for the compliment and comment! I feel very honored, cause I love your outfits! That’s exactly how you said, the research states that when we drink (but just 2 glasses!) we tend to feel more relaxed and so, more confident :) I like researches! Hope you have a very beautiful week and again, thank you for the sweet comment!

    • Thank you so much, dear Kezzie, for the kind and sweet comment and the compliment! I must say that once I heard from an Irish person “you are not Irish” and I asked “how can you possibly know that? (without hearing the accent)” and the answer was “because you smile a lot” :) Hahaha! Well, I took it as a compliment (and I must say I disagree, I think Irish people smile the same amount as I do!) Such a lovely comment, dear Kezzie! I hope you have a very nice week full of nice happenings!

  5. hey, Denise! I really liked that post of yours and I think I have heard something about that theory you mentioned here. I drink almost no alcohol so I can’t use it, haha. wine is one of the drinks I would even drink sometimes but with this disease I have it’s not so good for me.
    anyway, your outfit is once again awesome! that skirt is just perfect and I love it how it matches those heels you’re wearing. the jewellery is beautiful too and how cool that you made this bag all by yourself! good job! by the way, talking about jewellery. did you get a reply from Kriss? I noticed they have opened a new web shop and it definitely ships internationally. hehe, I’m super curious about the fact if you already ordered something! :)

    • Hello, Maiken, thank you – always! – for your super sweet comments! I did contact Kriss and she told me there would be a new shop this week, but I still didn’t check it out – now that you mentioned, I will do it soon! The pieces must be amazing!
      I don’t drink alcohol either – really very seldom. The research says that alcohol makes people attractive in both ways – but only 2 glasses :) I hope it’s all OK, you mentioned a disease? Hope you are fine! And so many thanks for the compliments! I love doing things like that, sewn bags, self-made bracelets, necklaces… I like handcraft very much! Thank you again for the sweet comment and I hope you are having a beautiful weekend so far!

    • Hi, dear Simera! Thank you for the lovely comment and compliment! The research is really funny :) It says it works both ways! But only 2 glasses, not more :) Hope you have a beautiful evening!

  6. Hello Denise, you always amaze me with such a interesting researches like this one – I really like wine, so it’s good to know informations like these 😉 But personally I find that self-confidence is the most attractive – so maybe these researches are right? (Because you know: wine + shyness = self confident <- most of the time, of course ;)) Hope you had a great day! :)

    • Hi, sweetie! Thank you so much, you always write me so nice insights! It’s true, when someone drinks a bit, gets more self-confident and then smile more, feel more relaxed and then more attractive! But you saw, only 2 glasses :) Hope you have a nice week!

  7. This has to be one of my favourite outfits of yours. The fan print is absolutely stunning and so much fun. It is the best choice ever. So exciting you were able to get it custom made. My friend got a few pieces custom made for me last year and it was great. I also adore your beautiful shoes, they are my favourite style.

    • Hi, dear Imogen! Thank you so much for such a lovely compliment! I am so glad that you got custom made pieces, it’s great, isn’t it? I love them! These shoes are so comfortable, although they are high-heeled, but so comfortable! I am glad you liked them! I hope you have a great week and again, thank you very much for your sweet comment!

    • Hahaha, so sweet, dear Maria, thank you so much for that! I had to smile! First of all, you are so beautiful (ask our friend, I always say I find you very beautiful) that you don’t need beers to look more attractive! But if you want, remember: just 2 glasses! More than that, not the same effect! I am like you – I am not a fan of alcohol, but sweet cocktails I can have sometimes! Hope you have a nice week with loads of fun!

    • Thank you very much, sweetie, you are always so kind! That skirt, when I saw the print I was a bit crazy about it :) Really wanted it :) Again, thank you for the lovely comment and I hope you are enjoying a nice week!

    • Muchas gracias!Yo creo que sonreir es siempre tab bueno… y de nuevo “estudios” dicen que si una persona no esta muy feliz, si sonrie mejora en el mismo minuto! Gracias de nuevo por tus dulces palabras, me siento halagada! XXX

  8. I read about that research too and I think it’s true – at least I look better after a drink 😉 I didn’t know about the mosquito thing tho, maybe they want their deal of the booze, too 😉
    You look great as always. Love the top :)

    • Hahaha, I love your comment, Lara, especially the part about the mosquito! Maybe it’s true! I do think that the research is right – we tend to be more relaxed after some drinks, but not too many – just two, so people keep their minds still conscious :) But you look beautiful with or without a drink, I love your pictures! Thank you so much for the sweet comment and hope you have a lovely day!

    • Hahaha, the title is funny! Thank you so very much, dear Jackie, for always being so kind and sweet to me! It’s a bit of a quirky outfit, but I like quirky things! Hope you are having a very sweet day!

    • Thank you so much, dear Rebacca, for such a lovely comment :) I really had to smile when I read “a reason for a drink” :) Two glasses! When I saw that print I was so eager to have that skirt! As it is handmade, a bespoke piece, it took me two weeks waiting for it, but the result was worth! Thank you again for always being so kind!

  9. Liebe Denise, Du siehst so wunderbar glücklich aus, es ist eine wahre Freude, die anzusehen! Deine Tasche, die Du mitgebracht hast ist auch toll und Dein Outfit nicht nur schön zusammengestellt, sondern es passt auch zu Dir <3 Hm, nur Dein Rezept wirkt für mich nicht, denn ich trinke seit einigen Jahren keinen Alkohol mehr, aber vielleicht sehen mich andere ja als schöner an, wenn ich ihnen Wein zu trinken gebe :) Ich wünsche Dir noch eine wunderbare Woche, liebe Denise, allerliebsten Dank für Deine wundervollen Kommentare, die mich immer so sehr freuen und glücklich machen. Alles Liebe von Rena

    • Liebe Rena, du bist ein Goldstueck, wirklich! Ich habe es dir gesagt, dass ich freue mich sehr wenn ich deine liebe Woerte lese – und so positiv, so voll mit Unterstuezung! Ich denke, das Outfit ist etwas “verrueckt” und passt zu mir :) Ich habe das gleiche Dinge oder Verhalten, wie du – nicht, dass ich niemals Alkohol trinke, aber sehr sehr selten. Ich kann auf eine Hand zaehlen, wie viele mal rpo jahr, ich Alkohol trinke :) So das waere sehr gut eien verabredung mit dir – wir trinken Wasser oder O-Saft! Aber ja, es ist so, dass man mehr “Stressfrei” sind, und deswegen lachen mehr, und die andere so moegen :) Ich bin die jenige die mich bedanke, dich zu “kennen”, ehrlich! Vielen Dank fuer alles, immer! Liebe Gruesse!

    • Hahaha, dear Angel! I’ve known that many girls want to test the research now :) I think it’s cool! But you are so beautiful, you don’t need a drink to appear more beautiful! Hope you have a very nice day!

    • Hi, dear Deborah, so many thanks for the kind comment and compliments! I love a vintage atmosphere! Now many people want to test that drinking theory – the 2 glasses only :) I think it’s funny :) And I guess it’s right? When people drink a bit, just a bit, they feel more smiley and relaxed… so it’s an attractive component! Hope you have a very beautiful day! Weekend is arriving, enjoy it!!!

  10. I think that is a common knowledge that when people drink the person in front of them gets more beautiful in their eyes and minds…hence people do silly things on a moment of drunken stupor he.he :) But I don’t know if two drinks will do it for me though, I think my sight would still be intact after two drinks.

    Hey I love your ring,
    and your skirt is fun and lovely.
    Nice outfit♥

    • Hahaha, thank you so much for the lovely comment, dear Ann! I smiled when I read that two drinks would leave you the same way – as for me, I seldom have alcohol – maybe 5 times a year, if that much. And then, guess what, half a glass is enough for me to laugh more, thinking of dancing on the streets, hahaha! That ring is seldom worn, but with the color mix mainly in blue, it made sense to put it on :) Thank you again for your kind comment and compliments! Hope you have a very beautiful day!

    • Thank you so much for the kind comment and welcome! I love mixing colors, but that they kind of have to do with each other :) Sometimes it works, sometimes not :) I hope you have a nice day, too, and again, thanks for the comment and compliment!

    • Hello, dear Coco! Thank you so very much for this super sweet comment! I am glad meeting you, too! And I hope you enjoy the wine :) Thank you again for your kind compliment and I wish you a sweet evening! Baci!

    • Hello, dear Diana, thank you for your kind words and compliments! That handbag is a DIY project, I love doing so! Hahaha, yes, it says that two drinks, just two, makes us look better and the persons around too, hahaha! I don’t drink much alcohol – may 5 times a year – but the next time I do I will think of the research! Hope you are having a lovely say!!!!

    • Oh, that was such a sweet comment, thank you! And welcome! Thank you really so much for the compliment, I tend to wear some quirky outfits sometimes, but not always :) Hope you have a lovely day, too, kisses!

    • You are always so sweet, dear Tina! Thank you so much for your kind words! I remember when I saw that skirt and the shoes as well… I was so crazy about them :) And had to buy both :) I think they match :) Hope you enjoyed the wine and that you enjoy your weekend even more!!! Kisses!

  11. I always love reading and enjoying your post and I been learning new things a lot lately from your:). It’s really good to know a little thing and life details like this:). I love love your skirt and those shoes are way too cute:). You look super adorable:).

    Wish you a lovely Friday and ahead of the weekend


    • Hello, dear Tanya! Thank you really so very much for this beautiful comment, and the compliments! I like reading and studying very much! We learn some funny things :) I a bit obsessed when I saw that skirt and the shoes and “needed” to buy them! I also hope you have a very sweet day and weekend – enjoy it a lot with your family!

    • Hello, dear Stella (yours is the name I would have chosen for a daughter, no joke! I love it!) Thank you so much for the comment and the compliment! I love prints, skirts and fans, so when I saw that fabric I was so crazy about it! Hope you have a very nice weekend! Kisses!

  12. Lol omg it’s a shame that I can’t drink wine anymore. Well one or two sips is okay but more than that and I get sick (histamine intolerant) haha. You’re attractive without any alcohol Denise anyway. You look marvelous. I love that cute skirt and bag. I have followed you on bloglovin too with my personal account Mira Devils. Sadly I’m not feeling any better yet but life goes on. I really need some rest and hope I’m going to be healthy soon. Wish you a happy Friday sweetheart!!


    • Oh, dear Mira, you are always so sweet, so kind to me! And I must say I feel we know each other, cause I really always wish you to be healthy and that you are enjoying your days! Well, so if one day we meet, we can drink water or a juice, because I don’t like alcohol very much. I seldom drink it, maybe 5 times a year, maybe even less. I am too weak for that and the taste is not my favorite either (apart from Martini and Bailey’s :) Thank you so much for following me and for the compliments! I really hope that everything is soon solved for you and that you have a nice Friday and weekend! Believe me, I am sending nice vibes to you! XXX

  13. Your rings are very beautiful Denise. At the same way, I like very much your shoes. Nothing like one or two glsses of wine to few more attractive. The mosquito bits is only a mere detail. Congratulations for your blog and your lovely smile.

    • Thank you so much for your kindness! I really thank you for your words, cause your blog is about books and poetic words and cpming here for shoes may feel silly :) But I always include a research :) In my defense I can say that I do love shoes and accessories, but I have two Masters from Germany :) Just because I hope you continue visiting the blog I am saying this, so that I don´t come across too silly :) Thank you again for the nice comment and I hope you have a great weekend!

    • Ti ringrazio tanto, carina Pàola! A me mi piace moltissimo vederti sempre con la tua bellezza e favaolosi outfits! Non e nessunmo lavoro per me leggere il tu bello blog! Baci e grazie mille per le tua dolcezza con me, un bello fine settimana per te!

  14. really, I didn’t know then that’s why mosquitos don’t bite me :) You are awesome sharing your posts hermosa Denise. I always enjoy them de verdad ! Let me tell you that with that beautiful smile and gorgous eyes you are a very beautiful and atractive woman my friend, and I celebrate you !
    Que tengas un hermoso fin de semana, besitos !!

    • Ay, que linda, gracias, querida amiguita! I did’t know about the alcohol thing either, but I have to say that I very seldom drink alcohol – maybe no more than 5 times a year and depending on the place I am – and still, mosquitoes love me :) In the summer they make a party on my arms, hands and legs :) Thank you so much for your lovely words and compliments! I am always so happy when I read your comments! Besitos y un lindo fin de semana tambien!

      • hehehe..I know why!!!….dicen que los mosquitos pican a las personas d sangre dulce porque son personas dulces 😀 ! A mi esposo tambien le pasa lo mismo, es porque el es bien dulce <3
        besitos !!!
        pd; I had to post the comment again because it posted a link of a post with my old link (which I don't have anymore) lol …mil disculpas

        • Hehehe, pues sabes, querida amiga, que yo pense en eso, pero no dije porque no voy a decir que seria yo dulce, jajajaja! Pero la verdad es que mismo sin alcohol (pues como dije, si tomo como que 5 veces al anio es ya demasiado, no me cae bien) los mosquitos me adoran :) En el verano salgo “pintada”, ahora mismo tengo 5 picadas :) Se que tu esposo es dulce porque te mira y te abraza con tanto amor, se lo nota siempre! Espero que Uds tengan un lindo domingo, amiguita linda! Besitos!

    • You are so sweet, dear Borka, so many thanks for your compliment, I love quirky prints like the skirt :) Yes, it’s true, with or without alcohol a person should exhale confidence! I hope you have a very beautiful and always chic weekend! Kisses!

    • Hi, dear Min! It’s always so sweet to receive your lovely comments! Really, there were superstitious people around when you were a child? That’s nice! As for me, no one in my family was or is superstitious and they make fun of me. I must say if I think properly, I know things ae just superstition, but I love them! Hope you have a very sweet weekend!

    • :) Yes, that research seems to be accurate :) I mean, we all know that when “we” drink the people around us seem to look better, but that we looked better as well, I didn’t know (well, must be because everybody is also drinking, same effect as they may have on us :) Thank you so very much for the lovely comment and compliment! I do love colorful things! Hope you have a very nice weekend!

    • Thank you very much, dear Jezz! I found it really sweet and never wore it before, despite the fact of having it for 5 or 6 years :) But now I found it nice with that skirt! Hope you have a very nice weekend!

    • Thank you, Jenny, for the nice comment and compliment! I love colorful outfits! And I didn’t know about the mosquito bites before I read that, either, and I was amazed – I seldom drink alcohol and nevertheless, mosquitoes love me :) Again, thank you so much for the lovely comment!

  15. You look so happy in these photos Denise, it’s really lovely. Also, wow a bag that can be used in 12 ways? That’s incredible! What are the 12 ways?! Please feature the bag in a future post used a different way :) xx

    • Hi, dear Laila, thank you so much for the sweet words! I think I was happy because of the skirt :) The bag… mmm, could be, a post with that :) It can be worn as a tote (4 sides :) – then shoulder bag, 4 ways as well and then as a clutch, also 4 sides :) And it’s made out of fabrics, so it’s good to put it flat in a suitcase, so that the trip gets practical :) I love practical things! Hope you have a very nice Easter Sunday! XXX

  16. Such a beautiful outfit. I absolutely love your shoes, as usual :)
    Such a fun fact too. I knew that about the mosquito bites. It’s because alcohol increases our body temperature and mosquitoes tend to go to people who have more elevated body temperatures than others. I get a lot of bites in summer, not only because of the alcohol. hehe :)

    • Thank you for the information. dear M.! I didn’t know about the mosquitoes! I don’t drink alcohol and still, they love me. Can’t wait for some colder temperatures! I imagine if I liked some drinks? Would be a magnet for them, hahahaha! But now we are getting 20 degrees this week and I started smiling! Hope your weather is good there! Kisses!

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