How to be happier

How to be happier sounds rhethoric, but it can be a good thing to think of! Smiling causes happiness! Can you believe that someone would stop smiling for fearing facial wrinkles? Impressive!

Smiling causes Happiness  - I can't imagine my life without smiling!

A smile really decreases stress – already said by Charles Darwin, that facial expressions reflected and caused emotions. New researches confirmed it! Can you believe that a British woman spent 40 years of her life not smiling, fearing wrinkles? She got married, had a daughter, and didn’t smile! I cannot think of a (normal) day without smiling, but I respect her, of course! Do you agree with her?

 Some of my weekly pictures! With some smiles, as usual!

A great friend bought me these nice surprises!

A great friend bought me these nice surprises!

Another Indian skirt... I love them! And I will wear many more...

Another Indian skirt, another denim jacket (Al Suelo) I love them!

Dune shoes

Dune shoes

Gio nail polish, I loved this color!

Gio nail polish – mmm… chubby fingers. But the nails are OK! This week I did the nails by myself. Decent job, but… it ruined a Jenny Packham dress that I was wearing. Nail polish dropped on it.. I was a bit sad!

Fringes are "in"... but I always wore them. I have this bag for 10 years!

Fringes are “in” now… but I have this bag (from Germany) for 10 years! And some rings I like

Jewellery Quarter nceklace, Julie Reen bracelet and Donna Ly ring

Armani Jeans top, Jewellery Quarter crystal necklace and Julie Reen bracelet

A week with many smiles for youThank you for your always sweet comments!

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138 thoughts on “How to be happier

    • Thank you so very much, dear Simera, for the super sweet comment! I hope we all have many smiles, always! I also wish you a great week with loads of sincere smiles (really!, no empty words!) I liked the shoes when I saw them, one of my seldom not online shopping… the color is so nice! Thank you again so much for the sweet comment and I wish you a great start of the week!

    • Hello, dear Dimi, I am so happy that I got to know you and your blog and that you liked the blue nails! It’s a strong color, but somehow it didn’t tire my eyes! I love rings :) And smiling! Well, I never thought about reading about someone not smiling for 40 years! Anyway, if she likes it this way… thank you so much for your so lovely comment! Hope you have a great week!

  1. I always find a smile is the simplest way to acknowledge someone or to offer sympathy or show understanding. If you are expressive with your eyes too. Can’t understand the not smiling. That is certainly an.austere way of living and quite sad.

    • Hi, dear Kezzie! I totally agree with you! When I read about that lady I was “what? 40 years without smiling!” I can’t imagine a day without it! And I am always wishing people a day with many smiles… well, the lady wouldn’t like my wishes! Thank you for the lovely comment, you are always so sweet!

      • I just find it sad. That someone is SO concerned with the effects of wrinkling that they would choose to look miserable for their life instead!
        And you look very pretty in the pictures by the way, really like Indian skirts, they are so light and comfy and look delicate and pretty!x

        • Hi, dear Kezzie! You are so right! It’s so sad to look that way, always serious, no smile, NEVER, on Christmas, new year’s eve, birthdays, good grades at school… I just can’t imagine living that way! And by the way, have you see her picture? It seems that her strategy is not working! Anyway, if she likes that way… her thing. Thank you so much for the kind comment, it’s so good to know that you also like Indian skirts! They are, indeed, comfy and pretty! Hope you have a very lovely week, dear friend! XXX

          • Oh and Denise, i meant to ask you about when you say you’re going to have things made! (I replied to your comment on my blog on the wishlist here:
            “Ah, thanks!
            Yes, the story of Berlioz is brilliant! I took my kids to listen to the LSO play Symphony Fantastique and they loved the story!
            I’ve not been to Vienna, only areas around Salzburg- I long to go!
            The hats are beautiful! You should buy one.When you say, “Copy” what do you mean? DO you have your own personal tailor/milliner or something?!

          • Hi, dear Kezzie! I don’t know why I don’t receive the answers in my inbox… but anyway, good that you showed me here! When I say copy, it’s because I can sew a little, even in a good way, but I also have good seamstresses. I loved those hats and really want to wear one! Well, I need to be patient… seems it won’t be so soon! Hope you have a very nice weekend, dear Kezzie!

    • Muchas gracias! Si, es verdad, sonreir es tan bueno, tan saludable… mo se como como la seniora de Inglaterra logra no sonreir… pero si le hace bien… :) Tu y yo seguiremos sonriendo! Besos!

    • Thank you so much for your lovely comment, dear Annick! If I find a Coke with your name I will get it and tell you, I promise! I didn’t find mine, it was a friend who saw it and bought! Thank you for the compliment, I love that blue color, indeed! Hope you have a very sweet week!

    • Wow, such a sweet comment, so lovely, I am flattered! Really, many thanks! I love smiling, but somehow I know people who don’t – it’s a bit uncomfortable being around, but if they like being this way, good for them :) By now you know I love Indian, gypsy boho clothes :) I had to refrain myself of wearing one more Indian skirt yesterday, but I can’t be with it for more than a week :) Hope you have a very beautiful week! Kisses!

  2. OOh Denise, you look so radiant and glowing when you smile. You look so beautiful! I heard this story about the lady who didn’t smile so she wouldn’t develop wrinkles. Ridiculous. I’m afraid wrinkles will happen regardless – it’s loss of collagen and elastin that is the biggest cause of wrinkles. Life is here to be enjoyed, so smile, big time! Anyway, you can buy creams for your wrinkles, lol! Lovely happy post. Tx

    • Thank you so much, dear Tracey! Can you believe I thought of you when I read the article? Not because of smiling, no! But this way “I am sure Tracey has read about it!” And I was right! True, she may have avoided some wrinkles around the eyes, but looking at her face I found that the skin is already a bit saggy. Not judging or saying it’s bad, just stating – I guess her strategy is not working. So, her daughter comes home and says “mum, my grades were excellent” and gets back a “well done”, but no smile? 40 years not smiling! Incredible. Well, if she likes so… her call. We two will go on smiling, I am sure, and may good creams do the work! Thank you so much for the compliments, I feel really flattered! X

  3. You have such a beautiful smile Denise! How sad that a woman didn’t smile for so many years of her life! I smile all the time every day, and I do think it makes me a happier person! I love your outfit here – your skirt is so beautiful, and I love how you paired it with your jean jacket. Your nail color is so fun (but I am sorry it ruined your dress)! And I can’t believe you have had that fringe bag for ten years! It is gorgeous!


    • Thank you so much, dear Jessica! You are always so sweet and I feel so happy with your compliments! Yes, smiling is so good for our souls, I am glad that you smile a lot! That is typical me, I buy things and wear many years later :) Although that bag I wore when I bought, maybe 3 times :) Now it’s “in” again, so I wore it :) I hope you have a very nice week and I am looking forward to reading your news! XXXX

  4. How do you get a coke bottle/can with your name on it? I think my husband would love that.

    I don’t want to get wrinkles, but people that don’t smile look older to me anyhow. I know I’d never be able to not laugh. That would be torture and a wasted life.

    I’d happily wear this whole outfit. Please just pop it in my closet : )


    • Hello, dear Suzanne, always so uplifting comments! I am so glad that you liked the Indian skirt! You know, by now, that I like this kind of style! Believe it or not, I have two wedding Indian skirts, called lehengas – so richly embroidered… I am eager to wear then, but for that I need more courage :) I know everybody will look at me and I need more confidence for that :) Coke was on a promotion, of course to sell more… with names on the cans. I didn’t know it, it was a friend who saw and bought for me! In England they have it from time to time… if you are in the US, maybe you can tell me some names you want to find and I can send for you, if I find! Ah, yes, I agree – smiling is much better, always! Bisous!

  5. I wouldn’t be able to stop smiling for that long I am normally a very happy person. You have such a lovely smile! This look is very nice I really like the added denim jacket to this look and the beautiful dress :) Keep smiling!


    • Thank you so much, dear! You are so sweet, such a lovely comment! I agree with you, I cannot think of a life with no smiles! Thank you for the compliment, you do come across as a very happy person! Hope you have a very beautiful week!

  6. I can’t believe that someone would not smile for 40 years, smiling is such a natural reaction how do you even stop doing it?! I love smiling and even if it gives me wrinkles, I’ll wear those wrinkles with a smile on my face 😉

    I love the skirt you are wearing and the polish on your nails look fabulous!

    Wish you a wonderful week ahead xx

    • Hello, dear Steffy! Thank you so much for your sweet comment! I totally agree with you – how can someone control the face like that, not smiling? For 40 years, it’s incredible! I prefer to go on smiling, like you said, it’s such a natural body reaction! Some time ago I only wore either pale nail polishes or wine red ones, and this year I started experimenting different colors and I am loving the result! Hope you have a very beautiful week! XXX

  7. I have heard people saying they don’t smile because they don’t want to get wrinkles, It’s crazy. I think is great to smile, is so good for the soul. I always love visiting your blog because you always have a smile on your face, and you are beautiful and sweet.

    • Oh, dear Jenny, you are so sweet, always! Thank you for such a beautiful comment! I always like to smile, and I agree with you, how can someone stop it? Well, each at his/her own taste :) I think she maybe has some written signs or body language for it… like, when someone cracks a joke, she raises the sign where it’s written “I am actually smiling, inside”. That could help, really :) At least a reaction! But I really can’t imagine how she does (not) do it! Kisses, my dear friend!

    • Thank you so much, dear Madison, I love your comments! Yes, it sounded so strange and sad when I read that, 40 years, oh my word! No smile for 40 years, I bet she doesn’t even remember how it was, when she was “free” to smile to family and friends. Anyway, her call… but you are so right, happiness is definitely a choice! I am happy you chose happiness and me too! Touch times, of course we all have from time to time, but it gets worse without a smile :) I hope you have a very nice weekend and I am waiting for your new post – maybe it’s on air now and argh, I will get tomorrow? Hahaha, I am used to it now :) Kisses!

    • Grazie, carina Paola! E vero, ridere fa bene per l’anima! Ma la donna d’Inghilterra pensa diverso… :) Guarda la foto, mi sembra che non ha fatto bene, 40 anni senza ridere! Il suo viso non mi sembra bene, ma meno male che non sono io! Grazie tante, sempre, per le tue sempre dolce parole, carina! Baci!

    • Grazie, carina Maggie! Le tue parole sono sempre dolcissime! Sai una cosa, romantica, credo di si, elegante non mi vedo cosi :) Credo sono una hippie :) Ma cerco di “vedermi” bene :) Cosi, grazie tante per le tue commenti, che fa questa hippie sentirsi felice! :) Baci!

  8. Love your nail polish and the combo very chic.I heard you could also get wrinkles by not smiling and frown lines lol…. So you keep smiling you look fabulous.

    • Thank you so much for the compliments, dear Jackie! Oh, I haven’t heard of that, that not smiling also produces wrinkles… I mean, I know that crying can produce them, but not smiling… I mean, maybe that woman also avoids crying? It’s such a weird state of life, I think! Hope you have a very nice weekend!!! I am looking forward to suggestions of outfits!

  9. hey! finally I’m here and I have many thoughts to share when it comes to this post :) 1. no, I do not understand that woman and I can’t say I’m able to think of the whole thing as something normal. wrinkles come with age and it’s okay. one (I mean a normal person) can’t be 40 or 50 or 80 and have absolutely no wrinkles. I read some stories about Botox and duckfaces today and it’s disgusting what young women do to themselves these days :( 2. seeing your Coke Zero made me want one too. very very badly 😀 but I already had pizza and that’s enough junk for today, right? 😀 those Cokes with people’s names on them were very popular in Estonia as well. 3. I also have a fringe bag and I think it’s funny how someone says this or that is “in” now. why something specific has to be in fashion? I personally think everything’s “in” and people should always wear everything they want to because when you love the piece then usually it looks lovely on you too and when everybody would follow the same trends it would be super boring. 4. so sorry about your dress. I only paint my toenails. fingernails are for my manicurist 😀 and I also saw your orange nails via FB and loved those! I will visit my manicurist this Friday so maybe orange can be my inspiration. I hope I remembered to say everything I wanted to and I also hope you’re having a great week! take care!

    • Dear Maiken, thank you soooo much for all the lovely words! I agree with you, how can someone stop smiling for such a long time, in fact, even for one day! And the coke with name, so nice to know that they were popular in Estonia, too! I really want so badly to go to Estonia, hopefully soon (I can think of next year, not this one anymore!) You are right about wearing what pleases us, no doubt! I gave an interview some time ago and I was asked “what are the 5 items you consider as important in any wardrobe”? I answered “whatever makes people happy”. It’s like that! For me, it would be having loads of Indian skirts, others would hate that, so ho can people “dictate” what others will wear? Hahahaha. the nail polish – I normally go to my manicurist too, but I was so lazy that week and wanted to have that nail color without failure :) And lazy again, didn’t put a towel over the dress. Now, a lesson – I am trying to “fix” the dress… cause it looks nice and let’s see what I can do! And lesson learned – I went to my manicurist yesterday. Wow, I would love to see whether you did have the orange color! I think it would look great on you! Hope you have a very very nice weekend, dear Maiken, and that you enjoy it and share gardening with us! XXX

    • Merci beaucoup, chere Lanny! Le sac est comme le gens disent “à la mode”, mais est deja très vieux, il ya 10 ans! Un bon week-end pour toi! Merci pour le douce commentaire! Bisous!

  10. Liebe Denise, ein Leben ohne Lachen kann ich mir nicht vorstellen! Und meine Lachfalten bringen mich erst recht zum Lachen :) Ich verstehe diese Frau auch nicht … im Gegensatz zu ihr versuche ich soviel es nur geht, zu lachen, weil ich weiß, dass ist auch angenehmer für meine Mitmenschen, als wenn sie mein strenges oder griesgrämiges Gesicht anschauen müssen. Du lachst auch auf diesen Fotos hier wieder wundervoll, das mag ich sehr, genauso wie Deinen indischen Rock hier und die Schuhe sowieso. Du hast traumhafte Nägel und Deine Hände sind schön, das was Du über sie geschrieben hast, das möchte ich gar nicht sehen, da habe ich gleich die Augen zugemacht. Liebe Denise, danke für diesen fröhlichen Post und ich wünsche Dir noch eine schöne Woche mit möglichst viel Lachen <3 Alles Liebe! Deine Rena

    • Liebe Rena, vielen Dank fuer deine immer so intelligente Woerte, ohne Witz! Weil ich habe andere bloggers genatwortet, dass Lachen sehr gut fuer unsere Gesundheit ist, und fuer unsere Seele, etc. Aber ich fuehlte, es war nit alles, obwohl ich nicht ganz gut erklaeren koennte – jezt weiss ich, dass lachen gut ist fuer unsere Mitmenschen! Natuerlich! Ja, stell dir vor, wir brauchen Informationen und fragen so: “Bitte, koennen Sie so und so erklaeren”? Ok, es gab ein “bitte”, aber wie kalt! Ich erzaehle das, weil ich habe eie Baeckerei “entdeckt”, sehr gut zwar, aber der Besitzer gibt das Brot, ist hoefflich, aber nul Lachen. Und ich habe wirklich bemerkt und gedacht – Mensch, lach ein bisschen zu den Kunden! :) So wir beide weiter lachen werden und ich freue mich! Vielen vielen Dank fuer deine Komplimente, du bist immer so suess zu mir! Ich wuensche dir ein super Wochenende, und ich auch, denke, dass du hast ein suesses Laecheln! Liebe Gruesse!

      • Danke, liebe Denise! Mit Deinem wunderbaren Lachen und Deiner herzlichen Ausstrahlung würde ich Dir alles liebend gerne – nicht nur Brot – abkaufen <3 Alles Liebe und ein wunderbares Wochenende! Deine Rena

        • Hahahaha, danke liebe Rena! Zuerst habe ich gedacht “warum Brot?”, aber dann erinnere ich mich, dass ich ueber Brot geschrieben habe :) Aber ja, einmal war ich zum Galleria Kaufhof und suchte Makeup Produkte. Die Verkaeuferin kommte und sie war so unsympatisch, sogar etwas unhoefflich, dass ich dachte “weiss du was? ich gehe zu Douglas”. Das ist das beste Bespiel, was ein Laecheln machen kann :) Du bist so suess, danke fuer die suesse Woerte! Ud ein schoenes Wochenende auch! Liebe Gruesse!

  11. I heard about this non smiling thing to prevent wrinkles when I read Kim Kardashian does it but it was obviously lies because she is always smiling. I’m always smiling, in fact I think it is good for the facial muscles and it’s good for your emotional and metal wellbeing and of course it makes you look prettier too. You have a pretty smile so i’m glad you don’t agree with it and I’m always encouraged to smile so i don’t agree with it either. I love your nail polish colour by the way but OMG how annoying you ruined your dress with it – I’m always fearful of that. I get it all on my tables instead – mom hated that when i lived at home ha ha!

    • Thank you so much for such a lovely comment, dear Colleen! I didn’t know that Kim Kardashian used that “technique” was well… but thinking about that, I seldom saw her smiling like “full mouth”… just some “threatens” of smile, which already give a good atmosphere to the face… it’s all so weird! I agree with you, it’s so good for our wellbeing, health, everything! Thank you for your compliment, I will go on smiling and I know you too – well done to us :) Hahaha, the tables, I had to smile again! I was so stupid – normally I go to the manicurist, but that day I was lazy… and not practicing it very much, got all wrong. The work was decent, the color looks nice… but the dress… double lazy – I should have taken a towel to put over it! Anyway, it’s now past :) Hope you have a very nice weekend, dear Colleen! XXX

    • Totally true, dear Anna! When we feel a bit down… just tuning dance music changes the mood! Smiling is the same, I suppose! I was so happy with the Coke bottles a friend bought to me! If I find Anna, I will get one for you! Thank you so much for the lovely comment, you are always so sweet! XXX

    • Thank you so much, dear Tina! I feel so flattered and happy with you comment! Yes, it’s incredible! 40 years without smiling! In this way, chewing also creates wrinkles? Going to the dentist? Did she avoid this too, I was wondering! :) The stories that we read… unbelievable! Hugs and smiles, too!

    • Thank you so much for your kind comment, dear! You are so right – not smiling is weird, at least for me, and we should go on enjoying life by smiling!Hope you have a great weekend with many smiles!

  12. Your smile is so beautiful. I can’t believe the woman went 40 years without smiling, that’s such a long time. I don’t know how you’d stop yourself from accidentally smiling every once in awhile. Love your pictures, your nails look the best! You also have amazing shoes all the time. The fringe detail is really cool on your outfit too.

    • Thank you so much, dear Imogen, for the lovely comment and compliments! I wore that nail color for the first time and it seems, till now, that everybody liked it! Today I am wearing a more traditional one, dusky pink :) Yes, you are right… what does someone do in order to stop smiling? It sounds strange. For me, it would last as a 10 min experience, maybe… more than that, I don’t think I would be able to control my face! Hope you have a very nice weekend, Sunday is knocking on the door and I know what it means, back from family gathering!

    • Thank you so much, dear! I love Indian skirts and always have to be careful not to wear them all the time, so feminine and comfortable! Hope you have a very nice weekend!

    • Hi, thank you so much for the kind comment and compliments! I wore that nail color for the first time and it seems it was a success :) I have just gone to your blog and am following you! I loved the dresses and a pink skirt! Hope you have a nice weekend!

    • Thank you so much, dear Mary! Such a lovely compliment! I agree with you: a smile is so important, even for health, and then wrinkles go to the second level. But OK, if she prefers such a serious face, Ok… we go on smiling :) Hope you have a very nice weekend!

    • Tante grazie, carina Coco! Quando sono in Italia, la gente dicono “come parla bene”, ma non voglio pensare cosi tato “grande” di me :) So un po di cose, ma bisogno imparare piu :) Ma tante grazie, sei sempre super carina! E si, il sorriso e sempre super importante! Anche per la salute! Baci e una buona giornata, carina Coco!

  13. Ahhh It’s so weird… I think it’s not worth it!
    By the way, I’m only 18, but already have a little wrinkle beside my mouth. Probably it’s because I smile too much haha.
    In any cases, smile is very important thing for our health and beauty, I’ve even heard that helps to live long, so I don’t think that she doing right this.

    • Hi, dear Ann-Alina! You are so right, I think she is not doing it right, because smiling is good for anyone’s health! You see, so young and you already know this! I think you look gorgeous and a little bit of wrinkles is not a problem! We are people, not robots, so, let’s keep on smiling! Hope you have a very nice weekend and thank you so much for your kind comment!

    • Thank you very much, dear Zubaida! So sweet compliments, thank you again! Oh yes, we should keep on smiling, studies say that it is good for heath – well, and not only that, it’s good for our souls! Hope you have a very nice weekend!

    • Thank you so much, dear Anouk! That color I was a bit afraid of wearing… super bright, but it proved to be nice! And yes, let’s keep on smiling! It’s important for everybody’s health, I think! Looking forward to reading how your weekend was :) Hope it was fine and that this weekend now is great, too! XXX

  14. You look lovely and I love the bag! Actually I have a similar one that I haven’t used for years.
    I have heard that some women don’t smile because they’re afraid of wrinkles, but this lasted for so long!
    P. S. I have internet again!

    • Hi, dear! Thank you so much for your kind comment! Yes, it’s crazy, isn’t it? Such a long time without smiling! I can’t imagine being a day without it! So good that you have internet again! I hope you have a very beautiful weekend!

    • Hi, dear Elisabeth, the coke was a present from a friend! She saw it and bought for me, so sweet! Yes, smiling gives us an immediate boost, good humor, and so on! But if she preferred not smiling, maybe she is happy she doesn’t have some wrinkles… I don’t know :) Thank you so much for your kind comment! Hope you have a sunny weekend! XXX

  15. I also can’t imagine how to not smiling at all, it’s weird :) I can’t understand that some of people don’t do this because of fear of wrinkles, because wrinkles is something natural when you’re older and we should accept that we won’t have always 20 or 30 years old :) And btw, you look so cheerful and beautiful when you’re smiling, keep doing this 😀 (and yes, I know, you will! :))

    • Thank you so much, dear Ivonne, you are always so lovely! True, wrinkles come anyway, when skin starts going down (oh my God, but it’s true!) But she preferred to sacrifice 40 years without a single smile, because of the wrinkles that would come from that… and you are right, I will go on smiling and I hope (and know :) you too, cause it’s nice to do it! Thank you so much for your sweet compliment, you are soooo lovely! XXX

  16. Omg! How she could not smile through 40 years? I don’t want to have wrinkles but I smile and laugh very often (only during the photo session I can not;)
    Btw. you have beautiful smile! I like your skirt, bag, nails and entire outfit, you look lovely!
    Have a nice day:)

    • Thank you so much, dear! I believe you smile, of course, because it’s so good and such a natural thing! So it surprised me that someone could control her face for all these years… not to have wrinkles. Thank you so much for your compliments, you are so sweet! Thank you for your kind comment and I hope you have a very nice weekend!

    • So true, dear June, how can someone control 40 years of her life without a smile? I mean, control the face and reaction? Smiling is so natural! But anyway, we go on smiling, that’s what counts :) Thank you so much for your compliment and sweet comment! Looking forward to one of your reviews again! Hope you have a very nice weekend! XXX

    • Thank you so much, dear Rebecca, I did it on purpose, shoes and top :) I bought the top 2 years ago and never wore it, so it was about time :) But it’s typical me, to buy things, store for years and then wear them :) You are so right… how can someone stay 40 years without a single little smile? After all, smiling is one of the best things in life, but anyway, if she prefers it… fine, you and I just go on smiling! Hope you have a great weekend!

    • Thank you so much for the lovely comment, Kiki! I am such an Indian fashion lover – I have to refrain myself sometimes, otherwise I would wear it 5 times a week :) And other styles are nice, too, and I like to vary (who doesn’t!) Hope you have a very nice weekend! XXX

    • Hello, dear Swati! I have the same opinion! How can someone live the whole life without smiling? I mean, if she is now 40 years this way, she will go on, of course! I am glad to know that we are not that way :) Thank you so much for the kind comment! I hope you have a very sweet weekend!

    • Thank you so much for the lovely comment, dear Stella! The nail polish color was my first attempt with that brand and color… I found it kind of outstanding, but liked it, so thank you for the compliment! Hope you have a nice weekend!

    • Hi, dear Maria! I am not glad that you ruined your favorite pair of jeans, but at the same time I can see I wasn’t the only one to do that! Nevertheless, grrrr :) The good news is that I went to my seamstress with the dress yesterday and it seems she an rescue it :) Thank heaven! I hope you can fix your jeans too! Thank you for always being so sweet and for your lovely comments! I hope you have a fabulous weekend!

    • Hi, dear Marija, thank you for the lovely comment! I totally agree with you, when I read about that woman I thought the same as you wrote – not a day without smiling! I don’t understand her behavior, smiling is so positive to skin, too! Anyway, so we go on smiling and let the weirdos far from us! Hope you have a very beautiful weekend!

  17. I can’t imagine going 40 years without smiling. I love to smile and laugh, I can’t imagine going a day without doing so! Your have a beautiful smile, so keep on wearing it. :)

    • Thank you so very much for the lovely comment and compliment! I agree with you, even yesterday I was still so impressed with that woman that some friends and I talked about it… everybody said “no way!” I think smiling changes our days and mood nearly instantly… but if she feels happy this way… well can anybody feel happy that way? Really, such a strange behavior! Hope you have a very beautiful weekend with many smiles!

    • Hello Sarah! Thank you so much for your kind comment! I am following through bloglovin! Maybe bloglovin didn’t show it to you till now, but I am following through it since last week! Hope you have a great week!

    • Hi, dear Elisabeth, thank you so much for your kind comment! I loved Donald Duck and I watched it before :) when I was a teenager, believed it or not! I used to laugh so much watching it! It is indeed, so so cute! Hope you have a very nice week! XXX

  18. Hallo meine liebe Denise, holy beep 40 years without smiling, no thanks. The poor lady. She might not have a lot of wrinkles but I don’t think it’s worth it. While I read the article I smiled and I will do it whenever I want to. People are way too obsessed with their looks and the hunt for eternal youth. I’m rather happy. I’m sorry you ruined your dress with the nail polish. At least the color looks super-duper :) Not just the nail polish. You look marvelous too. I love your cute Indian skirt.
    I know there’s some problem with Bloglovin. I have reported it but they don’t care. I’m glad you visited anyway 😀 Wish you a wonderful Sunday sweetheart!!

    P.s.: I have to get these eye drops too 😉

    • Liebe Mira! Thank you so much for the nice comment! It seems I can fix the dress :) I took it to the seamstress :) You are so right, people are obsessed with youth and looks, not souls and minds… just bodies. But the funny thing is that the body will die, and the soul and mind will remain, be it because of books the person wrote, or movies, or through relatives. Anyway, 40 years without smiling for me means 40 years in a sad state, controlling every move. I mean, maybe the lady is not sad, but no smile? It’s such a natural body reaction… you are so right, let’s keep on smiling! By the way, I saw the lady’s pictures and she doesn’t look like it was worth the effort! Ah, the eye drops. I can tell you one product to be bought, I bet you have heard about it: Latisse. It seems it works, though I don’t wear it because of the medical condition. But I heard it’s great! Hope you have a very nice week, dear Mira! XXX

  19. I hate Coke but, this surprise of your friend is very nice. I like very much the colours of your hair and nails. They are very beautiful. The smile is the image of the soul. Who doesn’t smile smile is because it is sad. The smile conquest people. It is very important to live. Many smiles for you too. Thanks.

    • Thank you so much, I totally agree with you! The smile is the image of the soul, so we should go on smiling, no doubt! Oh yes, my friend bought the Cokes, and I liked the gesture, of course! She is very nice! Thank you so much for the compliment! That is my natural color, though I am always thinking of trying new things! But at the end, I never dare! Hope you have a very nice day!

  20. I would never stop smiling for fear of getting wrinkles. I don’t like wrinkles of course, but I love smiling.
    Love your nail polish, and long nails suits you. How lovely are those coca cola bottles! :)

    • Thank you so much for the kind comment! Oh yes, what for a weird lady, stopping smiling for 40 years! Well, her choice, but thankfully not ours! I hope we go on smiling a lot, always! I do prefer when my nails are long and I try a lot to try new colors when they are this way, because they often break – like now :) Well, it’s also good for a change and my contact lenses (or eyes!) thank for that (removing them with long nails is bad!) Hope you have a nice Friday, dear M! Makia!

    • Thank you, dear Agnes! I normally go through the week with minimal makeup, I really like it that way, but sometimes I try to dare a bit :) and the result was that :) I am glad you liked it, will try it again soon!

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