How to be grateful

How to be grateful – maybe many people forget it. They simply want more and more – nothing really wrong with it, but they forget to be grateful. It isn’t preaching! I think you’ll be as amazed as I was!

New try: AH nail polish and a chunky resin ring

New try: AH nail polish and a chunky green resin ring

Please get to know Cateura, a slum of Paraguay, and its orchestra of recycled oil cans and rubbish. Around 500 gancheros (rubbish recyclers) work there. Favio Chávez is the conductor of The Cateura Orchestra of Recycled Instruments, composed by 30 schoolchildren – children of recyclers. They’re now receiving worldwide acclaim, culminating with a concert in Amsterdam.

Please watch the quick video! Tell me your opinion about the orchestra! Should we be grateful or not? They made superb music from garbage! How many of us complain about life, in general?

Simply phenomenal! Now, my weekly outfit :)

Fiorelli pearl ring

Fiorelli pearl ring and amethyst earrings

An Indian dress that I love very much!

An Indian dress that I love very much! And fringed belt

This dress is in two parts, underneath also a lovely floral print!

This dress is in two parts, underneath also a lovely floral print!

A black clutch from Montevideo and a blue ring - plus a rose in my garden!

A black clutch from Montevideo and a blue ring – plus a rose in my garden!

Shoes, Next - really cute and comfortable!

Shoes, Next – really cute and comfortable!

A black cat - in some cultures, it's a symbol of good luck!

A black cat approached – in some cultures, it’s a symbol of good luck!

Hope you liked the post and I wish an amazing week! Thanks for your sweet comments!

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128 thoughts on “How to be grateful

    • Hi, dear Tina! If someone is grateful, that one is you – I know it, because of your posts! I really know that, through the journal and other things you say and post! And it’s so nice to know about it, because some people take for granted some things, but actually, it’s good to think of it from time to time. Looking at the happy faces of the children of the rubbish recycling place, we see that some have nothing and still, produce wonders! Hope you have a very nice week and thank you so much for the sweet comment! XXX

  1. There are so many fantastic musical initiatives like this in South America, it fills my heart with joy. I am so glad thst they can experience the joy of music like us. So clever to make them using rubbish.
    Hope you are well too. X
    That dress is really pretty, I love the idea of a buttoned dress over another dress-I thought of doing this with a polka dot dress which is a,little too short. X

    • Hi, dear Kezzie! Yes, this initiative is so good, I was so amazed by the quality of the instruments and it shows people, when they really want something, can do wonders in life! This dress I have for such a long time, and really love it – I think you really should give a try to a dress over another (though I bought that one this way, two pieces, they were meant to be together). But I tell you what I do when a dress is too short: I get a piece of lace or even another fabric and add it to the skirt till I like the length :) You certainly saw it here and will see more! What do you think? It’s an idea! Hope you have a very beautiful week and thank you so much for the lovely comment! XXX

    • Thank you so much, dear M! I really loved the music, from nothing they produced that, wow! Ah, as I told you, the nails break after a month and now they are short – so, waiting for the next 3 weeks for colorful polishes again :) Thank you again for the lovely comment, Makia!

    • Hola, querida, gracias por tus palabras siempre tan dulces! Ese video me hace pensar en lo cuanto tantos tienen asi, sin pensar y otros suelen hacer cosas maravillosas casi de la nada! Muchas gracias por tus palabras, besos!

  2. Thank you for the reminder about the Garbage Orchestra – aren’t they just fantastic. I had read about them a few years back but forgot totally about it. I hope you don’t mind me sharing it Denise.
    Where are you studying now?
    Have a great week

    • Hi, dear Fil, thank you for the sweet comment! I love that orchestra and the instruments! It’s like, they get garbage and transform it into beauty, while many people just want more and more and more and I can write “more” 20 times here… and nothing is enough. So this orchestra is a wonder! Of course you can share, I would be very happy with that! I am at a Faculty of Music, right now! I love it! Hope you have a very nice week!

    • Thank you so much, Sand! I was trying some colorful nail polishes for week and I have just started with it last year :) Before, I used to wear very discreet colors, like this one and I wanted to do it again! It seems it worked! Hope you have a very nice week! Bisous!

    • Thank you so much, dear Anat Koren! I bough that dress many years ago, but still love it! I wanted to go back to the more discreet colors of polishes I used to wear till last year :) I think that color was nice! Glad you like it! And wishing you a nice week!

    • Thank you so much, dear Suzanne! The video is really moving, they can produce wonders from nothing, how great they are! Thanks for the compliment! I liked the dress in two parts, too, but I think I can try it separatedly, maybe I will give it a try! Kisses!

    • Thank you so much, dear Swati! I wanted to go back to my “previous self” in terms of nail polish :) I started with bold colors this year, but sometimes I want a more discreet color :) Hope you have a great day!

    • Hello, dear Dimi! You call me sweet, but I think you are the sweet one! Thank you so much for the compliments, I feel touched, really! The video is really interesting, out of nothing there are people who can produce wonders! I have that dress for a long time, but really love it, so I “undust” it from time to time :) Hope you also have a very beautiful week! Filakia! :)

  3. Sono compleamente d’accordo con te cara Denise!
    La gente spesso vuole sempre di più, dimenticandosi di esser felice per quello che ha ( e che magari voleva tanto fino a qualche momento prima)…L’orchestra fatta con gli oggetti presi dalla spzzatura è un’esempio perfetto di quando poco serva per realizzare cose grandiose, è stata davvero una bellissima scoperta! 😀
    Come sei bellissima tu! Con quell’abito ed i tuoi lunghissimi capelli sembri una principessa medievale! 😀

    • Wow, carina S!!!! Con le tue parole, mi sento come una principessa medievale, e vero! Non ho pensato a questo, mas adesso tu hai detto, perche no! Mi piace l’aria medievale, davvero! Credo che tu hai catturato i miei pensieri! E vero che tu hai detto, io non avevo pensato in questi termini, ma la gente vuole qualcosa moltissimo, fino ad un giorno, e quando vincono, vogliono qualcosa di più e più e dopo più, fino ad una prossima cosa! Molto bene che mi hai ricordato questo! Grazie tante per le tue belle parole, sei un cuore molto belle! Baci!

    • Ah, wow, grazie tanto, carinissima Coco! Mi piace ridere e sorrire, la vita e piu bella cosi! Tu sei dolcissima, che belle parole per me! Grazie tanto, di nuovo, ed una bella settimana per te! Baci!

  4. Wow! An orchestra comprised of recycled instruments. That is ingenious! More than that, it’s a symbol of hope, fortitude and it’s aspirational. I’ve never heard of anything like this before. It must be unique. You are so right. None of us in the Western world are truly grateful and appreciate what we have. The more we have, the more we come to expect and that fosters greed at best, and corruption at worst. What a fabulous post. I love your emerald green ring. I always used to wear chunky rings like that. I have a purple one. You’ve minded me to go look for it :). I have a pair of shoes very similar to yours too. I love them. Very flattering. Tx

    • Dear Tracey, thank you so much for your kind comment! You are so right, and I always think of that… sometimes some friends crack a joke saying “oh, I am poor” and I, of course out of politeness, don’t say much, but inside myself I wish I could shout and say “do you know what it is to be poor? Because none of us know!” They mean that they can’t have a boat or a penthouse in NY, but my goodness, they have no idea of what these children, who live among rubbish, don’t have in life and still, they can produce this amazing example – out of nothing, they have now an orchestra. I think the values in the world are so distorted. As I said, nothing wrong in working to have more comfort and trips, but people are never satisfied! Well, maybe this is the purpose of life, and without this will we wouldn’t have industrial revolution, etc :) I am so glad that the ring reminded you to look for yours! Really glad! And these shoes were so comfortable! Thank you again, dear Tracey, hope you have a great week!XXX

    • Thank you so much for the sweet comment,dear Sophie! Yes, many times we forget to be grateful, but it’s so important! Thank you again for the kind comment and I wish you a great week!

    • You are right, dear Demi! We are happier being grateful, no doubt! I didn’t think of romantic, to the outfit, but you are again right, it is! I liked that you said that! Thank you so much for your kind comment! And a great week for you, too!

  5. I’m so guilty of this Denise, I’m always wanting more and sometimes forget to be grateful for what I have and remember there are others much worse off than me. The concept of Cateura is so thought provoking and inspiring and there are so many other things like this that we don’t often hear about unfortunately. I’ll have to come back to watch the video in full as my iPad is messing about a bit. I love the Indian dress particularly because I have been looking for something similar to wear with my new gladiator sandals. Can’t believe your shoes are from Next – really cute and quirky. Have a great week!

    • Hi, dear Colleen! Don’t feel guilty alone, cause I guess most of us in the western society are this way, including myself – we want things, then we get then and then want more and more! But sometimes it’s good to be reminded, from time to time, that we do have a lot already! Somehow, I know that it was about material things, but if humans were satisfied with all they had, we would be cave man and women till now :) So, let’s just keep some things in mind and enjoy some new makeup from time to time – or shoes :) Yes, can you believe, I am a Next lover, I really am! They are so comfortable! Hope you have a very nice week, dear Colleen, I tried to use your tips today and prepared an omelette – protein :) XXX

    • Grazie tanti, carina Maggie! Questo smalto non e cosi wow, come l’altri qui, arancia, blue, etc, ma mi piace annche cosi, un colore femminile :) Mi piace ridere, sorridere, e buono per l’anima! Anche outfits con stampe floreali, lo sai che mi piace molto :) Spero che tu abbia una giornata molto bella, dolce Maggie!

    • Hi, Falasha, welcome! Thank you so much for the nice words! I love accessories and to be grateful, yes! Even mistakes I try to call lessons! Hope you have a very nice day! XXX

    • Thank you so much, dear! I was also very impressed with the orchestra, made nearly out of nothing… and so many complain about “I need new shoes, new this, new that!” I think that helps to see the importance of gratefulness in life, I surely thought of it! Thank you very much for the lovely comment, hope your day is very good, so far!

  6. Hi Denise, Beautiful post. It’s so true about being grateful, we should be grateful everyday. Sometimes is easy to forget. I really love your outfit, you always look amazing in all your looks. And that cat is a cutie, you know I have to cats. great pictures my dear. I hope your doing well. Hugs and kisses!

    • Hi, dear Jenny! So sweet comments, thank you so much! I knew you had a cat, but I didn’t remember they were two! Wow, I love cats! Yes, so good to be grateful for so many things! Sometimes we tend to forget it, but when I looked at those kids I thought “oh my goodness, they had nothing and created so much beauty!” Thank you again for the lovely comment, you are always so sweet! I hope you are having a great day! Kisses!

    • Thank you so much, dear! I have the belt and the dress for ages, but always gravitate around then, cause I like the happiness that the print brings! Hope you have a very nice day!

  7. Very nice video and you are looking gorgeous and lively in this pretty dress. Life is less complicated when you are grateful for even little things you have, we should look towards them how are less fortunate and yet cherish their little moments more.

    • Wow, so good words, dear Zubaida! You are so right, well put into words – life is less complicated when we feel grateful and we should cherish the moments when the less fortunate make these amazing things like the kids in the video! Thank you so much for such a lovely comment! Wishing you a great day!

  8. This is fantastic idea and they play beautiful! Yes, we definitely should be grateful! Gratefulness is very necessary and gorgeous character trait (in my opinion one of the most important). You look lovely in this dress and color of nail polish is perfect! And such a cute cat on the last picture;)
    Have a wonderful day:)

    • Hello, dear! Thank you so much for the lovely comment! I agree with you, gratefulness is an amazing character trait! These kids produced so great music from nearly nothing and still, they are grateful for that! Because of what many people say, about superstition, I used to avoid black cats, but they are just cute and sweet like any other :) Hope you have a very beautiful day!

  9. My lovely Denise, you made me feel bad cos I love to complain so much. To my defense I have to say that I’m also grateful for a lot of things. These kids almost made me cry. They are so talented and make beautifil music on recycled instruments. I’m not able to do it on a “real” instrument. You look beautiful. That rose printed dress and the heels are too gorgeous!! A black cat isn’t luck over here hahah but I’m not superstitious 😀
    Omg you remember Gracia. She was totally awful! We all hated that song and laughed so hard when she made the last place. She deserved it hahaha. Ann Sophie wasn’t that bad and she didn’t get one single point. I always feel sorry for everyone without points. Usually I always have a favorite but this year I didn’t like the songs at all. Wünsch dir einen wunderschönes Dienstag Süße!!


    • Hello, dear Mira! Don’t feel bad, I also feel sometimes because we say “I want this, I want that” and honestly, we don’t need most of the things we want, just to keep the standards up to the western society. I give you an example, a stupid and simple one. I saw a pair of shoes at the Mall and thought “ah! I want that!” But normally I wear that kind of shoes just once, with luck 3 times, and what for? I thought “that’s a sin. I have more than 450 pairs, I don’t need that one” and also thought, when so many walk without shoes… I did buy many pairs this year, but I will slow down, I hope, especially after seeing these kids of Cateura. So don’t feel bad, wishing more or complaining is a human thing that we all do!
      Gracia, yes :) I remember because I was living in Germany. I remember how all laughed about her, and the song was bad, but Eurovision with zero points can destroy a career. I think I wouldn’t be so brave like Ann Sophie – I know she was the “loser”, but honestly, to stand in front of millions and perform, knowing that the risk is huge… thumbs up, I don’t think I could do it… the song wasn’t that bad, I don’t know why she had zero points! Naja, wer weisst. So ist das Leben, mal gut, mal “wer weisst” :) Einen schoenen Tag fuer dich, meine liebe Mira! XXX

    • Welcome back, dear Elle! I hope your vacations were great! In the meantime, I have spread the usages of lip balms to my sister-in-law and she loved it and other tips you gave about hair! I am glad that you liked the post, thank you so much! Take your time, after vacations things need some time!

    • hello, my dear! Thank you so much for the compliment, you are such a chic lady, so I am flatered! That dress is so old, but I love it! I think it suits me, like, translating my love for flowers :) Hope you have a very nice evening, dear! Kisses!

    • Thank you so very much for the kind words and compliment, dear Lenya! I feel very touched and flattered! It’s interesting that at first I thought of the outfit as hippie, boho… and you say it looks romantic, and I thought “yes, it’s a nice word”! Thank you for that! I used to say I am not romantic, but many friends disagree, saying I am :) Hope you have a very nice day! XXX

    • Thank you so much, dear! You are so sweet! I love floral prints, too, I have to be careful not to be dressed that way everyday :) But post after post I see I tend to wear florals :) Hope you have a very nice day and evening! Kiss!

  10. hehe, you know, in Estonia they say that when a black cat runs across the road it brings bad luck. I myself don’t want to believe that very much (if at all) but many strongly do.
    anyway, I watched the video you shared and it’s certainly wonderful what those people have created. very inspirational! and of course incredible because who would have thought it’s even possible to create a violin from garbage??? that’s just wow! I’m happy people like them exist!
    now, your outfit. I’m amazed by the dress, it’s so romantic and beautiful! the cut is just perfect and the fact that you’ve chosen those black leather accessories – once again perfect! I love it! and those black accessories match the black cat, so very well done 😉
    I hope the last week of May has been nice for you and June will be even better! take care, Denise!

    • You are always so sweet, dear Maiken! I know the quote :) But last week I read that black cats in some Asian cultures are a sign of good luck, so I allowed the cat in the picture! I have to say, he or she was so insistent, so I allowed :) I have that dress for so many years, I mean, really, more than 10 for sure, and still love it! And as for the shoes, I realized I have so many pairs that I still haven’t worn, so I am giving it a try every week to them. Especially after that video, wen I said that many people have so much, and still want more and more, so it’s a shame to have shoes without wearing them, while so many grab their clothes and shoes from the city waste. I felt really ashamed. These kids are so brilliant, talented and with beautiful hearts. I am always so happy to read your sweet words, dear Maiken, thank you so very much for them! I hope your May was and still is wonderful and the same to you, a brilliant June – and thank you for the sweet wishes! XXX

    • Hello, dear Agnes! Thank you so much for the lovely words and compliment! I have that dress for so long and I still love it! I have to say that I forgot to mention it, but it was bought that way – the two parts together, layered on purpose by the shop, but I sometimes like to wear the two parts in a separate way :) Hope you have a great day, dear Agnes!

    • Thank you so much, Agnes! I think good vibes are always important, and I really thank you for them! I have a friend who always writes me “I always pray for you” :) and I love that! You re very sweet, thank you very much for the kind words!

  11. Thank you very much for raising this truly important topic, Denise. I was raised to be extremely grateful for everything that happened to me and especially for/to those people who went above and beyond to do something positive for me. Even at the age of 30 (almost 31) it perpetually floors me when I see people fail to express their gratitude in a situation that warrants it and moreover often, to live a life with gratitude in their hearts. We are each so mind-blowingly blessed and fortunate to be alive and that is worth being grateful about every day that we’re here on earth.

    Big hugs & many thanks for your lovely recent blog comments,
    ♥ Jessica

    • Hello, Jessica! It’s so true, all you said, I totally agree with your words! Thank you for such a beautiful comment, I feel very honored! Yes, I posted about this orchestra because I feel ashamed sometimes. We do have a lot, in my opinion, we have much more than we actually need to live and still, many of us – I may be no exception – want more and more. I am working on that, little by little. I felt ashamed of having so many things, when all these kids need(ed) was trash, to make their instruments and a helping hand to teach them. I hope more and more people see that happiness is a state of mind, not possessions. I am not against possessions, but I think the western world is really exaggerating, sometimes! Thank you again for the amazing comment and I hope you have a very nice day! Kisses!

    • Tante grazie, carina Paola! Cerco una parola per questo look, mi hanno dicono romantico, ma mim manca una, ed e vero, una fantasia floreale, grazie! Mi sentivo cosi nel giorno! Ma ed un abito che ho gia da molto tempo, ed ancora mi piace, mi sento confortevole cosi! E i bambini, sono geniale, e vero… mi da un po di vergogna che penso (non sempre!) voglio questo, piu questo e questi bambini hanno poco e sono fantastiche! Grazie di nuovo per le bellissime parole, dolce Paola! Baci!

  12. Oh, liebe Denise, Du hast so recht! Ich habe einmal gehört, dass im Himmel eine riesenriesengroße Abteilung mit ganz vielen Engeln für die Bitten zuständig ist und dagegen nur eine winzig kleine Ecke mit ein paar Engeln die Verantwortlichen für Dankeschöns sind. Dieses Bild habe ich oft vor Augen und ich bemühe mich, so dankbar zu sein, wie es nur irgendwie geht. Ehrlich gesagt finde ich in meinem Leben auch keinen Grund zum Jammern und überhaupt versuche ich Jammern immer zu unterlassen. Jammern finde ich nämlich ganz und gar jämmerlich! Wie toll und bewundernswet sind dagegen die Menschen in dem Film, danke dass Du ihn hier zeigst. Und ich freue mich mich wie immer über Dein Outfit und Dein Strahlen, Du bist einfach wunderbar <3 Alles Liebe von Rena

    • Liebe Rena! Ich danke dir nicht nur fuer die immer suesse Woerte und Kompliment, die ich so liebe und so eine Ehre fuer mich sind (habe ich schon gesagt, ich bewundere dic sehr, so Woerte von dir sind fuer mich eine Ehre!), aber auch fuer dieses Geschicht, die ich nicht gewusst habe! So, 2 Engeln, ja, eins fuer die Bitten, mit natuerlich grosser Arbeit, und eins fuer die Dankeschoens… dass ist herrlich, die Geschicht, ich meine, obwohl das Bil die ich habe jezt, ist das es waere nicht eine faire Vergleich – die Dankeschoens kommen nicht oft. Naja, so ist das Leben, aber ich wollte zeigen, die waehrend diese Kinder praktisch nichts hatten, und fantastische usik gespielt haben, so viele Leute haben so viel, und immer noch jammern “will ich mehr, mehr, mehr”! Es ist nicht falsch mehr zu wollen, wenn es fair ist. Aber habe ich gedact, dass es ist viele Mal uebertriben. Ich bin nicht unschuldig. Heute habe ich gesehen so viele Schuhe, die ich nicht getrage habe, und am Wochenende wollte ich immer noch ein neues Paar. Dann dachte ich, warum??? Was ist das? Warum noch ein Paar? Das ist etwas krank und ich habe mich gefreut, dass ich nicht das paar gekauft habe, weil ich denken koennte! es ist ein neuer Kapitel in meinem Leben, und es heisst “wachsen”, endlich :) Danke sehr, liebe Rena, fuer alles, und liebe Gruesse!

  13. El color de tu esmalte es muy femenino y elegante! Y esos anillos son hermosos! Acabo de ver el video que posteaste y todavía no salgo de mi asombro al ver lo que esta gente tan creativa puede hacer con los elemento más impensados, muchísimas gracias por compartirlo. En cuanto a tu outfit, ese vestido es bellísimo y único, el estampado floreado me parece súper romántico y el mejor accesorio? El gatito negro que se te acercó 😉 No puedo evitarlo, amo los gatos!!! <333

    • Amo los gatos tambien, querida Deborah! Pues este se acerco muchas veces, hay muchos gatitos alla, a ver si una otra vez otros se acercan :) El vestido es “viejo” :) pero aun me gusta y me encantan los floreados, asi que gracias por tus palabras! Bueno, es asi… eses ninios con tan poco, hacen musica de “la nada”… pense “conmigo”, que verguenza tener tanto (aunque no es nuestra culpa que no tengan casi nada), pero me dio verguenza saber que tenemos tanto, y mucha gente se queja de todo. Hay que pensar en la suerte y lo mucho que tenemos! Gracias por tus siempre dulces palabras, eres siempre preciosa! Besitos!

    • Oi, querida Lilly! Fico super feliz com suas palavras, muito obrigada! Pois eh, ne… este video mostra o quao “sortudos” nos somos… com estudo, familia, casa – as coisas mais importantes. Infelizmente, muita gente acha ter sapatos, roupas de marca e outras coisas mais importantes. Nao me eximo de alguma vergonha ou culpa, pois eu tenho tais coisas tambem, mas nem por isso esqueco de que o mais imporante sao outros valores e principios. Estas criancas tem tao pouco e ao mesmo tempo tanto – valores, coisas que a sociedade hoje esquece rapidamente… so a minha humilde opiniao! Que bom que vc gosto do que eu visto! Eu gosto de me vestir assim tipo “maluquinha” e ao mesmo tempo “OK” ou seja, me olham onde eu vou, mas nao eh assim como ter cabelo verde e roxo – nada contra, so um exemplo! Beijao, querida Lilly!

    • Hi, dear Madison! I am very happy that you liked the video, cause I flt really touched, thinking of so many people (and I include myself, too), always thinking “more, more”, while these kids are so grateful to have the oil cans to produce that greatness. We are really lucky, no doubt. That dress is quite old, but I still love it! I like floral prints and what makes me comfortable, like chiffon or another kind of fabric that flows :) And wow, you speak German, that’s great! Liebe Gruesse, too! XXX

  14. Aw I remember seeing this on 60 Minutes one time! It is amazing how they made beautiful music from garbage. Seriously inspiring! Show how you can take a bad thing and make it beautiful-literally! :) Love your outfit here. It has a 70s look to it to me. And those shoes are perfect. I want a pair :)
    Olivia | Her Name Was Celebration

    • Thank you so much, Olivia, and welcome! So nice that you saw it, I was so impressed by what I saw… yes, you are right, they are inspiring! People normally want this and that and these kids want the opportunity of playing, thus growing through it! Oh, yes, that dress has a 70s vibe, I am normally tuned with it – I use to say that I was born in the wrong era! Thank you again for such a lovely comment, I hope you have a very nice day!

    • Danke, liebe Nissi! Ich bin sehr froh, dass du die Woerte magst, weil fuer mich die sind sehr wichtig – ja, hast du Recht, viele Leute vergessen es, dankbar zu sein. Und wollen immer noch mehr mehr mehr, egal was passiert. Aber wenn wir denken, wie viele Dinge gibt’s um gluecklich und dankbar zu sein! Vor allem, Familia, Freunde, nicht nur Geld oder Dinge zu besitzen! Danke sehr, fuer deine schoene Woerte, und ich wuensche dir auch, einen sehr schoenen Tag und danach, Wochenende (gleich!!!) Liebe Gruesse!

    • Thank you so much, dear Jessica! As I say, such a beautiful and elegant girl like you, complimenting me, I feel so flattered! I know I am quirky, but I also know we can be eclectic :) So I trust your words :) I normally like floral outfits, and I have noticed that for weeks I haven’t worn patterns like stripes or anything else, but floral :) I am glad you liked it and I thank you for the kind comment, wishing you a great day! XXX

  15. A volte mi capita di lamentarmi per cose poco importanti, e allora cerco subito di ricordarmi quanto invece io sia fortunata e di essere grata per questo.
    E’ geniale l’idea di suonare con oggetti riciclati, bel video!
    Mi piace tanto il tuo abito indiano con la cintura con le frange…è perfetto anche lo smalto!
    Tu hai sempre un bellissimo sorriso 😉
    Un bacio
    Paola ♡

    • Grazie tante per le tue sempre dolce parole, carina Paola! E vero, a volte noi siammo cosi, lamentando cose poco importanti, ma e naturale, succede a volta :) Ma eh vero anche, che noi siammo fortunate, moltissimo! Ah, amo abiti indiano, mi fa bene indossare cose con fiori, ma adesso sto cercando una cosa un po piu “liscia” per le fine settimana, perche sono gia molto mese solo con fiori :) Cambiare un po, a volte, ed anche importante :) Sorridere ed un “must” – un studio dice che fa bene e migliora l’anima :) Grazie tante, dolce Paola, baci per te ed un bel fine settimana!

  16. When I saw that video I was shocked! I confess, I used to complain about my life that I want “something more and more”, but now I know that I was wrong. Those people can’t afford to new or even second hand instruments and despite of it they found another way to do what they love, it’s impressive! And I really like your dress, Denise, you look so pretty in floral prints, dear :)

    • Dear Ivonne, you are so sweet and thank you for the nice comment and compliment! But don’t feel guilty, it’s a trait of humans to want more, and if we didn’t, we wouldn’t have so much progress in the world – no lights, no airplanes, etc. It was because people wanted to have more, more ways to travel faster, etc, that we reached this point, but you are right about the kids. Not even second hand instruments, not affordable… and they produced that wonder. Then we see how much we have, good houses, trips, so many things and we are blessed. As they are blessed with talent and will power too! Hope you have a very nice weekend, dear Ivonne! XXX

  17. Wow what they do is amazing and the orchestra is indeed exceptional!
    It’s so inspiring. I think we should be more than grateful, most of the times we need a reminder how good things are for us. I try to appreciate every little thing in life.
    I would really like to help and make a change in the world.
    And you already did, because you shared this lovely video with us. Thank you!
    You look fabulous in this dress, absolutely adore the shoes and the turquoise ring! *_*
    Thank you for always commenting on my posts! It really makes my day seeing your comment first!
    You are such a nice and kind-hearted person! Kisses from Budapest xo

    Csenge | Csenge’s Point

    • Wow, dear Csenge, I feel so flattered, touched and honored with your comment! I never see myself as making a difference in the world, though I know every person in the world exists for a reason :) But I am just someone who wanted better opportunities for everybody, a better world for everybody, with fairer conditions. Unfortunately, it’s still far from the truth, but I keep on dreaming. I think we are lucky, cause we post about our days and outfits, while other have to revolve the city garbage to find a pair of socks, not to freeze in winter. We are not guilty of that, but we should always remember how blessed we are! It’s my pleasure to read and comment on your posts, you are always so sweet! Thank you very much for making my day now! I hope you have a very nice weekend! Kisses!

    • Thank you, dear Jenny, for the kind words! I agree with you, and that’s why I found it important to post it here… we are so blessed, lucky, fortunate in our lives… we have so much and we shouldn’t take all for granted… I mean, I am not preaching, but I see so many always saying “and? I am not guilty for their mis-fortune”, despising people… clearly we are not guilty for that, but taking a minute to recognize that our lives are great doesn’t cost much! I am so glad that you liked it, Jenny, thank you again for your sweet words! A great weekend for you!

  18. Very beautiful! I really like that dress! You look amazing.

    Ps, I didn’t do my own nails ( I wish I could haha) my friend does :) But thank you very much for the lovely comment :) Have a wonderful week!


  19. Everything is spot on. From your outfit to your nails and your post. I love everything! <3 You have such a pretty nails and I like your new nail polish color. Remember my obsession about nails? For some reason, seeing clean and well polished nails makes me happy and relaxed. Haha! I miss you and your posts on your blog and Facebook. I've been MIA for a while and I'm trying to bring my site back to life again. Hope my time permits.

    The Black Cat is so adorable. It is considered as a bad luck in our country but I have never considered anything especially pets as a bad luck. Ever. They're blessings.


    • Dear Shekinah, thank you soooo much for such a beautiful comment, it really melts my heart, no joke! I missed your posts and I am happy reading some again on your blog! I remember the nails, yes! But look, I have weak nails, thought they look strong – so when they grow, my favorite length, I have to enjoy them and paint as much as I can, because I know, after a month, they will break! And they did, now they have transparent nail polish and I like it for a change, from time to time! Thank you so much for saying that about the black cat, it really wanted to be in the picture – and I also find it is a sweet pet, not bad luck! Hope you have a very nice weekend! XXX

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