How to balance the Five Elements

How to balance the Five Elements – and which are they? Which one is yours?

Trying a fake fishtail braid - cause the real one is too difficult to me!

Trying a fake fishtail braid – cause the real one is too difficult for me!

The Five Elements, how to balance them for a better mind, body and soul – even through food and colors you wear (here); it’s not astrology.Take the test to know your element – mine is water :)

The 5 elements are:

  • WATER – Archetype of the philosopher or the baby; slower rhythm. Values compassion, caring and deep feelings. Your heart is your guide and you’re very tuned in to other people’s experiences;
  • WOOD – Archetype of the pioneer or warrior. Fearless doers and are known to be very fair-minded. Nothing upsets them more than injustices. This makes them powerful;
  • FIRE – Archetype of the wizard or comedian. Pleasure, fun and anything that feels good is what Fires like. However, Fires often abandon people or events;
  • EARTH – Archetype of the pre-school teacher or camp counselor. Earth people almost always have children. Earths don’t want anyone to feel bad or dislike them;
  • METAL – Archetype of the queen or alchemist. The Metal person is a master at meeting life where it is at and rising above it, often seeking a higher path of spiritual existence.
  • AIR – The majority of “elements’ sites” list the 5 above mentioned elements, but the test lists AIR, too.  Characteristics: values the intellectual, the mental, the logical, the concept, the philosophy, the idea, knowledge and learning more than the details. Sees life more like thinking rather than feeling. Great to have around if a problem needs solution.

And now the outfit of the day, as usual :)

And old floral velvet skirt, from 2000! H & M. Sweater in a nice shape, don't remember where from

An old floral velvet skirt, from 2000! H & M. Sweater in a nice cut, don’t remember where from

It got a bit cold and so I wore the coral coat, from Donna, Hanover

It got a bit chilly and so I wore the coral coat, from Donna, Hanover – the cat liked it, I guess!

Better view of the coat

Better view of the coat; Scarf worn as headband, Ellus

Simple black boots, from I'm walking; Bag, oought in Barcelona

Simple black boots, from I’m walking; Bag, bought in Barcelona – it mixes black and brown, something I like

Rosa Paulina necklace

Rosa Paulina necklace

I have been baking a lot, lately! Orange, corn and carrot cake, olive and onion bread - recipes on Vegetabible

Baking makes me happy! Orange, corn and carrot cakes, olive and onion bread – recipes on Vegetabible

Trying a cake in a jar with cake of course, meringue, raisins with bourbon and orange cream. It was sooo good!

I made cake in a jar with cake of course, meringue, raisins with bourbon and orange cream. It was sooo good!


From times when cameras were not digital!

From times when cameras were not digital!

Wishing you a sweet week with smiles! Thanks for the caring comments!

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50 thoughts on “How to balance the Five Elements

  1. That cake in a jar looks and sounds amazing! Oh my word!!! :)

    And speaking of awesome things, that’s exactly what this beautiful outfit is, too. I especially love your romantic velvet floral print skirt. What a head turningly fantastic garment.

    Big hugs & happy wishes for the last week of June,
    ♥ Jessica

    • Hi, dear Jackie, wow, this is true, Air is missing! That is such a shame! It’s because the other site I was researching on listed 5 elements (the name is, in fact, and air wasn’t considered so; but I will correct that – thanks for telling me! And thank you for your nice comment!

  2. Liebe Denise, Dein Cake Jar schaut so extrem lecker aus, den möchte ich sofort probieren! Und Du wunderschön – ich mag auch besonders die Farbe Deines Mantels absolut gerne. Jetzt bin ich nur neugierig, was bei dem Test, den Du diesmal verlinkt hast, bei mir als Typ herauskommt – ehrlich gesagt, habe ich noch keine Ahnung und ich mache deswegen jetzt dann gleich den Test :) Danke für Teilen und eine wunderbare, glückliche Woche für Dich!
    xx Rena

  3. Beautiful post my dear friend, I took the test and the results said that my element is water. It was so interesting reading what each element meant. I also love your outfit dear, you look amazing!!! Is that your cat? Well I don’t know if you know this but I have two cats. Well take care and have a great week!

  4. wow, what a pretty skirt! the floral pattern looks gorgeous! and I like the braid too. I only make the regular ones because everything else seems to be too complicated, haha. gosh and those cakes!!! let me tell you they look absolutely amazing and I’m drooling behind the table here 😀 the one in the jar – please send me some because it simply looks too good to resist! yum! and olive and onion bread sounds great too… seeing those reminds me I should bake more often.

    • Hello, sweet Shireen! Thank you for your comment! It was my first attempt and it was nice, I must confess (I hate bragging, but it was nice, for me :) Yes, I bake the cake and put some there. Then I top it with meringue (1 egg white to 2 or 3 tbsp sugar – make a meringue, as per usual procedure)/ I don;t like alcohol very much, but desserts with some alcohol I like :) So I mixed some raisins with bourbon, left the mix for around 15 min; after that, I put onto the meringue and go doing so with layers. On the top of all I put some orange cream and more raisins. It was just a first attempt, and successful! I will try more with strawberries! You are so sweet, thank you for the lovely comment!

  5. Sono sempre interessanti e divertenti i tuoi post cara Denise! 😀
    A me è uscito fuoco nel test, e devo dire che mi ci rispecchio abbastanza.
    Delizioso come sempre il tuo look, adoro soprattutto la gonna, è chic e ti slancia molto! E mi piace molto anche la tua acconciatura, con i capelli così belli e lunghi come i tuoi la treccia viene benissimo!
    E che aspetto fantastico ha quella torta!!! Sia intera che nel barattolo fa venire l’acqolina in bocca! :9

  6. Te ves hermosa en ese abrigo coral, Denise! Amo esa clase de abrigos para épocas de transisión o para ponerle color a un día gris. La foto con el gatito es muy adorable. <3
    Me encantan los tests asi que me puse a hcaer el de los elementos, jaja. Me salio Aire! 😮 y sí encuentro bastantes similitudes con mi personalidad. Por cierto, muchas gracias por tus hermosos deseos de cumpleaños, amiga!! <3
    Que tengas un lindo Miércoles!

  7. Such a great post, Denise! I read it and I think I’m Air. I love to learn and never settle, really! This was very informative, thanks so much for sharing, and now let’s talk fashion! LOVE LOVE today’s ensemble! You are always so chic, my dear friend! Dein Mantel ist sehr huebsch! :-)
    I hope your day is as beautiful as you are!
    xoxo, Vanessa

  8. I must be fire! (My name’s meaning is also fire in Sanskrit ?), or maybe water.. Lemme take the test! ? You are looking lovely as usual, Denise sis. Is that your cat? I love cats a lot!! (Though i don’t have one ?) Btw, that jar cake looks delicious. Wish I could have it with you!

  9. You look stunning denise.. I love bandana and the necklace you are wearing.. The cake looks so tempting .. My mum makes something similar everytime I visit home because she knows i love it 😀

  10. This is so interesting, I can’t say I’ve ever considered the topic before – it must have been interesting to find out you are water :) I love the final (red) quote referencing photography.

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