Happy New Year

Happy New Year! I thank everybody for the sweet Christmas wishes and would like to wish a fun-tastic New year to all my blogger friends and families! How will New Year’s eve be? Any resolution? :)

A toast for a Happy New Year!

A toast for a Happy New Year!

I’m not such a fan of resolutions, tending to live “now”. But sometimes, why not :) I’m now on vacations for some weeks. Nearly a “detox” – I tend to skip computers then, but I’ll share some positive messages till I’m back and later too, Mondays for looks or general things and thoughts another day :) Hope you like them! I used to do so before – positive thoughts lift spirits up!

So for the New Year to start in a nice way, with happiness and positive feelings here are the

4 Laws of Spirituality

 ♦ First: Whatever happens, had to happen that way. You could not change it. Not even a small detail. Don’t think “if only I had done it in a different way” – it has already happened, for a reason. Don’t torture yourself, instead, forgive yourself. We learn important lessons through everything!

Gratefulness words

Second: Whoever you meet in your life, you’re supposed to meet and there’s a purpose for that, even for 10 seconds.  They have come to teach you something. There’s no coincidence.

Imagine John Lennon

ThirdWhen something begins, it’s the right moment. When we’re ready for something, then it will start, no matter how many times we say “I’ll plan this. I want to do that now”. You can plan, surely, but there’s a time fixed for that and it can only happen that way, neither before nor later.

Gratitude quote

Fourth Principle, maybe the the most important one. It says, what is over is over. The end! Don’t hold onto the past… let go and move on. You may think “I made a mistake. I should not have done it, I need to fix it”. There was no other way at the time. Think of the past, when the lesson you’ve learn (through what happened) was not revealed yet – you would have done exactly the same thing then. You wouldn’t do it now, because that fact taught you something – after that. So why regret? Why feeling guilty? Carrying guilt lowers your energy.

Nice words

Say I love you to the ones you love, NOW. Do nice things to people in need, NOW. Let go what is not nice in your life, even people. They were there for the right period of time, to teach you something. Forgive yourself and people. Don’t wait for tomorrow. Listen to your inner wisdom and have a wonderful new year, always evolving, always enriched! Every single day is a blessing!

I wish you a beautiful 2016 with many smiles and happiness!

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43 thoughts on “Happy New Year

  1. Happy holidays, I look forward to your posts in the new year. My main resolution is to spend less money (feels like I say that at the end of every year). But I don’t think it necessarily has to occur on the first day of the year as I’m not big into resolutions either- changes can come anytime!

  2. love this post Denise! happy new year, I hope you have an amazing new years eve and hope you have an even greater 2016! all of your tips and advice are so true, I need to apply those more during my time so i can not stress out – that is my big resolution for this coming year – to get over stress free and not have anxiety! so glad to have e-met you this year denise! xo

  3. Happy new year in advance sis! Thanks for sharing such inspirational lines. I don’t like to make new year resolutions because I always end up breaking them 😛 but I really have to make two very important resolutions this year.. will try my best to stick to them! ♥

    • Happy new year for you, too, dear Lorna! I will read your blog soon, I am on the road and internet has not been easy! I hope your health is ok, too! Mine is my fault: I have anemia and lack of vitamins, but it is because I prefer junk food. Maybe that can be my resolution… More fruits and veggies in 2016! Hugs and thank you for your wishes!

  4. Love this post Denise and I think we all need to be reminded of these things from time to time. I hope that you had a great holidays and that you are going to have a great New Years!! I don’t make resolutions but this year I would like to start getting more into yoga so we will see how that goes!!! I always love your posts on my blog!!!


  5. Oh what beautiful sentiments Denise. When you read them and think about them, you find yourself saying ‘of course, that makes total sense. It”s so right’. I wish I would always put these ideas and thought processes into practice, especially when you regret the way you handled something. It”s too late once it”s done. You can’t turn the clocks back. Move on and learn from the experience. Have a lovely New Year sweetest Denise. Big hugs and kisses. Txxx

  6. I really like your priciples and I can’t agree with any of it more, dear Denise :) Personally I think that I have to remember more often about the last one – what’s over, it’s over, you’re right, it’s so important principle, dear :) I hope that you had great Christmas and now, you’re having even better NYE, dear and btw, you look so pretty:)

    I wish you amazing NYE & happy New Year, dear!

  7. Feliz Año Nuevo para ti tambien Denise! Que disfrutes tus dias vacacionales. Gracias por un año de inspiracion, gracias por compartir informaciones, por compartir lo que aprendes, gracias por tu apoyo y por siempre traer sonrisas. Dios te bendiga! Nos vemos por aqui ?. Besitos!

  8. Happy New Year Denise, I hope you had a lovely Christmas and enjoyed your new years eve. I love those laws and could not agree more with them. I particularly liked the first one because sometimes we question why things happen and sometimes we just need to appreciate that things happen for a reason and yes don’t torture ourselves about why it’s happened – I need to acknowledge that more. Interestingly I can’t remember the last time I said I love you to my mom and dad although I know they know I do – maybe I should change this!

  9. Happy new year Denise! Wish you all the best for 2016! I hope you had lovely holidays. Enjoy your break! I don’t have any resolutions this year (they never work).
    Sadly I don’t live closer. I would have loved to meet you in Düsseldorf. Maybe next time. We had an unpleasant December and I’m glad 2015 is gone. Worst year ever. I don’t won’t to write about the stuff that happened online.

    xx Mira

  10. Hi my dear Denise. Happy new year for you too. Many lovely things for you. I hope you will have a healtier life and many, many good things in your life. I’ll hope that you could write a new chapter by your book life. Lets move on.

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