Happy new smiley and wise year!!!

A brand new year is in front of us! Let’s enjoy it wisely! I have some wishes!


More DIY

I love bows! I covered the lamp's wire with fabric and beads. The lamp shade was made to measure with my fabric choice

I love bows! I covered the lamp’s wire with fabric and beads. The lamp shade was made to measure with my fabric choice

Detail. The switchplate was painted by me

Detail – switchplate painted by me


I think we can be happy the way we are!

I think we can be happy the way we are! Source: from a very old magazine

Source here

Source here

Source here

Source  here


People say I'm a great cook - but I only cook vegetarian dishes. This is a veggie risotto.

People say that I  cook well. I only cook vegetarian dishes. This is a veggie risotto.

With the rice leftover, I made another dish:

Carrots, raisins and some other healthy things... I need to get healthier

Carrots, raisins, cheese and some other healthy things…  I need to get healthier!

Add flour, an egg and milk to the rice... and you have this lovely fried dish!

Add flour, an egg and milk to the rice… and you have this lovely fried dish in carrots’ nests!


Strolling at Bicester Village with my friend Sophie! (November 2013)

Strolling at Bicester Village with a friend! (November 2013) I love this pink coat (from 2003!!!) and a new bag. Fun for me is to visit museums too and read about history.

More bags? Nine West bag

Detail –  Nine West bag

Around Christmas 2013. Same pink coat, gifted scarf, YSL bag

Around Christmas 2013. Same pink coat, gifted scarf, YSL bag and no idea where from blue shirt!


That blue shirt from above...

That blue shirt from above…

Have a great, marvellous new year!

Source here

Source here

Thank you so much for your sweet comments! I love them!

I wish everybody a year full of nice smiles!


53 thoughts on “Happy new smiley and wise year!!!

  1. Comparto completamente tus propósitos!! Tengo muchas cosas pendientes por hacer, me encantan las manualidades también y cocinar comida saludable es más difícil cuando todos son complicados y mañosos jajaja, pero por lo menos para mí lo haré! Y aceptarse tal cual uno es tampoco es tarea fácil, pero hay que lograrlo.
    Tengo pendiente enviarte un correo. Intento avanzar también este año con mis pendientes!
    Que tengas un magnífico 2014 Denise! Y que logres todos tus propósitos!!

  2. My dear friend, it was so good to see you again in your photos! I’m so proud of you that you’ve decided to eat healthier (and thank you for reminding me that I should get back on track soon!). I loved your food pictures, and I’d love to see more of them in the future! I’m a huge food lover, you know that. And your food styling is just amazing. I’m sure you’re the best hostess and cook, and your risotto (and everything else) looks delicious.
    Of course you already know that I love your pink coat, and smiling photos!

  3. Hi luv

    Thank you, thank you for your lovely comments :)

    I love all your new years resolutions, especially about being grateful, that is so important and the best way to maintain positivity…

    I have also made changes, I am now posting all my daily outfits and all the pics I would usually post from my blog on my website now http://www.fashionjazz.co.za

    So my blog wont be used anymore, but my website will be revamped with lots more fashion, beauty and lifestyle posts and lots more outfit and accessories posts :)

    In fact what I wore today is already up under outfit of the day -http://www.fashionjazz.co.za/?p=6117

    Would love to know what you think

    Mwah xx

  4. Great resolutions, and I’m all for the second to the last one! Sorry if my greeting was a bit belated, but I hope that you greeted 2014 in the way that you wanted. Have a great year this year, Denise, and I hope that we can continue this awesome correspondence via our blogs!

  5. Hi sweety, hope your start to 2014 has been a great one :) You look so pretty in the pink coat. Adore the bow decorations, they are charming. So impressed by these vegan dishes, they look amazing, I had no idea you were a terrific chef! Waiting for recipes!

  6. Eres bien talentosa, todo se ve muy rico ! Gracias por compartir tan lindos y profundas frases. Te deseo un año lleno de amor y mejor que el que paso.
    Me encanto tu abrigo rosado, es tan bonito y re de moda.
    besitos !
    – Elsey

  7. I also like your resolutions. especially since I didn’t make any by myself 😛 and let me tell you those food photos are great! I mean your dishes look absolutely wonderful and I would love to try them both! not right now but I would take them for tomorrow’s lunch, hehe.
    anyway, those photos of you are really pretty and you look sincerely happy. I hope the whole year will be like that! and not only for you and me but for everyone else too! life should be exactly like that :)

    Maikeni blogi – part of me

  8. Hi dear, I hope your’re doing great!!! I really like this quote, I think that we should be happy with the way we are. I do believe it’s hard because they’re always things about ourselves that we would change. I think that the older I get the more I love who I am, and also know that who ever loves me, will love me just the way I am.
    I love the photos dear, your pink coat is gorgeous!!!
    Happy week!


  9. Wow you have a million dollar smile. So beautiful. Love your pink coat and your resolutions! The food looks so yummy. Yeah I can tell you’re a great cook. You know one of my resolutions is to eat healthier. It would be amazing if you post some of your (healthy) recipes. Wish you a wonderful new year and all the best for 2014!! May your dreams come true <3

    xx Mira


  10. Happy New Year

    Well I have to say I agree with all these except the health eating because I do that already ha ha. I love that your photo for more fun indicates more shopping – my kind of fun, although my goal is to have less of this type of fun this year. Don’t be afraid to show off what you buy either, if you enjoy the things yo buy, there’s no harm in blogging about them. I’d be interested to see some of your DIY projects too!

    Have a good weekend Denise

  11. Oh, liebe Denise, Du lachst so wundervoll auf dem letzten Foto und ich finde Deine Vorsätze einfach nur nachahmenswert. Ja, wir sollten wirklich dankbar sein, für das was wir haben, und nicht glauben, dass das Gras nebenan grüner ist :) Denn wenn man genau hinschaut, sieht man, dass dort auch lauter Moos dazwischen wächst. Und ich liebe vegetarisches Essen, das was Du gekocht hast sieht so lecker aus, da fällt es Dir sicher ganz leicht, gesund zu essen bei Deinen Kochkünsten!

    Der rosa Mantel sieht brandneu aus, er steht Dir perfekt! Wie Du gehe ich sehr sehr gerne in Museen, denn ich finde, man kann viel aus der Geschichte lernen und mich interessiert vor allem, wie Menschen früher gelebt haben.

    Vielen herzlichen Dank für Deinen wundervollen Kommentar, ich habe mich sehr gefreut und freue mich immer noch, Du bist ein Goldstück <3

    Es wäre so schön, wenn wir uns kennen lernen würden!

    Alles Liebe von Rena


  12. Hi Denise!!!! You’ve got a lot of gifts, it’s so cool!!!!! Your dishes look so mouth watering!!! I would love to try everything:) Denise , where do you live now? I’m lost :) Oh and I love your DIY idea, you are so good on it, well done!
    Thank you for your lovely comment, I really appreciate it, Happy Xmas and new Year, I know it’s late but I ddn’t tell it on time:) I hope you had great time! Have a happy weekend! :)

  13. Your posts are so positive and beautiful. I’m very impressed by your DIY skills. I love bows too and I want them all around my house, just need to think of some cool ideas. More fun sounds great. This is a fabulous set of goals to love life by this year. All the best.

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