Happy Blog Day!

Happy Blog Day! An international celebration :) It was last week, August 31st, Thursday. I normally post on Mondays, so, saying congratulations to blogger-friends today! :)


Blog Day was first celebrated in 2005. August 31 was chosen because 3108 can be read as “blog”. I started my blog on Christmas 2005. It was just out of curiosity, because at the time blogging was new. Many things happened since then, to all of us. I can say that blogging changed many things in my life. I got to know lovely blogger friends, some in person, and it enriched my life, learning from them. I dare to say that I got to “know” not so nice ones, too, that used bullying to “grow” (do they grow, really?), hacked my blog and some that stopped reading due to different life views – it’s absolutely OK. Two things I love about blogs: the information we get, how much we learn from bloggers! And the amazing positive support we get from many lovely people around the world!

Some people say that blogs are dying. Instagram took the place of them. I didn’t even register on Instagram – another platform to feed, I don’t want to do so, too busy. Obviously everybody is busy, too; maybe one day I register there when some personal things give me more time. Blogs may be dying, but they are still breathing :) And well, I think. They give us so many opportunities! Knowing people, interacting, sharing new things, professional opportunities, supporting each other – we do not have to be competitors, the world is full of that. Instead, we can be friends!

Do you think blogs are dying? How has blogging changed your life?


A casual outfit for a day trip that was so lovely, I tasted many new delicious things :)

A casual outfit for a day trip that was so lovely, I tasted many new delicious things :)

I am always with nail art, but sometimes I really love to have glitter transparent polish. Rings:

I am always with nail art, but sometimes I really love to have glitter transparent polish. Rings: Amaro, New Bijoux and Nomination jewellery

Denim jaxket, . Top, . Jeans, Simplybe.

Denim jacket, Al Suelo. Top, Bunoh-q. Jeans, Simplybe. Headband, don’t remember where from :)

Sweet necklace from San Sebastian, Spain

Sweet necklace from San Sebastian, Spain

Lovely beaded belt, don't remember fro where

Lovely beaded belt, don’t remember where from

Bag, Amaro

Bag, Amaro

A few years ago, I only wore high heels. A friend "taught" me to be comfortable :)  I now think that flats are so lovely!

A few years ago, I only wore high heels. A friend “taught” me to be comfortable :) I now think that flats are so lovely!

Flats, Arezzo. Tights, Primak

Flats, Arezzo. Tights, Primak

Tenby glass earrings, together with crocheted flowers

Tenby glass earrings, together with crocheted flowers

Finishing Touch and Mood of the Week


Wishing you a beautiful week with many smiles! Thanks for the sweet comments!

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42 thoughts on “Happy Blog Day!

  1. How interesting, I never knew there was a blog day. It’s great to hear what you’ve got out of blogging and the friends you’ve made. I like both blogger and Instagram because for me they serve different purposes. I like to make quick posts on Instagram which wouldn’t have enough content for a full blog post. Sometimes I like to have a longer post which I’ll do on the blog. So I definitely value them both. Unfortunately to an extent Instagram is replacing blogs which is sad because I see so much effort go into blog posts which don’t get as many likes, comments or views as short posts on Instagram which didn’t require as much effort. An important topic on your blog once again and it is always enjoyable to see your beautiful outfits.

  2. I didn’t even know there is a Blog day, good to know. I agree with you, Denise , that bloggers should be friends, not competitors. I wouldn’t say blogs are dying (I hope not…) but we can’t hide the fact that Instagram is way more popular. I’m trying to keep up with both even though it’s not easy. On another note, I always like to see your nails, Denise, your nail art is always so beautiful, I also loved this denim jacket on you, it looks perfect with your blouse. Wish you a wonderful week ahead dear. xx

    Nina’s Style Blog

  3. Happy blog day! the blogging world might have changed quite a bit since we started out but I personally prefer reading/interacting with people through my blog as opposed to Instagram or Youtube. I like to be able to have some time to properly work out my thoughts before putting them out there and I like interacting with people I’ve gotten to know through my blog.

  4. I didn’t know there was a blog day!!! Thanks for teaching me! It’s sad to hear that Blogs are dying but I know that Instagram is very easy to use but you can’t SAY everything you want to say and know that people will read it!!! It is sad! I will still continue to blog- I have only been bloggging about half a year longer than you!!
    Your outfit is very pretty and it is nice to know you ate nice things!!x

  5. Bom dia Denise,
    Como você disse mais uma plataforma para alimentar, confesso que alimentar alguns olhares é difícil mesmo, chega a ser deprimente as vezes.Tudo é muito injusto.
    Quanto aos blogs estarem morrendo acho que estão surgindo muitos e infelizmente conteúdos ruins o que é uma pena.
    É lógico que manter um blog dá trabalho custa caro , escrever demanda muita pesquisa mas vejo que a maioria simplesmente quer notoriedade e ganhar sem esforço nenhum.
    Bjão boa semana pra você.

    • Olá Isabel, vou pedir licença a Denise pra me intrometer aqui. Não sei se você vai receber esta resposta mas, tomara que sim. Concordo inteiramente com o que você afirmou e, gostaria que você conhecesse meu blog e, também quero muito conhecer o seu. Infelizmente, você não deixou o endereço. Mas se receber esta mensagem, faça uma visita lá no meu blog e deixe o endereço do seu. Terei muito prazer em visitar. Eu não escrevo de qualquer jeito. Preocupo-me com o conteúdo e com a forma. E faço muita pesquisa para escrever.
      Alberto Valença


  6. Liebe Denise, ich glaube nicht, dass Blogs sterben, solange es so schöne Blogs gibt wie Deinen! Ich denke, Blogs werden zumindest als Nischenprodukt erhalten bleiben, aber z. B. Instagram kann Blogs auf keinen Fall ersetzen. Danke, dass Du einmal mehr so ein tolles Outfit zeigst – es steht Dir wunderbar und Du siehst wieder bildhübsch aus. Ich wünsche Dir noch eine tolle Woche!
    Liebe Grüße, Rena

  7. Well, I didn’t know that August, 31st was The Blog Day. Happy Blog Day for you too. And there are another thing interesting with this question. My blog was born at September, 30 in 2006, one year later than yours. In 11 years, much has happened. I consider that many things have changed not only in my life but also in my blog. I think blogging tends to end up yes. Unfortunately. It’s the trend. There was an explosion in the past and today there is a marked decrease. Your blog has many comments, but, for me, for example, only you comment on my blog. Although I have traffic of more than a hundred views daily, but no one comments.
    I hope you have a good week.

  8. I think blogging is still popular and more searchable than Instagram. I was totally into Instagram until they started with the ads .. now not so much 😛

    I love your cute flats !! When I was working, I’d alternate between flats and heels to give my feet a break. Now I’m a total tennis shoe gal :-)


  9. I believe it is a sad fact that to many bloggers have left blogging to take up on the easy peezy but very shallow Instagram and will continue to do so. I’ve been thinking about it myself.

    My blog has provide me with so many new friends that I don’t think I’d get through Instagram. You don’t connect on Instagram like you can on a blog. That is the main reason I keep blogging.

    Blogging can be frustrating as interaction has decreased greatly.

    I started blogging 11 years ago, so not long after you.

    Have a great week!


  10. You always accessorize so well in your outfits. I always have a feeling like every accessory has a story to tell! This time the necklace caught my eyes the most, but the rings and the earnings are lovely pieces as well.

    I don’t think that blogs are dying. I personally prefer them to other social platforms. I feel like I have learned a lot from my blog too. The only reason why I haven’t been so active this Summer is because I struggled with health issues a lot…I only got out of hospital two days ago and I’m still on antibiotics….but I still love blogging.

    • Dear Ivana, just out of the hospital and reading my post, I feel so honored! Thank you so much, dear Ivana! Just a few minutes ago I went to your blog and saw you hadn’t written, so I thought of asking how you were, but at the same time didn’t want to bother, since I asked last week. Now I know why, you were at the hospital… I rally hope you are fine, better, after leaving hospital! And thank you so much for your lovely comment! Hugs!

  11. I’ve never heard of Blog Day. Sorry, I’m a little late… HAPPY BLOG DAY My Friend. Wow, you’ve been blogging for awhile. It saddened me to hear someone hacked your blog, that hurts my feelings. I know blogging has changed over the years. Some stuff I enjoy some I don’t but I love blogging. I’ve met some amazing people, like you Denise, and I enjoy keeping up with everyone seeing what they are doing where they are traveling and the adventures they’ve had. I think blogging is changing, not dying.

    • Oooh, thank you so much for your lovely words, dear Mary, you are so amazing! I think the same, Mary, I met someone so great like you! Yes, after years of cyber bullying, because my numbers were better, my ideas were different, finally she decided to hack my blog and it was a blogger friend who noticed and told me 3 times! I fixed the problem by writing her name on my password and then she understood I knew it. Then no hacking anymore. But it was really hurtful :( I never expected someone to reach this length. The world is full of people this way; we should go on having positive feelings and hoping that these people evolve. I agree with you, I didn’t think about that when I wrote the post, but you are right, blogs are changing, not dying. I wish you a great day, Mary! Hugs!

  12. I have noticed that blogs aren’t like they used to be. It’s difficult to keep up with all the platforms, but I still prefer to visit and read blogs when I have time and comment. Although I feel the connection has changed slightly over time, I am thankful for my dedicated readers. You look lovely, Denise and I love the colours you’re wearing. Happy belated-blog day, my friend! <3 /Madison

  13. love that theres a blog day! i didn’t know about that!!
    and i don’t think blogs are dying, people still google a lot of things and look for online resources, so even tho instagram has taken over, blogs are still important and can get a lot of passive traffic. theres some “bloggers” that are just on instagram and don’t have an actual blog, so i like to call them instagrammers rather than bloggers! It takes a lot of work to build a blog and a following like you (we) have! :) although its rather “easy” to get followers on instagram, building traffic on a website is another beast!!
    there is a lot of nasty bullying for growth on instagram too, people get too good to hang out or talk with you because they get more followers – which really makes me question their integrity and they’re not really friends!
    glad you keep blogging and not let instagram dilute your content! stay great Denise!!

  14. Wow had no idea there was blog day! Yes so many wonderful things come out of blogging. But I didn’t realize you had so many negative experiences. Well I think IG’s days are numbered, engagement is down. Too much scamming, everyone I speak to says they are on much less then they use to be. It is not IG that is replacing blogging it is video.

    Allie of

    • Dear Allie! Thank you so much for the lovely comment! I did have some bad experiences, indeed, but I had many lovely ones. People who I got to know in person and that are really lovely, with whom I learned so many new things! I didn’t know about IG having numbered days… I used to have a channel on Youtube with many videos, around 70, but I decided to delete it :) Hope you have a nice weekend, again thanks for the lovely words!

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