Happiness index

Happiness Index refers to the World Happiness Report, about the happiest countries in the world!

Bandana, Claire’s; Pearl necklace, Penneys

Bandana, Claire’s; Pearl necklace, Penneys

I love reading about happiness, among other positive things :) So, there are two “happy reports” now – a list of the World’s Happiest Countries in 2016 (and the Least Happy, as well) and about the Kingdom of Bhutan, that doesn’t measure its development through Gross Domestic Product (GDP), like other countries, but through Gross National Happiness, since 1971! Seeing that happiness isn’t about possessions, but principles of spiritual, physical, social and environmental health of citizens, and education doesn’t just mean good grades, but preparing citizens to be good people are Bhutan’s values. Obviously not all is perfect, but it’s a beginning.

Do you like this approach for measuring progress?  The 20 happiest countries are:

Check the whole list here

Check the whole list here




Dress, Heine; Black suede handbag, I don't remember; Belt, Kik

Dress, Heine; Black suede handbag, I don’t remember; Belt, Kik. Wearing an underneath skirt and looking huge!

Purple details dress – matching the grape bandana, but I like purple and red (belt) :) like belowThis time I chose a “tougher” way, with boots :) All is possible; if you feel happy, even better!

The Princess of Wales outside the Taj Mahal in 1992

The Princess of Wales outside the Taj Mahal in 1992

The dress is a bit transparent, so I wore a black lace hem skirt underneath

The dress is a bit transparent, so I wore a black lace hem skirt underneath

Black suede boots, Para Raio

Black suede boots, Para Raio; Lace Tights, Cervin

Finishing Touch

Apart from some "basic" rules - don't kill, for ex. -

Apart from some “basic” rules – don’t kill, for ex. – wrong or right is a subjective thing!

Wishing you a great week with smiles! Thanks for the sweet comments!

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60 thoughts on “Happiness index

  1. The list of the happiest countries was very interesting. I expected that Switzerland would be among top 3. What about the outfit, this dress looks very pretty on you Denise, I didn’t even notice you were wearing a skirt under it, and these boots are absolutely gorgeous. Hope you are having great start of the week.

  2. Me pareció super interesante conocer la lista de los países más felices, algunos de ellos hasta me sorprendieron que estén en esa lista pero me alegra saberlo. Tus posts siempre irradian positivismo y es imposible no contagiarse de ese buen humor que nos trasmites.
    Tu vestido me encantó, lo usaría mil veces, el estampado es lindo y muy favorecedor! Y me gusta que le hayas agregado tu toque único con los zapatos para finalizar el look. :)


  3. I love this approach to measuring progress. We do focus so much on the materialistic and financial things but all of that is nothing if we are not happy. It was really interesting to see which countries are reported to be the happiest; I wonder how they actually measure this? The UK doesn’t even feature in the top 20 but that does not surprise me. Purple and red is definitely a great combination but not everyone tries it because the colours are really bold – both you and Diana look great in yours!

    • Hi, dear Simera, thank you so much for the lovely comment! Actually, the list is a research that evaluates the country as a whole, based on many points, like governmental support, security, jobs’ opportunities, etc. I guess some countries figure there because of weather, beaches, solidarity among citizens, religious faith :) Thank you again for the nice comment! Hope you have a beautiful day!

    • Thank you for the lovely comment! But no,the list is not about my trips, although I have been to some of the places on it, but about a study about the 20 happiest countries in the world. It is on wikipedia :) Hope you have a very nice day! Xxx

  4. Love this post! Happiness, yep we need a bit of that. Judging from the results table, we undisputedly do. The UK doesn’t t feature! Oh dear! Now somehow that doesn’t surprise me! What does though is the number of north European/Scandinavian counties that feature (4 out of the top 5?). Don’t they also have some of the highest suicide rates? Well, that’s an interesting juxtaposition! Where do you find out about these interesting facts and topics for blog posts, Denise? Keep them coming :). Big hugs and kisses. Txxx

    • Hi, dear Tracey! Thank you so much for the nice comment! Actually, I even thought of showing the list till the 30th place – the UK is there, then! I found that in many sites and decided to link (in blue) the wikipedia one, that is the same as around 5 others I found, but in a better organization and with the whole list of happiest countries :) It’s based on many points – I guess suicide rate also counts, of course. I did think at the time “wow, Scandinavia is strong there!”, and it’s because of governmental support, security, jobs’ opportunities, etc. On the other hand, Latin countries figure there because of weather, beaches, people’s solidarity, faith – I am sure that people feel happy in such an environment, even though some other conditions are harsh. I found it an interesting research :) Hope you have a lovely day! Hugs and kisses!

  5. It always sincerely warms my heart when I see my own country (Canada) rank so high on lists like this. Over all, I would say that we’re a very happy people and I’m grateful to live in a nation where such is true.

    Your outfit is fabulous! I so admire your way with layering and colour coordinating. Plus, wow, how amazing are those boots?

    xoxo ♥ Jessica

    • Hi, dear Demi! As I have commented replying to other comments, I guess that the cold weather ones are there on top because of security, education, governmental support, jobs’ opportunities, etc. The weather, beaches, solidarity among citizens, religious faith are also important to “measure” happiness in a country, so some that are not “rich” (only financially speaking) figure there! :) Thank you for your sweet comment! Hope you are having a great day!

    • Oh, dear Shireen, you are such a sweet girl! Thank you for your comment, I had to smile when I read it :) Then I checked again to know the position of Malaysia :) Number 47. But that doesn’t mean people are not happy :) It’s what I told some other bloggers, we can never judge happiness, I suppose… but they must have used criteria like security, education, governmental support, jobs’ opportunities, etc. The weather, beaches, solidarity among citizens, religious faith are also important points to “measure” happiness in a country, so some that are not “rich” (only financially speaking) figure there. Just a fun read, I hope :) Hope you are having a beautiful day! And please, be happy :)

  6. Hello Denise :) As always, your post are so informative, I really like to read such a curiosities too, especially when they’re related with the present. Honestly, I have no doubts why Skandinavian’s countries are on the top of the list when it comes to the happiest countries – this is probably caused by a developed social welfare system, but on the other hand, I read long time ago that in Skandinavian’s countries there are the highest number of suicides (which is caused by the lack of sunny days during the year). Ha! What’s more, I really like your outfit, you look so pretty, as always, you have so many positive energy, dear. And I totally agree with the quote of the post – it’s better to be unique than to be like everyone else! :)
    Have a lovely evening, dear friend!


    • Thank you so much, dear Ivonne, for such a nice comment! You are so right, I also thought of the suicide rate in Scandinavian countries, but you are right, the lack of sun impacts on people, very much, I suppose. You are so sweet, dear, I really hope you are having a lovely day!

  7. Liebe Denise, vielen Dank für diesen Happy-Post, denn wir haben erst kürzlich darüber diskutiert, welche Länder zu den glücklichsten der Welt gehören und ich wusste schon, dass Norwegen hier ganz weit vor ist – was mich nach unserer Reise dorthin gar nicht wundert. Und über Bhutan habe ich soviel gelesen und weiß auch daher, was dort gemessen wird :) Das finde ich toll! Dein Kleid ist super schön und ich habe mich auch über das Foto von Lady Di gefreut – denn umso älter ich werde, desto mehr gefällt mir ihr Stil.
    Alles Liebe von Rena

  8. I think that’s amazing! I’m not at all shocked or surprised that the UK is not on that list, it’s such a sad and depressing country in general. Everyone I know is always full of doom and gloom! Some of the happiest lists did shock me though, I didn’t think Denmark would be number 1! Wow!

    Raindrops of Sapphire

  9. I am not surprised, and it makes complete sense because of the government there is different. My sister used to live in Sweden, and I have many friends in Scandinavia and remember reading about best places to work for women and Norway and Denmark ranked at the top at that time. I also hear that Australia is such a great place to live as well, the two family friends we know that recently moved there have told us that they are there to stay! Switzerland is such a clean place to live as well. :-) xx/M
    Great post Denise, and thanks for always sharing! You look lovely and I really like your hem lace skirt Have a great week. .

  10. Molto interessante questo articolo cara Denise!
    Non so se sono così d’acordo, in relatà, con quei risultati (almeno in parte): ho molto amici che per motiv di studio o lavoro sono stati costretti a trasferirsi in Germania, Svizzera ed Austria e, per quanto lì si trovino bene percè è tutto molto organizzato, tornerebbero subito in Italia se potesseero!
    In realtà credo che il concetto di felicità sia molto soggettivo e che dipenda molto anche dalle abitudini, quindi una generalizzazione così ampia mi sembra poco credibile… anche se poi non si sa mai!^^
    Comunque tu sei sempre dolce e super carina, adoro il tuo look! Quel vestitino un pò folk ti dona moltissimo ed il bordo della gonna in pizzo è un dettaglio troppo stiloso! 😀

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