Happily wandering

Happily wandering, such a hectic week! After I finished some duties I allowed myself to enjoy some things :) How did you enjoy your week? Hopefully in a great way!

Loving this Chanel Rouge Coco #22, named Paris

Loving this Chanel Rouge Coco  lipstick #22, named Paris

No research today! I received three lovely awards and they’re about answering some questions! I’ll gather them, because they can be kind of mixed, you’ll see! Hope you won’t get bored by my answers!

In order of receiving them :) The Litarcihis award – Literature, Art, Science, History (all mixed in one of my Masters, a coincidence!) given by lovely Ale’s bloga great mindAnd twice the Versatile Blogger Award – 7 random facts, by the sweet Styleccentric and a dear friend, Maikeniblogi I thank you so much for the awards! Feeling always very honored for so much sweetness!

I’ll mix the answers with makeup, outfit and the week, so that you don’t get too tired!

I am so impressed, my manicurist recommended me this Avon nail polish - great quailty, indeed!

I’m so impressed, my manicurist recommended me this Avon nail polish – great quality, indeed!

1 – If you could have a super power, what would you choose? To spread a magical powder on earth to make people flexible and open minded in order to have peace in the world. Sounds like a pageant’s contest answer, but it’s honest.

2 – Reality or science fiction? I like reading biographies and watching “based on a true story” movies, but I also looove science fiction. So, I can’t choose one!

3 – A specific museum you would like to visit? There are so many…  better not to choose one. I have gone to some museums, as I love history. I wasn’t so keen of them when I was younger, but people change and I’m now crazy about museums!

4 – Favorite season of the year and why? Fall. Not super cold, not hot, perfect for me.

Zac Posen

Zac Posen long vest, Asos top and jeans. Wasn’t very fond of the vest before, but as I like casual outfits it’s now fine

5 – A song that made you cry? If I choose one, I won’t be honest. Loads of things make me cry!

6 – What motivates you to write? Right now I like writing about researches. Learning is the key to many nice things and through that I got to know so nice people!

7 – Someone famous that you admire and why? Again so many! But right now I will choose George Harrison. Such a great soul in my opinion, that’s why.

8 – Any sentence from a song that impressed you? Yes, again many. But I will choose George Harrison again. “All things must pass“.


Booties, Shuwish

But then, guess what

But then, guess what, I changed to my favorite denim jacket. That’s totally me! Bag, Agnes B

Now, it’s your time to decide, please – which one looks better?

Which one looks better?

Which one looks better? I left home with the vest, but ended up changing for the jacket!

Open air photography exhibition at university

Happily wandering:  open air photography exhibition at university, the river and the beautiful colors of the sky

Old building and kind of an English sweet cottage

Still wandering: old building and kind of an English sweet cottage

Green pearl nacklace and rings - I don't remember where from!

Green pearl necklace and rings – I don’t remember where from!

I have to adopt the cat!

I have to adopt that cat! There are many more in this garden, but this one always comes to me!

Thank you for all your amazing comments! I wish everybody a beautiful week with smiles!

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101 thoughts on “Happily wandering

  1. you look beautiful as always Denise <3 I love George Harrison, I remember reading a book about meditation and the Hare Krisna by him called "chant and be happy" he is so talented and he seems so grounded.

  2. Congrats on these awards, dear Denise! :) Moreover, it’s great to know the facts about you, because I see that we’re very similar to each other – I also love “based on the true story” movies and I think that I cannot choose one song, which makes me cry (but maybe not because it’s sad, but it’s very emotional – I’m sensitive person and I think so do you, Denise!) and what’s more I also think that the learning is the key to everything – to be successful and better person for sure :) Have a great and sunny day, Denise, btw, you look beautiful in both versions of your outfit :)

  3. Gracias por responder el cuestionario! Yo también admiro a George Harrison, una bella persona y un talentoso músico, opacado un poco por sus compañeros en The Beatles.
    Linda ropa como siempre y hermosos accesorios! tus uñas lucen perfectas!!

  4. I love this look today, that vest is divine on you :) Your booties are the cutest as well and you just looking stunning as always :)
    Congrats on all the awards dear, I too love Fall such a great season and it is just around the corner :)


  5. Te ves lindísima! Me encanta cómo usas los accesorios! Qué interesantes tus respuestas, coincido contigo, hay muchas cosas entre las cuales es difícil decidirse. Saludos!!!


  6. What a fabulous post, Denise. So much to read, so varied and so interesting. Look at all that culture! Well, favourite museum I would have to say the British Museum. Simply for all the Egyptian antiquities. I’m fascinated by ancient Egypt. I’ve been there twice, once to Cairo (oh, the Pyramids, miraculous!), then again to Luxor (equally breath taking). Now then, George Harrison is an inspiration for me too. Easily my favourite Beatle. His first post-Beatles album, All Things Must Pass, is a classic and a much underated one. I bought that, what, 20 years or more ago. It sounds as fabulous today as it did then. Such sorrow when he died. Really liking your fashions today Denise. Those nails are killer (that will be the knock-out red) and the Agnes B bag is to die for!!

  7. Loving your hot red nails and your smile and those animal print booties!! I really appreciate you stopping by my blog and leaving such a great comment! Really appreciating this blogging community of ours and the conversations we can have back and forth. Keep up the great work yourself Denise!

  8. Avon nail polish are one of the best that I’ve tried and I have three of them. They are opaque in one swipe and very long lasting too. I love your look with the denim jacket better, the jacket gives such a lovely edgy touch to the look. And I’ll have to agree with you about Autumn being the best season. Before moving to Canada, I thought I would love Summer the most but I was way wrong. Summer is just crazy hot but like you, I find Autumn to be just perfect.

    Shireen | Reflection of Sanity

  9. Felicidades por estos premios, Denise! Te lo mereces!!! Tus respuestas son tan dulces y positivas que es imposible no contagiarse de esa hermosa energía! George Harrison fue, es y será siempre una persona digna de admirar, concuerdo mucho con tu respuesta. :) La frase de canción que elegiste es bella.
    En cuanto a tus outfits de hoy, qué difícil elegir una versión ya que me gusta como te quedan ambas! Quizás, solo por el simple hecho de que el chaleco le da un toque único y personal al outfit, elegiría ese, pero insisto, me gustan mucho los dos!! :)


  10. Dear lovely Denise. First of all, congratulations on awards:). After reads all your answered. It made me think we have got many similar, peaceful lover, I’m also a biggest fan of historical:). For some reason historic hit me in the heart the reason why I choose to move to live here where my family and I today, it’s a real historic town even a house I am living in is more than a hundred years old and such a beauty an old style building:). I love visiting an art and of course history museums are my top place to make my heart happy every time I steps in. I love your beautiful nail polish and all accessories are lovely and so your fabulous look:). Happy new week starts to you!


  11. Ciao cara Denise!
    Che bella che sei con i capelli un pò arricciati sulle punte, sembri ancora di più una principessa! 😀
    E che interessante questo post, ho scoperto nuovi lati di te e ho capito meglio i tuoi interessi!
    Il look poi è proprio carino, mi piace soprattutto la versione con il gilet lung, è molto trendy ma di classe! ed i tuoi accessori sono sempre spettacolari!
    Passa una bella settimana! :)

  12. Definitely I would do the same with super power if I had it:)
    Super beautiful nails and both looks are lovely but that with vest is my favorite:)
    And yes, you are right about my home city (it starts with letter R;)
    Have a wonderful day!:)

  13. Dear Denise, you are beautiful, inside and out! Congrats on the blog nomination, you totally deserve it!! Loved reading your post too and get a better glimpse of who you are! I’m like you: I cry about a lot of things. :)
    Oh, and I think you are just the cutest! Alle deine outfit’s sind super toll!! Druecke dich ganz lieb!
    Sending you much love, beautiful!
    xoxo, Vanessa

  14. Hi Denise, oh I can’t decide which look is my favorite. I love them both 😀 Btw the red nail polish looks amazing. I never tried Avon before. Congrats on the awards sweetheart. You deserve them all. I would never get tired of reading you answers. Actually I love posts like that. It’s great to know you better. There are a lot of songs that make me cry 😀 Thanks for your kind words sweetheart. We’re really busy but I guess we’ll sort everything out (soon). I guess it was just bad luck that everything came at once. It can only get better 😀 Happy Wednesday!


  15. Congratulations on your awards Denise. It’s always nice to be recognised for what you do. Your answers are great and I agree learning is the key to many things. Research is always evolving so it’s important to keep up to date and build and update your knowledge – this is so important in my job too. I love your super power. Having friends who are flexible and open minded always enhances a friendship I feel. I love your animal print accessories! Have a great week

  16. Hi Denise. How are you? I hope all is well. My week, so far, is quite rough as I am in the process of recovering from my tooth extraction. I like reading Q&As from my favorite bloggers – and you’re one of them. ☺️ I love all of your outfits but my favorite would be Zac Posen vest. I also love your lipstick and nails. ? I love the photos, amazing old building, cottage, and park. The black cat is so adorable. ?

    • Oh, dear, I hope you get well soon! Thank you so much for all your sweet words to me, you know you are also one of my favorite bloggers – such a nice soul you are, you know I admire you! I will be sending you good vibes because of the tooth! Hugs, dear Shekinah!

  17. Olá querida Denise

    Adorei as suas respostas. Eu também gosto muito de filmes e histórias que sejam baseadas em fatos reais. Eu sou apaixonada por estampa de oncinha, e adorei o seu sapato, é uma graça. Entre o as duas opções que mostrou, eu escolheria o colete, acho que seu look fica ainda mais bonito com ele. Que gatinho lindo esse Denise, acho que ele gostou mesmo de você! Ele é o mesmo de outro post em que você aparece um gatinho preto perto de você? Sabe, com a minha gatinha Ísis também foi assim. Ela simplesmente escolheu que iria morar aqui em casa, e de tanto entrar pela janela e querer ficar conosco, terminamos adotando ela. E hoje é o xodó de toda a família :)

    Beijo grande pra você

  18. Hello my sweet friend,Denise!
    I’m so happy to be back,again!
    Congrats for your awards!You deserve them all!!
    Love your nails and the preety lipstick,too!!
    I adore your animal print boots and bag!
    Lovely pictures from the Uk!I really enjoyed your wonderful post!
    Thank you for your kind comment!I’m so happy and enjoying Greek Summer,at last!!Many kisses!!

  19. what lovely nails! i love the color! i got my nails done before my trip but i did a bright pink with gel manicure so it would last longer than a traditional manicure!
    your outfit is so cute, i really like the long vest, but the jacket works too! I cant decide which one i like better, they are both so cute!
    and i love black cats! my cat is a black cat, they are such sweet cats! <3
    im also really emotional, so i wouldnt be able to pick just one thing for a lot of those things you said! i cry so easily! haha
    xo from barcelona,

  20. Sorry to hear your week was so hectic but you do look amazing! I think both looks are great and they both are so different by just changing one thing! How cute are those printed booties with that outfit! Congrats on all your awards! I really enjoyed hearing all your answers and learning some new things about you! Fall is my favorite season too!


  21. Liebe Denise, kein Wunder, dass Dich Katzen lieben und auch diese immer zu Dir herkommt! Sie erkennen ganz einfach, dass Du eine sehr reine Seele hast <3 Und Du siehst so toll aus, mir gefallen beide Outfits sehr gut und von dem mit der langen Weste bin ich absolut begeistert. Wunderbar geschminkt bist Du auch wieder und ich mag es, dass Du auch so gerne Biografien liest. Ja, Lernen ist alles, auch da bin ich Deiner Meinung! Und allerherzlichste Gratulation zu den Awards, die hast Du mehr als verdient. Alles Liebe von Rena

  22. You look lovely my dear- and such great answers. I liked the George Harrison quote one the best, as it reminds me of something similar my mother always says “This too shall pass”. It’s been my go-to mantra when things in life get tough. Oh, and congrats on all the award nominations, you rock!!

    XO Amanda | Sansscrubs.blogspot.com

  23. Goodness, was it ever a wildly busy week on this end, too. Fortunately, save for one (routine medical related thing), it was largely a fun week, too, so I’m not complaining – and I’m heading into the weekend feeling that I was quite productive, so I’m happy camper there.

    What a chic, fun outfit! Those boots are just sensational – and a great reminder to bust out my own leopard print shoes (a pair of very alluring high heels) again soon – perhaps for the day that Tony comes home in a few weeks. Meow!!! 😀

    ♥ Jessica

  24. All great answers! :)
    I really loved that long vest. I’m searching for a nice one myself, but so far, all are so expensive. I think I liked this version of the outfit more. But they both look great! Loved the kitty in the last pic. You should adopt it if you can! :)

  25. Ohhh, Denise, I love your sense of style, which I’m sure I’ve said before! This post reminded me that I still need to get a pair of leopard-print footwear. My favorite season is Fall, too, although I’ve heard that around here in New England, you’re going to need a real jacket by the end of October. I don’t know if that’s true or not yet, but I guess I’ll find out in a few months! Lol.

    • Thank you very much, dear, for such a sweet comment! I do follow you on Bloglovin, already, so I will follow you on google too! Thank you so much! I hope you have a great day! Kisses!

  26. First of all-I vote left picture because I am in love with that vest! It adds such a cool boho-vibe to it. I am not sure if that vest would look good on me but you totally rock it, girl!
    And aw I love reading random facts about the blogger behind the blog. It is so much fun and makes the blogger even more personable! I love your super power idea- it is so unique yet so beautiful! If only you could really do that-I bet the world would be a much better place. Anyway, congrats on your nominations! You totally deserve it :)
    Olivia | Her Name Was Celebration

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