Handshake power

Handshake power – to convey “I am reliable, honest” – depending on the way people do it (strength, duration, etc). But what’s really behind a handshake?

I love that necklace! Pin-fun hairstyle!

I love that White Stuff necklace, from Worcester! Fun pin-hairstyle!

A study found that people spend more than twice as long sniffing their hands after a handshake – they touch their faces, pretending to scratch, for example – but actually it’s to smell the other person’s odor, in a subconscious way! A subliminal chemical message is passed through handshakes, with social and emotional information about us.

I’ll be more conscious about it after knowing that study! Now, an outfit and a quick trip!

Makenji top with fabric details from Slovenia, Asos jeans and vest/waistcoat, my design

Makenji top with fabric details from Slovenia, Asos jeans and vest/waistcoat, my design

I love green shades! Bit I wanted the top longer, so I added some floral fabric

I love green shades! But I wanted the top longer, so I added some floral fabric

I love these Irregular Choice shoes, with perspex heels!

I love these Irregular Choice shoes, with perspex heels!

I don't remember where I bought this bag, but I love it and have already worn it here

I don’t remember where I bought this bag, but I love it and have already worn it here

Just some rings I wore on March 22nd

Just some rings I wore on March 22nd

I went to a German colonized city, that I didn't know. It's full of slopes, so I changed my shoes :)

Last week I got to know Teutonia, a German colonized city. Full of slopes  I changed shoes!

Hope you have a week full of smilesThank you for your always sweet comments!

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132 thoughts on “Handshake power

    • Hi, dear Tina! Thank you for the compliment and comment! I love teal, that’s true! And yes, I have always heard that people who shake hands in a strong (but not like a bear :) way are willing to know us in a sincere way! Hope you have a very nice week! XXX

    • Hello, M.! Thank you for the nice comment! Yes, I have always heard that when people shake our hand in a strong way, that the person is sincerely interested in what we have to say! XXX

    • Hahaha, I loved your comment, thank you! True, I also never thought of myself sniffing my hand after a handshake, but the research says we do it unconsciously… so I will check whether it’s right when someone shakes my hand! And thank you so very much for the lovely compliment! I do love those shoes :)

  1. I’ve never heard of that place! Is it worth a visit? Which part of Germany is that in? I didn’t know that about handshakes! I remember getting a new ring for Christmas which was all intricate woven silver and having to shake hands with someone who shook so tightly that my ring cut into the sides of my finger and bled!!
    I am adoring the colour!! It is my favourite shade and it really suits you. Loving the Irregular Choices too! Hope you are well and happy! What are you up to this week then?Xx

    • Helloooo, sweet Kezzie! Thank you so much for the kind comment and compliment! I really love those Irregular Choice shoes! It’s true about the ring and too strong handshakes… it has happened to me sometimes, too, but experts say that a handshake shouldn’t be too strong, and also not too weak. A proper one, fairly strong (not exaggeratedly) shows that the person is truly interested in what we have to say :) I hope you have a great week and I am looking forward to your new posts! XXX

    • So sweet, dear Imogen, thank you for the lovely compliments and comment! I love these colors, green, mint… and Irregular Choice shoes are so fun to wear – and comfortable! I love that heel – sometimes I thought “tacky”, but I like the creativity! Hope you have a ery beautiful week!

    • Hi, Elle, thank you for the sweet compliment! I really love those shoes, the color and the candy as a bow :) And they are comfortable! It’s my pleasure to read your blog, it’s always very informative and sweet! Thank you again for the kind comment!

    • Thank you so much, Jessica! That research is really interesting, I never noticed that either, but I will be more conscious from now on! Thank you for the compliment! I love those shoes, they are quirky and comfy! Hope you have a very nice week ahead! XXX

    • Wow, that was so sweet, thank you Kleoniki! I think then we got it right last week! I loved your lace dress and you say that green is a good color for me! I am glad you liked it! Hope you are enjoying the nice weather now! Kisses!

    • Thank you so much, dear Jackie! Yes, a firm handshake is important, for sure! One of these days I went to the manicurist and a few minutes after that I had to greet someone with a handshake and I had to apologize for a “weak handshake” – sounds superficial, but my nails were wet and I didn’t want to paint them again! :)

  2. hahahahahh! This is funny! I’d never imagined that we sniffing the hand after a handshake! ^^
    Definitely I’ll keep in in mind for next time I’ll shake hands, to see if it’s true!
    You look lovely and sweet as usual Denise! You’ve got amazing hair and a beautiful smile! 😀
    Love your tunic and shoes!

    • Wow, dear S, thank you so much for this lovely comment and the compliments! I feel so flattered! Hahaha, I thought of that too, that I will also check out later, if I had sniffed my hand after a handshake… sounds so strange!

    • Sempre veramente un piacere le tue parole, carina Maggie! A me mi piace anche il verde, cosi questa maglia e buona come colore e come maglia :) Potrebbe essere in rosso, mi piace, tu lo sai! Bacione, carina Maggie, sei tanto dolce, sono parole oneste!

    • Hahaha, good point, dear Anouk! I think that you are absolutely right, by the way! We should hide some of these famous sanitizing gels… now that you mentioned washing, it came to my mind! Thank you so much for this lovely comment!

    • Thank you very much for the kind comment! I like green very much and quirky shoes :) Yes, that reeseacrh is so funny! I will take a look whether people and myself) do it after a handshake! XXX

    • Querida Lilly, muito obrigada, que palavras lindas, fiquei mesmo lisonjeada e muito feliz! Eu tento balancear meu estilo um pouco maluquinho e poder sair na rua sem que me olhem tanto :) Verdade, este estudo eh mesmo engracado, eu vou comecar a prestar atencao se as pessoas e eu mesma disfarcamos para cheirar as maos apos um aperto :) Super engracado mesmo! Muito obrigada novamente pelo comentario tao legal! Beijos!

    • Hi, dear Maria, you are so sweet! Thank you for the lovely comment! I like quirky shoes :) But I swear I have “normal” ones too :) Hope you have a very nice day, maybe the weather is better? I hope so! XXX

    • Thank you so very much! So kind words! The blouse has a beautiful color, in my opinion, and it felt a bit short for me :) So I added some floral fabric :) Hope you have a very sweet week! XXX

  3. Lol I never sniff my hands after a handshake. I swear 😀 The reason is probably that I’m not fond of handshakes at all. I always try to avoid them. You never know where those hands have been before haha. You look totally adorable again. I love everything you wear and the heels are to die for. Boy I love green shoes and I wish I had more. Are you in Brasil? The weather looks awesome and over here it’s storming and probably snowing on Friday. I have to get out of here haha. Happy Tuesday sweetheart!


    • Hi, sweetie, thank you for your always sweet words! Yes, I am down here at the moment, studying at a local faculty (it’s a private one, so just four courses offered, not big enough to be university) and when the semester finishes and I have travelled to some planned places, I will go back to Europe – but I confess that the weather till last week was so awfully warm, I doubt someone would really like it – I must confess, I hate it and miss England’s weather so much! But first I will finish the semester studies :) Hahahaha. sniffing! I never noticed whether I do that after a handshake, but I do think, like you, that it can’t be a good thing to do! I love green, and mint as well! The shoes are Irregular Choice, this brand is cool and the shoes are even comfortable! Hope you have a very nice week with spring weather!!!! XXX

  4. I heard about this survey on the radio last week. Fascinating the habits we have, without even realising. Well, we are just mammals at the end of day, here to procreate and battle through life so that we survive for as long as we can. Now I know all this info about sniffing hands after a handshake, I’m going to be watching very closely the next person who shakes mine, lol! While trying not to sniff out their bodily odour while they’re at it, of course! I absolutely adore those rings your wearing! I’m not a very ring sort of person but whenever i do don them I’ll go grab the most chunky and sparkly.

    • Hi, dear Tracey! I looove your comments, because I learn so much through them! You are amazing – it’s true, we are mammals after all, trying to live as much as we can, it’s true! And modern hunting, instead of an animal during cave time, is the supermarket, where we “hunt” (now, choose) our goods :) I will also check out whether the person sniffs the hand or I do as well… I hope not, but according to the research, we do, unconsciously… weird! I also love chunky rings! I know that they may look too big, especially for a short one like me (5’3), but I love them! Thank you for so nice comments and I hope you have a beautiful day!

  5. wow, so beautiful weather! ours has been only rainy/slushy and super windy too. so nothing too awesome. the whole week will probably go on like that. anyway, I’m surprised about what that study says because honestly I don’t do such thing after shaking hands with people. it’s even slightly nasty to think about it 😀 but I guess there are people who start sniffing their hands after handshakes. it’s very interesting to read about such things so thanks for sharing!
    your outfit is awesome again and I seriously love it! the top/blouse and those shoes are a match made in heaven. well and those shoes are just beyond fierce! I want a pair! 😀 you look really radiant in black and turquoise by the way! oh and thanks a lot for your note under my last post. I left you a tiny response there :)

    • Hi, dear Maiken! I don’t know why, the answer doesn’t reach me, so thank you so much for telling me – I went back there and read and I googled Narva-Jõesuu and found it amazing! Why only 13% of Estonians? Maybe because it’s a holiday spot? Anyway, it looks amazing! Well, you see, it’s a matter of taste… I hate summer with all my strength :) I really do. I love winter, grey days… fall, spring maybe… when lakes are frozen, I love! I know, I sound weird, but I am this way :) That day at Teutonia, the city I went for the first (and probably last) time was so warm, I was eager to go into any place for air conditioning :) Ok, as I said, weird, but that’s me (I don’t like sun, I confess). You are so right, sniffing the hand after a handshake sounds nasty!That’s the right word! Those shoes are Irregular Choice and they have quirky styles and I love quirky shoes, you know! Thank you again for always being so sweet and I hope you have a very nice day (maybe no wind? I wish good weather for you!) XXX

  6. Nunca he tenido el impulso de oler mi mano después de saludar a alguien, qué raro! A veces tedas cuenta que quien te da la mano al tiene húmeda de sudor o algo así y entonces a mí me dan ganas de ir a lavarme, pero eso no ocurre muy seguido, en todo caso acá en Chile la gente casi no se da la mano, salvo en circunstancias especiales, entre hombres, puede ser, pero como soy mujer, la mayoría saluda a una mujer con un beso en la mejilla o si no es alguien cercano, sólo un hola. La verdad yo no soy muy dada a dar tanto beso, pero acá mucha gente lo hace, es la costumbre.
    Como siempre, te ves muy linda en las fotos, linda ropa y accesorios! Estás en Brasil entonces!

    • Hola, querida Alejandra, si, ahora estoy aca “abajo”, estudiando por unos meses y recorriendo algunos lugares que me gustaria conocer, ya sabes, la “gitana” en mi esta despierta, siempre! Es verdad, aca la gente suele darse un beso, o dos, en las mejillas o a veces hastra tres (pero he visto eso en otros paises tambien), pero es que en Europa los besos no son muy bien vistos, asi qye hay que dar las manos a veces – tampoco yo pienso en oler mi mano :) Pero dicen que es sin perceber, asi que no se, voy a ver despues :) Gracias por tus siempre dulces palabras, te extranie! Besos!

    • Hi, dear Anna, thank you so much for the comment! The floral fabric I added to the top :) I found it a bit “short” (not exactly, but not a complete tunic, like I prefer) and added the fabric to make it longer :) Hope you have a very beautiful day, Anna, and again thanks for the sweet comment!

    • Hello, thank you so much for the nice comment! I agree with you – a firm handshake is very good, especially in business and yes, sometimes I would like to use sanitizer :) The bag was the “apple of my eyes” when I saw it – it has a hidden part, with a zipper and it’s good to travel! Very practical! Hope you have a very nice day!

    • Hi, Pink Haired Princess! So nice that you have these shoes too! They are amazing and comfortable! And I agree with you – a firm but not brutal :) handshake is good, and fast, you are right. Oh, but there are people that take your hand and shake it eternally! Thank you so much for the lovely comment! Hope you have a nice evening!

  7. I’m always really conscious to do a good firm handshake particularly at work but I must admit I have never been tempted to smell my hand after – in fact If I did and there was a horrible smell I’d probably want to go and wash my hands straight away despite how inconvenient that might be. You shoes are super cute. I like shoes and bags that are a little bit quirky because they can just complete an outfit – I’ve never heard of the brand Irregular Choice so will have to look them up.

    • Hi, dear Colleen! Such a nice comment, thank you! In fact, I totally agree with you about a firm handshake – it’s important, to show interest for the person who greets us, but so many “give a weak” hand, trying to collect it back as fast as they can :) I never thought of sniffing my hand after a handshake, but the research says it is unconscious! I love quirky “all” :) Well, mainly bags and shoes :) I hope you like Irregular Choice, I love it! XXX

  8. Liebe Denise, von Dir lerne ich sehr interessante Sachen! Aber ich bin überzeugt davon, es ist richtig, was Du schreibst! Mir geht es so, dass es mir bei manchen Menschen unangenehm ist, wenn sie mir die Hand geben und ich versuche danach so schnell wie möglich meine Hände zu waschen. Darum bin ich eher froh, dass Händeschütteln im Alltag nicht mehr so richtig üblich ist – meist gebe ich nur Lieferanten die Hand zur Begrüßung oder wenn ich jemanden zum Geburtstag gratuliere. Das ist mir auch lieber :) Liebe Denise, Du siehst sehr toll aus, mit Deinem grünen Top und die Idee war klasse, das längere Blumentop darunter zu ziehen! Deine Schuhe sind sowieso ein Traum und die Tasche gefällt mir auch sehr – ganz besonders gefällt mir jedoch, wie glücklich Du wieder aussiehst <3 Ich wünsche Dir noch eine wunderbare Woche und sende Dir die allerliebsten Grüße. Deine Rena


    • Hallo, liebe Rena! Ich liebe deine Woerte zu lesen – ich bin die jenige, die von dir sehr viele Sache lerne! Du hast Recht – heute musste ich jemand gruessen, beim Handschuetteln – und habe es bemerkt, ob die Person die eigene Hand riechen wuerde oder nicht :) Nein, hat das nicht gemacht! Und ich auch nicht :) Ich finde so unangenehm, wenn jemand eine “weiche” (nicht die haut!) gibt, aber das passiert! Ah! Es ist nicht ein Top unter dem anderen! Es ist ein paar centimeter Stoff, und es macht das Top laenger :) Ja, es hat ein paar Jahre gedauert, aber ich habe alles zusammen gebracht, um zu akzetieren und wieder OK zu sein. Im Moment fuehle ich mich traumvoll :) warte ich auf die viele Ueberraschungen, dass das Leben hat (hoffentlich positive!) Danke fuer alles, liebe Rena, immer! Du bist ein Engel! Liebe Gruesse!

    • Thank you for the nice comment, dear Marija! I only posted that for people to be conscious :) cause the research says we do it unconsciously… today someone shook my hand and I got conscious and of course didn’t smell my hand :) Thank you for the compliments! I also think the green shoes are fun! And they are comfortable! XXX

    • Hello, and welcome! By the way, I love your name! It means “companion in conversation, friend”, isn’t it? I always love it! Welcome to the blog! I didn’t know either about that handshake “fact”, the research says it’s unconscious… eek :) I like the shoes, too, they are quirky, but comfortable! Thanks for following me, I am also following you now (I liked your blog!) I hope you have a very nice day! XXX

    • Mille grazie, carina e bella Paola! Mi piace stampe con fiori :) E scarpe un po “pazzo” :) Cosi e piu divertente (outfit e vita :) Gazie nuovamente per le dolce parole, tu sei una vera gioia, mi piace molto quando vedo il tuo comment qui! Baci!!!!

    • Felice aprile, carina Paola! Sei tu la queall che scrivi tante belle parole per me! Sono molto felice d’aver “ti conosciuto”! (Scusa i miei sbaglio in italino! Bisogno di parlare un po piu di nuovo!) Kisses!!!!

    • Thank you so much for the always lovely comments, sweetie (I love calling you sweetie, because you are that – a sweet girl, I am sure!) That research amazed me too… it sounds awful, in fact! Yesterday I had my hand shook and I was conscious about that for the first time! I observed and neither the person, nor I myself sniffed our hands! Those shoes are quirky – the brand is a quirky one! I love kind of crazy shoes :) And they are so comfortable! Hope you are having a very nice day! XXX

    • Hahaha, loved your comment, thank you so much! I had to smile – no, today I wasn’t fooled, no one shook my hand :) But since yesterday I have been watching people shaking hands, and I didn’t notice anyone smelling the hand after that… I wonder whether the research is accurate! Hope you have a nice evening!

    • Hi, dear Deborah! I had fun, indeed, I didn’t know that city and it looks sweet! It is a super spring weather, and I wanted to play a bit with matching colors :) Hope you are having a very beautiful day! Thank you so much for the lovely comment!

  9. lovely post Denise! what an interesting study! I had no idea we subconsciously “smell” the other person’s odor!
    your outfit looks great! I love teal on you, and the matching shoes <3 love them! xo

    • Hi, dear Andrea, thank you for your always sweet comments! I had no idea either, how unconscious it can be, an innocent handshake and then smelling it? It’s a bit disgusting, the thought :) I like teal too, and those shoes are my kind of shoes – quirky and comfortable! Hope you are having a nice day!

    • Hi, dear Angel, thank you for the nice comment! I had no idea either, about sniffing a handshake… and now I am watching people to see whether they do that or not :) Up to now, no one that I observed did! :)

    • Ola, querida Elisabeth! Gracias por tus dulces palabras! Si, hice la combinacion por el estampado con flores en la blusa y bolso, y tambien e verde de los zapatos con lo de la blusa :) Creo que para piel clara ese verde es bueno, a mi me gusta! Espero que tengas un bonito jueves tambien, y domingo muchos chocolates! :) Besitos!

  10. UAU!!! You ara lovely in that first photo!!! Your smile is catchy. The handshake is realy revials many things about us but, I never sniffed my hands after a handshake. Every week you are at a new place. Your life is a dream. Good Easter for you. Thanks for the visits at my blog Verdades de um Ser.

    • Hello, thank you again for such a nice comment! And the compliment about the smile, thank you so much! I also think I have never sniffed my hand after a handshake, but the research says we do it unconsciously… although this week I have observed people shaking hands and NOT smelling their hands after that… so I don’t know whether it was a coincidence or the research is really not accurate :) Hope you have a very nice Easter!

    • Hi, dear Mary! Yes, I know that about the US, even president Obama was criticized by his fist-greeting… but I guess it protects a person from germs :) I hav many Russian friends (even know some Russian sentences and words :) They teach me!) and yes, I have observed that… I don’t know – protection against germs or showing appreciation and friendship? What is better today? The world has changed so much! Thank you for your nice comment and I hope you have a great weekend!

  11. Hi Denise, Beautiful post. It’s so interesting to learn about the handshake, I’ve always gotten compliments about my firm/strong handshake. I think I get it from my grandmother :)
    I really like your outfit, you always look so beautiful.
    Hugs and kisses my dear friend.


    • Hello, my dear beautiful friend! It’s nice to know that you have a firm handshake! One of these days, I will be superficial :), I went to the manicurist as I always do, every week. Then after that, someone came to shake my hand and my nails were not dry yet… I gave a weak handshake and I, like you, have a firm one, so I had to apologize to the person saying “I am sorry for that, but my nails were still wet” :) Hahahahahaaha! I felt so stupid and superficial, but I needed to do so! :) Hope you have a lovely Easter, dear Jenny! Thank you for your sweet comment!

  12. Hi Denise,

    You look so lovely. I love your outfit especially your top and shoes because that’s my favorite color. <3 I miss visiting your site. Sorry I wasn't able to reply right away on your facebook message. I appreciate it. You're so kind and you really have a great heart. I really like reading your posts because I always learn something new. I didn't know that study about handshakes. Haha! I'll apply more hand lotions from now on. Thanks for sharing that fun fact. Have a happy weekend!

    x, shekinahjoy.com

    • Dear Shekinah, that is so sweet, and a coincidence (we think the same about each other) – guess what, I went to your blog and without reading your comment, I wrote that you have a great mind and heart! :) It”s good to think the same, I feel so honored, cause I truly admire you! Don’t worry about time or replying, I know life can be chaotic sometimes! I like that color too, indeed! Glad you liked it! And the handshake, oooohhhh… weird, isn’t it? I started observing people now, to see whether they sniff their hands after a handshake… till now no one I have observed did it! :) Hope you have a lovely easter!

    • Thank you for the lovely compliment, Stella! I think we are all shoe lovers :) I do love quirky shoes, the mint color was sweet, so I paired it with the green top :) Wishing you a very nice Easter today!

    • Hi, dear Elisabeth, thank you for this nice comment! Well, I also never ever thought of handshakes, other than a firm one is normally seen as good and a weak one says “I don’t want to know you” :) Apart from that, eeek, sniffing hands after it… no! I have been observing people after they shake hands, and up to now no one has sniffed hands :) Hope you have a very beautiful Easter!!! XXX

  13. Oh I didn’t know that. I should be more careful too. hehe
    Love this outfit as well. Especially the shoes. Such a beautiful color. Your hair color in the first pic looks a bit like mine. I think it would look great on you too! 😉

    • Thank you for your sweet comment, dear M.! The color must be because of the light, my hair is not extremely red, but was always red-ish, so that it is the natural color now (I stopped with highlights for a long time, maybe another day!) It’s handy, not spending at the hairdresser for that, and now remains kind of light brown, red-ish (depending on the light, sun, etc)! Well, I thought of you and the handshake :) I know you think of germs and you are so right! I have observed whether people do sniff their hands after handshakes and up to now, no one did :) So maybe the research is not very accurate! Hope you are having a nice day! Kisses!

  14. love that vest you designed yourself….fabulous blouse and shoes. The second pair of shoes looks nice too…and it is certainly better suitable for waliking. Great styling! You look stunning!!!!

    I was surprised to learn about that study! very interesting.

    p.s. I often paint on clothes, I usually use textile paints…it’s a lot of fun.

    • Dear Ivana, I had to smile :) Thank you so much for your lovely comment and coming to the blog! You are so sweet! This post has power on the title, but it’s a Monday post :) The one I mentioned is The Power of a smile :) But don’t worry, I loved your comment and would love to see your art on fabric, please show me when you have some on the blog, I would like to buy a scarf if you do it! Hope you have a great weekend!

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