Halloween meets Movember

Halloween meets Movember – the title says it all! Happy Halloween today! It’s Movember month tomorrow – yes, with letter M :)

Halloween nails! Orange and black!

Halloween nails! Orange and black!

First of all, a BIG BIG BIG THANK YOU, dear blogger friends, for your amazing words after my post last Monday. That meant so much to me!  Your thoughts and words deeply touch(ed) me and I always say, being kind doesn’t cost a thing – and you were all so kind, bless your hearts! I will – honestly – never forget your lovely words! I also felt with you, for the stories you shared, do believe me! I wanted to answer each comment, but I realized it would make me cry, so forgive me to answer in this way now. Please, count on me whenever you need! No empty words!

Happy Halloween

As I said, I seldom share personal things here or write a lot.  But after last Monday, I feel finally free to say a bit more :) For example, I miss dressing up for Halloween, I did it since childhood. But in some countries it’s not as big as in the US :( OK, each place has own traditions and it’s nice, we learn a lot. Trips, another example. Right now I’m discovering an amazing continent. Every weekend I go to a new place, but I don’t list them here; some places really impress me,  I could share, some not. I don’t see that as a big deal, everybody goes everywhere.

November starts tomorrow. Or Movember! Time to spread the awareness for men’s health. I have done this last year here, wearing something blue for the whole month.

Solution for Halloween was Nail Art :)

I have a talented manicurist!

I have a talented manicurist! Neo Glory ring, in black, from Birmingham


The latest place I went was amazing!

The latest place I went was sweet!

Skirt - my design, made by my seamstress! Blue top, Victora. Underneath top, Asos. Denim jacket, Penneys

Skirt – my design, made by my seamstress! Blue top, Victora. Underneath top, Asos. Denim jacket, Penneys. Belt, don’t remember

I never wear cleavages, but this blue blouse has such a nice one, I had to show!

I never wear cleavages, but this blue blouse has such a nice one, I had to show!

The size of these strawberries impressed me!!! They were delicious!

The size of these strawberries impressed me!!! They were delicious – one is already bitten!

Boots, Yessica

Boots, Yessica, with tights

It was also an opportunity to wear this lovely bag - in my opinion. But now I wore it 4 times already and I'll change bags.

Bag, W

Russian hand painted brooch

Russian hand painted brooch

I've already shared that I was l looking for a place to buy. I finally found it!

I’ve already shared that I was l looking for a place to settle down, due to fall-winter. I’ve been renovating it for a while

Where it is fall and winter for 6 months a year, perfect for me. The rest will be spent in another continent, as usual

Fall and winter for the entire year, with some spring, I must remain open minded

Vintage pieces, museum

Vintage pieces, museum.  I love vintage style! And being a music student, I loved this room!

I love Bauernmalerei!

And I love Bauernmalerei! I bought some pieces, at the museum’s shop

It's already time for Christmas decoration!

It’s already time for Christmas decoration!

Lovely Christmas decor!

Lovely Christmas decor!

DIY Moment

This skirt was a shirt-dress. Too small for me, but I loved the print! So I bought it, turned it into a skirt - with part of a jeans and lace. I loved it!

This skirt was a shirt-dress. Too small for me, but I loved the print! So I bought it, turned it into a skirt – with part of a jeans and lace. I loved it!

Finishing Touch and Mood of the Week

This reminded me of Shania Twain's song "That doesn't impress me much!"

This reminded me of Shania Twain‘s song “That doesn’t impress me much!”

Wishing you a beautiful week with many smiles! Thanks for the sweet comments!

See you on Friday, with Friday Feelings! 

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70 thoughts on “Halloween meets Movember

  1. Oh Denise, where does time fly? November tomorrow! Or should I say, Movember. My personal trainer is doing the moustache thing for charity. Naturally, I shall support him with a donation – and try not to laugh too much as his whiskers grow wild ;). Seriously, all these charity campaigns are fabulous. You look so sunny as always. I love your thoughts on kindness, how that is worth so much more than someone’s wealth, education, and coolness. I totally agree. You are so clever – and kind! I admire your seamstress skills. Me, I haven’t been near a sewing machine years for years. I’m so hopeless when it comes to needlework and the like. Big hugs my dear friend. Tx

    • Dear Lenya, thank you so very much for your lovely words and compliment! Super sweet, you are lovely! Actually I know how to sew – by hand :) Never used a sewing machine in my life, but one day I may learn how to :) What happens is that I draw and have “fashion ideas” :) Then I take my idea to my seamstress and she makes all :) She is very talented, I only draw – but the expert one, who makes all my crazy ideas, is the lovely lady :) Hope you have a nice week, dear Lenya, thank you very much again for the sweet comment!

    • Dear Steffy, thank you so much for your lovely comment and compliment! You are always so sweet! Well, I can’t do any tutorial… I go to the manicurist every week, so she is the talented one, not me :) The design is mine, I tell her what I want, I sometimes even draw and she does it so well! I am not that talented! Hope you have a nice week, dear Steffy! Thank you again for your sweet comment!

  2. So nice of you to remind us about Movember! We should do campaigns for men’s health. Women often organize educational and raising awareness events about health, but usually the themes are health in general or women’s health. So good that somebody remembered that we should think about men too! In fact, this makes perfect sense. I think that men often avoid visiting doctors regularly, so for their sake (as well as ours) we should work on education and raising awareness.

    I love your Halloween manicure….I can understand you missing dressing up for Halloween, but at least you managed to do a halloween manicure. If I understand well, the reason why you aren’t dressing up or wearing a costume for Halloween is because you’re on the road…but you can always keep a holiday in your heart, even when you’re in another country.

    I love that skirt you designed…and your seamstress did a great job turning it from a dress into a skirt. I love the addition of denim. This floral skirt looks lovely on you. Such a sweet styling! You look pretty and chic….and you always has such a winning smile. It makes my day!


  3. Liebe Denise, ich weiß, dass man immer auf Dich zählen kann und ich finde das einfach wieder sehr bezeichnend im positiven Sinne für Dich! Dankeschön <3 Wo Du warst, sieht es ja richtig bayerisch/deutsch aus, incl. den Teilen mit den Wörtern in deutscher Sprache :) Es ist offenbar ein schöner und interessanter Ort. Danke für die tollen Fotos und ich liebe den Rock, den Du selber gemacht hast, sehr! Perfekt auch mit der Jeansjacke und den süßen Boots und Du siehst einfach wieder nur hinreißend und wunderschön aus <3 Ich wünsche Dir von Herzen eine tolle Woche!
    Liebe Grüße, Rena

    • Liebe Rena, danke sehr fuer die suesse Worte! Ich habe viele Deutsche Dinge zu Hause, nach so viele Jahren, das ich in Deutschland gewohnt habe! Das Gruess Gott Schild liebe ich! Ich muss nur aufklaeren, dass ich zeichne meine Ideen, und meine wunderbarem Scheiderin macht alles! Ich selbe koennte nie schneiden, wie sie macht – es waere gut, aber leider kann ich nicht! Aber ich will lernen, wer weisst! Noch einmal, vielen dank, dass du immer so suess zu mir bist! Liebe Gruesse!

      • Liebe Denise, ich danke Dir! Deine Schneiderin könnte auch nicht so schöne Dinge machen, wenn sie nicht Deine wunderbaren Ideen hätte! Und Nähen kann man lernen – auf jeden Fall besser als ich, denn ich bin leider alles andere als eine gute Näherin :) Deine deutschen Dinge sind einfach schön, so wie Du! Süß bist Du <3 Alles Liebe!

  4. Curte outfit, Denise! I love the brooch! And your nails are so fun! And if you do decide to share, I would love to read about the places you visit. :) Halloween isn’t all that big of a deal in Sydney either so I didn’t dress up either. But I had always dressed up in years past too. That’s awesome you raise awareness for Movember too! My husband does a lot of fundraising for Movember. He always grows the most ridiculous facial hair to help is fundraising efforts (which I hate, but it’s for a good cause..so I can’t complain! Haha).

    Hope you have a great week!


  5. Ciao dolcissima Denise! Sono felice che tu abbia deciso di condividere di più le tue esperienze personali :-) è un piacere leggere i tuoi post, sei una persona adorabile! Troppo cool le tue unghiette! Baci, Valeria – Coco et La vie en rose FASHION & BEAUTY

  6. You should just dress up for Halloween, anyways 😀 It’s not big here either… but that’s a good excuse to host a party yourself and have likeminded people and celebrate (dress up) Halloween together! Good luck with spreading Movember!

  7. Like I said in your last post, you should (if comfortable) feel free to share those more intimate moments. I’ve started doing this more on my blog and it’s always very well received. I love that Russian brooch, very special. Those strawberries are HUGE! Like the size of an apple! Your Halloween nails look fantastic. I wish I had the energy or something to go to, to get dressed up for Halloween, but don’t. I love fancy dress and costumes.

    • Hi, dear Elle! Thank you so very much for your lovely comment! No, I didn’t make the nail art! I don’t know how to do it, but I go to the manicurist salon every week and she is so talented! Then I asked her to do that, at least the “idea” was mine :) Thank you again for the lovely comment, hope you have a very nice day! XXX

  8. Hi dear Denise, I never celebrated Halloween back home. We went trick or treating yesterday after my daughter’s halloween parade at Kindergarten and It was so much fun even for me, not only for kids. but my favorite holiday time is definitely Christmas / New Year. Just looking at the Christmas decoration in stores/malls/streets makes me feel happy like a little child haha. I like your nails, Denise, and this DIY skirt is absolutely beautiful on you. Wish you a wonderful weeke ahead.
    Nina’s Style Blog Giveaway __ Enter to win $100

  9. Hi Denise! First of all, I really loved your post last Monday and personally I was really happy that you decided to speak aloud about your story, you’re really brave woman. What’s more, sorry to hear that you hadn’t chance to dress up on Halloween this year – believe me or not, but this holiday isn’t popular everywhere – for example, here, in Poland, we celebrate All Saints Day today (i.e. on 1st of November) and it’s totally different event from Halloween – it’s time of musing, recalling and praying for our beloved, who passed away. Changing the subject, the strawberries from your photos are so HUGE, I’m sure that they were super sweet and delicious. And from the photos you have shared, I must say that your new house looks divine – definitely it has a soul, good luck with renovating it, dear friend.
    Have a lovely evening, Denise :)


    • Dear friend, you are so lovely, Ivonne! I also celebrate All Saints Day, cause it’s part of my family’s tradition – or at least, part of :) Some were catholics. And the strawberries were grown without any pesticide, I guess that’s why they were so big and yes, so delicious. It was near the museum, it looks great, I was impressed – I wanted to buy the two German signs I showed, but didn’t – will need to go back to get that, then :) Hope you are having a very nice day, dear Ivonne, you are so sweet and thank you again for the lovely words!

      • To be honest, I also have seen similar huge strawberries in my life, but I guessed that they were with pesticide, because they weren’t good in taste at all. Thank you for your lovely comments, dear Denise, I truly appreciate each one, my dear friend :)
        Have a lovely evening, Denise!

  10. Ma che bel posto che hai visitato Denise!!!! E’ troppo carina la casetta e le stanze, ed il giardino, tutto! Incredibile che sia un museo!
    Peccato che tu non abbia postuto festeggiare Halloween, qui in Italia questa festa è arrivata da (relativamente) poco quindi non la festeggiano tutti, soprattutto fuori dalle grandi città, però per chi vuole feteggiare ci sono un sacco di eventi, e tutti si mettono in costume, non solo i bambini!
    Quando io ero piccola non si festeggiava ancora Halloween, ma ora è una delle mie feste preferite!^^
    Un’ultima cosa: è troppo bella la tua gonna cara Denise, sei stata proprio brava a disegnarla! Mi piace tantissimo e trovo che ti stia davvero bene!
    Buona settimana! Baci!

  11. Anche se in ritardo felice Halloween Denise :) spero che tu abbia trascorso dei bei giorni! È incredibili come il tempo sia volato, ottobre è già finito e Natale si avvicina! Inoltre, adoro le tue unghie! Sono davvero bellissime! Io quest’anno non sono riuscita a fare nulla perché non avevo smalti arancioni, quindi ho optato per un semplice viola molto scuro! bacii


  12. Cuántas cosas hermosas compartiste en este post, Denise. Primero que nada, no te sientas mal por no responder uno por uno los comentarios del post anterior, nosotros sabemos muy bien que los lees a todos. <3
    Me encanta como has incorporado Halloween a tu outfit por medio de la manicura. Esa manicura es igual o más linda que las veo por Pinterest jaja, honestamente. El look es bello también, hasta los pequeños detalles como el prendedor pintado a mano de Rusia o el escote sutil y divertido de tu camiseta! La falda DIY se ve increíble! Tienes mucha creatividad, querida Denise. <3


  13. My favorite part of halloween is also dressing up. I don’t really do it but I enjoy seeing all the creative costume others come up with. Really lovely pictures. I like your nail art. Those strawberries are huge lol, you’re making me want some :P.
    I didn’t know you were a music student. I like the vintage room.
    Have a really god end of the week Denise :)
    Sauniya | Find Your Bliss ♡

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