Hair Color Personality Quiz

Hair Color Personality Quiz – another fun moment to check out :)

As I said before, I would/will be more “blog-active” around the 3rd week of July, so the next post will be on air on July 24th :) Thanks for bearing with me!

Since childhood - what people call Auburn. It's a mix of reddish-brown and natural golden highlights. Although in pics the eyebrows look dark, they are not in person :)

Since childhood, my hair color  is what people call Auburn. It’s a mix of reddish-brown and natural golden highlights – on a windy day :)

So it seems that there is a hair color that matches our personalities :) Just for fun, I selected some tests to prove it right or wrong :) You can take them here, here and here :) I would love to know your results :)  As for me, they didn’t have Auburn, so 2 of the tests gave me Brown results and one Red. I guess they were right, it is really a mix :)

I apologize if I read your posts around the end of the week; I will be enjoying this nice summer week around the Van Gogh Museum, a place I never get tired of re-visiting!

Below, the apparently 4 most common hair colors. Grey is not listed, because it is about the color we “are born with”. It seems that science has now proven that complexion, as well as hair color, really influence our blood pressure. Thus, if you color your hair in another color other than your natural shade, your behavior will be influenced by it, and you may even, after a while, adopt the stereotypes associated with the new color.  Wow!



Statistics show that the majority of Nobel prize winners are brunettes. It seems that brunettes are very studious and hard working. They tend to have long term relationships. You are seen as being reliable – so a study in Men’s Health tries to show.

So, about my picture – not really a brunette, nor a complete redhead, in between. It “justifies” a train trip to Uni Liverpool Library to research two rare books :) This is the “studious” characteristic :) I had an overnight there, all for a good research – and I love Liverpool :)


Black haired people appear to be deep thinkers, very thoughtful in friendships and relationships, someone good to give advice. It also seems that they are very good dealing with finances and numbers, in general.


Redheads are seen as mysterious, romantic, passionate, fiery and confident. That is useful at work, to negotiate things in the terms you want.


Believe it or not, a study has shown that the divorce rate is higher for blondes. Blondes are seen as youthful, outspoken, glamorous and bold. An experiment run by Men’s Health magazine showed that men were more likely to help a blonde woman, in detriment of other hair colors.

Finishing Touch and Mood of the Week

The Churchill War Rooms sign was very useful!

The Churchill War Rooms sign was very useful!

Wishing you a beautiful week with many smiles! Thanks for the sweet comments!

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55 thoughts on “Hair Color Personality Quiz

  1. Those quizzes were fun! I got two brunettes and one strawberry blonde .. lol.

    I also loved the Van Gogh museum in Amsterdam. Have you been to the
    Rijksmuseum? I went years ago specifically to see the Vermeer’s :-)


    • I also found the quizzes so funny, dear Monica! Thank you for the sweet comment! I did that, yes, since I love the Dutch masters.I come to Amsterdam twice a year for very personal reasons, and I
      have now spare time to go there again – it’s always so amazing to admire timeless beauty! Hope you have a lovely week! xxxx

  2. Hi My Love! So sorry I haven’t emailed you back yet, I can’t even explain to you how busy I’ve been. I promise to get to it this week. I’ve missed your beautiful smiling face Denise :) The Van Gogh Museum is on my list of places to visit before I have kids, good thing I have a few more years before that happens. I have black hair, I’m a very deep thinker, I’ve almost too thoughtful with my friendships and relationships and I tend to think I give great advice. This post was fun to read.

  3. Well well well, lol. One of the test told me….. You throw people off guard with your sharp brain. Get a flowing head of blonde hair to match your glam attitude!….Until now I thought I had a flowing head full of blonde hair. And lots of it, as that, lol. Buying hats is always an adventure because of the masses of hair I always need a big size which is mostly not available for women :( But let’s come to the sharp brain thingy. Well, lots of people can’t stand me because I don’t suffer foolish statements gladly, they just getting on me nerves with such nonsense and their see through lies, if you know what I mean. They are wasting my time and I value my time very highly, tho. Anyhow, have fun visiting the museum. Van Gogh was a genius with the brush. So enjoy, Denise.
    new look: Denim Wear

  4. Hi Denise, I didn’t realise any quizz because all of them are for women. But my hair is brown and I like very much of it. They are now starting to turn gray but they are still brown. I hope I still get a Nobel Prize. Have a nice week.

  5. Hi Denise! I always find something interesting on your blog – this time was interesting test and the result of it is that I’m brunette (like in real life) and I’ve never thought that girl with brown hair are seen like those smarter ones. What’s more, it’s great that you’re so spontainous – sounds like you had great time on Liverpool, dear. You’re so lucky to visit Van Gogh Museum, I love his masterpieces as well and I saw his paintings only once in my life, in Paris – I remembered that I was amazed by them, he was great artist. :) Take care, dear friend :)

  6. You have the most fun posts. I just tried some of the quizzes and my result is brown hair…which makes sense because it is my natural hair colour. Really want to keep up the red hair but it is difficult with swimming 6 days a week so need to work out what I’ll do with my hair.

  7. I did all of them and they all said brunette or jet back haha weird considering im blonde 😉

    Thank you for your sweet comment btw, I am finally finished renovation and can now get back to blogging and work, hope you have been well hun xx

  8. Hi Denise! I hope you are fine. I was a away on holidays, that’s why I disappeared.
    I love this kind of quizes and I have great hair color issues!
    Enjoy the rest of your week!

  9. Well I’m a natural blond that has chosen to become a redhead later in life. I just wonder why I waited so long to do it! Oh yeah…before I never had enough $ to spend on my hair maintenance every month.

    I adore your natural hair colour.


  10. Quédivertido post, Denise! Tomé el primer test de pura curiosidad jeje, y me salió Blonde Bombshell!!! Jajaja, lo irónico es que yo soy brunette pero me tiño el pelo manteniendo algo de brunette pero acercándose a lo copper. Si fuese por mi me encantaría llevar por ejemplo el color de Emma Stone o de Karen Gillan, así bien pelirrojos! Pero no me animo, además cuando no es natural, es de mucho mantenimiento :(
    Me encanta tu color natural de pelo, Auburn as muy parecido al copper que tanto me gusta, de verdad amo los tonos que tienen algo rojizo 😉
    Que tengas un hermoso fin de semana, Denise!!

  11. okay, I actually took all three tests and guess what? one says brunette and the other two say black and jet black. can you believe this?! 😀 I sure can’t because my natural colour is blonde and I can’t picture myself as a brunette, moreover a jet black. I have had orange hair, brown hair, black and red stripes and even more but I would not like to go back there. those were just some teenage moods. many of the questions were hard to answer too because no answer seemed right so the results are questionable anyway and I know they’re just tests, nothing serious. but it still was a fun post and I enjoyed it. thanks for sharing! looking forward to your next post too! also thank you for the kind comments you’ve left me, I really appreciate them! enjoy your trip to the museum, Denise!

  12. Happy day, beautiful Denise. Hope you are feeling fresh and full of energy today. Long haul flights are never fun, so I feel you here. Sounds pretty exiting, what was the seminar about, if I may ask? It’s still hot hot hot over here. I am so not a summer girl *sigh* OK, it’s Monday and I gotta dash, sweet friend.
    new look: Tell Me Why

  13. I adore your rich shade of hair, it is so warm, like your personality!
    Interesting about the divorce rate of blondes, but maybe the marriage rate is higher too, perhaps… perhaps not, just a thought,
    Lots of happy singletons these days….
    I am blonde and am married 32 years, but I have two divorced blonde sisters…
    I always love to read your posts. Enjoy !
    Xx, Elle

  14. HI! I hope you’re doing well! thank you for dropping by on my blog after my hiatus – and yes, I decided to restart and refresh everything 😊

    have a good weekend! 🌱

  15. Hey Denise!! Love the post! I’m a brunette and I guess it is kinda spot on! And such interesting fact about behavior and hair color! hmmm hehehe
    I love your hair color and you look so fabulous in that photo!
    I have been kinda slow with my blog, but I have many posts i have to write now that I have more time! I hope to be visiting your blog more!
    I hope you have a wonderful weekend! xo

  16. Haha, what a fun post! Red is actually the only hair color of these four that I haven’t tried, and think I couldn’t pull off. I used to have brown/almost black hair, and now I’m blonde. My natural hair color is light brown with red pigments (especially after giving birth). But I got Blonde bombshell as the result from the first test, so I guess it was right to go blonde, haha! But the second test gave me brown, so I’m torn. So I had to make the last test: Strawberry Blonde! Haha, so I guess the blonde side wins!
    Thank you for stopping by my blog, and leaving me such a kind comment!

    E from Helsinki, Finland

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