Gratitude Rocks

Gratitude Rocks could be a post about the benefits of positive thinking and maybe it also is, but actually it is to thank a blogger friend for an award she gave to me!

Christmais nail art and New Year's dress

This month I got a sweet award, The Blogger Recognition Award, from the lovely BeautyMommies blog – please, check it out, really sweet! There are rules to accept it :) – like thanking and linking the blogger who gave it – done! I feel so honored by the award, that someone thinks I deserve it, many thanks! Hence the title now, gratitude rocks :) Write a post about the award, doing it now :) Give 2 pieces of blogging advice – OK, but next week :) Select 15 other bloggers you want to give this award to – I feel shy doing that, so I’m passing it to all my blogger friends now! Also, comment on each blog to let them know you have nominated them. And finally, give a brief story of how you started your blog – I’ve talked about it before or so I think. But it’s really a brief story and I’ll repeat it now :)

How (and/or why) I started blogging  For me it was very simple, nothing to do with “I wanted to share thoughts, I was thinking about life, I had a passion for fashion”, no, nothing like that. I was always very curious about the latest things in areas like technology and on December 25, 2005 – when blogs were kind of a new thing – I thought “I want to know how it works”. So I created my blog. On the next days I posted some simple things, just to know how it worked. And the blog grew a bit, I started exchanging thoughts with other bloggers, I loved this interaction and that is the whole story :)

Now, the question goes for all my blogger friends! How and/or why did you start your blog? :)

Blogger Recognition Award


Vintage Yessica dress - I looove this one! And Al Suelo denim jacket

Vintage Yessica dress – I looove this one! And Al Suelo denim jacket

I wore this dress only once, on an important day in 2014

I wore this dress only once, on an important day in 2014

Bag, don't know the name of the shop. I also wore it once, in 2014

Bag, don’t know the name of the shop. I also wore it once, in 2014

Santa Lolla shoes

Santa Lolla shoes. One of my brothers calls this style as “Minnie Mouse shoes”

Laser cut-out bag/clutch

Laser cut out bag/clutch

Nail art of the day, bracelets and rings

Nail art of the day, bracelets and rings – WWJD, Pandora, D & G, Fiorelli, Dior, one from Poland and the flower crystal one from Prague, plus a Claddagh ring

But Gratitude Rocks could also be this:

Dream Love

Gratitude Rocks here and here

I have some of these rocks, that I myself made out of clay and painted the words – like Charity, Kindness, Peace, Gratitude, Joy, Happiness, Trust, Hope, Health, Believe, Harmony, Friends, Faith, Family, Blessings, Courage, Positive Thoughts… now I saw some stones with this sentence, that is great: “Thoughts become things”. I think more like “thoughts attract what you imagine. Good and/or bad things.” I like the rocks to remember that chooosing to think in a positive way does wonders!

DIY Moment Cooking


Crash some meringue, add powder cocoa and then double cream... the best chocolate mousse ever!

Crush some meringues, add powder cocoa and then double cream… the best chocolate mousse ever!

It does show it was in the freezer :)

It does show that it was in the freezer :)

This is not my recipe, but from a former foreign student of mine, when I used to teach English, who passed it to me.  Sooo simple! Crush 240 g of meringues, add two tbsp. of cocoa powder and 2 cups of double cream. Mix the 3 ingredients and place the mixture in the freezer. I swear, that recipe is the best chocolate mousse I ever had! And wherever I prepare it, people say “ooohhh, divine!” As I was a year and 4 months without eating chocolate, I deserved that mousse again this month!

Finishing Touch and Mood of the Week

Last week was a difficult one, due to a person planting disharmony. So here is the answer to that :)

And be happy!

And be happy!

Wishing you a beautiful week with many smiles! Thanks for the sweet comments!

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77 thoughts on “Gratitude Rocks

  1. Ummm let me start by saying holy yumness to that mousse. I’ve never seen meringue added but I don’t doubt it would be soooooo delicious. Need to give that a go. When I read the title my mind also conjured up actual rocks with inspiring words etc hehehe. I actually always wanted one of these but it slipped my mind all these years now.


  2. Congratulation on your Blogger Recognition Award I’m super proud of you, blogging is a labor of love so it’s so nice to be recognized for all of your hard work and effort. I love that purse.

  3. Cara Denise,
    congratulazioni per questo bellissimo premio. Tu te lo meriti davvero.
    Mi sono divertita molto a leggere il tuo post e l’ho trovato stupendo. Mi piace conoscerti meglio e ogni volta è una bellissima sorpresa. Le foto sono incredibilmente belle e tu sei deliziosa come sempre.
    Quel vestito è stupendo e lo smalto lo adoro.
    Un bacione
    Maggie Dallospedale

  4. That mousse sounds delicious!Mmmm, yes please!!!!! I like your pretty dress from 2014, you should wear it more. You always look so immaculate- I wish I was as well-turned out as you are!!!

  5. Ciao Denise!
    Brava, te lo meriti il premio!;-)
    Io ho cominciato a bloggare perchè, dopo aver lavorato tanti anni come indossatrice, mi sembrava un bel modo per continuare a restare in contatto con il mondo della moda, che è da sempre il mio primo amore!:-)
    Che bello il tuo look! La tua manicure è sempre fantastica!
    Un bacio sweetie!
    Paola ♡

  6. Hola querida Denise! Mis discuplas por estar un poco ausente últimamente. Estuve bajo muhco estrés y me estaba empezando a enfermar asi que tuve que alejarme de todo por un tiempo. Ahora estoy retomando mi blog luego de 12 días, lo cual es muchísimo para mi, y quiero también ponerme al dia con mis blogs favoritos. Es increible ver cuanto tiempo has estado blogueando, debes haber visto la transicion de lo que eran los primeros blogs hasta la industria que es ahora.
    Me encanto tu respuesta a la persona que te causo algunos malos momentos durante la semana. La verdad es que “sembramos lo que plantamos” como dice mamá. Y si sembramos cosas lindas entonces cosas lindas tambien nos vendran! :)
    Que tengas una hermosa semana!

  7. it always help to be grateful and think positive thoughts :) I started my blog because I was bored and unsure about what to do with my life. I loved makeup and beauty products and i decided to write about it, it has been almost 6 years and I am so happy my blog has gone this far <3 the best part about it is meeting a group of supportive and wonderful people like you in the blogging community

  8. Liebe wunderschöne Denise! Ich liebe Dein Kleid und wie Du es kombiniert hast – ich bin gleich ganz verliebt! Du hast aus einem guten Grund zum Bloggen angefangen, und das zeigt mir einmal mehr, wie wunderbar offen Du bist. Ich bin sehr froh, dass Du zum Bloggen angefangen hast und hätte jetzt außerdem zugerne Deine Leckerei zum Essen :) Ich wünsche Dir noch eine glückliche Woche und natürlich von ganzem Herzen alles Gute zum verdienten Award <3
    Liebe Grüße, Rena

  9. Per prima cosa: congratulazioni per il bel premio cara Denise, te lo meriti proprio!
    Mi piace moltissimo il significato di questo premio, la gratitudine insieme alla gentilezza ed alla correttezza sono tra le cose che ritengo più importanti! 😀
    Perchè ho aperto il blog? Bè la spiegazione non è molto romantica o filosofica nel mio caso, semplicemente ho sempre avuto la passione di collezionare foto ed immagini di moda che mi piacessero ed ispirassero, ed in questo modo ho trovato il sistema per raccoglierle in modo sensato, e magari ho pensato sarebbe stato utile anche per qualcun’altro!^^
    Per finire: troppo carino il tuo look della settimana,trovo sia l’abito che le scarpe assolutamente deliziosi, sei uno splendore! 😀
    Ti auguro una splendida settimana tesoro!

  10. Congratulations, Denise, you deserve it. It was interesting to read about your reason to start a blog and how one step lead to another. It’s amazing isn’t it? You start something, with nothing particular in mind and it creates a life of its own, so to say. Denise you look so beautiful and lovely in this gorgeous dress, and I love how you dressed it down with the denim. Minnie mouse shoes, lol, but they are cute, and again I am in awe with your mani, that’s art, girl, how do you do it? Hope things are better for you now, Denise. Wishing you a peaceful and happy rest of the week.
    New update: Midweek Mix

  11. First of all – congrats on that award and nomination, dear Denise! I’m really happy that you decided to start blogging almost 11 years ago, because thanks to that event we have met, maybe not in person, but maybe someday, who knows? :) Personally I’ve started my blog to share with my DIYs ideas with the others – on that time I was student, so I have plenty of spare time to realize my creative ideas, now, when I have full-time job, I don’t have as many free time as I want to and I focus on showing my thrifted clothes. What’s more, I always think that blogging is amazing way to improve my English, so it’s next reason for setting “crafty-zone” up :) What’s more, you look flawless on those photos, my dear, I love your maxi dress and makeup – btw the color of your lipstick is divine, I love it :)

    Have a lovely evening dear friend,

  12. Congrats on the award. I started my blog about 4 years ago. I saw an article about one vintage style blogger on some Croatian website and I thought it was pretty cool, why not open my own blog and write about fashion and clothes…so that’s how it all started.

    you look so pretty! You have the most radiant smile. Wonderful feminine outfit, exactly my cup of tea:).

  13. Congrats on the award, you really deserved it, Denise. That’s amazing , you are blogging since 2005, I didn’t even know blogs were existing. I absolutely love this dress on you, and your nails are always super pretty. I’m sorry, last week was not good for you, there will be always some negative people, time to time, and I think, positive attitude is the best answer to them. Wish you a lovely week dear Denise.
    Nina’s Style Blog

  14. Big congrats on winning the award and of course you deserve it!! I didn’t know there were such things as gratitude rocks, real ones I mean. I love those stones. They would make such a pretty and thought provoking decoration on the kitchen table, a few piled up in a bowl. Words to think about over breakfast, before we start the day. There is much to be said for stopping and taking a pause for a moment, thinking about what fills our lives with joy. We always strive for the next thing, rather than appreciating what we have already. Moving on… OOTD. Loving the denim jacket. I can’t wait for the weather to improve here so that I can start wearing mine again. Before I sign off, I just want to check that everything is OK? You mentioned some family issue? Big hugs Denise. Don’t let things get to you – nothing is worth that. Xxx

  15. Congratulations on the award! I cannot think of anyone more deserving that you. <3 I absolutely love that bag, too, by the way!

    Also, I just wanted to respond to a comment that you left for me on Tuesday. It really meant a lot to me. I just wanted to say:

    I'm so sorry for what you went through. <3 I'm a depression eater. So, I can understand. I also tend to drink a lot when I'm stressed or depressed and that can really expedite weight gain. So, I'm constantly trying to keep my eating and drinking in check, because I have this fear of being overweight.

    It started with my parents. My mother used to comment on my thighs when I was just a pre-teen. Her constant judgment of my body continued for decades. My father would, oddly enough, always comment about how I was too skinny and how I needed to eat more. So, on the one hand, I constantly felt chubby in a negative way. On the other hand, I felt pressure to eat more to avoid looking too thin. At one point, my father told me that he wouldn't come visit me (from Texas – I live in the Midwest), until I ate more. I had sent him a recent photo of me and he thought I looked like I was starving myself. Soooooooooooo, yeah. Needless to say, it's not super easy to feel good about my body. I have to try to undo years and years of horrible conditioning. I'm getting there, but it's still really difficult. Also, I don't talk to my family, anymore. I find that this helps a lot.

    I think you are so beautiful, Denise. On the inside and on the outside. I'll crotch kick anyone who says otherwise. 😉 <3

    – Anna

    • Oh, wow, Anna… this is so incredible, we never know what blogger friends are going through, and I always tell people “we cannot judge anybody, we don’t know what anyone is going through, but we can try to know and help”. I truly think that the way to thank for life is by uplifting fellows. It was really amazing what you told me, because I always see you as gorgeous – and when I write that, I mean that. You know I always say you look amazing, you could be an international model and I mean that, too. But having said that, I now understand why you wrote what you wrote on your post. I had the same criticism as you had about being fat, also for decades. But after all, Anna, what is life? Why are we on this planet? To be happy. If we are fat, thin, blue, green, with long or short hair, so? What matter does it make – I say this, but I am also under the society’s pressure, to have a certain look. I really thank you so much for the comment, so honest, and I am really happy for knowing you! Thank you for the compliments, but again: never believe if people tell you are anything but gorgeous, because you are! In every sense, inside and out! And me too – I can tell some home truths for the ones who say the contrary! Just tell me and I will write to them! (And I mean that!) A super beautiful weekend, dear Anna and a lot of fun! XXXXX

  16. I have been blogging for over 8 years and you were literally my first reader and supporter, that means so much and I was yours too 😉 Your nails are ALWAYS looking so chic lately hun, I love them! Happy Thursday :) xx

  17. Hello Denise. Congratulation on your recognition award. I know you’ve mentioned this in a previous post already but I still can’t believe for how long you’ve been blogging, I’m glad I discovered your page dear :)
    These rocks are beautiful, I like. You did a wonderful job.
    I started blogging because I missed it (I actually had 2 blogs before my current one). I always have a millions thoughts going through my head and I feel some of them might be worth sharing. I also wanted to collect inspiration and some memories.
    I hope you have a great weekend ahead dear :)
    Sauniya | Find Your Bliss ♡

  18. Well done on your blogging award :) It’s so nice when someone recognises the hard work that goes into your blog and enjoys what you do. I love your nail art in the photos! I wish I was better at nail art and it’s definitely something I want to practice more x

    • Thank you so much for the lovely comment! And the compliments! You are right, blogging is such a hard work – so many things involved and some people think that we are just fulfilling a hobby! But the interaction that comes from blogging is so nice! I have to be honest – I wish I also had skills to my nail art, but I don’t do it – I go to a manicurist once a week and she is the nail fairy :) Thank you again for your sweet comment, I hope you have a great weekend!

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