Good Food Guide

Good Food Guide – at least for me :) Would you ride 80 km – 50 miles to go to a specific restaurant?

The next Fun Friday will be on May 5th and Monday posts will re-start on May 8th – I’m taking some days off :) In the meantime, Happy Easter!!!

Tassel earrings, Amaro

Tassel earrings, Amaro

Well, I’d ride even more than that, but it happens that the “specific restaurant” was “just” 80 km from the place where I was. So cozy, with vintage decoration and delicious food. I remember that once I was looking for Greek music – when we still had to buy CDs – and couldn’t find the style I was looking for. So out of the blue I got a ship in Italy and 19 hours later I arrived in Greece. Took a train, a bus, a taxi and got to Athens. Bought the CDs and felt so happy! People called me crazy, but so what? That was my wish and I fulfilled it :) So 80 km (50 miles) don’t mean that much to me :)

This week I have to apologize – I won’t be online. I am travelling to say “good-bye” to a place – as soon as possible I will read and comment on the lovely blogger-friends’ blogs!


Nail art of the week with Amaro ring

Nail art of the week with Amaro ring

Floral tunic, Donna Hannover; Jeans, LB; Bag, Luz da Lua; Belt, Asos

Floral tunic, Donna Hannover; Jeans, LB; Bag, Luz da Lua; Belt, Asos

I really love this floral bag!

I really love this embroidered floral bag!

Such a romantic floral tunic, I love this print

Such a romantic floral tunic, I love this print

Pearl collar-necklace, don't remember :)

Pearl collar-necklace, don’t remember :)

Velvet and metallic shoes, Tack Hannover

Velvet and metallic shoes, Tack Hannover

Love the heels :)

Love the heels :)


Lovely decoration and lamps

Lovely decoration and lamps

Vintage cups inside the table... so lovely!

Vintage plates inside the table… so lovely!

Lovely garden

Lovely garden

Old German books inside another table

Old German books inside another table

A pin-up picture

A pin-up picture as vintage decoration

Finishing Touch and Mood of the Week


Wishing you a beautiful week with many smiles! Thanks for the sweet comments!

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93 thoughts on “Good Food Guide

  1. La distancia nunca debe ser un obstáculo 😉 jaja ya sabes por qué lño digo, pero también aplica a darnos gustos como en este caso, ir a un restaurante! Si te apeteció hacer eso y luego de hacerlo te sentiste bien, no hay nada más que importe. :)
    Tu outfit de hoy es muy bonito, la blusa es super femenina y primaveral, lo cual me encanta, y el collar de perlas me fascinó!
    Me intriga saber de qué lugar de vas a despedir, pero sea donde sea, espero que resulte en un lindo y cálido adiós. Te deseo mucha suerte para eso.

    • Hi,dear Deborah, gracias por tus palabras, siempre tan lindas! Si que te entiendo, jeje :) Por unos dias voy a usar el mobile, solamente, pero no mucho :) Luego te dire donde me voy u estoy, un lugar que me gusta mucho 😃 Al fin y al cabo, necesitaba relajar, mucho, y sientome tan bien hoy! Espero que esteas bien, asi que pueda te escribire, y gracias de nuevo por tu amistad y las dulces palabras! Besotes!

  2. we have also driven to places (even like 200 km) because of their food so I get what you mean :) unfortunately we don’t have a decent restaurant here in my hometown so if we want to eat out we have to drive somewhere anyway which is at least 50 km. but that’s the regular life when you live in a very small town, hehe. anyway, the place you visited seems to be really nice indeed and I would definitely try their food if I could. by the way, I like the springlike florals you’re wearing. it’s such a lovely tunic and the collar necklace is really cool as well. and your manicure looks awesome too! I’m already waiting for weather like that – green grass, no jacket, shoes… hopefully soon! have a beautiful week, Denise!

    • Thank you so much for the lovely comment, dear Maiken! Today I have to be brief, because I’m away on a trip, but soon I will visit your blog! Thank you for the compliments 😄 I have to confess that the temperature was fine, but I had a denim jacket with me 😀 only not in the pics😊 I hope you have a nice week, thank you again for your sweet words!

  3. My dear and beautiful Denise, at the moment I can’t even bear to think about food let alone thinking of eating…………..LOVE that bag, OMG!!! it’s the cutest I’ve ever seen. As usual I love just everything about your look, you are such a pretty girl, Denise.
    Released from Hospital

  4. Good food is good food Denise, I will drive miles out of my way to devour some good food, I actually did that this weekend, lol. Greece is one of my favorite countries. I want to have my honeymoon in Santorini. The last time I visited my ex-boyfriend and I were the only ones that hadn’t recently got married. Your nails are adorable, perfect for spring time. OMG I need that embroidered floral bag. embroidered floral is in season, I love how fashion always repeats itself. I have a white pearl collar-necklace but I like your gold version better. Great quote!!!! The human body is an amazing thing.

  5. People might call you crazy but I freaking love how spontaneous you can be, Denise! Life is too short is overthink everything so why not do stuff just because you feel like it? That restaurant looks amazing, I love how it’s filled with rustic, old world charm.

  6. I think it is fabulous that you travelled from Italy to Greece….and took a taxi, bus and what not to get to Athens and buy a CD of Greek music. That’s amazing! I believe that memories are precious…and you certainly created a wonderful anecdote there. I love how open you are and always really to try something new.

    I do like this outfit. That tunics with ruffles is adorable….and I like how you paired it with those jeans and heels. Very feminine styling. That bag with embroidery also caught my eye.

    Enjoy your trip! Saying good-bye to a place can be hard, but I hope that you can enjoy the travelling part nevertheless.


  7. That embroidered purse is so pretty! LOVE IT! You look adorable as always and I love those shoes too. Have you ever heard of the shoe brand, Irregular Choice? For some reason it just dawned on me you may like it. Some pieces are super quirky, but all are fun. I think the heel style/height reminds me of what you like? Hope you’ve been well, lady! XO

    • Hi, dear Lauren-Blair! Thank you so much for your lovely words and compliments! I am so amazed, you really know me! I loooove Irregular Choice and I have many pairs from the brand! Some I have shown on the blog, some not yet – but really, I am amazed! You were spot on, that’s my style! Thank you again for the sweet words, as soon as I get back from the trip I’ll visit you! Xxx

  8. Dear Denise, As a foodie, I don’t think
    that is crazy at all. We have travelled far for special reataurants, especially for specific holidays. I love your heels so much and what a beautiful outfit! It’s nice that you enjoy yourself! Wishing you a wonderful new week. <3 /Madison

  9. Ommmg Denise,
    Feels like I am haven’t been here forever. I am so sorry about that! But I am glad to be here now and to be able to see this wonderful post and of course your amazing beauty. You are so pretty as usual and your outfit looks beautiful on you too! :)

    Ommg hahaha anything for food! And you said that the food was delicious so I guess it was worth it? ;P You are so cute Denise.

    I miss you! I hope you have an amazing week beautiful! :)

    • Hi, dear Elle! Thank you so much for always being so sweet! I know that the “good food Guide” is just like “what guided ME for good food”, but somehow I found it funny :) I am “out” for some days, as soon as I’m “back” I’ll visit you! Thank you again for the sweet comment!

  10. Hi Denise. Well, it is true. If you desire something, 80 km isn’t too much for realize your wish. I don’t have a restaurant for this, but I have done something similar and even more strange to fulfill my desire. Once I moved to another city, more than 50 km from where I was to see a movie. On another time, I moved over 2000km to watch my team play. I took a plane, then a taxi to see a football game. I flew for 3 hours, I got to the airport I got a taxi and went to the football field. So really, 80 km isn’t too far away when one wants to fulfill a wish.

  11. Hi Denise! I have never travelled so far for delicious food, but on the other hand, I wouldn’t call anybody as crazy if I knew that person did that, in my opinion if I would have more spare time I’d go somewhere only because of food, ha :) I really liked your story – that experience had to be terrific to travel from Italy to Greece to make your wish come true, I love that you’re such a sweet person, who appreciates little, ordinary pleasures of daily life, in my opinion it’s skill, which for some people is forgotten, because instead of making (by actions) each moment of their life perfect, they’re still waiting for that moment. What about your outfit, my dear your nails are amazing, you invented really cool design ;D What’s more, I’m huge fan of bag, so yours, embroidered one caught my attention 😀
    Take care, my dear friend and have a safe trip! :)

  12. Oddio ma che pazza che sei cara Denise! 80 km per un ristorante io non li farei mai! XD
    Però li farei per altre cose, una volta ho fatto 200km in treno andata a ritorno in una notte per andare a ballare in una famosa discoteca sul mare con i miei amici! Vabbè sono le cose che si fanno a 20 anni no? Magari sono stupidaggini ma rimangono bei ricordi, non ti pare? :)
    Quanto al tuo outfit, sei deliziosa con questo look un pò boho/anni 70 adoro la tua tunica, e la borsa è stupenda!
    Sei bella e dolce come sempre, tesoro!
    Visto che non sarai online nei prossimi giorni, ti faccio tanti auguri di una Pasqua felice, allegra e piena d’amore! 😀

  13. Where do you keep all your shoes when you are traveling???
    I very much like your nails and the top, very pretty.
    Yesterday we drove from Haltwhistle to Alnwick just to visit a bookshop so I understand the traveling thing!

  14. It looks like you had a lovely time and the restaurant is so cute! I wouldn’t mind traveling a bit further to visit somewhere like this either :) I love your outfit too, especially your bag which is so pretty with the embroidered detail. I hope you have a lovely few days off. x

  15. I love when people take “crazy” decisions on the spot just for the sake of doing it. Why not? If that makes you happy! Anyway 80 kilometres are worth if the food is deserving. Enjoy your trip, wherever you are going my sweet friend. Tons of love and happy Easter! Baci, Valeria – Coco et La vie en rose FASHION & BEAUTY

  16. I don’t think I would spend more than about an hour travelling anywhere to get to a specific plac I really loved to eat, but I live in London and we are spoiled for choice here. If I lived in a rural area then that would probably be different! x

    • Hi, Laila! I live in a big city, too, with loads of different things to eat, but it’s that that specific restaurant is sooo good, the atmosphere so lovely and the city so cute – then it’s more like a 3 in 1 combo, going there 😄 But guess what, I did it again – last week I travelled 500 miles to buy books that I didn’t find anywhere (even amazon didn’t have them), but knew the city where to find them 😃 I hope we can meet one day to eat vegan food! Thank you so much for your lovely comment! Xxxxx

  17. Hello Denise!
    I hope you’re well. I haven’t been here in ages. Hope you had a great Easter.
    I love food but not sure I would travel 80km for some… although thinking about it I might for ice cream lol 😋😜. Your bag is super pretty and you look lovely as always.
    I’m trying to type from my phone and it is actually harder than I thought. Just thought I would say hello. 😊
    Sauniya | Find Your Bliss ♡

  18. First of all, your top and bag are gorgeous! They are the perfect pieces for spring. Secondly, that does sound crazy for some people but I would do the same. I don’t care how far I need to travel if my stomach will be satisfied in the end. I love going to a province about 95k from where I live on a Saturday just to try their lovely, quaint restaurants and also to explore the quiet suburban area. It may sound crazy for some but I enjoy the long drive and the change in atmosphere. :)

    Hope you enjoy your break! :)

    The Pink Lemonade Girl

  19. I would definitely travel for good food! I just came from Korea weeks ago and I definitely miss the food I ate there. Lucky for me there are decent korean restos in out city but its not the same quality for sure.

    • Thank you sooo much, sweetie! I miss you too! I thought I would be able to share something this week, but actually I wasn’t – was “jumping” from place to place! But I am sure I can publish something next week :) And the Interesting Finds by the end of this week, yes :) You are so nice, thank you again for the sweet comment! Baci!

    • Oh, dear Mary, you are so sweet, thanks for the always sweet comments! I miss you too! I thought I would be able to publish a post yesterday, but I have miscalculated the time I had to it. So for the next week :) To tell you the truth, the best would be to publish in June, again :) But I think I will manage it for May :) I sooo needed this time off… I will visit your blog soon, hope you are fine and again, thank you so much for thinking of me! Hugs!

  20. In the past we have gone to places just for the food. I’m trying to get away from that now as the weight is piling on since I turned 50.

    Love your whole outfit and those lovely shoes!

    Hope your trip is wonderful!


  21. Olá
    Seus posts sempre me chamam a atenção pelos detalhes e pelo cuidado que você dedica a eles.
    Como sempre me surpreende.
    Abraços e excelentes dias !

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