5 Reasons to Visit the Churchill War Rooms

5 Reasons to Visit the Churchill War Rooms means that the Rooms are really worth a visit, IMHO, and that a new movie about him was released – it has mixed reviews, but I think it was very well done, with great acting!

On another note, sometimes self-care means logging off the web for some weeks or even months, to accomplish other projects or just travelling to fuel batteries. Thank you for all the sweet messages saying “I miss you” :) I missed you, too, dear blogger friends, but I needed to stop for a while :) Thank you so much for bearing with me! Here I am again :)

Yes, on trains and tubes I am always reading my favorite magazine, Phsychologies

Yes, on trains and tubes I am always reading my favorite magazine, Phsychologies and I tend to carry it with me to some places :)

I’ve read a book about Churchill, really brilliant. I do hold a Master’s in British politics, one of the reasons I read it. On the wave of the new Churchill and D-Day movie, some photos of a visit to the Churchill War Rooms, that I sooo recommend, with so many amazing things that are part of the world history!  As I am very sensitive, – I recognize and accept it -, the end of the movie got me crying… I won’t spoil it for you, don’t worry! Such an emotional movie!


1. It’s not about the World War II. And it also is. It’s all part of history and we can “live” it through the Churchill War Rooms. The Cabinet Room looks like it was in the past – for the 115 meetings during WW II. It’s like entering a time machine;
2. The Churchill Museum has an Enigma machine and its code was deciphered by a team of codebreakers – one of them was Alan Turing, known as the “creator of modern computer science”, pictured in the movie The Imitation Game;
3. A highlight of the museum is its architecture, something I am very much into :) ;
4. You can listen to some of Churchill’s greatest speeches, that are believed to have lifted up morale during the somber years of war;
5. Memorabilia – either liking or not Sir Winston Churchill, he is considered one of the greatest Britons of all times and he got a Nobel Prize in 1953; you can see medals, pictures he painted and more – many of these objects are on display in the CWR. Great to see part of the world history through some objects!
So exciting, close to the Churchill War Rooms!

So exciting, close to the Churchill War Rooms (Clive Steps, Westminster/London)

The beautiful architecture of the Institute of the Mechanical Engineers, close to the Churchill War Rooms

The beautiful architecture of the Institute of the Mechanical Engineers, close to the Churchill War Rooms

And lucky me, at 11 AM, that happened  in front of the CWR

And lucky me, at 11 AM, that happened in front of the CWR

Oh, glorious summer in front of the CWR

Oh, glorious summer in front of the CWR

More summer views across the CWR

More summer views across the CWR

So cute!

So cute!

If you buy the ticket online, you'll avoid this line. I love this kind of picture... when you just want to pose joyfully in front of a nice building and people look at you as if you were an alien :)

If you buy the ticket online, you’ll avoid this line. I love this kind of picture… when you just want to pose joyfully in front of a nice building and people look at you as if you were an alien :)

Churchill's bedroom

Churchill’s bedroom- sorry, selfies can get a bit distorted

The inauguration sign

The inauguration sign

Starting the visit - obviously I am not into war... but it is a chance to see history

Starting the visit – obviously I am not into war, but it is a chance to see history



Just posing :)

Just posing :)

Sometimes this is a very necessary sign - in life, anytime :)

Sometimes this is a very necessary sign – in life, anytime :)


I love this telephone!

I love this telephone!

In front of a Churchill caricature at the time

In front of a Churchill caricature at the time. I know it’s blurred – but I love blurred pictures, really!

The book shop at the CWR

The book shop at the CWR

A sign at war times

A sign at war times



I loved this sign :)

I loved this sign :)

End of the visit! I hope it was not so boring to you, I know some people don’t like museums!

Finishing Touch and Mood of the Week

So true!

Words from a TV documentary  that I watched last week, so true!

Wishing you a beautiful week with many smiles! Thanks for the sweet comments!

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45 thoughts on “5 Reasons to Visit the Churchill War Rooms

  1. What a great pleasure it is to have you back on the internet, my dear friend Denise. I’m happy with your back and new posts. This visit to this museum must have been wonderful. The building is majestic. And I did not know that Churchill had won a Nobel Prize. Nice photos you offered us. Thanks. A beautiful week for you. Hugs.

  2. I’m happy to see you back Denise. You are right, we all need a break once in a while. I’m glad you had such an amazing trip to visit the Churchill War Rooms. You look gorgeous in these floral top and blazer. Wish you a wonderful week ahead.

    Nina’s Style Blog

  3. I’m happy to see you decided to return to blogging, I have certainly missed you. I also took a little break from blogging.

    It is interesting to learn more about Churchill…I remember I read two biographies about him, they were really interesting…but I haven’t read his autobiographies yet!

  4. Hi Denise :) I hope you’re well!! As I started my new full time job I have no time to read and comment other blogs!! I’m so sorry :) but at least I write on mine every week! :) also I really love your post! I visited London only once and I really want to go back soon!! Have a nice week!! xx


  5. Welcome back, Denise! And wow, you’re not kidding about stepping into a time machine, everything look so well preserved. Honestly I had no idea that Churchill actually won a Nobel prize, learned something new today.

  6. Oh I went here!! I long time ago when I was in high school I traveled to London and went here. I love the sense of history in Europe, I minored in history in college. You look like you having a blast. The intern at my job is currently in London.

    Allie of

  7. Antes que nada, bienvenida de vuelta! Me alegra verte de nuevo por el mundo blogging, mi querida amiga! Espero que durante este tiempo hayas cumplido las metas que te propusiste y que te sientas ahora recargada para volver <3
    El museo de Churchill suena un lugar muy interesante para conocer! Entiendo lo que dices, no importa si uno es británico o no, Chruchill fue una figura mundialmente conocida y el museo tiene un valor histórico que traspasa nacionalidades. Tus fotos están muy bonitas, y me causó gracias la niña que te mira raro en la foto de la fila, pero eso suele pasar muy seguido jaja no te preocupes!
    Gracias por tomarte tu tiempo durante estos meses para mis emails, lo aprecio muchisimo!!


  8. Bentoranta cara Denise!
    Sono felice di sentire che in questo periodo ti sei divertita e ricaricata, ogni tanto ci vuole un momento di riposo dai social network!
    Davvero molto interessanti le CWR, in Inghilterra ci sono proprio tanti bellissimi musei da visitare!
    Bellissime foto e info utilissime da tenere a mente! :)
    Baci e buona settimana, tesoro!

  9. Cara Denisa,
    non sai la gioia e la felicità di rileggere un tuo post. Mi sei mancata molto e immaginavo fossi impegnata con l’università. Sono così contenta che sei tornata a scrivere.
    Il post è stupendo e sai che non conoscevo le Chusrchill’s war room. Molto interessanti anche i tip che ci hai dato.
    Un abbraccio fortissimo mia dolce Denise.
    Maggie Dallospedale

  10. hey! not boring at all, I definitely enjoyed the post and I’m happy to see you’re back! I also like the fact that you shared so many photos this time. the weather looks beautiful and you look happy in the middle of all those adventures. I can’t say we always visit museums but still, quite often, I mean every year for sure, hehe. in Croatia we did, too, in a church, and it was really interesting to chat with a local nun there. will write about it in a blog post one day :) anyway, thank you for the kind notes you’ve left me-I really appreciate them and I also left you a little reply under my last post. take care and enjoy the rest of the week! ♥

  11. Welcome back!

    I love stuff like this. It teaches you an appreciation for history.

    Yes…we all know those kind of photos when people stare at you like an alien! Ha ha!

    I went to a similar place like this outside of Ottawa. A bunker they built for the Prime Minister during war. It was very interesting.

    That sign about dressing extravagantly was something. It was such a different time. We take our lives for granted really.


  12. Hi Love! I’ve actually been to the Churchill War Rooms, it was super informative and interesting. I watched The Crown on Netflix and got a deeper understanding of Churchill If you haven’t seen yet make sure you do. I missed your beautiful smile. I love seeing those red photo booths. Thanks for all of the great pictures.

  13. Liebste Denise,
    ich hoffe es geht Dir gut! Ich freue mich so über diesen Post!
    Und ich kann mir gut vorstellen, dass mir diese Räume auch sehr gut gefallen würden, denn mich interessieren solche historischen Stätten sehr. Du siehst sehr schön aus auf allen Bildern.
    Vielleicht musst Du nun lächeln, aber mein erster Mann und ich hatten ein sehr ähnliches Telefon, wie Du hier zeigst. Es war nur nicht in der Wand verschraubt :)
    Alles Liebe von Rena

  14. Dear Denise,
    firstly – I’m really glad that you’re back to blogosphere and to post, I missed you, dear! :) What about your post – I really like historic area conected with II World War(and everything what’s related with it) and I also always think about Churchill that he was great politician, so I’d love to visit this place too – sounds like you had a chance to “touch the history”, you’re really lucky. When it comes to Enigma machine – I wish that Poles like Marian Rejewski, Henryk Zygalski or Jerzy Różycki was at least famous like Alan Turing (because I don’t know if you knew about it before, but the Poles were first codebreakers of Enigma’s machine).
    Take care, my dear friend 😉

    • Dear Ivonne, thank you so much for the lovely comment and for teaching me that – I had no idea that Polish scientists were responsible for codebreaking! I will tell one of my sisters-in-law, she will be delighted to know about it – remember I always tell you, she comes from a Polish family and my brother’s apartment (hers, too, of course) has Polish painted eggs and other traditional Polish crafts! Hope you have a lovely Suunday! XXX

  15. It’s good to have you back Denise! You have been missed but I totally agree and think sometimes it is important to take a break and look after yourself. This sounds like a really interesting museum to visit and I hope that I will be able to go one day :) x

    • Hello! Thank you for the lovely comment! It was the same for me, till I decided – that’s it, I need to go! The movie helped for the decision :) Hope you have a great Sunday! XXX

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