Get to Know Me Tag

Get to Know Me Tag, such an honor to be nominated alongside some great blogs! 

Mandala necklace, good for the soul!

Mandala necklace, good for the soul! Lace top, Asos Boudoir

The very sweet Lindsey, from the amazing Have Clothes-Will Travel, has nominated me for the Get to Know Me4 Things Tag! Thank you so much! I am really honored, sincerely! It’s not easy for me to answer questions :) really, but I will try! And also, as usual, I mixed the tag with the Look of the Day!
Silver boho earrings bought in Bath

Silver boho earrings bought in Bath

* Four places I have visited: It’s on my Trips’ Page… if I had to choose some, I’d be afraid of not doing justice to others… I’ll stick to the ones where I studied then, it’ll be easier: London, Hanover (Germany), Le Merleraut (France) and San Diego.

* Four TV shows I watch: BBC documentaries, The Property Brothers, Murdoch Mysteries and Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries.

* Four of my favorite foods: This one is difficult, I’m a fussy eater, unfortunately. What I like is on Vegetabible :) Let’s say, what I really really love: avocado, limeleek, fennel, but I don’t eat them often :( May I add cakes?

Looped Braid hairstyle

Looped Braid hairstyle

* Four things I like to drink: also difficult!  I don’t like alcohol very much. So always WATER, loads of. If I have to choose a drink, Martini (sweet) and Bailey’s. Iced tea, too.

* Four pet peeves: If feelings are pet peeves… It’s difficult to bear racists and radicalaggressive people, who don’t respect people’s opinions, needing the “last word”; showing off people; impolite people, who think they’re polite and often insult you. They don’t say please, sorry or thank you. 

* Four places I have lived: Germany, England – in two cities, London and Bewdley, Ireland.

* Four wacky or odd things about me – I know it’s contradictory – I fly a lot, but I don’t like flying. I sometimes squeeze lime over pasta :) I sometimes eat risotto for breakfast :) And shown on my previous post, I’m a chionophile :)


Mandala necklace, glass ring bought in San Marino and French manicure

Mandala necklace and French manicure

Scallapode hem skirt, Heine; Green cardigan, Lez a Lez; Lace underneath top, Asos Boudoir

Scalloped hem skirt, Heine; Green cardigan, Lez a Lez

Scarf worn as a belt. I made it! Mixing patterns, why not!

Scarf worn as a belt. I made it! Mixing patterns, why not!

Bag with pin-ups, Cariocas de Minas, bought in Rio de Janeiro

Bag with pin-ups, Cariocas de Minas, bought in Rio de Janeiro

You can wear it both sides!

You can wear it both sides!

Bracelet - I don't remember!  Glass ring, from San Marino

Bracelet – I don’t remember where from! Glass ring, bought in San Marino

DIY Moment

DIY shoes! I wanted a different style, so I asked a cobbler to cover the shoes with a saree's fabric and now I have exclusive shoes!

DIY shoes! I asked a cobbler to cover the shoes with a saree’s fabric and now I have an exclusive pair!

Then I asked to put something to change it into lace up shoes...

Then I asked him to do something to change them into lace up shoes…

And this is the result!

Lace up shoes

Didn't tie one up well, but anyway, I liked them!

Didn’t tie one up well, but anyway, I liked them!

Finishing Touch and Mood of the Week

Don't insist when something or someone is painful for you!

Don’t insist when something or someone is painful for you!

I’m not good in nominating blogs… so I will not nominate anyone, sorry for that! I hope you all feel nominated and answer the tag if you like!

Wishing you a great week with smiles! Thanks for the amazing comments!

Hope to see you on Friday, with Friday Feelings! 

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60 thoughts on “Get to Know Me Tag

  1. Liebe Denise, Deine Schuhe sind ein Traum geworden – und Dein Outfit ist dies ebenfalls! Ich liebe die wunderbare Bluse und wie Du sie trägst, einfach perfekt. Und ich musste ein bisschen schmunzeln bei Deinen Antworten – aber warum kein Risotto zum Frühstück essen, Hauptsache es schmeckt und man wird satt :) Vielen Dank, dass Du Dir soviel Mühe gemacht hast mit Deinen Antworten und eine wunderbare Woche für Dich.
    Alles Liebe von Rena

  2. Hey Denise,
    It is always fun knowing about you. You are such an awesome and fun person and I just love these kind of posts. Congratulations on your nomination beautiful. Also, your outfit is amazing. You are just so pretty. And as always, I am loving that smile :)

    Btw, I LOVED THAT QUOTE x) It is hilarious! Hahaa 😛

  3. Its always so great getting to learn new things about you hun, lime over pasta I must try that heehee and your shoes are too cute, I love that you have always smiled in your pics too 😉 Huge thank you for all your support on facebook and my blog, really appreciate it! :) xxx

  4. Antes que nada, te ves hermosa, Denise! Creo que me encanta demasiado ese outfit, la falda es algo que yo usaría una y mil veces! Nunca me hubiese imaginado que los zapatos eran DIY 😮 cuánta creatividad, Denise. El antes y el despues me dejó sin palabras.
    También me gustó mucho leer tu tag. Debe ser lindo poder visitar tantos lugares. Siento que siempre descubro alguno nuevo e interesante de tu vida cada vez que compartes algo sobre ella. :)

  5. How clever are those shoes!?!?! What a great idea. You have unique ones!
    I love the way your hair looks in these pictures! Super pretty!
    You’ve done a lot of study. How long will you be studying music then?

  6. it is great to get to know a bit more about you….I also lived in different cities in my life and I loved them all. BBC documentaries are always high quality, I especially love those featuring sir David Attenbourgh. I find his voice to be so calming and besides narrating many documentaries, he produced a lot of wonderful ones.

    love your outfit of the day….you know how much I love colours! Wonderfully feminine and stylish outfit…that ring is so pretty. You look great!

  7. Ma che carino questo tag :) adoro vedere post più personali che ci permettono di conoscerci meglio! Inoltre non sapevo avessi vissuto in così tanti posti, davvero molto bello! Spero di viaggiare molto in futuro. un bacione

  8. What a joyfully fun post, sweet Denise – and a pleasure to get to know so much more about you. I was delighted to discover further points that we share in common, including a mutual love for leeks and limes (the latter being my all-time favourite citrus fruit), and that we’ve both lived in Ireland (I was there as a newlywed from 2004 – 2006; first in Dublin, then in Clonakilty, Co. Cork).

    Your custom made shoes are just breathtaking – and important reminder to us all of the skills our local (if we’re lucky enough to still have one) cobbler may possess.

    Many hugs & blissful August into September wishes,
    ♥ Jessica

  9. Hello Denise! I always enjoy to read such a tags about other bloggers, dear. I see that we have so many things in common – I also like avocado, I think that I can eat this everyday, ha! And I also like to eat something specific on breakfast – when I studies, I really often ate dishes, which the others can easily eat for a lunch/dinner, since I’ve worked, I have to change my morning habits, because I don’t have so much time to enjoy the meal. What’s more, it had to be so excited to life in 4 countries, you’re so lucky to travel a lot, Denise! Have a lovely evening, my dear friend!

    • Grazie, carina Valeria! Non so si parlo cosi bene, sempre sto imparando cose, come noi tutti :) Ma parte della mia famiglia e d’Italia, cosi parlo un po d’italiano e mi piace molto! Tante grazie, mi ha fatto sorridere con i complimenti! Sei sempre super carina con me! Baci, buona giornata!

  10. Loved getting to know a bit more about you! And we have very similar pet peeves 😉 I can’t stand people who try to get the last word. You’ve certainly travelled a lot, that’s so amazing, I’d love to do that more often. Great post! x

  11. I love such posts where bloggers share some cool facts about themselves! I already knew some about you but it was still very interesting! for example your pet peeves and odd things. thank you for sharing and you should definitely share some more in the future!
    now, your green cardigan has such a cool pattern! reminds me of those Russian scarves – I think you know which ones I mean. your necklace goes so well with it and the braided hair looks really cool as well! and about those shoes – wow!
    I also like your last thought. once again it’s so true. have a lovely weekend, dear Denise! let’s hope September is going to be an awesome month!

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