Fun Friday

Fun Friday, because it’s nice to find interesting things and share them! Hope you like that!

Hot air balloon adventure

Researching makes me happy – I’m always trying to learn something, but well, all of us are, I guess. So, through reading I discover interesting things, for me, at least, but I think some of my blogger friends can also like the finds – so I’m sharing this week’s discoveries now! Making things really practical, it’s relaxing: just click on the links – today, comments won’t be open :)

Fun Friday

How cool is this, maybe as an interesting present?

I didn’t know that there were popular fabric patterns by state, in the U.S.!

Obituaries for teen girlsFUNNY!

Not that old yet – the Washington Post Express made such a mistake about Women’s March!

I am amazed – how can someone cook this? Genius!

Oh my word, I will order 2 pieces, so beautiful!

I did think about it before… this is how the accurate globe map is!

And this is also so funny- and nice. Michelle Obama writing “thank you notes“:

Wishing you a sweet weekend with smiles! Thanks for the nice visit!

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