Fun Friday #9

Fun Friday #9 – some things to smile, some to order :) and some to take a look and relax!


As usual, there’s a short video on the bottom, really interesting – about What it was to be a child in the 90s… made by Internet Explorer. That was really wow to me!

Fun Friday

These are not photos, but pencil drawings. Unbelievable!!!

You will only understand this… if you have been to IKEA at least twice :) So funny!

I couldn’t help loving these unique wedding proposals… really sooo cute! Also worth checking here and here – all are ooohhh, so romantic! The latter depends on weather conditions :)

Friday Finds

So funny! Pictures after people had 1, 2 and 3 glasses of wine! Hilarious!

Oh, so much my style, loved it!

This shop has the most beautiful and amazing pop up cards, no joke! The latest release was the laughing Buddha (their description: Give the Laughing Buddha to a friend who could use a bit of good luck or happiness or to someone who is always smiling). Impressive cards for any occasion! WORTH TAKING A LOOK, really!

Beer scented candles? Will we get drunk if we light one?

Such an interesting short video… remember? Living in the 90s?

Wishing you an amazing weekend with smiles! Thanks for the nice visit!

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35 thoughts on “Fun Friday #9

  1. Bom dia ,
    Meu exercício diário é tentar relaxar, parece simples e básico mas não é.
    Tenho curtido muito estas doces intervenções que você tem feito as sextas feiras.
    Hoje me diverti muito com os lances da década de 90.
    Desejo um excelente fim de semana,

  2. Liebe Denise, diese Zeichnungen sind wirklich unglaublich realistisch, ich kann es nicht glauben! Und ich finde Forever 21 toll, ich kaufe mir da öfter Sachen und mein allerliebster weißer Cardigan ist genau von diesem Shop! Ich wünsche Dir ein wundervolles Wochenende, danke, dass Du mir so einen schönen Einstieg bereitet hast, mit Deinem passsenden Post <3
    Liebe Grüße, Rena

  3. Oddio ma che forte quel video cara Denise!!!! Quanti ricordi mi sono tornati in mente!^^
    Il Tamagochi e le scarpe con le lucine erano due cose di cui andavo matta da piccola! E internet lento te lo ricordi? XD
    Carinissimi anche tutti gli altri link, mi piace un sacco questa tua rubrica del venerdì è così interessante e divertente! Mi sono piaciuti tantissimo soprattutto quei magnifici disegni a matita, mamma mia quanto è bravo quell’artista!
    Buon week end, tesoro! 😀

  4. I cannot believe these are pencil drawing. This artist has some serious talent. There’s an IKEA 3 miles from me so I go often to pick up candles, straws and all those kinds of goodies. All these jokes are on the money! The product names are pretty hilarious. Since I’m not married and have never been proposed to I’m slightly obsessed with proposal videos. Fingers crossed this boyfriend is the one, actually I know he is, just waiting on my ring lol. He said he has the proposal planned out already. I remember all of these 90s toys. Love love Love this video. Takes me back to a better time. Have a beautiful weekend Denise 😉

  5. Haha I love that advert from Internet Explorer! I was a child of the 90’s and remember so may of the things mentioned in the video, like the pogs and tamagotchis! I always like reminiscing with things like that :) x

  6. Ciao mia dolce Denise,
    questo è il momento del fine settimana che più amo. leggere il tuo post di venerdì è bellisismo, perché mi rilassa e mi diverte. Ho adorato i link che ci hai proposto e sai che non mi ricordavo dei tamagochi? Mammamia sono proprio vecchia.
    Un bacione e buon fine settimana
    Maggie Dallospedale

  7. Thank you SO much Denise for sharing this video! As I’m a 90s child I really really really love to see this video! What a beautiful throwback!! I miss these days!!! :)

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