Fun Friday #8

Friday  Finds #8 – this week’s finds, hope you like some!

Finding things, right?

Finding things, right?

Fun Friday

Repurposed furniture, how lovely!

Toddlers that look EXACTLY like very famous people – it’s really impressive and funny!

More orchids! That look like lips with lipstick and birds? Impressive!

Friday Finds

On the bottom, a very amazing short video… how we can improve our relationships with love!

People who have vitiligo suffer bullying many times. This girl transformed her body into an amazing art canvas!

New baby perfume, I guess we all love that – how about wearing it?

Kenya-born artist reproduces scenes of nature and wild life on wood bowls– fantastic!

Glossy cakes, like mirrors, glass! But they are real cakes!

And as promised… this is so beautiful… how just looking at someone you love can touch you in such a deep way!

Wishing you a great weekend with smiles! Thanks for the nice visit!

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31 thoughts on “Fun Friday #8

  1. Boa tarde minha querida,
    Achei emocionante, desde a suavidade da musica.
    Como é importante o olhar de frente, o toque…
    Uma coisa que tenho percebido muito é que hoje em dia as pessoas nem se olham de frente mais, o toque então não existe.
    Eu curto muito o toque o olhar nos olhos, em um mundo de céticos as pessoas não atentam mais pra isso, uma pena.
    Que as relações sejam mais verdadeiras é o que espero.
    Bjs excelente fim de semana.

  2. My gosh what a beautiful video. It made my think about my mom who I wish was still around. It also made me think about texting me sisters to get together soon because I haven’t seen in a while.

  3. This is another amazing compilation, Denise and yay for leaving the comment section open. Isn’t it amazing how beautiful the repurposed furnitures are? And how amazing is it that they are used for so many unique ideas!

  4. Awwww, ma che dolce quel video cara Denise! E’ bellissimo!
    E che curiose anche tutte le altre notizie che hai trovato! Mi sono piaciute soprattutto quella sulle orchidee (sono incredibili!!) e quella sulle torte lucide!
    Sempre divertenti ed interessanti i tuoi post!
    Passa un bellissimo week end, tesoro! 😀

  5. Wanted to pop on over to your blog to check it out “real quick”, then got lost clicking on all of your super interesting links! haha! You always share the neatest stuff!!! <3 Thanks for reaching out on my Facebook and letting me know my blog comments were down… have no idea what caused that, but it SEEMS to be working now…?? –

  6. That 4 minute video about reconnecting was so beautiful and touching it made me cry. What are 4 minutes in a day that is 24 hours long? Nothing….and yet we often do not take those 4 minutes to look into the eyes of our friends and family members. Seldom do we experience such a shared moment as is showed in this video…as all of these people in the video shared. A moment between a husband and wife, brother and sister, sister and sister and a father and daughter. All it took was 4 minutes. Isn’t that remarkable? Just by taking those 4 minutes to look at someone we love, we can change our relationship with them for the better….and yet…Seldom do we take the time to share something genuine with those people that are supposed to mean the world to us. Isn’t that strange?

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