Fun Friday #6

Fun Friday #6, with again some finds that made me think, laugh, cry… hope you like them, too!

A Buddhist Temple detail, a trip last weekend

A Buddhist Temple detail, a trip last weekend

I thought that the Fun Fridays could be just for relaxing… for people to take a look and find some things they would also like… but it seems that the posts are getting more attention than expected, which is so sweet! So, this time comments will be open :)

Fun Friday

I know, maybe I should have used another name… but last 2 weeks I was in such a “strange mood”, that all started to come out… :) and I wrote my first post on Bloglovin, that now allows to post directly there. How to (unfortunately) lose friends :( It really made me sad, somehow :( (But now I am fine!) :)

Can you think of someone going to the same places you go, wearing the same clothes you wear and then posting nearly the same pictures you do? I was amazed by this story!

Poignant :( Alert: you may cry. I did. Parents explaining to kids how to deal with the police in some places… why does it still have to be that way? Society has not evolved at all! We MUST ban prejudice!

Friday Finds

Loooved this lampshade – needs some patient, but easy to make it!

How This Morning show, in the UK, hosted by Holly Willoughby and Ore Oduba, discovered the level of bacteria on their couch… insane! How much is it normal at home?

Nice boho decoration… not exaggerated at all!

I am so in love with these graphic tiles and bathrooms decoration ideas!

New phone speakers? Really? Nooo, try this awesome trick!

Wishing you a sweet weekend with smiles! Thanks for the nice visit!

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23 thoughts on “Fun Friday #6

  1. Hi Denise! I really like all of the informations from your fun Friday’s post, but especially you got me curious by the second one about almost the same behave different people in the same place, photos which were used in this article looked almost the same. :) What about the video, you’re right – it makes me gloomy, it is so sad that society has not evolved at all, even though we have XXI century…

    Hope that you’re feeling better now and have a lovely Friday my dear, Denise,

  2. That its a fact about the video unfortunately we cannot ban something a person was taught at home so if he is ignorant enough to believe that you should only go after one race it show this person cannot make decisions of his or her own.

  3. Unfortunately I don’t think society will ever get rid of prejudice, Denise. It’s sad, very sad indeed. But I am not going to start a discussion about it, tho. I am glad to read you are getting and feeling better, that the strange mood is going away. Wishing you a blissful Friday and weekend ahead, my dear and lovely friend, Sorry must dash.
    hugs and more hugs, sweetie
    New update: Walking The Dog

  4. I read the story about the Instagrammer who ‘supposedly’ has a stalker who recreated all her pictures and visit all the places that she went but I think it came out that she made up the story and she was in on it. I think people found out that the other girl’s (who was supposedly the stalker) Twitter account was actually registered with the Instgrammer’s old email address. Many speculate that she did it to be in the news and to boost her followers. Not sure how true everything was but makes me shake my head at some of today’s society…

  5. Visiting Japan made me fall in love with Buddhist Temples, they were super inviting. I always found some willing to explain their beliefs and show me how to pray, along with other rituals. Fun Fridays Rock Denise, you have a great voice I love reading your blog, and others do too. Thank you for opening the comments it’s always fun to leave you a little note :) I lost 2 of close friends a few weeks ago, I was very hurt at first, but now I’m just fine. A weight has been lifted off of me. As much as I miss them, I realize they weren’t positive forces in my life and right now all I need is support and positivity. I couldn’t watch the video; I just couldn’t.

  6. That is so creepy about the woman taking the same pictures – has she no life of her own!!
    I love the boho chic style of design – it’s so feminine. And your Buddhist temple picture at the top of the page is beautiful. Have a lovely weekend my friend :)

  7. I always like your Friday links! I’m glad you decided to leave the comments open because I love to comment.

    I must admit that I don’t feel that bad about that girl who was copied. I think that the fact that her photographs can be copied with such precision really shows how ‘fake/edited/rehearsed ‘ most ‘lifestyle’ photographs on Instagram are (including hers). I don’t have an issue with people posting flattering and amazing photographs of themselves, but it annoys me when they pretend that it is life as usual. Nobody takes that kind of photo of themselves…nobody looks that perfect having breakfast! ….and this girl is actually a celebrity blogger who makes tons of money, so she shouldn’t be so shocked that someone is copying her. Perhaps that copy-cat account is actually showing people that this ‘ Instagram reality’ is not reality at all. It makes me wonder what the motives of copy cat are! Perhaps that girl who is copied payed them to do it- after all the copy cat is not really making a living out of those photos, she only has a few likes. Usually I don’t approve of plagiarism in any shape or form, especially when it comes to art, but there is something fishy about this story.

    That video is so sad…but I do understand why those parents do that! It is so sad that they need to explain those things to kids like that, though. :(

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