Fun Friday #5

Fun Friday #5, with 8 new FINDS for smiling :)

JonCha - Photo credit here

JonCha – Photo credit here

Fun Friday

How cool are these finds? A store with “yes-no staff approach” and how to pay a ride with bottles!

Really, you HAVE TO SEE this! A girl went to 11 different fitting rooms in different stores and the before and after pictures are food for thought… how we are manipulated!

These mugs are soooo sweet!

Friday Finds

Getting married at Taco Bell Las Vegas? It’s possible!

I can eat them! Will be very clean :)

Creative and practical doors that give a twist to any decoration!

Society’s imposed views. “Too” short, tall, fat, thin? Fearing going to the beach? Ban these thoughts now! EVERY BODY IS A SUMMER BODY.  And here as well.

How amazing is this song?! At least for me :)

JonCha – La Fine from JonChaMusic on Vimeo.

Wishing you a sweet weekend with smiles! Thanks for the nice visit!

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