Fun Friday #2

Fun Friday, because I think it’s nice to find interesting things and share them! Comments are closed, it’s just to relax and smile a bit :) Hope you like that!

Shouldn't we all be kind to each other? YES!

Shouldn’t we all be kind to each other, with harmony? YES!

Last week I said that researching makes me happy, learning something. So, I’m sharing again this week’s discoveries! Just click on the links – today, comments won’t be open :)

Fun Friday

Melania’s diary about the Women’s March…!

Gin hotel? Really? Very interesting, worth seeing it!

This sweater/jumper conveys a good message – through an iconic scene!

Friday Finds Globes? I love them! I want to visit this company!

“Jemmalynn Claster-Strakfort” letter to Donald Trumpworth reading!

Oooh, so cute! Rare sweet dog breeds! Prepare your ooohhhs and ahhhhs!

Rare historic photos, they are really incredible!

And this video is so cool – how a teacher motivates students, every morning! Really WORTH!

Wishing you a sweet weekend with smiles! Thanks for the nice visit!

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