Fun Friday #12

Fun Friday #12 – yay, finally normal blog schedule, as I said it would be by July :)

Now some – I think :)cool finds to enjoy!

Source here

Source here

By the end of the post, there’s a fantastic video about this machine – really impressive!

Fun Friday

I simply loved this – so real! Paper plants for any place!

People say it works… a new trick to deal with planes’ turbulence… it wouldn’t work for me for a special reason :) Anyway, I hope it helps other passengers.

What about a seesaw (teeter totter) dining table? Good luck – you’ll get why when you see the picture! :)  It does exist!

Friday Finds

Disney princesses as famous paintings , so sweet!

I was looking for some fruits for decoration… how cool is this?

And some pies for decoration too… so sweet and a fun detail!

Loved this… women trying celebrity hairstyles… their thoughts on why not, why not before, the feelings the experience triggered (it’s not superficial at all!)

And this incredible marble machine, Wintergatan, that uses 2000 marbles, and took 16 months to build and 2 hours to demolish, by Swedish musician Martin Molin–  here, another link about it :)  It’s really, really incredible!

Wishing you a sweet weekend with smilesThanks for the nice visit!

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12 thoughts on “Fun Friday #12

  1. Sorry about the late reply Denise, I haven’t been doing so well. Health problems, what can one do?
    Interesting tip about turbulence! I’m not sure would it work for me either, because I can write with both of my hands….but on the other hand, I don’t get nervous when turbulence hits. I’m much more afraid of road than air traffic. I could spent days travelling by air and it would suit me just fine:)

    • So nice to know about you again, dear Ivana, and thanks for the lovely comment! That is the “special reason” that I mentioned would’t work for me, because I write with both hands, too :) So sorry to know you are not well… You told me what you have and I mentioned to you that a friend has it too, and he has his ups and downs :( I really hope you are well very soon and if you need a “shoulder”, support or to put something out of your chest, please count on me, dear Ivana! I really hope you have a nice weekend!

    • Thank you so much, dear Neha, for such a lovely comment, you are always so sweet! I love reading and finding different things, I guess like everybody :) I am glad you liked the links!It’s good to be back :) Hope you have a beautiful Sunday!

  2. Liebste Denise, ich liebe Deine Links! Besonders gefallen hat mir der Post über die berühmten Frauen, die erzählen, welchen Haarstyle sie nie tragen und warum. Das ist echt interessant, denn ich z. B. trage meine Haare nie offen, denn ich fühle mich einfach nur komisch und unordentlich damit :) Ich wünsche Dir von ganzem Herzen einen wunderbare neue Woche!
    Liebe Grüße, Rena

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