Fun Friday #11

Friday Finds #11 – I am officially back from long holidays… nearly a month… so good!

* DUE TO A BIG ACADEMIC RESEARCH PROJECT, I won’t publish the Monday post this week :) Sorry about that and thanks for bearing with me!

Source here

Source here

Fun Friday

So, I was away for nearly a month… around nice places in Europe and South America. Now I am back and will get to all my lovely blogger friends’ blogs little by little – it takes some time to re-adapt and read on a daily basis, like I did before travelling :) I truly missed my blogger friends’ posts! Hope you like my finds today and the video on the bottom of the post, as usual!

How cool is decorating with washi tape? I was mesmerized!

Have you ever thought of… dyeing the armpits?

I loved these inventions, they make life easier!!! Or at least, mine :)

Friday Finds

The most intricate painting and decorating jobs… amazing, really!

Inventions that make mothers and babies’ lives easier :)

Here, more washi tape projects, really wow!

I love interior decoration, to make things practical… this rack is so nice and functional!

And an inspirational video… to remind us that many times, you’ll hear 20 “Nos” before the changing Yes comes.. Life is risking, there are no failures, just lessons!

Wishing you a sweet weekend with smiles! Thanks for the nice visit!

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34 thoughts on “Fun Friday #11

    • Dear Fil, loooved sharing ideas with you, I always learn so much from you! Thank you so much for the sweet comment and please, go ahead, share the video, yes! I love when something I find is “worth” :) I hope you are fine and I didn’t forget you, I am just into a big and complicated writing process for the university and will write to you next week! Hope you have a great weekend, dear Fil!

  1. I really hope you enjoyed your long Holiday Denise. I surely missed you. I hope you were successful on your big academic research project. I also hope you enjoy your get away, I love traveling, exploring the world and introducing myself to different cultures. I’ve seen washi tape head boards and I really want to do this. plus it’s always on sale at Michael’s, my local craft store. No, I’ve never thought about dying my armpit hair but I don’t remove it as much I used to when I was younger, I mean I have hair there so deal with it. I love this motivational video!! Seriously it makes me beam with pride.

  2. Hiya Denise, it’s been good to see you back to blogging. Busy days over here, as usual. I hope you are able to enjoy your time this weekend and get rest. All the best with the research project and come back when you have time, no rush dear. Have a lovely weekend. /Madison xx

  3. Hi Denise. Welcome back home. I hope you enjoyed your travels a lot. I was going to send your order today, but I didn’t have the time and, as since I will travel early tomorrow, I will can only post next week. I loved the decor with the green, red and yellow lines.

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