Fun Friday #10

Fun Friday #10 – I am enjoying sharing some finds, so much! Hope you find something nice among these finds, now!


Fun Friday

At the bottom, the video is so cool an funny, I hope I can say “as usual” :)

Picasso soap – it’s too nice to use it!

Ice cream bowls made of sugar – so delicious! And beautiful!

Amazing kitchen gadgets that are practical and fun!

Friday Finds

Miniature dolls’ houses that really look like real houses! I was impressed!

Wave door stop – so cute and creative!

Buddha soap… it looks like a sculpture!

Shoe and bag repair in the digital era… for the ones who live in the US :)

And the video shows James Corden again… now it’s Gwen Stefani‘s carpool, also with George Clooney and Julia Roberts – check out when the two look at each other, while singing! I liked it!

Wishing you a sweet weekend with smiles! Thanks for the nice visit!

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36 thoughts on “Fun Friday #10

  1. As a lover of art and an artist, I NEED this Picasso Soap! so unique so abstract so Picasso :) OMG I need this Butter Churner, what a great idea. I need a few of my high Heels cut down. I just can’t walk in pumps as well as I used to. Cobbler concierge is a great service. I love me some Gwen Stefani’s I grew up with her. She’s the first rock star I fell in love with. George Clooney is soooo funny. OMG “I’m just a girl standing in front of a boy asking him to love me!!!” Best line ever :) Have a wonder-filled weekend Denise :)

  2. Trovi sempre un sacco di notizie interessanti e divertenti nei tuoi post del venerdì cara Denise! ^-^
    Il video è troppo divertente!!! XD
    E che otriginali tutti quegli utensili e saponi! Ma la cosa che mi è piaciuta di più stavolta è il ferma porta a forma di onde, io lo trovo bellissimo! Sarebbe perfetto soprattutto per una casa al mare, non credi? 😀
    Buon week end, dolcezza, baci!

  3. Dear Denise, these are all such great links. I loved the video with Gwen Stefani, James is so funny, and that video makes me so happy! I hope you have a wonderful weekend. Thanks so much for your blog visits and comments. xo /Madison

    • Hello, dear Shireen! Thank you so much for your always sweet comments! I have seen the one with Adele, that was priceless! And one with Chris Martin, also nice :) Hope you enjoy your weekend, and again, thank you for your sweet comment! I’m out of home for a week, will visit you asap! Hugs!

  4. The first pic of thse beautiful colorful houses made me smile but the pizza bicycle cutter made me laugh out loud, so funny and yet quirky and cool. Thx bunches for your well wishes my dear Denise. Still pretty weak of all the weight lost, yeah well again :( Wish I would have been knitting instead of being in hospital getting isotonic contraction by drip feed, well such things happens. Anyhow wishing you a lovely day my friend.

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