Dresses, hairstyle, trips – some usual stuff

A post a month, but I take care of the blog: new page, Accessories! I may change my mind later. Reasons: 1) I post weekly on Stylishly Beautiful, an outfit too (check it out, you can be featured there!) 2) Here I show bad-quality pics, no need to often post them; 3) And “who cares about casual outfits on my blog?” I’m not Vogue. I post to remember my items, where-when I was/am. Bad-quality pics today anyway :) Enough once a month. Reason #4 is polemic – I’ll hold it :)

September summary, busy! I posted quotes on facebook (many written by myself), bought usual stuff – perfumes, shoes, clothes, etc – :) Back to England-Ireland, after 3 months in a place with winter. Call me crazy – when summer begins I need a cold place. Fall in Europe now, I’m back :)

still fascinated by NatGeo DNA results that shows that shape of my eyes!

Still fascinated by NatGeo DNA results – I see them in my face!

I had my hair cut... after 2 years an a half. Still very long. That's the way I like it. Since I didn't use any mobile for 3 months, I always carry that small camera with me!

I had my hair cut after more than 2 years. Still long, the way I like it. I always carry that camera!

A lot!

A lot was cut, got ready for my next venture – feeling fresh is essential!

Before, during and after!

Before, during and after! This was the pic I posted on facebook – sorry for the repetition! Can I live without my fringe? I don’t think so! As an experience, OK

I bought this amazing palette, perfumes, bracelets...

I bought this amazing palette, perfumes, bracelets… Unfortunately, this beautiful palette, bought to save space, is in my luggage that KLM retains – it’s the 5th day now

Detail Milan tunic

Details – tunic bought in Milan, Miu Miu shoes

Swarovski and Dolce & Gabbana

Swarovski pendant and Dolce & Gabbana bag

Dior, Tissot, nail polish Nomination

Skip vein and skin! Accessories: Dior bracelet, Tissot watch, Dior nail polish and Nomination ring

My favorite skirt at the momet!

My favorite skirt at the moment! Wearing it again! Celine top and Asos bag

From Hawaii adaso?

Adasa shoes

Favorite jacket

My favorite jacket and a dress I couldn’t resist! Aldo shoes and transparent bag with Thierry Mugler pouch

painted some pics

I painted Tenby… my favorite place!

Sept 28, 2014 at an art gallery. I liked this dress so much and the light was not so good... so that's why 4 pics. Black and brown - I like it!

Sept 28, 2014 at an art gallery. I liked this dress so much and the light was not good for pics… so that’s why 4 pics (below, too). An attempt to show the real colors…

The light was not so good and i wanted to show the dress, so the repetirion

Black jacket and brown shoes + Victor Hugo bag – why not? I like it!

the nice bracelet i boight - clear mind and Bijoux Heart from net-a-prter

The nice bracelet i bought last week and Bijoux Heart ring from net-a-porter

So that was “my” September! Hope you didn’t feel very bored! I’ll now look for undiscovered cities and museums and many new things in the next months! Crowned by another big trip in December!

By the way, till Oct 26th Stylishly Beautiful has a great giveaway – check it out, good luck!

At Stylishly Beautiful, Dior products, yay! I love Dior!

At Stylishly Beautiful, Dior products, yay! I love Dior!

Hope you have a great time everyday, with many smiles!

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P.S. - sorry, I normally smile in pictures - hope it wasn't so boring!

28 thoughts on “Dresses, hairstyle, trips – some usual stuff

    • Oh, so sweet, thank you so much for this lovely comment! The shoes I have for a certain time, but only wore them twice before. I really like them because of the mermaids on them :) Hope you have a beautiful weekend!

  1. Such a full and beautiful post Denise! You’ve done so much during this month. I loved all your outfits, and especially your shoes. I think you look gorgeous even without the fringe though. You should try doing it more often. And congrats on the new pages and the haircut. I also got a trim. I trim mine every 6 months. :)
    Happy to have you back!

    • Happy to have you here too, thank you so much for all the sweet words! I saw you had a trim, but I didn’t know it was every 6 months – I kind of am afraid of having mine cut, it’s crazy, just like a child, hahaha! But OK, I had… one day I got a bit “crazy” and wanted to change a bit but… at the end it’s all the same, hahaha! Well, you told me in Thessaloniki about the fringe, thank you for the compliment! It’s OK for a moment, but I have to get used to… after so many years with my beloved fringe :) hahaha! XXXXX

    • Hi, dear Anna! So glad to read your comment! And to have you back again posting! That Indian skirt is really one of my favorite items and I really wore it many times – 4 on the blog, and imagine the times I didn’t take any picture :) It’s so comfortable and interesting! I love Indian fashion! Thank you so much for your compliments! You are really such a sweet girl! Hope you are having a nice time back!

    • Thank you so much for your sweet words towards me! It put a smile on my face! I normally don’t follow fashion, I just like to be quirky and comfortable :) It’s really good being in the UK and Ireland during fall and winter, I hope you come here! It’s the perfect weather to wear a nice coat and feel cozy, for sure! Hope you have a great weekend and again, thank you for your lovely comment!

  2. Oh my gosh Denise, your accessories are so gorgeous. That bijoux heart ring is lovely and I LOVE the Miu miu shoes! They look so fab. Really like your hair and the pictures of you in the hairdressers chair are so cute, hahah you look adorable. Looks like you have been travelling a huge amount as usual – hope you are enjoying yourself and thanks for always leaving me such lovely comments XX

    • Thank you, Laila, for this sweet and beautiful comment! I love reading your blog! It’s so lively and so much fun, really! It reminds me of the time I lived in London! Yes, 6 flights in 12 days, but that is to balance the 3 months this year that I was just chilling :) It’s hard for a “gypsy” to stay in one place only! And guess what – the hair went back to “normal”… I knew it would be hard to be without my fringe, but as an experience it was OK :) The shoes: yeeees! I love them too! The minute I saw those big mermaid brooches on them I knew they had to be mine! By now you know I love all things quirky! :) Hope you have a great week!!! XXX

    • Oh, Maggie, thank you so much for this super sweet comment! I am flattered and honored, cause you are the one who has amazing pictures and outfits, not me! But I’ll accept the compliment :) It’s so nice to see you here and on facebook! Kisses too!

    • Hi, Diana, thank you for your sweet comment and compliment! True, I have very long hair, and I try to think of other styles to wear (to have a haircut) and I simply can’t! I think I am not prepared for a bob, not yet :) Again many thanks, and I hope you have a beautiful week!

    • Oi, Andreia, puuuxa, muito obrigada pelos elogios, fiquei ate sem jeito! Pois parece que o cabelo preso fica bem, tem gente que diz e agora confirmaste :) Mas como o gorro que mencionaste, nos acessorios, tambem uso pouco o cabelo assim. Vou tentar usar mais vezes entao :) Sapatos sao o meu ponto fraco… :) Mas acho que de qualquer mulher, nao? No fim tudo se torna ponto fraco – sem jaqueta jeans eu nao vivo! Um beijao!

    • Thank you, dear Elle, for the nice comment… and yes, I just don’t know why I am this way, but some weeks in a place and I start to be restless! I am now for 3 weeks in another country, and beginning to feel “it’s time to leave!” :)

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