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I’m a big fan of prom dresses in chiffon or satin fabrics! I like prom dresses, not for a prom, in my case, but because they can not only be worn to a prom, making your day magical, but for special occasions, as well, such as a wedding – that I am sure many of us were invited now (after all, it’s wedding season right now), and also on other important events. So now I have found this nice shop – Formal Dresses Sydney – I am always looking for beautiful dresses! I think you will like it too! Please, get to know it and my selection, let’s see some amazing dresses!


Above, this amazing A-line dress in chiffon, in such a beautiful cut, for an unforgettable prom! Very elegant! It has cap sleeves, something that I like very much, I guess everybody knows by now. The fact that it mixes two textures with the fabrics and two colors, makes it really stunning! That is my favorite dress!

A-line Chiffon Straps Beading Sweep Train Formal Dress

A-line Chiffon Straps Beading Sweep Train Formal Dress

So for your prom or a wedding, as a guest as I mentioned before, or a romantic evening or even a formal concert, please take a look at these amazing prom dresses. I am sure you’ll find a great dress that will suit you, cause they offer many good things: you can choose the color of your dress and the fabrics, too! The shop offers satin, chiffon, organza, taffeta and elastic woven satin, which is very innovative, so great!

They also offer plus size formal dresses! I think these dresses are very flattering to any figure. They also have a very handy size chart, plus long, short, mermaid and backless styles. You’ll see, you’ll find a style for you, certainly! There are figure-hugging dresses and loose ones, for more comfort, in my opinion – but that’s a personal taste!  Let’s see another one that I loved, cause it’s also a bit “covered” and with two tones, black and pale pink, the way I like it:
A-line Satin Scoop Neck Lace Floor-length Formal Dress

A-line Satin Scoop Neck Lace Floor-length Formal Dress

This is really an amazing shop! I totally recommend it as it offers amazing dresses with amazing prices. They ship in 24 hours after your purchase, and accept many ways of payment, even a deposit through Western Union! Hope you like the selection and the store!

Hope you have a very nice weekend, full of smiles! Thank you for the nice comments!

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42 thoughts on “Formal stunning dresses

    • Hi, dear Laila! I have the same opinion, if only I were invited to a ball, but I could see me wearing then dresses a bit shorter, totally doable, to a concert or a romantic evening! Hope you have a very nice weekend and thank you so much for the comment! XXX

  1. Woow! Nice dresses. And yes, you are right! These dresses could not only be worn in proms but at weddings and other important occassions too. :) I prefer the first one ( the red/pinkish) and the last one ( the black and pale pink) They are so pretty! ^.^ Thanks. It’s a great post! 😀

    • Thank you so much, Heena, for the sweet comment! The first one was, indeed, my favorite! I love the colors! I visited your blog a minute ago and I am amazed by it, so nice! So much, that I am now following you! Hope you have a great weekend!

    • Hello, Mari, thank you for your lovely comment! The prices are very fair, indeed, thought not $8 dollars like some sites have – and then I wouldn’t trust the site, but these ones are fair, not like “donated”, due to the prices! Yes, I have bought two dresses once and two pairs of shoes – and I will wear one of the dresses next month, to a post! Really lovely, in my opinion! Hope you have a very nice weekend! XXX

  2. Snap Denise! I love that red chiffon dress. The high waist and bodice cut are incredibly flattering, for any figure as you say. Stunning bead work. I haven’t been to a wedding in years. Neither for that matter have I been to any functions where I could wear such gorgeous gowns :(. Oh dear! Makes being married with two young kids sound really dull, yes? Lol! Tx

    • Hello, dear Tracey! Thank you so much for such a sweet and kind comment! I really loved that red and pink dress, and no, married with 2 young kids must be perfect, no joke! I think it’s a nice life, and as for me, the same, I wouldn’t know really very well where to wear these dresses, BUT I love them and I would wear even to the oub, with a denim jacket and shorter hem – in the summer, it would look fine. Really, or at least, people know I like to wear anything with a denim jacket and would just think “there comes the quirky one without self-criticism” :) But then life gets sweeter when we wear what we like :) Hope you have a great weekend!

    • Thank you so much for such a sweet comment, dear! I am sure your dress is really beautiful! I would love to see it! As for me, I love maxi dresses, but for these ones, in order for me to wear them, I would have to shorten then a bit, till the ankle, and then I would wear in some events! Thank you again for so kind words, hope you have a very nice weekend!

  3. Liebe Denise, vielen Dank für Deine schönen Vorschläge! Mein Favorit ist hellrose Kleid mit der Spitze – es ist einfach nur wunderschön. Ich muss gestehen, dass ich praktisch noch nie so ein sc schönes, elegantes Kleid besessen habe. Nur für meinen Tanzkursabschlussball hat meine Mutter mir etwas ähnliches genäht. Es war aber kein ganzes Kleid sondern ein weißes Korsett mit einem weißen, wadenlangen Spitzenrock. Und ansonsten habe ich zu festlichen Gelegenheiten – incl. meiner Hochzeiten – Dirndl getragen :) Aber ehrlich gesagt in meinem Leben finde solche eleganten Ereignisse, wo ich so ein Kleid tragen könnte eher nicht statt … um so schöner ist es, diese schönen Kleider bei Dir hier zu genießen. Hoffentlich hattest Du bisher ein tolles Wochende!
    Alles Liebe von Rena

    • Danke sehr, liebe Rena! Ich mag spiten Rock, sehr (wie du beschrieben hast, fuer deinen Tanzkursabschlussball)! Ich muss auch gestehen, dass ich dieses rot und rose Kleid liebte, aber auch ich habe im Moment keine Gelegenheit, um solches Klied zu tragen 0 aber wenn es etwas kuerzer ist, dann schon! Ich mag die zwei Farbe zusammen, und das A-line! Aber Dirndl war immer mein Traum zu tragen! Einmal habe ich fast gemacht, an Oktoberfest, aber ich hatte keins und keine Zeit zu kaufen, so ich muss immer nocht traeumen! Hoffe, dass du ein schoenes Wochenende hast! Liebe Gruesse!

    • Hi, dear Rebecca! Thank you so much for your nice comment! I agree with you, though I loved the green dress, the last one looks so sweet! And I also agree, they can be worn to any special occasion! I am looking forward to wearing the green one, for example, on a concert (Classical music, of course!) Hope you have a very nice week!

    • Hi, dear Ivonne! Yes, I agree with you, the last one was something that I thought “wow”! So sweet and elegant, in fact! I love dresses, chiffon and lace are so pretty! Thank you so much for your sweet comment, I hope you have a very good week!

    • Hi, Monica, thank you so much for the lovely comment! I agree with all you said, I loved the fabrics and we should wear what we found is just like ourselves! I like turquoise very much, and every time I wear it people say “it’s your color” :) I don’t know why :) I loved the last dress, it’s so feminine! Hope you have a very nice week!

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