Food and shelter… and a bit more :)

 I was more pensive than usual last week… then I remembered a thing I either heard or read:

When your stomach speaks, you forget your mind;

When your mind speaks, you forget your heart;

And when your heart speaks, you forget about everything

Basic needs to any person are, in the first place, food, shelter, healthfamily love and education.

And yet we are so driven by the brainwashing that society play on us…

Now, to the pics! I try to gather all the week’s pics for Monday, so please bear with me and thanks!

Bewdley Museum. I love that cameo ring!

Bewdley Museum. I love that cameo ring!

Pink coat, Asos; Bag, Ugg Australia; Shoes, Gina

Pink coat, Asos; Bag, Ugg Australia; Shoes, Gina; Scarf, Missoni

They have such a nice texture! Plus, they are very comfortable!

They have such a nice texture! Plus, they are very comfortable!

This place is really lovely!

This place is really lovely!

Source here

Source here

Time for some food :)

Mash pumpkin, homemade mayonnaise, pasta, spinach and asparagus

Mashed pumpkin, homemade mayonnaise, pasta salad, spinach and asparagus

Source here

Source here

To make my week nicer, my sweet friend Kezzie made an amazing birthday card for me (check her great blog!) I simply loooved it!

Isn't it the cutest birthday wishes you can get? Thanks, Kezzie!

The cutest birthday wishes you can get! Thanks, Kezzie!

And now, to other culinary creations this week!  I watched a cooking show last week, and it said: “Before you feed your body

Source here

Source here

I wish everybody, sincerely, a beautiful week with many smiles and food for the soul!

Thank you so much for your sweet and lovely comments!


16 thoughts on “Food and shelter… and a bit more :)

  1. Muy bonito tu abrigo rosa y tus zapatos. Te ves muy linda en las fotos. Y como siempre, nos haces reflexionar con los bellos pensamientos que traes cada semana.
    Intentaré alimentar mi alma 😉

  2. Such a lovely post! It’s always nice to see your pretty face. Your skin looks radiant, and your eyes are so beautiful they can make everyone around you smile. Great photos, and outfit! And the food looks delicious! I told you before, you’re so good with food styling. You should teach me some things hehe
    The birthday card is super sweet. I’m sure your friends sent you the best wishes!
    Kisses my friend! :)

  3. Awww, I am glad you liked it!!! I’ve had a mad week so also not been checking blogs much (haven’t clicked on my bloglovin all week so have missed all your posts!!!)

    Phwoar, teh food looks super and I love the shoes, they are sooo soo nice!x

    • Hi, and thanks for the sweet comment! Well, I have to be honest… I like history, archaeology, philosophy, literature, etc… I love fashion, yes, beauty products, but music and painting too… and today I see people being so superficial, posting things that – I respect their opinions – but that are so far from what people really need… living fake lives to show to people who don’t care! It makes me pensive…

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