Flying and shoe saves!

On May 20th I left England and came to South America to spend some time travelling. It’s such an experience and adventure! After the first week only sleeping – sooo jet lagged – I started the adventure adapting myself – it includes changing language, food and environment, of course. But I’m learning a lot!

Starting the adventure by drawing

Starting the adventure by drawing

Before I left the UK I went to some places to say bye to really nice friends! And “saved” some shoes, according to the Shoeper Shoe Challenge by Shoeperwoman!

Coming back from London on May 12th - sorry for the lack of make up and the "lion's hair!" It was raining!

Coming back from London on May 12th – sorry for the lack of lipgloss :) and the “lion’s hair”! It was raining! Just included it as part of my “diary”, tracking where I was

I know today would be a Master or Disaster day… last week, because of the jet lag, I didn’t post it… and today I’ll post about shoes – not Master or Disaster, but mine!

Shoe save # 5 this year

Studded high heel shoes from Peacocks - I loved them!

Bewdley, May 5th- Studded high heel shoes, Peacocks – I love them!

I wanted a similar pair some time ago. When I saw these ones in Tenby, Wales, I was like “wow”! Unfortunately, I didn’t take any shoe close up.

Shoe save # 6

Slippers at a park near Bewdley

Studded slippers at a park near Bewdley

Again, sorry, didn’t take a closer picture

Shoe save # 7

Yes, it was like the black coat before... in May I just wore this trench coat!

Yes, it was like the black coat before… in May I just wore this trench coat!

Shoes by EmporioK

Shoes by EmporioK

I can’t believe that a person who has around 400 pairs of shoes has only worn 8 pairs of them in 5 months! (One pair I didn’t photograph.) It’s nice to have so many pairs, but it shows me that we do need so little to be happy.

Now I wish everybody a great day with many smiles and much fun!


34 thoughts on “Flying and shoe saves!

  1. Hey Dear.. Thanks for the lovely comment on my blog.. :)
    Sad that you left England (Cause I really love this place even though I have not been there) but I hope South America is a great plae too. Hope you get used to with the language , food and the environment.
    All the best dear..
    Happy Weekends
    Have a blast

  2. Hi Denise, thats such an adorable drawings, how come we haven’t seen your talents in this art before? I am obsessing over your lovely burgundy and black coat, its a stunning piece and we are heading into winter here, it would be perfect. The shoes are so lovely, great neutral tones that will match with anything. In response to your comment, I don’t think you need to change at all, you’re the most warm, kind and thoughtful person, other people should strive to be more like you. Thanks as always for your wonderful words over at mine! Have an awesome weekend!

  3. So nice to see one of your posts again, and to see your face again! I missed you and seeing the photo from London made me miss it too. Oh good memories! :)
    I’m glad you were able to save some shoes, even a few pairs. The drawing is really cute? Did you make it yourself? Wish I could draw like this.
    I was finally able to read some posts today, but it’s very late. I have so many left to read but they’ll have to wait.
    See you soon! Kisses!

  4. Hi :-) Thank you very much for your visit and the comment.
    Du kannst gut Deutsch! Ja Stylight ist wie Polyvore, Du kannst zu deinen Looks noch Videos und Musik hinzufügen was bei Polyvore nicht möglich ist.
    Happy Day >3 Kisses, Kira

  5. Dibujas muy lindo! Esa ratoncita eres tú? jajaja.
    Cuando hablabas de la persona que tenía 400 pares de zapatos y sólo había usado 8 pares en 5 meses pensaba quién podría ser y luego me di cuenta que eras tú misma jaja. No me acordaba que eran 400!!! wow, cuando mi marido empiece a decirme que tengo muchos zapatos le contaré de ti 😉
    Estás menos cansada? espero que sí! Ojalá hayas comenzado a solucionar todos tus asuntos.

  6. oh my gosh denise, i can barely wait to see all your traveling photographs! your drawing is lovely. show us more. yes, i’m greedy. it’s fun to see your different outfits. those heart shoes are super cute. i bet they go with nearly everything.

  7. 400 pairs???!!! :O haha and I thought I had too many pairs. I’m glad I don’t have to think that way anymore 😉 anyway, that’s just crazy, I mean your shoe collection. wow! I’m still amazed.
    I also wanted to say I like that coat quite a lot. such an edgy piece to style with pretty much everything. oh and I hope you’re doing well and enjoying your long trip to the max :)

    Maikeni blogi – part of me

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