Flower language

Flower language, what does it mean? Do you think of it when receiving flowers? :)

Didn't wear it since October - it was torn, due to the missing luggage by KLM. I had to wear it for 9 days in a row!

I love flowers! Earring (just wore one) – bought in Budapest

It seems that flowers have their own language. Emotions are expressed by giving flowers :) This is just one of the many versions of Flower Language, depending on the country. There are many other flowers – these ones are given more frequently:

* Carnation (red) – “My heart aches for you”, admiration
* Rose (white) – Innocence and Secrecy
* Roses (mixed color bouquet) – Gratitude
* Rose (dark pink) – Thankfulness
* Rose (yellow) – Joy, friendship
* Rose (pale pink) – Grace, Joy
* Rose (red) – Love, Respect
* Poppy (red) – Pleasure
* Orchid – Love, refinement, beautiful Lady, Chinese symbol for many children
* Lily (white) – Virginity, purity, majesty – “It’s heavenly to be with you”
* Camellia (white) – You’re adorable
* Daisy – Innocence, loyal love, purity – “I’ll Never Tell”
* Violet – Modesty
* Violet (white) – “Let’s take a chance on happiness”

I love camellias, pansies and carnations, but my favorite flowers are roses, pink and peach colored. Which is your favorite flower?

Floral outfits are also a must for me :)

Tunic, my design. Didn't wear it since October - it was torn, due to the missing luggage by KLM. I had to wear it for 9 days in a row!

Tunic, my design. Jeans, Asos

Love spoon brooch from Tenby. The story of love spoons are so sweet!

Lovespoon brooch from Tenby. The story of lovespoons are so sweet! Nails Inc. nail polish

Tory Burch pouch. Cavage shoes

Tory Burch pouch. Cavage shoes

Didn't wear this tunic since October - it was torn, due to the missing luggage by KLM (here). I had to wear it for 9 days in a row!

Didn’t wear this tunic since October – it was torn, due to the missing luggage by KLM (here). I had to wear it for 9 days in a row!

Wishing you a week with nice smilesThank you for your always kind comments!

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136 thoughts on “Flower language

  1. Flowers are the best. That is probably why I wear so many floral dresses. Red roses are my favourite flowers, I wish I had a rose printed item of clothing. You look super gorgeous and beautiful as always.

    • Thank you so much for your lovely comment! We have this in common :) Roses, although mine are hues of pink – but red I receive with pleasure, too! Yes, florals are great! If I see any dress with roses I will write to you :) Thank you for the compliment, I wish a great week for you!

  2. Roses are my favorite as well, especially the light pink and white ones!
    And I love to wear florals as well, you look gorgeous! That tunic is marvelous.
    Adore your earrings and you bought them in Budapest I see :)) Kisses from Hungary xo

    Csenge | Csenge’s Point

    • Hello, dear Csenge, thanks for the sweet comment! Yes, I rode Hungary by car, got to know places like Seberov and others… such an amazing trip! I bought many great things there and the people on the streets were all so lovely! I miss it, it’s one of the most beautiful places I have ever seen! So we two love roses! Good to know it! Hope you have a very nice week!

    • Hi, dear, thank you so much for your sweet comment! So we have this in common, we both like roses! I like the pink one, but roses in general, are so beautiful! Hope you have a very nice week!

    • Thank you, dear Jackie! It is indeed a dress, but I asked my seamstress to shorten it to wear it like a tunic! And the fabric I chose myself, so I really love it! Hope you have a very sweet week!

    • Thank you so much for such a kind comment and welcome! That floral top is something that makes me feel very comfortable (but it was torn during a trip, now good enough to be worn again!) Hope you have a very beautiful week!

    • You are always so sweet, thank you for such a kind comment! I am looking forward to seeing your mix & match stripes and florals, cause I like different styles, or mix & match, like you said! I don’t see me as having “style”, I even feel shy reading this, but I thank you so much for that! I see me as gypsy, don’t know whether it’s good or bad :) But certainly what makes me comfortable :) I hope you have a very nice week, with nice weather, I guess! Kisses!

  3. Io amo i fiori! I miei preferiti sono le rose bianche o rosa chiaro ma anche i gigli e le camelie!
    In realtà mi piacciono un pò tutti i fiori! ^^
    Ed amo molto anche le stampe floreali, il tuo vestito è carinissimo ed elegante!
    Sei bella e solare come sempre Denise, buona settimana! 😀

    • Tante grazie, carina S! Come sempre mi scrivi con belle parole che sono carine e so che sono di cuore! Anche a me mi piace un po tutti i fiori, (sono del stesso signo, acquario, credo :) I miei preferiti sono le rose rosa chiaro, ma rose rosse sono anche meravigliosa! Grazie per queste carine parole, tu sei come un angelo! Baci ed una bellissima settimana per te!

    • Jejeje, es verde, era un vestido, pero despues he hecho un cambio para ser como um top e creo que esta bueno, al menos muy comodo (me gustan ropas comodas!) Gracias por tus dulces palabras, siempre! Espero que tengas una buena semana! XXX

    • Tante grazie, carina Paola! Quuesta tunica me fa sentirmi bene, con le stampa floreali, cosi me fa dimagrire un po :) Una bella settimane per te, carina Paola, con molte abiti eleganti! Kisses!

  4. I didn’t know there was a language of flowers! I learn so much from your blog Denise!! :) My faves are red roses – so I’m loved and respected?? Haha! – and lillies. I didn’t know lillies stood for ‘virginity’ and ‘purity’. They formed the heart of my wedding bouquet. So, clearly my message there was one of virginity and purity ;). Your hair is looking particularly gorgeous in these pics. So luscious and glossy, with a delicate wave. Really lovely. Tx

    • Thank you so much, dear Tracey! I loved to know about your wedding! So, if anybody knew the language of flowers there, they knew it was a pure moment, and virginity, why not, first time as a bride! I also love red roses, I used to love and still do, pink roses, but red as lovely as well! Thank you so much for the compliment! I really needed it today, feeling a bit into “reality check” this afternoon :) You made my day! Kisses!

    • Ah, margherite per Margaret, e cosi dolce! Tante grazie, carina Maggie, che parole con gioia, me ha fatto tanto bene (hai giorni cosi, quando bisogno leggere belle parole piu :) Grazie per sempre essere cosi dolce! Baci!

    • Que bueno leer tus palabras, querida Deborah, muchas gracias! Pues antes he dicho a muchas chicas que yo me veo como aburrida, pues me gustan las rosas, mientras tantas dicen otras que son asi mas interesantes, no se como decir :) “diferentes”, quizas. Y yo con las predecibles rosas! Pero son las que mas me gustan! Asi que cuando lei “soy mas clasica” me gusto mucho! Somos clasicas, no aburridas! Gracias por eso y por todo :) Un lindo dia para ti, y besos!

  5. Hi Denise!
    Such a lovely post! I didnt know so many flowers had meanings, I knew about some of them like the roses but thanks so much for sharing! i love violets, poppies, roses and daisies! hehe!
    I love the floral print of your outfit, I love wearing floral prints! They add such a nice touch!
    hope you have a fabulous week! xo

    • Hello, dear Andrea, always so nice to read your nice comments, thank you! I like violets, too, but I don’t know how to take care of them, unfortunately :( So I planted basil :) and it is growing nicely :) Roses, daisies and poppies, you are right, are so sweet! I hope you have a very nice week, too! XXX

    • Hi, dear June! Thank you for your kind comment! So we do have some things in common – we love the same flowers! Sometimes I feel it’s so predictable, but what can I do, I love them! Glad to know you do too! XXX

  6. Hi my lovely Denise, you had to wear the tunict nine days in a row. Holy crap! But at least it looks marvelous. I hope you got your luggage back. You look darling as always. I love to read about the flower language. I know a little bit about it. I always get red roses although unlike you I’m not fond of them. Haha well it means something cute so maybe I should be flattered. My favorites are peonies, buttercups and magnolias. Don’t have a favorite color. Pink, red… Wish you a happy Tuesday sweetheart!


    • Hello, my dear friend! Yes, unfortunately I had to wear the tunic 9 days in a row… due to KLM’s missing luggage! I am still waiting for a reply from their side and up to now, they only send advertisement, what for a shame! The tunic was torn in many places, cause the fabric is delicate… so I had to ask my seamstress to fix it again and as I like the fabric, I was able to wear it again now, so good! Magnolias are nice flowers! You have an excellent classy taste! I am predictable, I think :) Find it boring to like roses as my favorite ones, but I really do :) Hope you are having a very nice day! Thank you so much for your super sweet words! XXX

      • Hello my lovely Denise, oh I can’t believe you haven’t got your luggage back again. Shame on Klm. I hope you can file a complaint or something like that. They have to refund you at least. I’m glad she could fix your tunic. I totally love dark floral prints. I have bought a pair of dark floral printed leggins last week but they are a bit too small for me. My size was already sold out and I hope they might fit 😀 No way it’s not boring to love roses. All flowers are beautiful. Wish you a wonderful weekend sweetheart!


        • Hello, dear friend! Oh no, that was once about KLM, not again, but enough to make me feel bad till today :) And I could only wear the tunic after the seamstress fixed it, and 6 months later, cause I couldn’t see it, it reminded me of the 9 days I had to wear it in a row :) Well, I wore towels and sheets around me, no joke. I couldn’t leave the house for some days, till I decided to buy some things to wear, cause it was cold. But money I wasn’t planning to spend and 13% of the trip was lost :( Anyway, I wrote to KLM many times and they didn’t give me a solution till today – they promised something and never accomplished. Ah, such a stressful story, let’s talk aboit happiness – flowers! So good that we both love flowers and roses! I had a “strange” week and would love to have flowers now! Hope you have a very beautiful weekend, dear friend!

    • Thank you so much, dear Simera! I like daisies too, although I must say I love roses – there was a time I felt so boring, cause loving roses is so predictable! But I like pansies too :)

  7. Que maravilla de post Denise! solo sabia el significado de las rosas rojas jeje :) Que hermosos significados y que lindo que lo compartas con todas ❤. Para mi tambien es un mas vestir flores, me encanta. Tu te ves bien bonita como siempre y esos aretes te complementan, estan divinos me encantan! Que tengas un muy lindo dia, besotes !
    – Elsey

    • Hola, querida Elsey, que lindo es leer tus palabras, siempre tan amables! Flores son siempre tan lindas, estaba loca por estes aretes en Budapest, que interesantes! Si, las rosas rojas creo que son las unicas que yo sabia que son “amor”… no, las amarillas yo sabia que son amistad. Las otras todas son nuevas para mi! Fue bonito saber mas cosas :) Gracias por tus palabras, y que tengas un lindo dia, tambien! Besitos!

  8. I adore flowers. Pretty much all of them. Freesia are one of my favourites for their perfume.

    I’m currently in the middle of making a DIY floral clutch…more proof of my love of a things floral.

    Once again I’m admiring your shoes.


    • Thank you so much, dear Suzanne! Always so sweet and thanks for the compliment – we both adore shoes, for sure :) And flowers! It’s such a coincidence, because I am also making some items with flowers and a clutch as well! I am really very much looking forward to reading your post about it! Freesias are definitely very beautiful! I think I don’t know their scent, but now I am curious to! Kisses!

    • Hello, dear, thank you so much for your comment and compliments! We have this in common, then: we both like the same flowers and same colors! Hope you are having a very nice day, too! XXX

    • Obrigada, querida Lilly! Tambem amo rosas e look florais! Gosto de outras flores tambem, mas as rosas sao sempre minhas favoritas! Temos mais um ponto em comum! Um bejao e uma boa semana!

  9. Hi Denise!

    You know you said your design- did you have it made then or did you make it yourself? It’s really pretty either way! Also you said you might get one of my bag designs made- how!?!?! I meant to ask that!
    Flowers are wonderful. I prefer seeing them in the ground rather than being given but I do like snapdragons and ox-eye daisies!x

    • That’s amazing, dear Kezzie! What you said, because I once thought the same way – I never had flowers at home, because I liked seeing them in the nature! It means, alive! For years I haven’t bought any to the flat, but from time to time I feel I need some and now it’s the moment. You know when you pass by and smile, when you see something that positively energizes you? That’s what I need now :) Ah, the design? I see and “copy” with some modifications. Through the internet. I can sew, but I am very slow, so that tunic was designed by me (big deal, just a simple tunic :) and my seamstress made it for me :) Hope you have a very nice day! Thank you so much for your always nice comments! They lift me up when I most need it! XXX

    • So many thanks, dear Jessica! I find you so gorgeous, so I am flattered with this comment, really! Lillies are sweet, indeed! So beautiful! Orchids so elegant and classy! I liked to play with colors and unexpected items, like nice shoes and cheap jeans :) Actually these Asos jeans are the only ones that fit me :( I urgently need to lose weight! XXX

  10. I never think about the flower language, to be honest. I’m already happy when I receive flowers :p An orchid is my favorite flower and I love the meaning of that in the flower language. And your dress is so beautiful :) Enjoy your evening! xo

    • Thank you very much, dear Anouk! I must confess that I seldom receive flowers, so you are right – being happy when receiving it, that’s the best thing! Orchids are beautiful and classy! Hope you have a beautiful day! XXX

    • Hi, Steffy, thank you for your lovely comment! So we have the same taste about flowers! I love pink roses, but now I am changing a bit – a bouquet with pink, white and red ones seem to be perfect for me :) And I see you like them in white, too! Hope you have a nice day with many flowers!

    • Thank you so much for such a lovely comment! I love flowers and floral fabrics :) The ring is my favorite one, cause I also love white gold and emeralds! It has some diamonds, but what I really love is the square emerald! So, thank you so much for saying you also liked it, it meant a lot to me! XXX

    • Grazie tante, carina Maggie! Sempre ed una bella cosa leggere le tue dolce parole! Credo d’aver un meglio giorno cosi – le vibrazioni positive d’amici sono sempre importante! Baci ed anche per te, una bella serata!

  11. Today I’ll suprise you, because I have heard about flower language before (yay for me! :D) And I really love roses (of couse), peonies and lilies of the valley, but I have to admit that generally I like flowers and every year I can’t wait to the Spring, when everything is blooming :) What’s more you look so pretty on those photos, I really like your shoes :) Have a great evening, dear Denise! :*


    • Hehehehe, so sweet, dear Ivonne! Yes, flowers every year, or when possible, it’s so sweet I am glad that you knew about it! And that you love roses too! They are o feminine and perfect, nature is so wise! Lillies are also so feminine and delicate! Thank you so much for your always kind comments! You are a sweetheart and I hope you also have a great day!

    • So many thanks, dear Anna, you are always so sweet! I love flowers and florals :) I remember being 6 years old and loving going to blossoming gardens… and a cousin of my father nicknamed me “the little girl who loves flowers” and always when she asked my parents how I was, she used the nickname: “how is the girl who loves flowers?” That was so sweet, a nice memory! I am predictable about flowers – I love roses! Pink and red :) Hope you have a very nice day!

  12. It’s true flowers have significance and I remember my uncle telling us about flower names (language) as children, and that you don’t just give any bloom to anyone, they all have meaning. Great post Denise. I love elegant and graceful things so tulips naturally are my favourite: such a lovable flower. I love your shoes! /Madison
    Luxe Accessories

    • Hi, dear Madison! That’s so nice, that you shared this story, it’s so sweet! I remember an acquaintance who gave flowers to the girl he loved, a friend of mine – red roses, meaning that he loved her. Unfortunately, my friend hated that, because she didn’t love him. :) Tulips are really very beautiful, you have so good taste! I hope you have a very beautiful day, with many flowers around! XXX

  13. Liebe Denise, was für eine wunderschöne Tunika! Ich verstehe Dich sehr, dass Du Dich freust, endlich wieder eine Tunika tragen zu können und Du siehst wieder so frisch und wunderschön damit aus <3 Blumen liebe ich, sowohl in der Natur als auch Muster. Deswegen habe ich nicht nur viele Sachen mit Blumenmuster sondern auch Kissen und Bezüge davon. Wenn ich aber einen Blumenstrauß bekommen, bringt mich das immer zum Nachdenken, da man mir gesagt hat, dass jede Blume/Pflanze einen eigenen Elf/eine eigene Elfe hat und was ist, wenn die Blumen verwelken? Deswegen genieße ich Blumen vor allem in der freien Natur – auch wenn ich einen Blumenstrauß auf einem Tisch einfach herrlich finde. Liebe Denise, ich wünsche Dir einen glücklichen Wochenausklang <3
    Alles Liebe von Rena

    • Liebe Rena, wie immer, vielen Dank fuer deine suesse Woerte! Du hast Recht, in der Nattur die Blumen sind schoener! Ich habe nicht viele Blumenstrauss bekommen, so ich hoffe, dass ich nicht schuldig bin :) aber ja, Blumen zu Hause sind so suess… schoene Laune, garantiert! Gibt’s etwas gut zu denken… wenn jemand dir Blumen geben, guck mal wie viele Tag die Blumen dauern werden… wenn 7 Tage oder sogar mehr, die waren mit Freundlichkeit, Liebe, ehrliche Gefuehle gegeben. Kein Witz! Ich have Blueme ueber alles auch, die machen mich einfach glueckliecher – ich meine, als Stoof :) Im Moment habe ich zu Hause zwei Basilikum :) zum essen… aber die sind Pflanzen auch :) Ich hoffe, dass du ein wunderbares Wochenende hast! Liebe Gruesse!

    • Thank you so much for your kind words, dear Stella! I think we all love shoes :) I must confess, that I like some “strange” shoes, the kind that people look at them at first :) Not looking for attention, but I just like them! Hope you have a very beautiful weekend!

    • Thank you so much for such a sweet comment, dear Marija! I like orchids too, but I am so predictable, my favorite flowers are roses :) Those earrings – I was crazy for them when I saw them! Besides, they remind me of Hungary, a place I liked so much! XXX

    • Hi, dear Maria! You are so sweet, so no wonder you like flowers! Yellow roses stand for friendship! I have a friend who was in love with a girl, and she didn’t love him. He gave her red roses, so happy, and she hated them, because she knew it was for love. Then he thanked me for some classes I taught on a university topic and gave me yellow roses. As I knew he gave the red one to my classmate, he was so scared that he asked me “do you know? Do you know? Yellow roses are for friendship?” Hahahaha, he was so scared of being misunderstood, the poor one. Fortunately, I knew the meaning :) Hope you enjoy your weekend, dear Maria! Kisses!

  14. wow, your own design?! once again, very good job, Denise! I admire people who can and want to make their own clothes and accessories. I have a mini sewing machine but I just haven’t been connecting with it very well. maybe some day? I sure hope so :)
    anyway, about your flowers’ topic. my favourite flowers have been orchids but the truth is I actually like everything that’s blossoming in our garden. the more different flowers and various colours the better! but when people close to me give me flowers then still different orchids, that’s like a tradition and that’s why I have so many of them.
    by the way, I love the details of your floral ensemble. the jewellery (of course), those cute shoes and the pink and white Tory Burch bag. nicely chosen. you shine in your floral outfit.
    enjoy your weekend, dear Denise. ours should be pretty warm but we’ll see of course :)

    • Hi, dear Maiken! Thank you for always writing so sweet comments! When I say my design it may mean that I made the piece or that I drew and took it to my seamstress! In this particular case, it was to her and she even had to fix it again, because wearing it for 9 days in a row (remember the KLM issue?) was horrible to the delicate fabric. She had to make kind of patches to it. Thankfully, it has so many flowers that the damage was well hidden :) I loved all the green that is blossoming in your green house! And orchids are very beautiful, so I will think of them when giving you flowers – who knows, maybe? I am eager to visit you and Estonia! Hope you weekend is really nice and warm and that you enjoy it very much, indeed!

    • Thank you for the sweet comment, dear Jenny! I could bet you loved flowers, cause you are so sweet! It’s nice having them at home, though I seldom have :( They lift our spirits up, for sure! I hope you have a very nice weekend, dear friend!

  15. My favorite flowers are orchids and calla lilys. I think there are many signals one can make with flowers, each person relates to them in their own way. My mother, for instance, relates all yellow flowers to funerals, and her favorite flowers are white. This is something that has influences also the way I look at e.g. yellow flowers. One day I’ll open up a flower shop, that is for sure. Thanks Denise for passing by my blog :) I loved your comments!

    E from Helsinki, Finland

    • Wow, dear Elisabeth, I am so pleased to know that you one day will open a flower shop, I am amazed! It’s so nice to know about it, cause flowers lift me up so much (and I am sure many people as well!), and also nice to know different reactions to flowers! I know what you mean! I relate some flowers to funerals as well, though not the same you mentioned. And lilac sheets too :) I don’t know, it’s just something that people gather along life and we keep in our minds :) I hope you have a very nice weekend, I really liked that Recycling event! XXX

    • Dear dear Ivonne, we have the same opinion about each other! I find you super sweet and talented! Such a pity that I went to Poland three times and didn’t know you, so we couldn’t meet! My sister-in-law is of Polish descent! I love the items you produce and I will be very glad to be one of the first customers! You, too, are always so sweet to me! I am glad we met through the web! And hope you have a wonderful week with many DIY items! XXX

    • Thank you so much for the lovely comment! I love flowers and I love to give them, but I must say that I seldom receive them :( It’s maybe because I am sometimes very reclusive :) But I love to see them! Hope your holiday tomorrow is very good!

  16. Look Denise ,
    I love flowers, but do not know because they do not like to have flowers when I die, including my family, this already warned about this my strange desire .
    Life has strange things it is not ?
    I loved ese post,
    big kisses

    • Thank you so much, dear Isabel! I need to apologize, that I needed to write to you, but I am a bit away these days! Soon you will receive a surprise :) I know many people say they don’t want flowers at the funeral, it’s not a weird desire, don’t worry! I hope you are fine and that you have a great holiday and weekend, from tomorrow on! Kisses!

    • Thank you so much for this lovely comment and compliment, dear M! Flowers are, indeed, amazing! I thought I was so predictable because of preferring roses, but then people are saying “no, no, it’s just classic” :) It made me feel better :)

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