First trip this year: Dublin. I wasn’t going to post pictures, but some friends asked me :)

I was there before, with fine weather. But according to a sweet Irish lady, Dublin displays “4 seasons a day“. She didn’t lie! Sunny, rainy, cold and snowy in 8 hours!

This is a 2 page-post due to the amount of pictures. Please bear with – thanks for that!

That's me on Monday, Feb 10th, 2014. I love this necklace, from an antique shop in Bewdley. Hairband Vera Wang ribbon

Monday, Feb 10th, 2014. I love this necklace, from an antique shop in Bewdley. Hairband Vera Wang ribbon

Nice necklace close up

Nice necklace close up

Travelling essentials and two new perfumes: Floralista by Kenzo and Play by Givenchy. Clinique eyeshadows, moisturizerand lipgloss, Laura Mercier powder, Lancome mascara, A new product that I sooo much recommend: Melvita extraordinary waters

Travel kit essentials, for a more polished up look. New perfumes: Floralista – Kenzo and Play – Givenchy. Clinique eyeshadows, moisturizer and lipgloss, Laura Mercier powder, Lancome mascara. New product to recommend: Melvita extraordinary waters

Tunic, G:21, Cardi Moschino, Jeans Next and shoes Asos

Top: G:21, Cardi: Moschino, Jeans: Next, Shoes: Asos

Super comfortable new shoes, very good for walking - and the scarf I wore on the next day

Super comfy new shoes, very good for walking – and the scarf I wore on the next day

Ready to go out on Monday, with an amazing scarf, gifted on Christmas

Ready for Monday – scarf: amazing Christmas gift

Source here

Source here

Very sunny in the morning. Near Guinness Brewery

Very sunny in the morning

Then suddenly grey

Then suddenly grey. Bord Gais theatre

Bord Gais - Energy Theater

Bord GaisEnergy Theatre – as I love red, I took 2 red scarves with me :)

Then sunny again, Portobello area

Then sunny again, Portobello area. So many swans and ducks!

Grey and rainy in the afternoon

Grey and rainy again, the next second

Phoenix Park, snowing late in the afternoon!

Phoenix Park, snowing late in the afternoon! No “special effect”, it’s an honest pic!

Phoenix Park, snowing

Phoenix Park, snowing

Another Irish proverb. Source here

Another Irish proverb. Source here

End of an interesting trip! I’m sure I’ll be back there!

Sunny come back

Sunny weather when coming back to the UK, at least for one day

The weather is tricky these days. As you saw, it was a “mess” while in Dublin. In the UK, so much rain. I’m sad for the ones who had their houses flooded.

Hope you didn’t find it so boring! Wishing everybody a great smiley week!

Thanks for the always lovely comments, I feel so good when reading them!


16 thoughts on “Dublin

  1. Of course I liked your post! In fact, I loved it! Didn’t know that Dublin was this way. It’s really interesting, but I understand it can get annoying. We’ve been having spring-like weather for a few days now, and I’d be lying if I said I didn’t love it 😛
    So nice to see you beautiful face again!
    Kisses!!! :)

  2. It’s Monday!!! I don’t really hate Mondays or any day perhaps. Hahaha! You actually remind me of Monday because I know that you always have a new post every Monday and I really love reading your post especially your travel experiences. I’ve never been to other countries but I’d love to travel someday. :) Wow! My first plan was to go somewhere in London or Macau but after reading this post I suddenly want to visit Dublin first because of the “4 seasons a day” thingy. I really want to experience it all in one day because I know I won’t be able to stay that long if ever I get a chance to visit it. As usual, I love your photos. You look great and your travel essentials are for the win. I’m curious about Pixi though. I think it’s already available in our country too. How was it? :) Anyway, have a great week love. x

  3. Tengo muchas ganas de conocer toda Europa, pero no sé si un día pueda ir a Dublin. Desde acá es tan lejos y el tiempo que tenemos de vacaciones laborales es tan poco… Por eso viene bien ver tus fotos y pensar que a veces acá también se dan todas las estaciones en un par de horas. Tenemos cosas en común con ese Dublin… Jajaja?
    El rojo te queda perfecto! 😉

  4. hey! thanks for sharing your trip, Denise. I’m glad you did :) I haven’t been to Ireland but once again would really love to. though the weather does seem beyond crazy. at the same time I think weather has been crazy almost everywhere these days. we have lost pretty much all the snow (I’m not complaining) and now it’s mud mud mud everywhere. okay, enough of that.
    your travel photos are lovely and you look happy as always. even when the surroundings are all grey and gloomy you still manage to brighten things up :) oh and those nude shoes are beautiful as well!
    take care and talk to you soon!

    Maikeni blogi – part of me

  5. Dublin is on my list of places to visit, but I haven’t made it there yet. It looks like you had a wonderful trip, despite the wild weather. I can’t believe it rained, snowed and was sunny all in one day!

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