Fat shaming cards

Fat shaming cards – one can think “what’s this?” Well, the world has gone mad. These cards are supposedly being handed to London tube passengers…

I'm afraid to get such a card...

Still wearing blue, it was November

BBC wrote that commuters on the London Underground were handed cards telling them that they are a “fat, ugly human” by a group saying they “hate fat people“, the Overweight Haters. Kara Florish posted a message after receiving a card, that said that overweight people waste NHS money cowardly. She said that she’s not upset, but worried about what it can cause to people struggling with confidence and eating disordersBritish Transport Police is aware of the campaign. The Guardian says that police asked commuters to tell if they have received the cards on the tube.

Well, in the future there can be everything: black hair haters, brown hair haters, thin people haters, all is possible. If they think fat is bad, what about being mean and nasty? Terrible.

Fat shaming card example, received ny Kara Florish

Fat shaming card example, received by Kara Florish

Now, the outfit :)

Cat and dog lover, they always come to me!

I’m a cat and dog lover, they always come to me where I go. But I don’t have pets

Wearing a coin from Notre Dame, to celebrate 850 years; I'm still honoring the people in France, part of my family

Wearing a coin from Notre Dame cathedral, to celebrate its 850 years; I’m still honoring France (part of my family is from there), as well as wearing a Poppy – it was November

First rrime wearing green nails!

First time with green nails! Snakes rings… I asked the coin to be drilled, so to have a pendant and added a small glass drop from a Galileo thermometer

The other side of the coin, now pendant

The other side of the coin, now pendant

Turquoise bracelet, Zoppini

Turquoise bracelet, Zoppini


Dress, Fit. The “kind of kimono” was made by myself

Easy: get a square scarf  and sew the ends about 10 cm - ready! This one I bought in Poland

Easy: get a square scarf and sew the ends about 10 cm – ready! This one I bought in Poland

Shies, Nicole Fahri

Shoes, Nicole Fahri – navy heels

Raffia clutch, I don't remember where from

Raffia clutch, I don’t remember where from

Hope you have a nice week, with many smiles! Thanks for the sweet comments!

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49 thoughts on “Fat shaming cards

  1. I read about the fat shaming card incident in Dailymail a couple of weeks ago, it’s shocking to what extend some people go to make others feel lousy. Seriously, isn’t there anything better to do with their lives then trying to put others down? Ridiculous!

  2. It sad that others try to shame people because it does not meet their standard. The world is made of different race, color , language, culture and size it will be boring if we all look the same is ridiculous and pittiful in how far people go to hurt when is easier to just make someone smile. You look pretty doll.

  3. there are a lot of weird haters in this world….People who are naturally slim often face hate talk too….What can I say? Some people just have the need to make others feel bad and that is a very sad thing. I’m quite shocked by those cards, but what can we do? Perhaps better not to pay attention to such people because if we pay them attention, they got what they’re looking for.

    This blue dress looks lovely on you. A very feminine and stylish outfit. You’re a beauty.

    I love your accessories…that necklace is divine…and the rings are splendid.

  4. That is truly awful! They don’t know people’s situations! They are ugly human beings themselves if they can be so mean and unthoughtful.
    Your blue dress is beautiful! Truly! You look gorgeous in it.
    I hope your eyes get better, that’s terrible!x

  5. Some people, really……….. I am kinda speechless, Denise. Why just can’t their mind their own business……..what’s wrong with them? OK let’s move to your outfit, honey, you look gorge. You always look so beautiful, kinda fairy tale like, if you know what I mean. Beautiful beautiful beautiful. Sorry to hear about your eyes issues, Denise. I was MIA too, caught a bug called stomach flu and got gastritis on top of it. I still feel like death warmed over, got tired very quickly and still on that darn diet which makes me kinda cranky, lol. I need my junk food and I need my Starbucks. Gosh it’s xmas season and I haven’t even had a x-mas blend yet. Get lots of rest, Denise and I wish you a speedy recovery. That cat btw looks so adorable.
    big hugs, Denise

  6. What a terrible way to judge people and it’s so MEAN spirited. I hope the folks that hand out these cards realize that negative words don’t direct people in a positive direction.

    Anywhoo, you are looking lovely Denise! Light blue is definitely your color and let’s talk about the shoes – you have the best taste in shoes :-) Also, like the kitty in the photo :-)


    PS: Hope you are feeling better ~ rest those eyes :-)

  7. What a beautiful look! I really like your dress it looks so lovely on you. I also really like your nail color too :)
    That is crazy, why do people want to be so cruel to eachother?

  8. Hi Denise! I understand you are not feeling well hence you only post once a week now. Well, no worries, we are still here and will continue to support you! Just hoping that you feel better soon! I love your blog, and I must say: The fat shaming card is beyond rude, in fact, it makes me sad. Thanks for sharing these news – it really opens your eyes in the society we live in. On a different note: You look lovely as always! I love your accessories, and your dress + your smile. Sending you much love, dear friend!
    xoxo, Vanessa

  9. Oh my goodness I hadn’t heard of this fat shaming campaign and that’s disgusting. As a nutritionist, I object 100% to things like this and they cause more damage and upset than any good, and it’s just so rude and ignorant. I hope the transport police put a stop to this. Anyway love your pictures in this post, such a gorgeous sunlight reflecting off you and your outfit and as always I adore your quirky shoes! Have a great week Denise

  10. Totally agree with you, that the world has gone mad, I haven’t read about these cards, because but I think it may contribute to that people with overweight will feel terrible with themselves and they’ll be vulnerable to any kind of eating disorders,not to mention the lack of self-confidence! Sad to hear things like that! What about you,l I really like your pretty outfit, your idea from scarf to kimono is really smart, you did great job, dear Denise :)


  11. Liebe Denise, solchen groben Menschen möchte ich gar keine Beachtung schenken – ich finde es einfach nur dumm und menschenverachtend, was sie machen. Es wäre sicher um ein Vieles besser, wenn sich diese Menschen mit ihren eigenen Themen beschäftigen würde! Du siehst auf jeden Fall wieder wunderschön aus, ich mag die Farbkombination inklusive dem Nagellack sehr. Und es wundert mich, dass Tiere immer zu Dir herkommen, denn Deine Tiere erkennen natürlich Deine reine Seele.
    Hoffentlich konntest Du die letzten Tage wieder ein bisschen entspannen.
    Alles Liebe von Rena

  12. How terrible that there are people out there doing such a thing.

    But on the bright side of things, you look absolutely beautiful in your kimono top. Blue really suits you and the design is lovely! Cute dress too…and the cat <3 <3

    Next time you feel a cold coming on try to boost your vitamin C to 2000 mg's a day and hopefully it can fight it off :)

    House of Illusions

  13. This is outrageous Denise. Such despicable people about. I read the Guardian from time to time, but this story must have passed me by. I really can’t believe people could bring themselves to do such a thing. Well, they are clearly very sad, pathetic and bitter. And add childish to that! How are you darling? So sorry to hear you are still struggling with your eyes. Thank you for popping over to my blog and commenting. I leave you today with a warm hug and lots of kisses. And I can’t sign off without saying that you are looking as beautiful as ever. Txx

  14. it’s disgusting how people go out of their way to hurt other people. Anyway I love animals too! cats especially :) I have 2! I love this feminine outfit and this type of blue looks great with your skintone <3

  15. I didn’t know about this campaign… It’s true that most of us eat more than we need and we can always make better choices. But there are different ways how the message could have been delivered and this was not the best one.


  16. I heard about that story before and was thoroughly disgusted. What happened to politeness? No one has any manners anymore. It is sad. Also I’d like to know who died and made them judge and jury. Ridiculous.

    I love your shoes and that cool scarf/kimono. Gorgeous colours.


  17. Wow! That is SO no cool. I can’t believe that there are people out there who are so shameless. The best thing to do is to rise above their ignorance and hate speech. Of course, that is easier said than done. I know a lot of people who received those messages will take them to heart and internalize them. This kind of thing can ruin your whole day and really screw with your self-esteem. So, I know a lot of people will be hurt and they won’t be able to let it just roll off their backs. I really feel for them. I’m glad that the police are involved and I hope they’re able to put a stop to this nonsense!

    – Anna


  18. Yeah, I heard about those cards… Why can’t people just mind their own business? I don’t get it. Why do we feel the need to voice every single thought and opinion nowadays? Just because you don’t agree with how someone eats or looks doesn’t mean you need to be so damn verbal (and mean) about it.

  19. That is appalling to the point where it genuinely leaves a queasy feeling in your stomach. How sad and pathetic that some people have nothing better to with their lives and that they feel so insecure about themselves that they need to hurt, insult and belittle others to feel important in their own lives.

    On a far more positive note – your outfit! What a vibrant, stylish beauty! I love how well the shoes and “kimono” compliment one another.

    Tons of hugs & happy holiday season wishes!
    ♥ Jessica

  20. Denise, I’ve missed you! how are you girl? you know what.. I am sad to read these ridiculous outrageous cards and the stupid people behaind them.. but when I kept reading and saw the dress you’ve made my mood immediately changed:) you are so pretty and talanted.. it’s amazing!!! love your jewelry as well and the pop oh the green nails is a great funcky add to your feminie look! kisses


  21. People have gone crazy! I’ve heard about this incident, and I’m a strong believer of “if you don’t have anything good to say, don’t say anything at all”. Everybody is responsible for themselves, and everyone should do whatever they want with THEIR body. Fat shaming cards…that’s just crazy!
    You are beautiful as always here. Love your dress and the scarf/kimono. :)

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