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If you are a bag-lover, more than a shoe-lover, you will love this find :) Even if you are a shoe-lover, you can love bags, too, of course, and I fit the latter category – a shoe lover, but who also loves bags!  I guess, after all, women love shoes AND bags, and because of this, I really loved to discover Sammydress, a lovely shop that has so many styles that meet my taste! This is a webshop that sells many things, not only bags, but also clothes, accessories, jewelry, amazing shoes, things for kids and even garden items and wigs are among the products they offer! And as I said before, beautiful handbags (worth taking a look!) It’s such a complete shop, really good! Let’s take a look at, in my opinion, the amazing bags that I selected now, bags that I would really love to wear, right now! And the prices? Really great! Not joking, the prices are really really great!

Trendy Women's Tote Bag With Fringe and Candy Color Design

Trendy Women’s Tote Bag With Fringe and Candy Color Design

The selection is more like a wish list, because all of the ones I selected now, I would immediately wear, so nice I found them! I love many styles, from conservative to quirky, and you can see them here! I started with the above shown one, because of Pink October – showing a pink, gorgeous bag to support Pink October campaign, explained on the previous post. Lovely style!

Stylish Women's Tote Bag With Color Block and Chains Design

Stylish Women’s Tote Bag With Color Block and Chains Design

Yes, I said I like quirky styles! I simply fell in love with this amazing Rubik’s cube bag!
Pretty Women's Tote Bag With Color Matching and PU Leather Design

Pretty Women’s Tote Bag With Color Matching and PU Leather Design

I simply loooove this bag! These bags are super sweet, in my opinion! And this one is colorful, producing a happy feeling… I am in love with the shop!
Graceful Women's Tote Bag With Snake Print and Pendant Design

Graceful Women’s Tote Bag With Snake Print and Pendant Design

What about the above shown bag? I loved it, because it’s kind of “traditional” and as I said, this month I am into pink, so it would be a lovely one to show now! And to wear!

The shop is very good because it is easy to browse it and I was totally happy with the lovely items I saw. It offers delivery all over the world and in case something goes wrong, they have a 30 day-returns warranty. They accept payments through paypal, all major cards and even Western Union. They have a VIP program that  offers a wide range of services and privileges exclusive to their most frequent buyers. They really want the customer to be satisfied and happy – not to mention stylish! I hope you liked the shop, I really did! I could show many more styles, because I really loved them so much,and I am planning to purchase some of the items, which, of course, I will show here!

Hope you have a week with kind smiles! Thank you for your always nice comments!

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68 thoughts on “Fantastic bags

  1. Liebe Denise, jetzt muss ich aber immer noch sehr schmunzeln: die Zauberwürfel-Tasche ist natürlich genial! Ich finde auch die anderen Taschen, die Du ausgewählt hast, super schön – ich überlege jetzt nur, ob ich eher ein Taschen- oder Schuhliebhaber bin? Vermutlich beides, ich denke, das bist Du im Grunde genommen auch :) Ich wünsche Dir noch einen wunderbaren Donnerstag und sende Dir 1000 liebe Grüße aus Bayern. Alles Liebe von Rena

  2. Eu sou apaixonada por bolsas e sapatos, mais acho que sou ainda mais fã de bolsas!! Eu adorei a dica da loja, os produtos são lindos e parecem de ótima qualidade. Todas as bolsas do post são maravilhosas, mas a que mais gostei foi a última bolsa rosa, é fantástica!! Beijos querida Denise e uma linda tarde pra você!!

  3. the second one is so original and the third one is so playful…but I think the first one is my fav…it’s so pretty. Great selection of bags dear! I mentioned you in my last post, you inspired me to wear more pink this month…because raising awareness is important!

  4. I heard about this webstore and I saw it has great jewelry, but I had no idea that they also has beautiful bags :) I love your selection, personally I also really like bags in vivid, eye-catching and bright colors, which are great option for rainy days, my favourite is first one, because I just adore baby pink and what’s more, it will suits to wearing it during October, which is called “Pink Month” 😉 Have a great evening, dear Denise:)

  5. my favourite from your selection is the first one. it looks especially perfect for summer. pastel pink and fringed, really really cool indeed!
    but when it comes to myself and my taste in bags I have to admit I prefer more expensive bags because my experience shows those last a lot longer. I have good experience with Guess, Michael Kors, Armani Jeans, Lacoste, Ted Baker… you know, that type of brands. I can wear them for years, even 10 years and they still look nice. but when I got a random bag from H&M it lasted only for one summer. I do have some thrifted bags from unknown names and those have been pretty tough on the other hand. so I wear thrifted bags or designer bags but not the ones from Chinese web shops or H&M or other stores like those. but that’s just me, I know many wear only bags I wouldn’t wear and I accept that :)

  6. It’s so hard to choose between shoes and handbags! Everything you showed here is completely my style. I have wanted a fringe detail bag for ages and especially in pink. My favourite has to be the rainbow bag- it is the perfect design.

  7. I am definitely a bag girl Denise, more so than a shoe one. My daughter sighs every time we go to a department store and I head straight for the handbag dept, “Mummy, you don’t NEED another bag!’. Yes I do have quite a few but I am a little conservative when it comes to style. I have umpteen black bags, a few brown ones, the odd white… and that’s about it. I do love the pink fringed bag you lead on here. Def my sort of style, though not too sure about the shade. The Rubik’s cube made me laugh but I really don’t think I could see myself out and about with it – mind you, great prop for drawing attention to yourself, lol! Hugs and kisses xxx

  8. Hi Denise! I love your bag picks! I also love bags and i love quirky bags as well, as a teenager i had a lot of really unique bags that i miss! i love the rubix cube bag and the other two – pink is a great color for this month and raises awareness :) hope you having a great start to your weekend, dear! xo

  9. Hallo Denise, die Taschen sehen wunderschön aus. Mir gefallen sie alle. Man kann nie genug davon haben. Ich kaufe sie noch viel lieber als Schuhe. Bei Sammydress hab ich auch schon eingekauft und war echt zufrieden. Die Preise sind unschlagbar, nur die Lieferung dauert ewig :)
    Du bist so hübsch und nett, da brauchst du nicht schüchtern sein. Holly übertreibt das mit den Schaulustigen 😀 Außerdem schauen die Leute immer hin, wenn jemand fotografiert 😀 Wünsch dir einen wunderschönen Samstag 😀


  10. OMG! That rubic cube bag is just the cutest. Now I need to do more declutter to find my rubic cube, lol. Sorry for being late again, Denise. The home project is keeping me busy, lol. So you did change the kitchen stool cushion covers, that’s sounds good. We don’t always have to buy new ones, that’s what I told myself yesterday while cleaning out more clutter for donation or to toss away for good. However I made up my mind to paint some furniture I inherited from my great aunt instead of buying something new. It’s a big oak kinda welsh dresser and side sideboard which I really really really don’t like, lol, I just hate those kind of furniture, but that’s another story, anyhow, while I was at the thrift store someone was talking about chalk painting. Well, as soon as I was home I googled the thing and hit pay dirt, lol. That’s what I am gonna do, if it doesn’t turn out nice, I still can buy something, right? I would love to see a pic of your new stool covers. How is the rest of the project coming along?

  11. The Rubik’s bag is slaying me with its awesomeness!!! I could never crack that puzzle when I was little – try as I may. I doubt many kinds could, but I tried all the same. I wonder if I’d have more luck these days? Who knows! Tony could probably do it. He’s very left brand/logically minded and excels at things like math and coding, so I suspect that between the two of us, he’d be the one who could solve it. Have you been able to yourself, dear Denise?

    Big hugs & joyful mid-October wishes,
    ♥ Jessica

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