Facebook Effects

Facebook Effects refer to a study showing that using facebook may be dangerous to depressed people and can make people miserable. Do you agree with that? Do you use facebook a lot?

Pearl earrings - I love pearl! Liberty headband

Pearl earrings – I love pearls! Liberty headband

I was so demotivated last week, for reasons out of my control; didn’t even read blogs, sorry for that! Not because of facebook :) But showing the social media negative effects‘ study today: may be bad for self esteem; it’s an imaginary universe, not reality, a PR machine for the ego. Everyone shows a bright life, causing bitterness on others, the Huffington Post and the Happiness Research Institute say. Comparing ourselves to other people’s highlights may make us feel inadequate. Some people said that a week without facebook led to a better mood and less wasted time.

I’m on facebook since 2007  after a year I limited how I use it, it consumes time; I post about the blog and motivational quotes. For me it’s good that way – but surely I respect different opinions!

 Now, the outfit :)

Chambray shirt and burgundy skirt

Chambray shirt Da Rossitg and burgundy skirt with cut out details, I don’t remember where from

Shoes, Santa Lolla

Shoes, Santa Lolla

Brooch, from Trinity College (Dublin)

Brooch, from Trinity College Dublin

Bag, my design with fabrics bought in Ljubljana

Bag, my design with fabrics bought in Ljubljana

Hope you have a great week, with many smiles! Thanks for the sweet comments!

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35 thoughts on “Facebook Effects

  1. I haven’t been on my Facebook for ages. It is strictly personal, no blog, but it takes up so much time! And to be honest, more than half of the people are people from work that I don’t actually want to have contact with, but cant “unfriend” them because I see them everyday…

  2. faceboook can be evil! haha I tend to control how much time I spend on it, and I usually only post blog related things on my facebook fan page because I know not everyone enjoys seeing multiple updates from me :)

    I hope you are felling better now :)
    Pam xo/ Pam Scalfi♥

  3. I agree! It makes me sad. I had deactivated it for a while and then I activated to only check messages 1-2 times per week. But the truth is I need it, it helps me stay updated.
    But I don’t use it on my cell phone.
    You look cute as always!
    Have a great week!

  4. Hello my sweet Denise: A beautiful and honest/frank post. I must agree that social media, in general, can leave people depressed since we are only portraying the beautiful side of our lives but I think you do an amazing job showing kindness and heart while showcasing your exceptional fashion! We all need to learn that there is always more to a person. We all have a heart that is worth discovering for. I don’t use facebook all that much anymore but Instagram I do which can have the same effect but I tend to use it as inspiration. Sending much love your way, and I hope you are feeling better! Ich druecke dich, Denise!
    xoxo, Vanessa

    • Dear V., thank you for your sweet comment! I only showed the research, not that I was feeling down because of facebook, nooo :) I know how it is, everybody is a vice president there :) It was because of other things, but I decided to show what facebook can cause – and yes, Instagram too! I will soon go to your blog, I am feeling more energetic this week! XXXX

  5. I completely agree Denise, all of the social media channels – twitter, facebook an Instagram can sometimes make me a bit miserable when I’m sitting at my desk and watching other people do really fun things – I can see how make people feel that way, but I try to just make my own happiness. Anyway you look and always look very happy and your outfits are always cheery. I love the shirt tied with the belt. Hope you have a wonderful week!

  6. Eu também acho que o uso do Facebook, assim como outras redes sociais, tem que ter moderação. Acho que quando passamos tempo demais nelas, acabamos ficando muito mergulhados nesse universo superficial demais que as pessoas tentam passar ali, e isso não é bom. Acho que o importante é saber dosar o tempo que dedicamos a isso. Adoro os seus looks, pois acho que eles são sempre muito charmosos e elegantes!! Beijos querida

  7. Hi lovely Denise! I was feeling the same way dear mmm! Now all is ok, i hope you are doing better too.
    This a great topic, i do have a Facebook account but I am not so active on it. just like you said many social media outlets are machines for the ego.
    But to be honest I do enjoy instagram so much, it does make me smile, there is a lot of talented people out there.
    Beautiful look, love the color palette.
    Happy day bella.
    Glamoury Armory Blog

  8. I still have my Facebook account for only one reason, my family back in Malaysia. It’s where I post some pictures and videos of the little one and they can keep in touch. Honestly I think if one feels depressed over whatever perfection that he/she see through social medias has a lot to do with maturity and self confidence too. I think I would feel a little left out back when I was a teenager and in my 20s but now, at my age? Frankly, I couldn’t be arse about it because I am very comfortable with who I am and what I have achieved in life.

    • Thank you dear Shireen, always so sweet! I totally agree with you about the way we are and maturity. But I worry about some people I like, who get kind of angry because other post that they are having fun, and some even “create” things to do to post on facebook. Say, if someone can’t travel, let’s post about meetings in a local Cafe to make the page more “enjoyable”. That is a total twist of values, in my opinion, but I do respect everybody, only I find it a bit sad to do such things to create a fake image to please “facebook friends” that don’t care a thing about acquaintances. It is such a competitive world now, and for futile reasons!

  9. First, you look adorable! Second, I agree. Facebook was fun back in the day, especially for keeping in touch with people and such, but it’s become a totally different monster in of itself. I would delete it–and almost did–except I remember I have some upcoming projects that will benefit from me promoting them on FB haha. Ugh. It’s so skewed and that can mess with one’s brain. I hope you’re feeling better!!!!! Sorry you had a bad week! XO

  10. Hi Denise! Love this post! I can agree with you that people can get too caught up in what others are doing and it makes themselves feel sad. I don’t think everyone posts the bad parts of their lives. Funny you mention this because my dad (who has never used facebook) asked me on the weekend why people would want to have facebook for this exact reason! Haha. Very honest post!


  11. It’s interesting that one of the main reasons I have never signed up for facebook was the whole popularity competition and the feelings of inadequacy. It’s been weird having been on there quite alot in the past 2 weeks with the Lady V comp- sadly, despite my 292 likes, I didn’t win, but that was amazing to get that many! Not sure if I’ll try again or not, not sure if I can stand the pressure!
    Beautiful brooch and I love the cut out skirt and of course the beautiful headband!x

  12. Beautiful outfit my dear friend, you look gorgeous!!!!! I really don’t use Facebook that much, from all the social media pages i only used it a few times to post some pictures. but this is a very interesting article. I do believe that sometimes being in social media makes you more vulnerable.


  13. It’s a bit strange, but I do not like social media. I feel sorry for my time. I’m too busy to live in facebook. But I love instagram, because that’s where I find inspiration and positive. I like the success of other individuals. I like your outfit and your blog, because it is a positive.

  14. Hola querida Denise! Espero que ya te encuentres mejor y que esta semana esté siendo más agradable para vos. Leí un poco del estudio sobre Facebook, que quizás se puede aplicar para otras redes sociales como Instagram, por ejemplo. Creo que nunca me llegó a afectar mucho algo que ví entre mis contactos de Facebook A) porque ya no estoy tan activa en esa red social, jeje. y B) porque no comparo sus éxitos o cualquiera que sea su situación, con la mía. Creo que cada persona es un mundo y detrás de cada suceso hay todo un proceso imposible de mostrar en un post, verdad?
    Te ves tan linda como siempre, me encanta la combinación de la camisa de denim con esa falda, y omg, esos zapatos!! <3


  15. Firstly, I want to say to you, my dear, that you have stunning shoes :) They’re pure perfection :) What’s more, I hope that you are feeling better now and your bad mood will leave you ASAP. What about the post, funny to say that I have never had (!!!) FB account, but I have been thinking about this recenty, because if I want to develop myself and my blog, I have to be on FB,is a must-have. But thinking about present, believe me, I’m not unhappy that I don’t have FB, but I’ve heard from one of “friend” of mine that if I don’t have my personal FB account, I don’t exsist 😛 Take care, dear!


  16. my main issue with facebook is that it doesn’t protect the children rights. There were numerous cases of child abuction and mistreatment that were planned using facebook. I think facebook could do more to protect its users…Personally, I think that there is a right way and wrong way of using any social media…I’m not against facebook but I’m against the fact they do nothing to protect the children and they don’t delete underaged accounts…..in reference to people reacting negatively because they see only good things in other people lives on social media, I think that many people today feel that way because they’re ego maniacs. People need to think more of others….

    I really like your look….you look so beautiful!!!


  17. what a cool outfit!! I love the combo of that denim shirt and cut-out skirt. well and those heels look amazing! probably one of my favourite outfits from you to be honest.
    about that Facebook thing. I do log in pretty much every day but I don’t actually care very much what I see there and I don’t post very often either. so it’s probably not affecting me very much… but there for sure are people who are addicted to FB, they post about their every move and I eventually stop getting their updates because it’s too much and it burdens my feed 😛
    anyway, I hope you’re feeling better. I’ve been also having a tougher period lately and I hope it will vanish for good! for both of us. Christmas time should be happy and joyful right? :)

  18. I deleted my facebook profile because I think its of no use really, I just waste time in the feeds. But I will make a new one if I will need it for something. But I have a fb page for my blog. In my point of view, I’ll just use the things that will bring me value.

  19. I actually don’t use my personal Facebook account at all and have not for a long while. I found it boring and I just didn’t have time to keep up with it. Now, most of my friends are on Twitter, otherwise I prefer to see them face to face in real life, and talk on the phone/Skype. <3 Your outfit looks great Denise. Your brooch is adorable. /Madison
    Chinese Cooking

  20. I am not addicted to Facebook, but to a RPG (role playing game) since 2011. I just can’t stop playing it, no matter what! My blog is getting neglected since last few days because of this stupid game only. 😛 Gorgeous heels by the way :*

  21. You look so beautiful. The skirt is a gorgeous colour and the cut out design is a pretty addition. I am the most in love with your shoes. I think that social media can both positive and negative impacts. I definitely understand the negatives but for me it has been good- it’s made me feel much better about myself and allowed me to make friends when I used to be really shy outside the internet.

  22. I fully believe that and in a lot of ways, feel that extends to the web in general. I’m an optimistic, cheerful, glass-half-full kind of person, but even I feel dragged down and bummed out sometimes by the seemingly endless array of negativity, meanness, rudeness, and cruelty online in general. Thankfully I travel, so to speak, in generally very positive circles, but still, you never know where a stressful person or story might strike next. I’m not saying we as adults need to avoid such at all costs, but surely we don’t need to be bombarded with them 24/7 either.

    Thank you very much for your lovely blog comment today, dear Dense. This fall has been absurdly busy for me, too, and December is shaping up to be even more so (if that’s possible!). At this rate, I might end up pulling a Rumpelstiltskin all January long (I wish!). I’m very sorry to hear you’ve been feeling extra poorly lately on the eye front and will be thinking of, and sending healing wishes to, you big time!

    Gentle hugs & happy December wishes,
    ♥ Jessica

  23. I agree, it does leave us feeling inadequate some times. We have to be really careful with how much time we spend online and what we believe from what we see on social media, because most of it, are either lies, or just the happy moments of someone’s life. We don’t get to see the bad sides of people on social media.
    Love your shoes by the way! :)
    Filakia polla!

  24. I’ve had an facebook account three years ago, but I deleted it because it cost me many hours of my freetime and I was bored of the things people posted there. I am more into Instagram now, but the risk of scrolling down for hours is as big as on facebook. But lately I started my facebook page for my blog and I follow some photographers and blogger I like. But that’s it. I dont use it on a private basis, only to be up to date in photography :)

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