Fabruary stands for Fabulous + February :) How was your month? What are your plans for March?

I heart Dublin

A happy, hectic time in Dublin, after a while away. I first visited it in 2004 and liked it, but now, after living in Dublin, I love it! The Green/Emerald Island, so cultural! I’m leaving today, sadly. Boxes were taken by a removal company to the UK. I’ll miss it; wherever I am, I’ll have its happy memories forever. Holidays now; will post in some weeks again! More “Dublin” here, here and here.

It’s February 29th, a leap day! Tradition says that women can propose TODAY – next time, in 4 years! Well, we’re not in medieval times anymore, so any day is OK. A man (in the past) was expected to pay a penalty, if he refused a marriage proposal on Leap Day.

My favorite pictures across Ireland and Northern Ireland since 2014!

Home is where the heart is


The Long Room Trinity College Dublin

Cooking :)

Cooking :)

Giants Causeway

Giants Causeway Northern Ireland

Titanic Museum

From my windows, I faced this beautiful park, everyday

From the flat’s windows, I faced this beautiful park, everyday

I have no idea who the guy was - it's a famous spot for tourists

I have no idea who the guy was – it’s a famous spot for tourists

James Joyce Dublin

February 2016

February 2016

Famous Dublin doors, but these ones I found in Kilkenny!

Famous Dublin doors, but these ones I found in Kilkenny!

Claddagh ring

Giants causeway sea

I hope it was not so boring! Wishing you a great week, with many smiles!

Thanks for the sweet comments, I love having you here!

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P.S. – Fabruary is also a charity for the awareness of the Type 2 Diabetes and heart diseases. Coming from a family with lots of diabetes cases, I know I should take better care of myself.

71 thoughts on “Fabruary!

  1. Awww Denise, I love your “Fabruary” theme 😀 That is awesome. You look so beautiful in each of your photos. I love them. Dublin sounds like a wonderful and cultural place. You are so lucky to be able to travel there. I really hope you keep that amazing smile of yours and travel where ever you wish too and be happy 😀 This post is amazing Denise. I hope you have an awesome week. :)

  2. hi sweetie! you have such a winning smile, it is a joy to see you smiling in all of these photographs. It is my great wish to visit Ireland, so I’m very grateful for this virtual tour. It must have been a lovely experience living there. I always felt that the best way to know a country is to live there for a while…good luck with moving and all that:) I’m sure you ended up with nice memories, at least if the photographs are any indication;)

    So fun to know that a woman used to propose men on this day in the past…I bet there were some romantic stories that came to be as a result of this custom…and you’re right nowadays anyone can propose to anyone….and that is wonderful!

  3. I see that you spent marvellous time in Dublin, dear, looks like it’s beautiful city! And happy (very belated) birthday to you, my dear, I wish to you a lot of love, joy and happy moment for the rest of your life, Denise! And I haven’t had idea that there is something like this traditional Irish ring, I’m really happy that you bought it and that it was the best purchase of the month :)
    PS: Thank you for your lovely words, my dear friend, it means a lot to me :)


  4. Thanks, my February was okay, I did some useful things and had some awesome moments, but I was a little bit not organized and lazy. I’m gonna change this on March.
    I have a lot of goals for March, I need to write this on the blog to be more organized, it was my mistake that I didn’t this for February.
    Had no idea that this day is special before your post! And I had no idea about your b-day. Very late congrats to you! Hope your wishes come true this year!

  5. Ma che bello che hai vissuto a Dublino, cara Denise!!!
    Certo che hai viaggiato proprio tantissimo tu! Beata te!
    a me piacerebbe tantissimo visitare l’Irlanda, non ci sono mai stata ma deve esser meravigliosa! E deve esser interessantissima per chi ama la natura!
    Le foto sono bellissime, denise, hai sempre un sorriso meravilgioso e quei bellissimi capelli al vento, si vede che eri proprio felice! 😀

  6. How sad you are leaving Dublin! I hope that England (??) will be good for you though! Will you be here on Saturday (my concert is in the same church that you came to before!)
    I love your photos, esp the giant’s causeway!x

  7. My fabruary was great! (And looks like yours was great too! Lovely photos ♥) I don’t have any plans for March, my exams are starting from 12th of march and will go on till May so I won’t be able to update my blog regularly or read your posts, but I’ll try! :)

  8. not boring at all! it’s always interesting to see all the different places you’ve visited. I think it’s wonderful when people can travel, see the world and experience different places and atmospheres. I know I sure love it and it gives so much to me (although you travel super often and see so much more but still, better a little bit than nothing, right? :) I loved the photos by the way. the pink coat you’re wearing there is super pretty, suits you so well. and the cooking photo is super cool too, you’re a very glamorous cook! oh and those colourful doors are the coolest! and your new ring too. by the way, I’m actually happy February is over. it was not a great month for me, not at all. our little Elvis got sick and it has been quite hard for me. I’m just hoping things will go back to normal again, as soon as possible. you take care, dear Denise, and enjoy your holidays to the max!

  9. I love your fabulous february :) what a lovely pretty photos !! My february was full of exams but now I’m so happy as I finished all of them with amazinf results. I wish you a wonderful march dear ! xoxo


  10. Beautiful pics, Denise. February was stressful, yeah what else is new 😉 This never ending renovation is getting on my nerves, lol. What the heck was I thinking……….Oh well. You look beautiful and happy in all the pics, Denise. Happy new week, girl.

  11. Hello sweet Denise!
    Amazing post!!Such beautiful photos!!
    You look so preety dear!I would love to visit Ireland very soon!
    Good luck with the move!!!Take care!Happy March!Hugs!

  12. Oh Denise, your travels are always so lovely to read! I’m so glad you are well and that February has been FAB. Also, in relation to your last post – I am also going on a pink coat phase at the moment! I will share pictures of mine very soon :) xx

  13. I love this post Denise, it’s fully packed with all of your adventures. I’d like to spend time in Ireland, I have not been to the area where the Temple Bar is but have heard of it. You also look adorable in the apron photo. <3 I hope your March is off to an exciting start. My February was very productive and good.Thanks! xx/Madison

  14. Irlanda tiene mi corazon tambien porque la familia materna de mi padre es de allí. Qué hermosas fotos las que compartiste, tanto en los lugares iconicos como haciendo tareas cotidianas.
    En cuanto al año bisiesto (o Leap day), yo no sabía de esa tradición hasta que vi la película con ese mismo nombre (protagonizada por Amy Adams y Matthew Goode, muy divertida por cierto). Lo que NO sabía es que antes se ‘castigaba’ al hombre que rechace una propuesta ese día, jajaja!! Es muy loco 😀
    Espero que estes teniendo un hermoso mes de Marzo, mi querida Denise!!


  15. what a great post denise! I have also been slow to come visit blogs, but I am here and I always love reading about your travels! how awesome you have been to so many places, glad you had a fab february! hehe march has been stressful so far for me but i am trying to hop back onto the blogging bandwagon and updating more! need it for my sanity!
    hope march has been going well for you! xo

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