Enneagram, or Enneagram of Personality – utterly interesting, in my opinion! Which is your type?

Trying a 60s hairstyle, it made me feel good!

Trying a 60s hairstyle, it made me feel good!

The Enneagram of Personality was new to me, till last month. Then a friend’s cousin showed me that and I was fascinated! There are some similar things that I’ve read before, but this was now fresh, I liked it! If you know it, even better; if not, let’s see what it talks about :)

It defines nine interconnected personality types, represented by a geometric figure – the Enneagram. The Enneagram of Personality has been spread “in business management and spiritual contexts through seminars, books, magazines, etc, for self-understanding and development. Critics say that it’s a pseudoscience, too vague to be scientifically verified”.

The 9 types of Enneagram personalitiestype behavior motivation and negative points are:

1 – The Reformer. Rational and idealistic. “I do everything the right way”. Must be orderly/planned, pursues perfection. But can be obsessive, compulsive and hypercritical.
2  The Helper. Caring and nurturing. Always helping, own needs in 2nd place. Humanitarian. Tends to sacrifice him/herself.
3 – The Motivator. Adaptable and success-oriented. Image focus. Needs fame in an obsessive way, to be impressive and attractive to others.
4 – The Artist. Intuitive and reserved. Romantic, unconventional, individualistic. “Being told I’m odd/weird proves I’m staying true to myself”. Melancholic. Can lose touch with reality.
5 – The Thinker. Perceptive and cerebral. Intellectualism. “I need to understand the world”. Detached, unemotional sometimes.

I took two tests - one, classified me as type 4, subtype 6; the 2nd test as main type 9. People who know me well and myself found the results spot on!

I took two tests – one, classified me as type 4, subtype 6; the 2nd test as main type 9. People who know me well and myself found the results spot on!

6 – The Skeptic. Committed and security-oriented. Affectionate. Indecision, doubt, fear, self-reassurance, suspicious.
7 – The Generalist. Enthusiastic and productive. Adventurousness. Need fun and entertainment. Open to new things. Avoiding responsibility.
8 – The Leader. Powerful and aggressive. “I must be strong”. Irascible. Vindictive.
9 – The Peacemaker. Easygoing and accommodating. Calmness. Avoiding conflicts and self-assertion. “I must maintain peace for me and others”. Lazy and over-relaxed.

Your main type is the behavior you use most, but there are subtypes too, it’s intertwined.Try the tests if you like, here and here!

Diane von Furstenberg dress, top - my design  made by a knitting factory

Diane von Furstenberg dress, top – my design made by a knitting factory

The dress has a slit. I wanted a colorful watch with the plain colored dress

The dress has a side-slit. I wanted a colorful watch with the plain colored outfit. Mariner watch

Fly London boots

Fly London boots – the logo, a fly, is on the heel, it isn’t a scratch, hahaha!

A day trip to visit a gothic church

A day trip to visit a gothic church. Bag, Nine West

I love churches, they are so artistic!

I love churches, they are so full of art and history!

I loved this picture, with the loving couple behind me!

I loved this picture, with the loving couple behind me!  Scarf, Matthew Williamson

Coat, Asos. Boots, Next.Scarf, Matthew Williamson

Coat, Asos. Boots, Next

I loved this picture, too, with the colorful houses and it seems it's the moon up there,

I loved this picture, too, with the old colorful houses and it looks like the moon is up there!

Russian mother of pearl handpainted brooch and Swarovski earrings

Russian mother of pearl handpainted brooch and Swarovski earrings,  a bit restyled with my design. I’m not wearing many accessories lately!


Because sometimes, that's all we need!

Because sometimes, that’s all we need!

Wishing you a fantastic week with smiles! Thanks for the lovely comments!

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78 thoughts on “Enneagram

  1. Sweet Denise, I just adore your beautiful outfit – those rich, elegant plum tones are breathtaking – and the very lovely jewelry you partnered it with. That brooch has such a classic, charming family heirloom look to it.

    Many hugs & joyful first week of summer wishes,
    ♥ Jessica

  2. I also love churches. I studied art history in college and loved visiting all the churches that I read about in school. My two favorites are Notre Dame de Paris and the beautiful stained glass windows of St Chapelle.

    You look beautiful in your photos ~ xoxo !


  3. Super interesting post, sweet Denise!! I think I would be a mix between the Helper and Motivator. This was such a fun read, thanks so much for sharing! Love the fact that I always learn something new from you blog! And now to you: You look gorgeous as always! Love your hair and burgundy is such a great color on you!
    Happy Monday, love!
    xoxo, Vanessa

  4. Hey Denise,
    Omg I just learn about these things, I had no idea before reading your post. I just learned a new thing thanks to you 😛 I think I am a mix of helpler and peacemaker. hahaha x) omg you look so beautiful as always Denise. By the way, I love that scarf, it is so pretty and it gives colors to your outfit . 😀 And that quote in the end is really cute! Hugs to you <3

    • Thank you so much for your lovely comment, dear Steffy! But actually I have to disappoint you – my hair is as thin as baby’s hair, said by dermatologists and hairdressers :( It looks thick in pictures, because thankfully I have a lot of hair! A lot of thin hair = looking thicker :) And that’s why I wear it long – it gets heavier, otherwise, short it is like a broom, frizz takes it! Thank you so much again for the comment and compliment, you are always so nice! XXX

  5. haha, already before taking the test I knew what my type was. and then I took the test anyway and guess what? I was right. it’s type 1 – the reformer. and I agree with it. it’s not the best variant but what can you do, right? :)
    anyway, how cool that you shared so many photos this time! your hair looks amazing and the outfit too – such a beautiful layered dress. the cherry colour is pretty too. and once more – that hairstyle looks SO cool on you! even makes me miss long hair for a second 😛
    enjoy the rest of your week, Denise. I hope the weather is nice over there. here we have had so much rain lately. happy summer anyway! :)

  6. I had never heard of enneagram either until I read your post. I love things like this that help you to work out your personality. Your personality always looks so fresh and bubbly in your outfit posts. I think the one that suits me most is the generalist and I’m sure the subcategories would suit me too. I hope the weather is getting better where you are so you don’t have to dress up so warm anymore.

  7. Liebe Denise, ungefähr 1998 haben meine damalige beste Freundin und ich uns absolut intensiv mit dem Enneagram befasst und alles darüber gelesen, was es gab. Nun habe ich einen der Tests gemacht, was glaubst Du, was ich für ein Typ bin? Was bei Dir herauskam, passt meiner Meinung nach sehr gut. Vielen Dank, dass Du das Enneagram hier zum Thema machst und hier wieder Deine schönen Looks und die beiden wunderbaren Fotos mit dem Liebes-Paar und dem Mond über den Häusern zeigst! Ich wünsche Dir eine herrliche und glückliche Woche.
    Alles Liebe von Rena

  8. Sai che non avevo mai sentito parlare di questo Enneagram? Scopro sempre qualcosa di interessante nei tuoi post, cara Denise!^^
    Però non saprei dirti a quale categoria potrei appartenere, a parte il pacemaker a cui non appartengo di sicuro, mi ritrovo in tutte le altre! Forse un pò di più tra il leader, reformer ed il generalist…
    Carinissime le tue foto, sei sempre così elegante e a modo, sei una ragazza super dolce e deliziosa, ed hai un sorriso splendido! 😀

  9. The reason why I love reading your blog is I keep learning all these new stuff. Had no idea about enneagram so again, learnt something new through your blog today. I would say I am the sceptic, I do over analyze everything and I take everything with a pinch of salt.

  10. Great post Denise. I’ve not taken this test, but at work we took similar tests. I think I’d fall into all categories in some way, but ultimately the thinker, helper, and artist. I also love churches, and visiting different ones when I travel. Wishing you a lovely rest of the week. xx/Madison

  11. love your outfit! very feminine skirt…I love how you paired it with those high boots. Lovely scarf and coat…all in all, such a pretty outfit…and you always look radiant. You really have a beautiful smile.

    You’re right, that couple behind you on that shot is so cute….and churches are full of art and history, I love them too!

    I haven’t heard about this test for personality types, but it seems fun to do. We all have a certain personality type or sometimes we’re a mix of different ones….but to better understand ourselves, it is important to get to know ourselves and our personality.

  12. I think I identify most with the “motivator”. I’m always encouraging my family (mom, aunt, best friend, mother-in-law) to come to the gym with me =P. I find it motivates me when I surround myself with others who have similar goals.

    On a side note, loving the 70’s hair style inspiration you’re sporting in today’s post!


    • Hi, Elisabeth! Mine is under one photo, I took 2 tests – one said I am type 4, subtype 6 and the other tyoe 9! Friend found it spot on, I found it so, too! Thank you so much for your lovely comment! I hope you enjoy a great weekend with your lovely baby girl, congratulations!

  13. I think I’d be the Reformer or the Skeptic! I’ve taken so many personality tests, and they always seem to tell me different things haha. The ones that only have two answers are the hardest for me!

    Love your 60s hairdo – that’s my favorite decade (:

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