End and beginning of the year pix

A very happy week to everybody and many thanks for the compliments for the way I present my dishes! I had no idea they’d be so appreciated. As a vegetarian since childhood – not approved by my brothers :) – I do have many recipesI may post some.

On my previous post I wrote that I had some wishes for the year – not resolutions. Resolutions are strong – I end up not accomplishing them. So I said wishes TO EVERYBODY – more fun, more smiles, etc. By fun I posted a “shopping” picture – I was with a dear friend, that’s what I meant. More fun with friends, too.

Now to the Christmas and new year’s pictures – still time to do so, January!

Dec 24th, 2013. A figure flattering dress - Issa London, one of the favorite brands of the Duchess of Cambridge. Shirt, Carolina Herrera

Dec 24th, 2013. A figure flattering dress – Issa London, one of the favorite brands of the Duchess of Cambridge. Shirt, Carolina Herrera

Issa London dresses, including the famous blue engagement dress. Source here

Issa London dresses, including the famous blue engagement dress. Source here

I seldom post about celebrity style, but really, Issa London dresses are so nice (in my opinion). But alas, she has a model figure, everything looks good then. But even on me, I thought the dress was brilliant.

Coat, Have. It was a cold day.

Coat, Have. It was a cold day. Scarf, don’t remember :)

Dress print: little soldiers! In blue! Blu-tiful :)

Dress print: little soldiers! In blue! Blu-tiful :)

One of my mother's favorite rings, I also love it

One of my mother’s favorite rings, I also love it!

Not about the watch (that will come later), but the cufflinks with my initial :)

Not about the watch (that will come later), but the cufflinks with my initial :)

Source here

Source here

Dec 31st, 2013

Dec 31st, 2013. Shirt, Erdem. Scarf, London street vendor. I love it!

January 1st, 2014

Jan 1st, 2014. Tunic, my design. Shoes, Jimmy Choo. Sorry for the wires :)

Interesting Jimmy Choo shoes

Interesting Jimmy Choo shoes and the scarf from Dec 31st

And my bracelets

Braceletism: to avoid “evil eye”, Tina Silva. Grey one, Pandora. Silver/gold one, Nomination jewellery. Tigers, Kenneth Jay Lane. Nails: Revlon top coat :) Ring: gifted by a dear friend (check out her amazing blog!)

As for the lack of art or DIY now, I end with one of my paintings (2005) to keep me motivated to draw more or create more art – if I can call it so.

Yes, people change, I know I was much thinner - but the same hair always!

A bit erotic pic, I was experimenting styles. I was much thinner – but the same hair always!

Source here

Source here

Thank you so very much for your amazingly sweet comments!

They are so important to me!

Have a great week, with a lot of smiles!


56 thoughts on “End and beginning of the year pix

  1. Qué lindas fotos! Creo que entonces sí tuviste lindas celebraciones de Navidad y Año Nuevo. Eso es bueno, que hayas pasado lindas fiestas. Todos tus outfits y joyas hermosas! Con tanto viaje es admirable que siempre tengas bonitas cosas que usar. Y es muy bueno tu cuadro, creo que deberías seguier en eso, tienes mucho talento! Y una anécdota, no sé si tiene relación con tu cuadro, pero intenté entrar a tu blog desde el computador de mi trabajo y me salió un mensaje que decía que esa página estaba bloqueada por tener contenido pornográfico… jajajaja. Qué gracioso no? en mi trabajo no te quieren Denise jajaja.

  2. hey, Denise! I have been wanting to comment but my days have been way too short :( same thing goes about my own blog. I have a post I’m working on but it’s still unfinished. life is just hectic these days (plus yesterday when I got back from work I hit my little toe and now it’s big and purple. yay! :D).
    anyway, I enjoyed your post A LOT. I love seeing your unique shoes, bracelets, scarves, other accessories and clothes too. oh and your art is something I would definitely love to see more often! you’re certainly a talented young lady.
    enjoy the rest of this week and I hope you will soon find a new post from my blog :) I really appreciate the fact you’re waiting for my posts!

    Maikeni blogi – part of me

  3. Dear Denise

    You are always SUCH a ray of sunshine!! You leave the nicest comments which I really love. I am sorry I am so rubbish at commenting on your lovely blog-because you aren’t on bloglovin or blogspot I can’t seem to follow as I don’t have Googleplus it Facebook. Anyway, your Issa dress is lovely, such a cute print and,paired so beautifully with the crisp white shirt! I really like their dresses!

    Your painting is amazing too!! You are so talented!! By the way, I have a KCO concert on March the 8th if you are around , same place. Programme is Schubert unfinished symphony and the whole if Mendelssohn’s midsummer nights dream! X

  4. Hi Denise, I got known about you a lot! I didnt know that you paint, it’s really awesome!!! I love this a bit erotic picture! I love the pattern of your dress its so cute first I thought its stripes but they are located in very unusual way so it gives a special effect to dress, but then I found that its actually soldiers, so cute!!!

    Thank you for lovely comment have a great day!!!

  5. Great purchases! I always like to have a little snoop at what everyone else has bought over Christmas and New Year. I’ve never thought to wear cufflinks, I love the idea that yours have your initials on them. I do wear ties sometimes so it would be fun to experiment with cufflinks too – thanks for the idea. I do love Kate Middleton’s dresses. Because they are so simple and elegant, i do think they flatter all body types. Sometimes just the right accessories can bring it all together. Ooooh love the Choos – very lucky girl. I haven’t bought a pair of designer shoes in a while and one of my goals for this year is not to – ha ha x

  6. You look great on that dress Denise ! Ya no veo la hora de ver mas recetas :) Para mi que no soy vegetariana seria bueno saber de mas maneras de cocinar vegetales (ya que no como mucho eso) asi encuentro la manera de comerlos jejeje ..
    Y que lindo saber que te gusta el arte, aprendi algo nuevo de vos hoy :) Yo tambien soy let’s say artista. Me recibi en el college con asociados en Fine Arts. Tengo fotos de mi arte en mi facebook :)
    besos !
    pd: Espero te guste mi ultimo post

  7. I loved your Jimmy Choos. And how nice that you took a close up photo of your dresses print. It’s indeed brilliant. I loved it, and I think it looked amazing on you! So nice to see what you wore during the holidays. And thank you so much for mentioning me once again. I’m really really glad you liked my gift so much! I love giving gifts! :)
    I finally found some time, to do one of my favorite activities: blog reading. And of course I had to come to yours as well. It was such a beautiful surprise to see your face again, and of course your stylish outfits!
    Your painting is also amazing by the way! You’ve such a talent! You should start doing it as a profession. 😉
    Kisses! Makia!

  8. Liebe Denise, Du siehst sehr glücklich und schön aus auf den Fotos, das ist einfach wunderbar! Das Kleid von Issa London steht Dir sehr gut, mir war diese Marke bisher noch gar nicht bewusst, Du hast recht, die Kleider sind toll! Danke, dass Du mehr dazu erwähnt hast und auch noch Bilder herausgesucht hast. Den Ring Deiner Mutter finde ich auch außergewöhnlich sehenswert. Mir gefällt vor allem die grüne Farbe des Steins hervorragend. Und am meisten begeistert mich, wie begabt Du bist, das Bild ist sehr gelungen, ich würde es sofort bei uns aufhängen, da mir auch die Farben sehr gut gefallen. Wenn Du dann eine berühmte Künstlerin bist, dann bin ich sehr stolz, Dich zu kennen <3

    Lass es Dir nur gut gehen, liebe Denise, alles Liebe und Gute wünscht Dir von ganzem Herzen Rena aus Bayern


  9. That’s a gorgeous painting that you made. I love your colour choice, and the movements that are so apparent in both the subject and your lines. I really hope that you continue to hone this talent, because you really have it in you! Good job!

    Like you, I was not up for the whole resolutions thing — I also just realised that I inadvertently called your wishes “resolutions”, my mistake! — because I was not able to commit to mine last year. If anything, my only informal resolution is to use my Instagram account more often. So far, so good. The rest are just mental commitments that I have promised myself, without harsh repercussions in the event of breaking them, and I’ve been pretty diligent so far. Knock on wood and hope the upward trend keeps up.

    I also look forward to some of your vegetarian recipes. I’m always up for a new delicious dish to try!

    Hope you’re having a wonderful weekend, Denise!

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