Elegant bridesmaids and flower girls’ dresses

Beautiful jewellery, suggestion of a lovely lipstick color and amazing shoes! Sunnies, for a beach resort wedding! Really, it’s totally worth seeing the picks, in my opinion!
Weddingshe fantastic dress
I love floral prints, as I guess many people know by now, and I love sparkling, embellished dresses (and a bit of “unusual” prints, too)! And accessories, of course! So today I want to reinforce my love for these items by showing some dresses that I found fantastic – I would wear these dresses right now, and I am really willing to get the first one! It can be worn if you are a wedding guest,  and the ones below shown, as a bridesmaid’s dress (check out the purple bridesmaid dresses of weddingshe, wonderful!). But they can also be worn as a guest’s dress, for the wedding season that starts from now on – warm months, inviting to a nice wedding at a beach resort or by the swimming pool – such a great party, I am sure!  Also, check out the very sweet flower girl dresses of weddingshe, aren’t they lovely? For a more traditional wedding, when there are the entrances of flower girls and bridesmaids and then the star of the day, the bride! So let’s go to my other choices now!
Weddingshe bridesmaids' gorgeous dresses

And for the flower girls:

Weddingshe flower girls

How sweet are these little flower girls? I love their dresses, too, who wouldn’t? I know this shop for some time and I am always very happy to see the beautiful styles, novelties, always creating new and amazing dresses, for brides, guests, bridesmaids and flower girls. I like the fabrics, the details, how romantic the dresses are, and comfortable at the same time. They have styles for every taste and you can see the care they have for their customers, by selecting possible matches for the dresses, like shoes, clutches and lipsticks! I really like the shop and their products!
Hope you like my selection, too and I thank you for the lovely comments!
Wishing you a great day with many smiles!

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* I was selected for this opportunity by weddingshe, but I do know the shop for sometime and really like the products!


20 thoughts on “Elegant bridesmaids and flower girls’ dresses

    • Thank you much, dear Marija! I was kind of a bridesmaid once – it was in Germany, so at the time they didn’t have that tradition either, now it seems it’s changing :) I really loved the first dress, would love to wear it! Hope you have a very nice start of the week, and again thanks for the sweet comment! XXX

    • Hello, dear! I also fell in love with the first dress and would love to wear it, so “fluid”, summery! Thank you so much for the kind comment and hope you have a nice Tuesday!

  1. Purple is my favourite colour, particular a deep purple. Romantic, seductive, elegant, classy – all words I would use to describe the colour purple (if it’s possible to describe a colour in such terms?!). I love the necklines on those bridesmaids dresses. Sexy without being overt, or cheap and tacky. I think that shape is so flattering on a woman. Lovely selection of outfits, Denise – as always! Tx

    • Wow, dear Tracey, I didn’t know you liked purple so much and yes, it’s elegant and seductive and I think it can be described that way! I like it very much too, for nails, eye shadows… and I would love to wear that first dress, with unusual print! Thank you so much for the lovely comment, as usual, you are always so sweet! I hope you have a very nice weekend! By the way, yesterday I wore the green concealer first :) XXX

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