Earworm – oh, those sticky songs that are, sometimes, even nice, but after a certain period drives us crazy, cause we can’t get rid of them. How to do it? There are two ways!

Moonstone and Swarovski earrings

Moonstone, silver and Swarovski earrings – my design. Moonstones enhance intuition, fortune and protection!

How to get rid of a song stuck on your head? By chewing gum! It sounds funny, but it’s a research by the University of Reading. “Chewing the gum impairs the involuntary recollection of an auditory image and can affect immediate memory for verbal material”, they say. The Western Washington University says you can solve anagrams or read a novel to get rid of the song. What would you do?

These were the products worn for the makeup:

Makeup products

Makeup products: they are all listed below, it was easier to show them that way!


Now, outfit of the week :)

Jeans, Asos

Jeans, Asos. Top with strass, from Germany. Shirt, Versace

Rings and brooch

Rings and Russian hand painted brooch. Nail polish, it was from the manicurist this time, so i don’t know


Interesting bag, I don’t remember where I bought it

Dragon and rose denim jacket

Dragon and rose denim jacket – I love it! Opera Rock

Chinese wedding shoes

Traditional Chinese wedding shoes – I loved them and had to buy some pairs, since I love red and embroidery!

Last week, I linked up to Tardis Tuesday, by lovely Kezzie! Take a look, she’s great!

I got a Beautiful Blogger Award from the sweet Explore, Live & Love! Thank you so much for that, I feel so flattered and honored!

I thank so much for the beautiful comments and hope you have an amazing week!

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162 thoughts on “Earworm

  1. Aren’t those shoes wonderful! Not surprised you couldnt resist. The jacket is really cool too! Looks ordinary from the front and then BAM! Ear worms can be such a pain!! I find that when I’ve been practising lots, things get stuck in my head but more often are trite songs I’m teaching at school!x x

    • Oh yes, true, dear Kezzie, as a music teacher you are more exposed to earworms – the songs you teach! I understand you, now Rachmaninoff concerto # 2 is all the time on my head – well, at least it’s beautiful :) That jacket was “bam” when I saw it – can you believe I have it for 12 years? Once I was in Hamburg and there was a parade of Harley Davidson’s motorcycles and I didn’t know about it and wore that jacket, as a normal thing, and some drivers asked me “to which group do you belong” (there were several Harley’s groups). Hahaha! Me and my height, driving a Harley, I wish! Thank you so much for your lovely comment! I hope you have a great week!

  2. I’ve never before heard that chewing gum can help get a really annoying tune out of your head. I will have to try it! Yes, the earworm thing often happens to me and it’s soooo annoying!!! Why is it that it’s the awful tunes, those we find really cheesy, that always seem to get stuck in your brain, to the point that you can think of nothing else? It’s so maddening, right? I think chewing gum sounds far easier and less time consuming to do than either of the other two options – reading a novel or doing a quiz. I’m off to give a go Denise, as I do have a really annoying tune that keeps popping in my head right now – I won’t name it for fear of setting off more earworms, lol! Fascinating post! Tx

    • Hahaha, thank you so much for your lovely comment, dear Tracey! You are right, I was going to name the latest song that got stuck, but then I fear setting that song to you then, and so I thank you for the same – not naming a song, hahaha! It doesn’t happen very often to me, but now there’s a show with a song and that comes all the time on TV, to advertise “watch the show at 7 PM everyday!” and aaaargh, now it’s that song annoying me everyday! :) But let’s see, I will chew some gum to test whether the research is good or not :) Hope you have a very nice week without earworms, dear Tracey!

    • Hi, dear Elle! Thank you for such a lovely comment – guess what, I am glad you got rid of a song, because I still have “All About That Bass” for weeks coming back – argh :) I need to chew some gum to see whether it really works :)

  3. Qué raro, estoy segura que te comenté la entrada anterior, pero no veo mi comentario. Te decía que me gustaron mucho los vestidos.
    Realmente interesante que masticar chicle puede ayudar a sacarse una canción de la cabeza. No lo hubiera pensado. Voy a probarlo si me pasa!
    Tu chaqueta combina perfecto con los zapatos! pero no has ido a China a comprarlos o sí? Se ve como nuevo todo el maquillaje! cuesta mantener los potes lindos después de usarlos un tiempo.

    • Hola, querida Ale! No te preocupes, es que no uso la computadora en el domingo, asi que tu comentario esta en la entrada, voy a contestar! Tampoco yo sabia acerca de masticar chicle, y tengo que hacer eso luego, pues “All About That Bass” no me deja :) No, no fui a China comprar los zapatos, fue por internet, aunque me gustaria mucho ir a China! La verdad es que tengo tanta cosa, que es dificil que las use mucho, asi que estan como nuevas – pero a veces no :) No mostre algunas, jajaja! Gracias por tus siempre lindas palabras, estoy muy contenta que volviste, me gustan mucho tus posts! Besos!

  4. Lovely Chinese wedding shoes, they look beautiful! When I want to get rid of an earworm, I have to listen to the song again and then listen to something else. Sometimes, however, having a “power song” is something good, especially if you hear it in the morning and you’re in a good mood all day thanks to it! Thank you Denise for stopping by my blog, and leaving such kind comments.

    E from Helsinki, Finland

    • Mmm, that’s a good advice, dear E.! I haven’t tried that, but it’s really a good advice! I never tried chewing gum anyway, but I will try, let’s see if “All About That Bass” leave my head! Hope you have a very nice week and thank you so much for the lovely comment!

  5. I would have never guessed to chew gum, I might have to do this I always have a song stuck in my head and its gets annoying haha :)
    Lovely look today Miss, I really like the jacket and those heels! Also can’t forget about that bag :)


    • Hello, dear! Yes, chewing gum was a surprise for me, too :) I have a song that comes everyday, so now I will chew gum to see whether it works! Thank you for your lovely comment!

    • Hallo, danke sehr, liebe Nissi! Du bist sehr suess, ich freue mich, dass du die Tasche gemocht hast und den Nagellack! Ich hat Pech mit Nagellack frueher, dann Dior ist sehr gut – dauert fuer viele Tage! Hoffe, dass du einen schoenen Abend hast, und eine schoene Woche! XXX

  6. Non lo sapevo affatto che il chenwing gum fosse il rimedio per quelle canzoni che ti si attaccano in testa! Oltretutto d’estate capita molto spesso, lo proverò sicuramente questo metodo! ;D
    Come al solito tu sei deliziosa Denise, hai sempre un sacco di abiti ed accessori così originali, e riesci ad abbinarli davvero bene!
    Mi piacciono antissimo le scarpe e il giacchetto jeans! 😀

    • Sei sempre super carina, sono super felice d’averti “conosciuto”! Si fosse un po triste, sarebbe per un atimo – leggere le tue parole fa la gente felice! Grazie tante! (ma era un esempio, non sono triste :) Mi piace indossar cose un po “pazza” :) e con colore! Una volta, per 9 mesi, ho indossato solo nero – tutto, eccessori, abiti, scarpe, bose, tutto! Credo che cambiare ed una cosa buona :) La gente no voleva mai vedermi in nero :) “Gia, vieni la Denise tutta in nero”, hahaha, per 9 mesi, tutti giorni :) Ah, chewing gum – bisogno uno adesso, hai una canzione (adesso!)che e bella, ma non voglio ascoltar tutti giorni :) Tante grazie, carina S., una bella settimana per te! Baci!

    • Thank you very much, dear Rosdays! I am so glad that you like the post and the outfit! I hope that chewing gum helps us then, because I have a song stuck on my head right now and I don’t want that for the whole day :) I will try the research’s solution :) Hope you have a very nice week!

    • Thank you so much, dear Jackie! The bag I have for years and had never worn before – typical me, I buy things, store them and 10 years later finally wear them :) Why not, better late than never :) Hope you have a very nice start of the week!

  7. Olá querida Denise

    Muito chato mesmo quando uma música gruda em nossa cabeça e parece que não vai mais sair né? O que faço é procura ouvir algumas outras músicas ou ver um filme para tentar esquecer rsrs Mais gostei das dicas que vi aqui pois não sabia, como por exemplo a da goma de mascar, da próxima vez vou tentar rs. Adorei o seu look de hoje, especialmente o sapato ( que é muito lindo!! ) e a bolsa.

    Beijos e uma semana de muitas alegrias pra você

    • Oi, querida Lilly! Obrigada pelo comentario, vc sempre tao gentil! Eu tambem nao sabia da goma de mascar, sera que da certo? Pois bem, tem uma novela que tem uma musica, cada vez que toca, pin! Fica por horas! Hahahaha! Obrigada pelos elogios! Assim que vi esses sapatos fiquei apaixonada! Beijao e uma otima semana pra voce!

  8. Interesting. Well, there’s nothing more annoying than having a song that you really don’t like stuck in your head. I reckon, after a while you might end up tolerating it to the point of enjoying it, haha. It happens! <3 You makeup is gorgeous, and I love the lip colour! /Madison
    Sport Casual

    • Oooh, carina Maggie, non sono tutto che hai detto, ma ti ringrazio tantissimo! Tu sempre super carina, sono felice di averti “conosciuto”! Mi piace sorridere – bene, credo che a tutti, perche la vita bisogna di gioia e cosi i giorni trascorre piu felice! Ieri ho visto nella RAI un show di moda con Orietta Berti ed altri artisti, ho pensato a te, si anche vedeva! Divertente! Baci ed una bella settimana, carina!

  9. Ouuuh you always give good tips 😀 Nice to know something new ^.^ Although I ain’t a big fan of gum :O I think I would rather read a novel 😛 Hahaa I actually love this post! It’s pretty entertaining. :) Ohh and you are sooo beautiful as always! It’s like your outfits looks so good on you like it would be weird on me but amazing on you and that’s so lovely 😀

    • Hi, dear! Thank you so much for your lovely words, you always make me smile, thank you! Some people have said that, too: “your clothes are good on you and I would look weird”, but maybe not – just changing some things… for example, maybe black shoes and a “more normal” jacket, without the print on the back… I don’t know :) But I am glad that you liked the outfit :) And chewing gum: I am not such a fan either, and what have I done? I went for the second tip :) I am reading a book, so I can say that it works! Hope it works for you, too :) Thank you again for such a lovely comment! It really made me happy!

    • Hello, dear Simera! That was so nice – I mean, maybe not, to get a cartoon stuck! You are always so lovely, with “stocking up” gum :) There’s a program I watch every night and the song gets stuck, argh :) I was going to try chewing gum, but then I started reading a book… I can say it works! I hope you have a very nice week!

    • Thank you so much, dear Monica, for such a sweet comment! The jacket is kid of old :0 I have it for some years, it’s not Chinese :) But amazingly, it suits so well the shoes, I was impressed! The Chinese brocade is indeed such a lovely fabric! I hope you are fine and that you are having a very nice week!

    • Thank you so much, dear! I have it for many years, and from time to time I like to wear it again – the dragon and the rose are not so obvious (to me :) because they are on the back :) Hope you have a very nice week!

  10. Wow! I would have never thought of that before? Chewing gum to get rid of a song stuck in your head? It’s such a strange idea that I want to try it now to see if it actually works :) And lovely outfit! I am so in love with those shoes- I had a pair like those once but they were too big on me so I had to give them away :(
    Olivia | Her Name Was Celebration

    • Hi, dear Olivia! Thank you so much for your lovely comment! I didn’t know it either, that a song stuck disappears if one chews gum and I am eager to try it – well, maybe not, I don’t want a song stuck again :) But it happens :) Oh, no – you had some shoes like that pair and had to give them away… maybe you buy a pair again? Because theey are really comfortable, I can say! I hope you have a very nice week ahead! XXX

  11. Que hermosa Denise! Y que maravilloso post! Primero que nada lo siento que no ando publicando posts muy seguido y por ende no paso tiempo en blogspot :( . Tu sabes, llego del trabajo y lo unico que quiero es descansar mi espalda ya que tengo problemas de espalda. Paso mas tiempo chequeando facebook y contestando comentarios alla desde el celular. Creo que para estar en blogspot es mas comodo hacerlo en frente de una computadora que usar un telefono (la pantalla es tan chiquita que incomoda). Hoy me tome un tiempo especial y pasar a visitarte :)
    Bueno, ahora empesemos a hablar de ti y de tu publicacion. Empecemos por tu outfit. A ti te queda el denim bien bonito. y esos toques rojos hicieron que todo se vea mas unanime. Ese color de esmalte de uñas se ve super!
    Ahora pasemos a la informacion que compartiste. wow! Que buena informacion. Yo no sabia lo de masticar una goma. Dede ahora en adelante lo pondre en practica :) Eres fantastica con tus informaciones y gracias por compartirlas. Espero estes teniendo unos lindos dias. Que tengas una hermosa semana, besitos !

    • Hola, querida! Muuuchas gracias, en serio, por venir aqui, no quiero que te pongas mal! Se como es, para blogs, leerlos y escribir, es mejor la computadora, claro! Pero toma demasiado tiempo, es verdad, y no te preocupes, se que por la noche quieres relajarte y yo tambien! Asi que no hay problema, relajate y tus espaladas se van mejorando, poco a poco, asi espero! Me gusta deminm mucho, pero como has dicho, con toques de color. Yo tampoco sabia de eso, masticar goma borra una cancion, yo tambien voy a intentar! Ah, yo al contrario – poco escribo en facebook ahora, porque cuando una ve, ya se fueron 2 horas, asi que no estoy kucho alla :) Por la nmaniana comparto cosas como un post o foto, pero no mas :) Un beso y espero que esteas bien! Besitos!

      • Es un honor venir a visitarte Denise, siempre es un gusto. Tienes un blog bien lindo y especial y tu eres una persona buena, agradable y bien simpatica. Es verdad lo que dices del facebook, se pasan horas alli, creo que hare lo mismo que tu..pasare menos tiempo en el. Espero estes teniendo unos dias lindos! Cuidate y besitos amiguita!

        • Gracias, querida amiga Elsey! Tu siempre tan dulce, tus palabras son super amables, siempre! Ni se si lo merezco, pero voy a acceptar con mucho honor y alegria! Este anio como que tuve mas tiempo para “cuidar” del blog, asi que parece ahora mas lleno, con mas color :) Es verdad acerca del facebook – pasaba horas, como unas dos horas all, ahora ya me alcanza tiempo de hacer mas cosas, pues decidi no pasar mas que 5 minutos al dia alla :) Besitos y que tengas un lindo fin de semana!

        • Wow, I feel so honored, dear friend! You are amazing, I thank you so much for that! As soon as I read that I went to your page and thanked myself! Really, I don’t have enough words to thank myself! Besitos y disfruta, un lindo fin de semana ya empieza!

  12. Hi Denise, thanks for sharing these tips. I prefer to read a novel cos I don’t like chewing gums anymore. I can’t believe that I used to chew them everyday in the past 😀 You look adorable as always. I love the jacket and the super cute shoes. I have bought a pair of red shoes yesterday too but mine are flats 😀 I’m not fit enough for heels 😉 I also love your beautiful makeup. I had no idea Laura Mercier had mineral powder. I have to check it out. It’s the best for summer. Wish you a happy Tuesday sweetheart!


    • Hello, liebe Mira! Yes, Laura Mercier has mineral powder and I have to say, that is really excellent – the best powder I have ever tried. It really feels like nothing on skin, though it sets foundation – I really like it! I also used to chew gum before, I guess when I was a teenager. But not at home, it was considered “not ladylike” :) No I am reading a book every night (not one per night, hahaha, some pages :) and it must help getting rid of a song :) Today I do prefer flats too, to walk, but those ones were so comfortable and not so high, that I gave them a chance :) I hope you are fine and that you have a very nice day and thank you again for such a sweet comment, du bist immer so suess zu mir! Liebe Gruesse! XXX

    • Thank you very much for the lovely comment! I am still going to try the research, it means chewing gum to get rid of a song :) I can do it tonight – after a program I watch, that has a song soooo sticky :) Hope you have a very nice day and again, thank you for the comment!

    • Thank you very much for the lovely comment, dear Ellen! I like to pamper my skin :) Actually, it’s not even a matter of pampering, it’s more the need to – I have very sensitive skin, so I have to trust the top brands, normally. Hope you have a very nice day!

    • Hello, thank you so much for the lovely comment! I ordered them online, together with another pair that I liked very much – also red, also embroidered :) Unfortunately, I never went to China, but maybe one day – it would be very nice, I guess! Hope you have a very nice day!

    • Thank you very much, it’s such a sweet comment! I will try chewing gum when I have a song stuck – it’s kind of every night when I finish watching a program I like :) Hope you have a very nice day!

  13. Again, I haven’t had idea about this fact conected with earworm before! It’s very easy solution and I’m sure that I’ll try this as soon as possible! Moreover I really like your makeup, it’s natural, perfect for a day (and even for an evening), especially I love color of your lipstick(I’m huge fan of wearing shades of red/wine on the lips, so you know :D). Btw, great shoes, did you buy them, when you was in China?


    • Hello, dear Ivonne, thank you for your always sweet compliments! If I feel a bit down one day, I will remember your words, you really lift me up! I never went to China, unfortunately, who know one day :) I hope so! I bought them online, together with another pair. I liked them, people say that Chinese items are bad, but I liked them! Very comfortable, by the way! It took me some time to wear red and wine lipstick, and I am trying some shades – I am a fan of fuchsia or pink :) The solution for the song – I watch a program every night and when it finishes I have the song stuck! :) I need to try chewing gum soon – but anyway, I am reading a book every night, so it may help! Hope you have a very beautiful day, dear Ivonne!

    • Hola, querida Stephanie – gracias por tus palabras y tambien por lo de oir a la cancion varias veces – bueno, yo intente con leer un libro y fue bueno, pero voy a intentar lo que me dices! Esa chaqueta es bien “vieja” – no me gusta la palabra, porque poco la uso, asi se ve como nueva, pero si, la compre hace tiempo :) Me parece interesante porque no se ve “nada” – es una chaqueta normal, pero cuando se mira las espaldas… ese estampado interesante :) Por eso la compre, jajaja! Muchas gracias por tus palabras, espero que tengas una buena semana! Besitos!

  14. That’s really interesting! I actually never had that problem. I like it when a song get stuck in my mind. hehe I immediately want to hear it. :)
    As always you are really pretty and I loved your makeup and outfit! :)

    • Thank you so much, dear M., always so sweet! That is also a good advice – if a song gets stuck, why not listening to it again – I guess it’s nice! I will try it next time it happens! Makia kai akoma ena, s’auzzaristw para poli! :)

  15. Liebe Denise, das ist ja wieder sehr interessant, was Du hier schreibst! Ich werde es mir auf jeden Fall merken, wenn ich mal wieder einen Ohrwurm habe :) Im Rahmen meiner psychologischen Ausbildung habe ich gelernt, dass ein Ohrwurm die kleinste Form eines Zwangs ist, keine Ahnung ob das stimmt. Was aber ganz sicher stimmt, dass Du wieder total klasse aussiehst, ich mag Deinen Kleidermix heute sehr und auch wie Du strahlst. Tasche und Schuhe sind natürlich auch wieder spitzenmäig <3 Alles Liebe von Rena
    International Giveaway: Bags are More Than Fun for Me

    • Hallo, liebe Rena! Es ist war, du hast Unterricht ueber das Thema, es ist wahr! Mmm… ich glaube, du hast Recht – es ist eine Art eines Zwangs… ich glaube, z. B., wie die Reklame “trink das! Iss das!”, es ist etwas wie zwingen. Und die Musik kann auch so sein! Vielen vielen Dank, wieder suesse Worte zu mir! Du bist Klasse, ich versuche :) Habee ich an dich am Sonntag gedacht, als ich das Look fotografiert habe = du wirst es sehen :) Viele liebe Gruesse und geniess den Urlaub!

    • Hi, Angelina, thank you so much for the lovely comment and “trick”! And welcome! I think that listening to another song must be a good thing! I will try it the next time it happens, because it does happen, sooner or later! Hope you have a very nice evening!

    • Dear Anouk, thank you for the lovely comment, and there is another way to solve the earworms – reading a book, the research says :) Because braces and chewing gum don’t match, so you don’t have to wait till you remove them :) To tell you the truth, I don’t even know whether it would work :) But doctors say so… :) who knows! Hope you have a very nice day!

  16. Hi Denise, I hope you are well. So funny I’m actually chewing away as I type this but not because I have a song in my head, just because i find I can concentrate better when i’m doing my work so it’s quite interesting to hear the other effects chewing gum can have. I’ll definitely try it – I had one of the Justin Bieber songs in my head at the weekend ha ha. I love cosmetics at this time of year because I tend to go out more and like to get glammed up so I love your selection. Another great pair of shoes, especially with that jacket. Have a great week!

    • Thank you very much, dear Colleen! I love your comments! So you were chewing gum! And oh, a song stuck the whole weekend (I assumed it was the whole weekend :) As for me, I used to have a song stuck after a program I watch, and now at least one thing I can say – the book trick helps :) I am glad you liked the makeup, and I am sure you will look even more gorgeous all summer long! By the way, stuck on “food” – I am so fussy :( Now I eat something everyday and don’t fancy anything else… and that’s not healthy. But I will try my best to change it! I hope you have a very nice rest of the week!

    • Grazie tante, carina Paola! Credo que adesso lo sai, non indosso mini gonna… non mi piace molto le gambe corte :) sono bassa :) Cosi, um abito corto non sarebbe per me, ma con un jeans si :) Sono felice che ti ha piaciuto il look! Grazie tante per le tue parole, sei dolcissima, sempre! Kisses!

    • Hello, dear! Thank you for the nice comment! I haven’t tested the theory of chewing gum, cause I confess, I am not a fan of chewing gum very much, so I would read a book as well! Well, I always read books, so I hope songs don’t get stuck very much! I think you are right! Hope you have a very beautiful day!

    • Hi, dear Tina! Ah, so please, tell me whether your husband tried that “trick”! I don’t like chewing gum either, but if it works, I would try it :) I watch a program every night and the opening song is now stuck, but I am reading a book and I can say that since I started doing it, the song vanished! Thank you so much for the lovely words, and I hope you have a very nice evening! XXX

  17. Wow I’ve learned something new today:). I’m now on will chewing gum when my husband turn on a song that I don’t like:). I agree your Chinese wedding are the unique pair and hard to find them. They’re so pretty in a way they are. You always has such a beautiful unique items which is best:). I love what you’ve done with your makeups so beautiful. I love Laura Mecier products. I think I been buying so many thing from her line, if you haven’t try her concealer yet:) I recommend you to try. It’s stay all day long like a glue:) but natural and light looking. I wish you a lovely day and week so far Denise.

    Xx Tanya

    • Thank you so much, dear Tanya! I love Chinese wedding shoes, indeed, and wedding gowns and shoes anyway – white or Indian, like lehengas, I simply love weddings :) I also didn’t lnow about chewing gum, but I am using the “reading the novel” tip :) And I didn’t know about Laura Mercier concealer! I always need concealers when I don’t sleep well (doesn’t happen often :) but sometimes, yes!) and I loved your suggestion! I will try to get one as soon as I can, I like that brand very much! Thank you so much for that! Hope you have a very nice evening and week! XXX

    • Hahaha, it’s true, dear Demi! We do sing songs we don’t even like – I guess this is the perfect example of earworms :) Thank you for the nice comment and I hope you are having a great day!

  18. hey, you! thank you for your lovely e-mail and sorry I didn’t get here earlier. as you can see vacation means I have even less time for blogging (and reading blogs) though I thought it would be the opposite way 😛 anyway, I looove your jacket! it has the coolest print and it matches perfectly with those special Chinese heels. such a sweet combo indeed! by the way, do you have a so called “shoerobe”? 😀 or where do you keep all those shoes you have? I’m just very curious since you have SO many.
    oh and when it comes to songs getting stuck in my head I have to say I don’t listen to the radio very often so I don’t get into those situations very often either. I make a CD and listen to it in my car and when I feel like I’ve had enough I just make another one. and one more thing. I don’t chew gum. at all. I know the gum contains some bad stuff and I don’t really need it so I just stopped chewing it like 8 or 10 years ago 😛
    ps. I love your lip colour! it looks lovely on you.

    • Thank you so much, dear Maiken, and please, don’t worry about anything else, just enjoy your vacations! Well, now it’s too late, you left me this beautiful comment and I thank you so much for that! That jacket is kind of old, I mean, I bought it many years ago, but as I wear my clothes not so often (uh… I do dress everyday, hahaha, but like everybody else, not the same everyday :), so the jacket looks like new, I think – I must have worn it only 4 times. And yes, I do have a shoerobe :) Or more than one, to be honest. You know I don’t like to tell some things on the blog, but I have things spread through some places. As people won’t read the comments’ answers (only you will read yours, I think :) it’s OK to tell you that now :) I also stopped chewing gum many years ago, although I never did it very much (it was not “ladylike” at home, so I didn’t do it) and I think I would read a book to get rid of the song :) I am reading a book these days, from the 19th century, hahaha! I love the century! I hope you have a veeery beautiful day, dear Maiken, enjoy summer a lot!

    • Thank you so much! For the lovely comment and the compliment! Well, I am still amazed – I didn’t try, but I am waiting for a sticky song to start chewing gum :) Hope you have a very nice day!

    • Thank you so much, dear Jenny, you are always so sweet! I didn’t know about chewing gum either, but right now I am trying a book – it really distracts and so, the songs vanish :) Hope you have a very beautiful day, dear friend!

    • Thank you very much, Jess! I was also surprised by the “trick”! There’s a program I watch every evening and when it ends, argh, its song is stuck :) But I started reading a book – need to try with chewing gum to prove whether it works or not! I hope you have a great evening!

  19. Omg en verdad? Necesito probar este truco de la goma de mascar para la próxima vez que no me pueda sacar de la cabeza una canción! Un dato súper interesante :)
    Me encanta este outfit casual pero elegante! Los toques de color de los detalles son hermosos, me llamó particularmente la atención ese colorido y alegra anillo a rayas de distintos colores! <3


    • Hola, querida Deborah! Pues no se si es verdad, pero parece que si… voy a intentar, tambien! Muchas gracias por tus siempre tan dulces palabras! Ese anillo es plastico :) Sabes que yo me ponia de negro, de los pies a la cabeza, por muchos meses, todo – anillo, collar, zapatos, todo – y claro, despues de eso quise cambiar y ser mas colorida :) Gracias de nuevo, querida Deborah, besitos!

    • Thank you very much, dear Anna! I am so glad that you liked the shoes and accessories, because you are a model – you have so cool things! So I feel flattered! Again, thank you very much and I wish you a great evening!

    • Ciao, carina Paola! Grazie tante, tu sei sempre super dolce con me – so che hai abbastanza amici, e allora, mi sento veramente felice di ricevere carine parole da te! Credo che la giacca sarebbe bene per te, posso vederti indossando una cosi, con il tuo all’avanguardia stile – ma non solo la modello che sei – sono bassa :( Grazie di nuovo, carrina Paola, e un bellissimo fine settimana per te! Baci!

  20. What a fascinating tip about chewing gum to banish an “ear worm”, thank you for sharing that.

    Fabulous outfit, dear Dennis! I am especially smitten with your awesome jacket. It reminds me a bit of a pair of beloved jeans that I had a teenager with had small Asian style dragons on the front pockets. I wore them until they were literally in tatters and would buy them again if I ever came across the same pair again (some 15 years later!).

    Big hugs & many sincere thanks for all of your great recent blog comments,
    ♥ Jessica

    • Hello, dear Jessica! Be very sure that I am also sincere when I leave comments and answers, and I really love when we “talk” :) I think of you being driven to the doctor and I sincerely send good vibes – it was not just a comment, I really think of that. And your jeans, I am sure I would have looooved seeing and also having the pair you described – I don’t know why, I like dragons and snake rings :) It was so funny, one day I went to a shop and said “do you have some snake rings?” The girl told me “sorry, you are just not the type of girl I would think likes snakes, you look sweet”, hahahaha! But I like :) That jacket is old, but as I wore it I guess around 4 times, it is still good :) If I ever find jeans with dragons I will send the link to you! Hope you have a very nice weekend, dear Jessica! Hugs and kisses and good vibes to you!

  21. wow i didn’t know that by chewing gum you can get rid the song that’s stuck on your head! What a great post this is! I always have a song stuck in my head and it’s kind of annoying, thanks for providing this awesome tips! Anyway, i love your makeup you look so beautiful <3


    • Thank you so much, dear Sarah! I didn’t know about it either, and maybe I will try chewing gum next time a song is stuck :) What I can say is that reading a book really work! I hope you have a very beautiful weekend!

    • Thank you very much, dear Coco, you are really always so sweet! I love red shoes – and not because of the Oz movie :) I simply love red :) I hope you have a very nice weekend! Baci!

  22. I do hate when a song gets in my head and I can’t get it out. Awesome that there are some ways to help with getting rid of it!
    Your outfit is so chic, I love how perfect your shoes and jacket look together! What a great combination! Your bag is such a fun piece and adds some interest! I also really love your makeup! Your lip color is gorgeous!


    • Thank you so much, dear Rebecca! When you say you like what I am wearing I feel so glad and flattered, because you always wear amazing things, you know I love your style! It’s amazing how shoes, bag and jacket worked together, indeed – because I have that jacket for so many years – it was just a coincidence about the shoes! When I saw them “live”, that was the moment I thought “wow, I have a jacket that may match them!” And they did! Thank you again for such a lovely comment and I hope you have a great weekend!

  23. Oh wow! I LOVE this outfit! It’s really all about the details. The dragon on the jacket, the very unique bag, those fantastic shoes! You must take a photo of your shoe closet. Just so I can drool over them : )


    • Hahaha, I can drool over your closet, too, dear Suzanne! I remember the first time I saw your post was through decoration – a friend sent the link to me, and I was mesmerized! But thank you veeery much, really, for your sweet comment! I am planning to photograph some parts of one place, but I am so “picky” sometimes – when I am about to photograph it, I always find “ah! this and that are missing, no, I can’t photograph now”, hahaha! But I will, probably in July :) Hope you have a very nice weekend and again, thank you for the sweet words!

    • Hello, Lauren, thank you for the comment and welcome! I loved the name of your blog, it’s something I feel :) The shoes were comfortable, so a bonus – sweet embroidery and comfort! Hope you have a very nice weekend!

  24. I always get songs stuck in my head so these tips are great!!! I am going to try reading a novel since I love reading so much! I love the makeup you use! I have the YSL highlighter stick and I am obsessed. I need to try out the Laura Mercier powder! Your outfit this week is so pretty! That jacket is amazing, and your shoes are so unique! I love them!


    • Thank you so much, dear Jessica, you always leave me so sweet comments! The YSL concelaer/highlighter is really nice, I nearly only use that one for years! And really, you should try the Laura Mercier powder, you will love it! Light and really just setting the makeup! Hope you have a very nice weekend, I think you are on holidays now! XXX

    • Thank you so much for the lovely comment, dear Ivonne! Yes, I like mixing high and “low” things – low is not low, it’s something that people created just to point out that some brands are more expensive – imagine saying “high and low lettuce” :) Hahahaha! Lettuce is lettuce, but OK, people like to show “I bought this more expensive item” :) You know what I mean :) I don’t mind a cheaper item, as long as I like the style, the color :) Exactly what you said – I loved the shoes, they are comfortable and have an incredible embroidery! Actually they were more expensive when they arrived to me – the import tax department thought they were expensive, thought that the company lied about the value and taxed me in a bad way – I paid the tax because I knew the shoes would be so beautiful! Thank you soooo much again for your sweet comment, you are great! I hope you have a very sweet weekend!

  25. I read about the earworm/chewing gum a few weeks ago! Funny fact! Your blog is like a treasure box, every post has a little advice or message and some nice beauty stuff in it. The color of the lipstick is one of my favorites on you, it really makes your smile shine! And you have the laura mercier powder! I am looking for a good face powder (to set and highlight). Can you recommend it to me? Do you have other products by Laura Mercier?

    • Dear Hati! I am so happy that you are back! I told you, I really missed you! I liked that lipstick very much, but I confess I am still a bit too shy to wear red… such a bold red. But it was OK! Well, this Laura Mercier powder is the BEST I have ever worn, and if you see my Beauty page you can see I have 3 Clinique Powders, a Nars powder and so on. The Laura Mercier one is the best, really! In my opinion, of course! The researches I publish are because I just didn’t want to have clothes, I thought, who will care about a short girl showing clothes in front of a tree? So I though of offering some stuff I read and find interesting :) It seems people like it :) Thank you soooo much, again, for your lovely comment, you are great!

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