Dún Laoghaire – sun, sea, fun!

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Disclaimer: “recycling” my post from last week now – no new post now (Jun 16), but soon! I’m flying to the World Cup! Now, to the post!

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First of all, thanks to all the amazing blog-friends for the always so lovely comments! They mean a lot to me and I always look forward to reading and answering them!

My recent posts pointed out places, not outfits. I travel dressed in a comfortable and quirky way and I have no problems with that – the outfits don’t “suit” the fashion world, but I prefer to be comfy to walk a lot in new places. This post shows a “real” outfit – although always quirky, the way I like it! It was in Dun Laoghaire – it means, sea :) – in May.

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Dún Laoghaire (older anglicisation of which, Dunleary,- the way to pronounce it -, is also sometimes found) is a suburban seaside town in County Dublin, Ireland. It is formerly a major port of entry from Britain. From 1821 to 1920 it was named Kingstown. Source here

History and beauty!

History and beauty there! This is to show the port, not an ad

A very nice vintage hippie dress - I love hippie fashion, and denim jackets! Kenneth Cole bag, simple cout shoes from M & S - sooo comfy, and headband from a shop in Colmar, France on the flat's balcony at Bushy Park, Dublin

Nice  hippie dress – I love hippie fashion and denim jackets! Kenneth Cole bag,  M & S  shoes – sooo comfy, and headband from a shop in Colmar, France. On the flat’s balcony at Bushy Park, Dublin

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Source here

That's a beautiful place!

That’s a beautiful place!

This is such a funny picture! Looks like a long dress, instead of midi - it's the effect of the stairs! I just noticed it later! But I liked the photo!

This is such a funny picture! Looks like a long dress, instead of midi – it’s the effect of the stairs! I just noticed it later! But I liked the photo!

I’ll finish this post by saying that I’m packing – again – for a massive trip on Sunday, the 15th. I’ll miss people and places here very very much. I hope new adventures are open for me. This is the way it keeps going for me. Sometimes I wish to be less adventurous, but that was never my nature.

I hope you all have an amazing week with many sweet smiles and I thank you for your comments! They mean a lot to me, as I said, and they truly make my day!

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38 thoughts on “Dún Laoghaire – sun, sea, fun!

  1. Such a lovely post. I wish I could have come to visit you in Dublin when we had the time.
    I’ll miss you so much now that you’ll be more far away. I wish we get to see each other again soon. :)
    Filakia polla!

    • Thank you very much, my dear friend! I am sure one day you will visit Dublin, and I am also sure we will meet again! I miss you now and will miss you till the day comes, be very sure of that! Filakia polla episis :) Prospathw na mathw Ellhnika :)

  2. I completely understand what you mean when you say you dress for comfort when you travel.

    I made the mistake of wearing cute pumps on the first day of my vacation last year. They cut into skin and I was stuck wearing plain old flip flops for the remainder of the week – lesson learnt!

    • Hi, welcome here! Thank you for the comment and sharing that! You are so right! In the past, I used to travel wearing high heels and that was such a mistake, for me – I see other people wearing them in airports. If it is Ok for them, I respect their opinions, but not for me anymore! Flats to travel! Like you said, lesson learnt!

  3. Hi Denise, your dress is so beautiful, you look stunning, these are wonderful images, this place looks so charming. Very impressed by your BW knowledge, even I didn’t know they call her that! Thanks for your opinion on my last post…hope your week is going well.

    • Hi, dear Sam! Guess what, in the middle of the best way to carry everything I can in a small bag :) Hehe, well, years of BW watching :) I really looove it! Hope you have a great week – next one I’ll visit you again :)

  4. Denise, you must have quite an amazing travel journal, with all the photos and notes you’ve collected over the years. I guess you blog IS you travel journal, yes? Lucky you to travel so much. Tx

    • Hi, Tracey! Well said :) The blog is my reminder of where and when I was. I normally used to post about beauty and/or outfits, but I confess I do travel often, so… it started to turn more into a journal. And now I say that I’ll visit your blog next week and I’m looking forward to it – guess what… packing heavily for the World Cup! I’ll settle down one day, but I think it won’t be that early :)

    • Hi, thanks for the invitation! I have just arrived after two flights, one about 12 hours… everything is about football here! I will enter your giveaway this week, be very sure – just need to sleep a bit :) Thanks again for the lovely comment!

    • Hola, querida Diana, gracias por tus dulces palabras! Assi como tu, a mi tambien me encanta ver como llevas la vida, y a mi me gusta mucho arreglar la casa, etc… quizas un dia haga eso mas a menudo! Adi lo espero, te digo! Ese vestido, cuando vi me quede aaaaahhhh! Embobada! Me encanto muchisimo! Esta en mi maleta :) Quiero usarlo mas veces! Esa semana, despues dormir un poco (un vuelo de 12 horas…) te voy a visitar y ya entro en una nueva rutina, tambien es bueno cambiar :) Besos!

    • Hi, thanks for your comment, so sweet! I have started already with massive fun, got to know a former World Cup player, so interesting stories! I’m amazed, so many nice things happen when we least expect! This week, after sleeping a bit (12 hour-flight…) I’ll for sure visit your blog, I miss my favorite ones! Have a great time too – do you watch some games?

    • Thank you for the nice comment! Yes, it’s so hectic and joyful here! Everybody so smiley, it’s an incredible experience! On Monday I will show some more pictures and will re-start my activity as a “blog-friend” :), reading and commenting on my favorite blogs – expect my visit, cause you are part of it! Hope you have a great weekend!

  5. Viajaste para estar en la Copa del mundo? Espero que tengas lindos días acá en Sudamérica y disfrutes del ambiente de fiesta. Hincha de Brasil?

    • Jajajaja, en Inglaterra toda la gente dice que Brasil va a ganar, yo no creo, pero saben que Inglaterra no gana tampoco :) Pero Chile???? Ese si que puede ganar y lo merecen! Que crees? Pienso siempre en ti cuando los veo en la tele Chi chi chi Le le le!

    • Thanks for the lovely comment, dear Kezzie! I loooved the dress, actually, when I saw it! I love headbands too, so it was exactly what I wanted to achieve, a 50s flair! The flat’s balcony is indeed amazing! Big, full of flowers, facing Bushy Park – it’s really a blessing! Hope you have a great weekend!

    • Thank you, dear Maria Celina! I was in Germany in 2006 too! But I only participate – well, not only – at Fifa Fan Fest, so that people from many countries interact! Going to the stadiums alone would scare me a bit. But the Fan fests are great! Hope you have a great weekend!

  6. Denise, I wish I was more adventurous like you:) But I propose to myself to travel more. This year, I want to go to London (as I already told you). And there are some other cities on my list: Istanbul, Venice, Rome, Barcelona, (New York?). I always wanted to go to Italy!!! I hope, I will next year. Love your traveling and that I can be a part of it through your blog. I neglegted your blog (shame on me!) but I have no computer or notebook and I dont read other blogs either, so now I am writing from my office-computer. Hope you are doing fine right now! Send you lots of love xxx

    • Oh, my dear friend, thank you sooo much for your lovely comment! I am really touched, and don’t worry, I know you are busy and it means a lot to me that wow, you checked my blog at work – hope that’s fine! I confess that yes, I’m quite adventurous, I was always this way, since i was a child! And I know you will do everything you want and will enjoy it a lot! Believe it or not, I never went to Barcelona, and aaaaaalways wanted to go, so if you need company, count on me! As well as Istanbul – I told you once! I want to go there for some years! I thank you so much for this beautiful comment!

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