Dresses for the wedding season

Summer is approaching in some places of the globe :) and so, the wedding season, no doubt! For such a special occasion, the bride is the star, of course, but the bridesmaids are, somehow, too. They need to make a nice entrance, in elegant dresses, so that they pave the way for the bride. It all looks so sweet and for the ones who love traditions, like that, please check out TopWedding bridesmaid dresseshttp://www.topwedding.co.uk/bridesmaid-dresses-uk Here are some suggestions on what to wear on such a beautiful occasion! Dresses that will make a good entrance and also, that you, as a bridesmaid, can wear for the whole ceremony and party and still feel beautiful and above all, comfortable. And knowing that the price is excellent – psst! You don’t have to say that, cause these dresses will shine, as they were much more expensive – who doesn’t like good quality for nice, fair pricesYou can wear the dresses for a prom, too! They would be really beautiful on such a special occasion! And as a wedding guest dress, too! For any other important event, as well! Please take a look at my selection!
Green dress

Merrall – strapless A line satin Bridesmaid with pleating dress

As I like dresses that cover the body a bit (more than a bit!) I chose this one that has a beautiful V line neck. I would feel very comfortable wearing it!
I also love embellishments, and this dress, flowing so beautifully with flowers on the shoulder, simply look perfect for me!


They also offer dresses for the mother of the bride, but I tell you, I would love to wear this outfit myself, as well! It’s so distinguished and elegant, with what I like: lace and flowers!


You can order any dress in your size and you can choose the colors! The ones I selected are my taste, but if you liked the style but would like it in another color, no problem! They produce from sizes zero to 34 (UK measures, but they also provide measures used in other countries).  The back of the dress can also be the way you prefer, as they offer zipper, lace up or the way it’s shown in the picture. There are many categories for you to choose, like dresses under $100, quick delivery dresses, plus size dresses, special occasion dresses with little black dresses, so beautiful! Also, you can choose the silhouette, fabric, neckline, hemline,  waist style, embellishments, sleeve style and season. They also have reception favors, accessories – like beautiful necklaces – and offer free shipping and live chat! It’s a brilliant store!

I hope you liked my selection and that you have a week with many smiles!

Thank you for your lovely comments!

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* I was selected for this opportunity by Topswedding UK and the post shows my 100% honest opinions.

23 thoughts on “Dresses for the wedding season

  1. well I don’t think I’ll be getting married any time soon and unfortunately I haven’t got any weddings to attend or been asked to be a bridesmaid but it’s definitely useful to know about this website for the future. I love the dress in the first photograph – the green colour is stunning. You’re right, I think a lot of these dresses would be great for a prom too so you can get dual use out of it or at least pass it on to someone else so youre not wearing it only once.

    • That was a very nice idea, dear Colleen, I didn’t have that idea, but it’s great – to pass the dress on to someone else! I don’t have a sister or a cousin like that, that we could exchange dresses… so it was always that way, only me, but I loved the idea! That green one is so amazing, I would wear it to a fancy restaurant, or a concert in Malvern – I am eager too, in fact! I was a bridesmaid sometimes, but in Germany, so that they have another concept – it was just me, so it was more like a required witness – I signed the official book :) Thank you so much for such a sweet comment, I hope you have a very nice week!

  2. Olá querida Denise

    Acho que nós mulheres ficamos muito elegantes com esses vestidos. Adorei a sua seleção ,está lindíssima, especialmente o azul que é o meu favorito, adoro Chiffon.
    Beijos Denise e uma semana maravilhosa pra você

    • Oi, querida Lilly! Temos gostos parecidos entao, pois eu tambem adoro chiffon! Eh super feminino, na minha opiniao, e vc sempre me parece uma pessoa super doce, entao combina com vc! Espero que vc tenha tambem uma otima semana! Um beijao!

  3. These are seriously gorgeous! The royal blue and grey ones in particular speak to me. I’d love to wear either and could see styling them in a somewhat 40s direction quite easily.

    It’s been ages (many years) since I last attended a wedding. None of my offline friends or family members have tied the knot in ages. Hopefully someone will soon – I really miss attending weddings (I’m a total romantic!).

    Have a wonderful Wednesday,
    ♥ Jessica

    • Hi, dear Jessica! I have the same to say :) Not being a wedding guest for ages :) I think nearly all of my friends are married :) I am waiting for one brother to get married, so I am a “guest of honor” :) Let’s see :) I loved the royal blue, too! It’s, in fact, a color that I like very much and I think it gives so much light to a fair skin. I wish I could wear it now :) I can tell you are romantic, I love your outfits and pictures! I hope you have a very nice day, and thank you so much for the sweet comment!

  4. Awww Denise! I love these dresses. They are so gorgeous. The royal blue and the first one looks amazing. I also find that girl very pretty 😛 Haaha..But seriously, you have got really really good taste my friend 😉 This is an amazing post 😀 Thank you so much Denise ^^

    • Hello, dear Heena, I am the one to thank you for the lovely comment! I love dresses, so these ones too, thought they are for elegant occasions! Today I aw one that I am completely mad about! So different, hippie (that’s my main taste :) Hope you have a very nice rest of the week!

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