Dream trip to Greece

Some lovely blogger-friends told me “waiting for thetrip to Greece post!” –  here it is! In 2012 the lovely Em (please check her blog out, really outstanding!) came to London and we met! She invited me to visit her in her city – Thessaloniki, lovely! 8 days with nice tours, great food, phenomenal views and some shopping too (shown here)! A dream trip!

Some years ago I was in Athens, Igoumenitsa, Corfu, Patras and Corinth. Now Em, her boyfriend and cousin showed me Thessaloniki, Panorama, Thermi, N. Epivates, Perea and Chalkidiki (I loved Skione!) Her mother is, for me, the best cook in the world and Em made melomakarona for me! I ate delicious things I didn’t know, learned more Greek words and saw great churches!

In Thessaloniki, April 12th, 2014

In Thessaloniki, April 12th, 2014

They were so lovely and patient – took so many photos (thanks)! I tried to show some now, not only 3 :) A lot, but the blog is a “diary” and these are my favorite pictures. I could split them into 2 posts, but… no. It’s now. Please bear with me let’s start the tour!

In order to be able to show myself and the amazing landscape, contrarily to my old blog, where I showed many buildings with great architecture, I decided to gather both: nearly every picture has the great Greek views and myself :) Hope you don’t find it boring!

This was the way Em welcomed me! Delicious cupcakes!

This was the way Em welcomed me! Delicious cupcakes!

Look at this amazing place, it was a vision!

Look at this amazing place, it was a vision!

No fringe!

No fringe! The trench coat has a story. I bought a beige and a navy blue one and asked my seamstress in the UK to change the sleeves. I loved the result! Longchamp bag

On the top of one of the city's "postcards", the White Tower. Windy! I love this photo!

On the top of one of the city’s “postcards”, the White Tower. Windy! I love this photo!

Inside the White Tower - it's a great museum!

Inside the White Tower – it’s a great museum!

I went to an incredible place - The Byzantine Culture museum!

An incredible place – The Byzantine Culture museum! Loved the reflex on the glass!

And the shoes many people loved!

And the shoes that many people loved!

Em's friends - check their blogs out, so sweet! Olini, Kleoniki, Maria and Em

Em‘s friends – check their blogs out, so sweet! Olini, Kleoniki, Maria and Em

The wonderful sea!

The wonderful sea!

And the sea again!

And the sea and I again!

What for an amazing place!

What for an amazing place!

Thessaloniki - near here there was a church where St Paul preached. I was so glad I saw the place!

Thessaloniki – St Paul preached in a church near here. I was so glad I saw the place!

At a nice Cafe at the top of the city!

At a nice Cafe with the city view!

A sweet church

A sweet church! And my sweet kitten heels!

St Sophia Basilica - we walked kind of a good and I wore my sweet Tsakiris Mallas ballerinas!

Hagia Sophia, UNESCO World Heritage – we walked kind of a good distance and then I wore my sweet Tsakiris Mallas ballerinas!

The amazing night view of Thessaloniki!

The amazing night view of Thessaloniki!

The trip started in Dublin, then Brussels where I got some beauty products (here) and then Thessaloniki. The return trip was ThessalonikiBrussels, where I got a tour through Charleroi, the third biggest city in Belgium (it was amazing – I was in the country before, but always in Brussels) and then got the Eurostar to London, where I stayed at my friend N.’s before going home to Bewdley.

Charleroi, it was incredibly beautiful!

Charleroi – it was incredibly beautiful! I found the picture funny and liked it!

London, Apr 18 - the Parliament is one of my favorite places and I always take a picture there!

London, Apr 18 – the Parliament is one of my favorite places and I always take a picture there!

And finally Bewdley with its famous bridge! The T-shirt was bought in Greece! The bag is one of my favorite ones, bought in Germany

And finally Bewdley with its famous bridge and the Severn river, the longest in the UK! The T-shirt was bought in Greece! The bag is one of my favorite ones, bought in Germany

When I came back to Dublin, Em and her mother (they are so sweet!) sent me a parcel full of the most delicious items you can imagine!

Delicious!!!! I love Greek food!

Delicious!!!! I love Greek food!

If you can still stand… now my favorite picture!

Isn't it an amazing Greek sunset?

Isn’t it an amazing Greek sunset?

Thank you a lot for your patience :) and lovely comments! They mean so much to me!

Hope you all have a great week with loads of smiles!

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80 thoughts on “Dream trip to Greece

    • Hi, Jackie, believe me, I was just thinking of you, cause every Monday when I post I KNOW you’ll be number 1 without failure! And it was so again! You’re amazing! I’m vegetarian, but Greece has loads of lovely vegetarian dishes, especially during “pre-Easter” (when I was there), according to my friend, and everything was delicious! It was such a great time! Hope you have a great week, Jackie, and thanks a lot for your lovely words, always!

  1. Hi Denise! What an amazing trip and what a wonderful blog friend you have in Em. Those cupcakes look totally delicious and what a welcome!! The wonders of the internet making the world such a small space :). Tracey x

    • Hi, Tracey, so good to see you here again, thank you! Yes, she’s definitely great and a sweet girl above all, so I’m very happy to have known her – it’s more than 3 years now! I felt completely special and they made sure I had such a great time! And yes, the cupcakes were really delicious, I wish I had them right now!

  2. Very beautiful photos! I’m glad you liked your trip to Greece as I am Greek too. And I know Kleoniki’s blog!
    Thank you for the comment on my blog!
    I have followed you in Google+.

    • Hello, welcome!!! And thanks for the sweet comment! Wow, that’s a coincidence! That you know Kleoniki! I always loved Greece, since childhood – history, language, food, friendly and lovely people! So it was a dream time, like my title says! I’ll follow you too, thanks for that!

    • Hello! Thank for your sweet comment! She’s really amazing and you are right, I have amazing blog friends (you as well, I see this way!) I’m so glad about the trip, it was a dream!

    • Thank you so much for the nice comment, S! Wow, 4 times is amazing! That was my second, but I’d love to go there again, who knows! I hope so! Do you plan to go there again? I bet you do, cause 4 times show that you really liked it! And I can understand, because I felt so good there! The cupcakes were a dream, my friend is a cupcake master!

    • Hi, Monica! Thanks for your lovely comment! Wow, I didn’t know about that… (your maiden name), and yes, I do think these things come with us in our DNA! I remember always wishing to go to Greece since I was 8. Then one day – many years later :) – I was in Italy and decided to go there – I’m spontaneous. I got a ship and had a dream trip and got to the Acropolis in Athens – I felt transported to another era. This time it was another city, equally magical and amazing! I always say, and I do believe in that – when we want something so much, we achieve it! I cross my fingers that you go there soon! Sincerely!

  3. Qué lindas fotos!! Te ves muy feliz y bella. Qué buena idea con lo de cambiar las mangas del trench, se ve perfecto!! Tienes una buena modista!
    Me encantaría conocer Grecia, aunque no lo veo muy cerca…Qué lindo que pudiste estar con tu amiga y conocer a esas otras lindas chicas. Un gran viaje y mucha comida jajaja!

    • Hola, querida amiga! Pues si, fue un lindo viaje y las tres otras chicas, junto con mi amiga, son muy simpaticas! Y la comida, una cosa espetacular! La madre de mi amiga es la mejor cocinera que conozco, Dios mio, sensacional! Y fue maravillosa, siempre con platos increibles – claro que subi el peso, no? Claaaro! Pero la bienvenida fue el principal, claro! Mi modista, aqui, es muy buena, verdad! Seguro que un dia vas a visitar ese pais increible!

    • Hello, welcome to the blog and thank you so much for your nice comment! I always say to everybody “when we wish something very very much, the wish comes true!” So I’m sure you will visit the amazing Greece one day!

  4. Oh how lovely!!! What a great place to visit and especially to see a dear blogger friend! You look beautiful as always, your hair is so shiny and lovely! Still lovng those colored brogues!! how long are you in the UK till?x

    • Dear dear Kezzie! Thank you always so much for your lovely words! It was great time and it was great to see my friend again – how internet, is, right? I also miss your concerts and saying hi to you! The brogues were ace, everybody seems to love them! I’m in the UK till the 15th… but alas, that’s the flight… we should meet at Warwick Castle or Worcester Cathedral! XXX

    • Thank you for your lovely comment, you are always lovely! I must confess I’m trying to mix the trips’ posts with some outfits or beauty posts… so next week it’ll be an outfit post… but in a new place :) I always loved travelling, but this year it got a bit “out of control”. I’m sure you visited very nice places and that you will, soon! Again, I loved the comment, thank you!

    • Hola, Elisabeth, muchas gracias por tus palabras tan amables – me siento super halagada! Como tu, tambien yo quise siempre visitar Grecia desde ninia… me fui una vez que estaba en Italia porque pense “estoy mas cercana de Grecia estando en Italia que en Inglaterra! El momento es YA!”, asi que me fui :) Ahora fue una invitacion y la accepte, y me gustaria ir mas veces. Seguro que luego iras, te lo recomiendo, es muy bonito alla! A mi, por ejemplo, me gustaria visitar Creta hace ya unos anios… quizas un dia vaya! Besos! De nuevo, gracias por tus palabras!

  5. Hey Denise! What a great post with photos from your trip to Greece.
    I’ve read your post yesterday but I didn’t have enough time to comment so here I am again.
    I’m so glad you liked your vacation here, and that you took so many beautiful photos to remember Greece. You also know how glad I am that you liked my cupcakes, and everything me and my mom sent you. It was our pleasure sending you these things, as it was having you here with us. I hope it’s not the last time you come to Thessaloniki, and I hope that we’ll have the chance to meet again in the not-so-distant future.
    Thank you so much for mentioning me (and my mom’s cooking, hehe) but why Em, and not M.? Don’t get confused by Facebook’s restrictions that won’t let me use my actual nickname. It’s still Call me M, from the initial of my first name. hehe 😉
    Many kisses and hugs! :)

    • Oh, thank you so much, you can’t imagine how happy I am with your comment! I did take many pictures, of cooourse, but actually the pictures I posted here either you or T or A. took (not Olini, but your cousin, she was a surprise photographer – I know you and T are great photographers, but she surprised me with great pics, too!) I loooved the cupcakes and I wish I had those ones here now :) No joke! And what I told about your mother I told there, here and to everybody! She IS – at least for me – the best cook in the world! I hope too that we meet soon, if possible, and it can be in Thessaloniki if you tolerate me :) I loved the place, it’s magical! Guess what, not many things survived :) from the ones you and your mother sent, all nearly eaten :) But I had an idea and I’ll do that. The first time I was in Greece, I got back home a bottle of Loux and I have it till today, to remember the nice time. Now I got some of the (empty) packs of the delicious things you sent and I’m framing them and putting on a wall in the dining room! So I can always look at them and remember! For EM, I know it was because facebook didn’t allow M, but I found it cool and used it here! Hope you don’t mind! Filakia polla!

    • Hello, thank you so much for such a lovely comment! I did have lots of fun, lots of things I like (museums, sea) and the cupcakes, aaaahh, fantastic, I miss them! Not only because of the taste, but the idea to welcome me!

  6. Omg your shoes! o_O O_o <3 There's always something about your outfits that jumps out at me, grabs hold and just doesn't let go. Haha. So, so awesome. Love the photos! I wish I could visit that part of the world. I actually have an uncle in Cyprus, if you can believe it. 😀 I should find some excuse to go see him. Haha.

    – Anna


    • Hi, Anna, thank you for your sweet words, always! I have to say, the feeling is mutual! Always when I see you, I keep on thinking of something – the hooded denim jacket (my favorite!), the psychedelic print of a dress last week, and always great boots and satchels! And the list goes on! It’s amazing, that you have an uncle in Cyprus and that you can go there; he is enjoying life, I bet – people say it’s a great place! You should definitely visit him – maybe we can meet there :) because I never went there and would love to :)

    • Hi, Anett! Guess what, I am visiting your blog tomorrow, but you were faster with your comment – so, thank you very much for that, it really means a lot to me! I did have loads of fun, you are right! It is a magical place and so friendly people! Food, fashion, culture, friends, all there to enjoy and get happy! I hope I have such a time again soon!

    • Hi, Christy, thank you very much for your lovely comment! The place is really magical, the sunset was fantastic! I wish you have vacations now, as you said! Is it very long till you can have some days off? I hope not! XXX

  7. I was waiting for this!!Seems that you really had a great time here in Greece!!!The Arizona teas are perfect!!I loved the photos of London too!!Your trips are amazing!!Waiting for your next post!!Kisses!!

    • Thank you so much, George, you are always so sweet! You know I love Greece, so I really had a great time, thanks to my friend M – you know her too :) And the nice things she sent to me, because I was so crazy about the Greek sweets and Elies :) in Thessaloniki and Panorama! They were so nice to me – and I put on 1,5kg :) Will visit your blog soon, I’m now re-starting to pack for another trip! Filakia!

    • Thank you so much, Roch and Tash! The cakes were delicious and I was so touched by them, with Welcome written on them, each cake a letter… what for a beautiful idea! The views were fabulous, what for a great country! Thank you again for the lovely words, they do mean a lot to me! I hope you are OK too! Kisses!

    • Hi, Kleoniki, and thanks for the lovely comment! I did have a great time there! And it was so nice to have known you! Hope you have a great day! Will “visit” you on the weekend – I’m packing again now… Filakia!

    • Hi, Maria, and thank you so much for your sweet comment! I enjoyed the time a looot and the Greek food, oh my word, heaven! I put on weight, you know? 1,5 kg in 8 days :) 1 kg I have already lost… but I now keep on eating Greek food, so… it’ll take some time to lose the rest! I also hope we meet again soon! It was a magical time for me in Thessaloniki! Filia!

    • Hi, Jasna! So good to see you here, thank you so much for the nice comment! Ah, hehe, I am always thinking “wow, party, events, how amazing” what you do! But I must say, this was really a great time! Hope you have a great week, dear Jasna! XXX

    • Hello, welcome! What for a lovely comment, thank you! The place was (and is!) truly amazing and the food too! I would love to be there again, now! :) I love to get comments, so to get to know amazing blogs like yours – I have just taken a look at the “GJ dress” and will read it in a better way now! XXX

    • Hi, welcome! Thanks for so lovely words! I did have lots of fun there, such a nice place and my friend is so welcoming! I tried my best to be comfortable during the trip – I know some of the clothes were Okish, some a bit better. But I am so into shoes, you are right! Thanks for the compliment! I hope you have a great weekend!

    • Pues me escribiste en ingles :) bueno, a mi me gusta tambien! Desde chiquilla siempre me encanto viajar, asi que cuando estoy de viaje me siento mas “yo misma” :) Gracias por tus siempre dulces palabras, son siempre importantes para mi – y ahora, eres super famosa! Te felicito de nuevo! Besitos!

  8. yay, I was really happy to see that post! especially now when my own Crete memories are still quite fresh and I’m still working on all those posts about our trip (I’m really really slow with it though…). anyway, it was interesting to learn some new names and see some sights I hadn’t even heard about. I can really see how much you loved your trip since you look extremely happy :) and wow, all those delicious goodies your friend sent you! 😛 such an amazing gift I think. we also brought some eatable goodies with us and I will definitely show those via my blog in a future post. most of them are different herbs and spices and teas, things they don’t sell here in Estonia or when they do it’s very expensive. by the way, I already miss Crete :) oh and a new post about the trip is up now! take care, Denise, and enjoy the weekend!

    Maikeni blogi – part of me

    • Hi, dear Maiken! I always love your comments, thank you so much for that – they are always so sweet! Oh yes, I loved the trip, I was really happy, you are right! And I also didn’t know many of the names and places they took me to – Chalkidiki is famous among English people, since it’s a popular holiday target, but Perea, Thermi, that lovely place in Chalkidiki called Skione – I had no idea of them, and I loved all! I’m sure I know nothing about the region :) and I’d love to learn! Yes, my friend and her mother are so sweet, they sent me amaaazing things, I loved all of them! So much, that she sent to Dublin and I now brought some with me to England! You did it well, it’s good to bring things that we like and that our places don’t offer! I believe you miss Crete now! Cause I miss Panaorama too! Guess what, I was going to “visit” you yesterday, but was packing for another trip, which has finished some hours ago – and now I’m so knackered that I promise I’ll read your post tomorrow! I like to comment calmly! Again, thank you so much for this sweet comment!

    • Hi, Rebecca, thank you so much for your lovely comment! It was really a sweet trip, and I was so mesmerized and touched when I saw the cupcakes! It’s lovely, isn’t it? I was so amazed – and they were delicious! To tell you the truth, I would love to have at least one now – I love sweets and those ones were special! The girls were (and are) so cool! I really felt so good and welcome there! Hope you are fine and again, thank you for the sweet comment!

  9. Que lindo que la pasate! Y que bendicion poder viajar, los lugares se ven hermosos. Me encanto tu chaqueta que le cambiaste las mangas. Yo he hecho lo mismo tambien jejeje..se ve que compartimos similares estilos/ideas :)
    Besitos y sigue asi linda y sonriente
    pd: Espero te guste el ultimo post que subi
    – Elsey

    • Hola, Elsey, que bueno que tenemos ideas similares, pues claro! Quiero ver la chaqueta, que color es? Que bonitas palabras tienes para mi, siempre, muchas gracias, eres hermosa y muy, muy amable! Me encanta saber que compartimos esas ideas similares, jeje! Pues claro que voy a leer tu post, maniana si no te molesta, pues son mas de las 11 de la noche y hoy fue un dia lleno!!! Besos y hasta maniana! Gracias por todo, eres super amable!

      • jejeje pues puedes visitar a cualquier momento, ya sabes que eres muy bienvenida :)
        He sacado las mangas de un par de chaquetitas y las hice chalecos asi puedo usar cualquier tipo de mangas jiji..Este es uno de ellos>> http://tinyurl.com/o8t8ckv
        (https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.150207378465362.35750.150181945134572&type=3 <<Este es link del album de las manualidades que tengo en el facebook del blog por si quieres chequearlos)
        Empese a coser nuevas mangas a un blazer beige, pero no lo termine.Maybe para el proximo fall, por aqui estamos de primavera y casi verano. Si, es bueno compartir gustos similares, es divertido y lindo!
        Que tengas un hermoso fin de semana

        • Gracias por este nuevo comment, con el chalequito, es una idea maravillosa! Voy a hace uno, gracias por la idea, te lo agradezco de nuevo! Como tienes talento, es maravilloso hacer lo que te gusta! A mi me gusta coser tambien, pero como no estoy cercana de mis herramientas :) solo voy a coser de nuevo en un par de meses. Pues asi que visite a tu blog con el nuevo post de nuevo voy a chequear las manualidades en tu facebook y te voy a seguir :) siempre pienso en hacer eso, y despues termino por decir “ah, esta semana me olvide… la otra” y la otra nunca llega :) la verdad es que quiero estar en mi hogar con mis cosas y paz y ahi hacer lo que me propuse con tiempo y “buena cabeza”. Casi verano ahora? Bueno, aqui tambien! Sol, calor, te lo digo… a mi me gusta mas el invierno o otonio :) Hice tanta cosa ayer que mis brazos duelen hoy… pero que te voy a vistar, eso si! Un beso!!! Que lindo comment me escribiste!

    • Hi, thank you for all the beautiful words! I am sure you will go there – when we want something really very much it soon turns into reality! Yes, they have amazing buildings and the beaches, just like you said, wow, heaven! Thanks for the “shoes” – I believe you are talking about the brogues, right? It was such a surprise – everybody seems to like them, I am glad I bought these brogues, then! Hope you have a beautiful weekend!

  10. Hi Denise, you make me wish I could visit Greece now, it looks amazing! So exciting that you visited there and how wonderful of Em to host you! The cupcakes are the sweetest idea. Love those jazzy shoes and these photos display a trip of a lifetime!

    • Hi, Sam, thank you so much for these amazing words! It was a trip of a lifetime, for sure! And the cupcakes were such a wonderful idea, I felt so touched! She is brilliant, for sure! And a very good hostess! Her mother as well! The shoes, I am saying to everybody, such a great buy! I didn’t know whether to choose beige and brown, more traditional, or the red/blue ones… as you know I love red, I chose them and now everybody says they love them! Wow! Hope you have a great weekend and for sure one day you will visit that amazing country!

    • Hi, Simera! Thank you so much for the nice comment! It’s a beautiful place, indeed! I’m sure you’ll visit it one day! When we really wish something, the wish turns into reality!

    • Hi, dear Sam, the feeling is mutual! I don’t think I all what you said, but it’s nice to read these beautiful words! I try to be decent and correct, although I think I don’t succeed many times. But maybe one day! And thank you for your always sweet thoughts and comments!

  11. Hi Denise! How are you? :) I love the photos from your trip in Greece especially the last one with the sunset. It looks so relaxing and peaceful. I always enjoy visiting your blog. Reading your post is a constant reminder that I should travel and get rid of all the stressful things in life. Haha! You’ve been to a lot of beautiful and stunning places. <3 Btw, I love your coat, shoes and Long Champ Bag. :) I haven't tried Greek food yet. How was it? I saw 2 bottles of Arizona from your photos. I like that drink, too.

    Have a nice weekend. :)

    x, shekinahjoy.com
    Bloglovin | Facebook

    • Hello, dear Shekinah! I always love your comments! Right now I’m in the middle of packing to leave in 8 days… that’s why I couldn’t visit your blog this week, but I will soon – cause I also love your posts! I think you are right that you should travel if you want, of course! Cause if someone doesn’t like to travel – and I know some people this way – they are also welcome to do what pleases them! But as I said – I am sure you will travel when you want! I did know nice places, it’s true, but I’m sure you do too! For example, I never went to your country and I think it must be fantastic! It seems I had a good idea about the trench coat – I got some comments about it! Ah, the Arizona tea, believe it or not, I didn’t know! It was my friend who “introduced” it to me, I loved it! Hope you have a great weekend too! Enjoy and relax!

    • Hi, Jenny, thank you so much for the sweet comment! I’m so glad you liked the post! I had fun writing and choosing the pictures to post, as it was such a great time there! I have to apologize for just writing quick sentences and “likes”, because I’m packing again and this time a lot, for the next trip… in 6 days! It’s Rio this time. A massive adventure, so I have to pack carefully, not to miss anything important! But I’ll “visit” you this week! Again, thanks for the always sweet visit!

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