Double braids

Double braids as this post’s name, but it could also be “Choose a cat” :) You’ll see why :)

Pearl necklace and pendant, my design made by Julie Reen

Pearl necklace and pendant, my design together with Julie Reen, who made it. Lipstick, Givenchy

Two weeks ago, because I love braids (who doesn’t?) and also, to test new hairstyles, I thought about the new trend, the now famous “Boxer braids“. Somehow I don’t feel comfortable to wear, now, two “detached” braids, or whatever they are called, so I opted for these two side braids :) But that was two weeks ago, as I said – who knows if I will change my mind and wear the trend some time :)

The bell sleeve trend is here anyway :) I don’t follow trends; I wear bell sleeves for decades. It seems that the cats liked the outfit – they’re not mine, but I like them and love when they are around!

Always with my beloved vest (my design) and Indian skirt. Top, Colcci.  The cat is Pearl

Always with my beloved vest (my design) and Indian skirt. Top, Colcci. The cat is Pearl

This is Pepe, such a sweet cat!

This is Pepe, such a sweet cat! Bangles, gifted; Ring, made and gifted by Julie Reen

I looove this picture, with Pearl, the cat

I love this picture, with Pearl, the cat! I was really tying my shoes up, in 3 seconds the 2 cats arrived!

Louis Vuitton bag

Louis Vuitton bag – old, I bought it 10 years ago!


Shoes, Coco Milano

In love with these lipstiicks/glosses. I even gave a box to a friend of mine, she loved them, too! I am wearing #6, Lilac Confession

In love with these Givenchy lipsticks/glosses. I got 2 boxes, one for a friend of mine – she loved them, too! I am wearing #6, Lilac Confession


Positive words

Wishing you a nice week with smiles! Thanks for the sweet comments!

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68 thoughts on “Double braids

    • Grazie tanti, carinissima S.! Ma anche io ho capelli mossi, ma con un hair straightener :) prima delle trecce, puo fare le trecce :) So bene che e dificile aver capelli cosi, e quando piove e peggiore – mi chiamano Re Leone :) hahahaha! Grazie tanti per le dolce parole, carina! Baci!

  1. Hello Denise! :) Like always, you’re so cheerful and happy and when I look at your photos, I always keep smiling, because you’re such wonderful person, dear :) What’s more, I love your outfit with your new hairstyle, I think that those adorable cats adored it too ;D (btw, I’m huge fan of cats as well!) Moreover, I love your new lip glosses from Givenchy – they have beautiful colors and glad to know that your friend was also pleased with them as well. Have a divine and relaxing evening, my dear friend :)

  2. Liebe Denise, die Katzen lieben Deine reine Seele – sie merken sofort, dass Du sie hast und kommen deswegen zu Dir! So süße Fotos, ich bin ganz verzaubert und begeistert. Auch von Deinem tollen Outft, Du bist Deiner Zeit wirklich voraus, dass Du schon seit Ewigkeiten Glückenärmel trägst :) Die zwei Zöpfe gefallen mir auch! Danke für diesen herzerwärmenden Post <3
    Alles Liebe aus Bayern von Rena

  3. I’m a fan of braids! Different kinds of braids with my butt length hair, except this one cos I haven’t tried doing it yet. Will definitely give this a try, thanks for the inspo, Denise!
    God bless and take care!

  4. Wow, those braids look so lovely on you, hun! You look gorgeous. :) I adore your outfit and honestly, that handbag doesn’t look 10 years old at all – it looks super new and is so stylish, I adore it! Also, bonus points for cats in your pics, haha. :) They’re so cute and seem to like your outfit, for sure! <3


  5. I have been braiding my hair too but just two on each side of my hair and then tie them back so my husband calls it the Pocahontas hair. LOL! You look great with two braids, Denise and I hope you try the boxer braid, who knows, maybe you’ll love it!

    • Hi, dear Elle! Thank you for your lovely comment! Nooo, it’s not crazy! These cats are not mine, I don’t hold them, but I like them – also, because I know the owner. So I allow them to come closer :) Hope you have great holidays!

  6. Incredibly inspiring, as usual. It is SO nice to be back on your blog, I can’t tell you how much I have missed you and your posts. You were the only one from this entire beautiful community to check in on me, and it means a lot. The braids look fantastic on you.. Since I chopped 8inches off my hair (not sure if you can tell from my post) I will have to wait for it to grow out again.. Thanks for the inspiration 😉


  7. My mom used to do braids in my hair when I was a little girl so it seems strange for me to think about braids now but they do look very pretty and yours look pretty too – I cant braid hair at all. I try not to follow trends but some trends I really love so I have to buy them. I do love the bell sleeve trend but I haven’t found ones I like yet – I like your short sleeve version.

    Thank you for your message on Facebook and that’s absolutely fantastic news Denise. I’m really pleased for you and I’m not surprised you are feeling good especially since you are not being overly strict with yourself, you’re just monitoring what you do more carefully. That certainly makes it more realistic! Good luck with your ongoing efforts!

  8. Hola hermosa! Me encanta el peinado del post de hoy! Son fanática de las trenzas aunque sólo hacer una, jaja) y tu doble trenza está divina! El outfit de hoy te queda hermoso, la falda es única y amo cómo combinaste los zapatos y la cartera. Los gatitos de la foto se robaron mi corazón, soy una amante de los gatos así que esto fue como un bonus en el post, jaja. 😉
    Por cierto, te invito a que pases por mi último post por que hay una pequeña sorpresita dedicada a vos… :)


  9. Loving the side braids Denise. I used to wear my hair in plaits. A single plait at the back, and sometimes two plaits, one each side. It’s a very feminine look and it suits you enormously. Those cats, they’re gorgeous. Are they yours? How funny that they should both develop an attractionion to your outfit. Not funny as in ‘haha’, just funny that both cats should behave in the same way around that particular outfit. Now those Coco Milano shoes. Gorgeous!! Those heels look pretty high!! :) Hugs and kisses my lovely friend. Tx

  10. Hello my dear Denise, you look so so pretty with the braids and that colorful OOTD. Love it. Your cats are adorable, and Pepe is such a beauty, wow! Hope you are doing well, girl. I know I am a bit late, yeah what else is new 😉 OK…the never ending story, lol, by now I am absolute sure the renovation will never end. There is so much to do and I constantly have new ideas. I think that’s the greatest problem, coming up always with something new, hahaha. The second reason is of course money. It already had and will cost a lot of money, so remortgaging, dipping into the savings. When I bought the house a couple of years ago I did nothing but repainting and re papering the walls, tho. Now I think the time has come to turn it into my dream home. It’s a big house, Denise and that means there’s a lot to consider and of course a lot to do. So it really is a huge project and it will take time. Probably as much as two years. At least I hope it will be done by the end of ’17 And how is your renovation going? Oh btw Denise I would love to know how you do thse gorgeous traveling trips? Do you just book a flight and a car? I wouldn’t know how to do such a thing but I would love to do just what you did, once I could spare the money instead of putting it into the house that is, hahaha. OK already written a book, so happy Sunday, doll.

  11. Such a fantastic boho-ethnic-just plain cool ensemble, dear Denise. Your braids are terrific, too. Your beautiful smile just lights up these photos like fireworks – isn’t that, after all, the best accessory one can add to any ensemble?

    Big hugs & many sincere thanks for all of your terrific recent blog comments,
    ♥ Jessica

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