Discover the Rainbow of Humanity

Discover the Rainbow of Humanity through Humanae, a project by artist Angelica Dass. It is brilliant, in my opinion!


Many people think that “weare different. We may be, but not completely. First of all, we ALL “came” from Africa – yes, ALL means ALL. We are ALL the same. We ALL have the same rights. The beauty of human skin is amazing. EVERY human skin, every color. The artist photographed thousands of people around the world, to show that humanity is far more diverse than just plain black or white, recording as many skin tones as possible.

Source here

Source here

The Daily Mail says that the artist “extracts an 11-by-11 pixel from the volunteer’s face, matches it with a corresponding Pantone color and uses it as the background of the photo”.  And it seems that each of us has a unique color – very very seldom we will find someone with the exact tone. Isn’t it amazing? And then, why there’s still racism?

On a personal note about colors, I used to know a person who was such a racist! This kind of “friendship” doesn’t suit me. I had a “sunburn accident” once and even though I have fair skin (not that I care about it), she told me “Impossible. You’re not that white. I’m the one who has white skin”, always pointing it out to many people (I saw it happening many times, like a trophy) – I really can’t understand that attitude, I was shocked. Well, who cares about being ANY color? Not me. I once read that wearing darker makeup is good to look friendlier, and because of anaemia (I repeat, not serious) people always told me “you look like a sick ghost” – I never got to know healthy ghosts, anyway :) So two shades darker makeup helps a lot to look healthier :) So what difference does it make if someone is orange, purple, fuchsia or grey??? What does it matter? I was bullied for months because of the “levels of whiteness”, no joke, horrible. I won’t compromise on that, like “that person is a racist, but so sweet!” No. A racist is never sweet. I totally dislike racists.

The video below is worth watching! It’s short :) And here is another video with the artist, saying so meaningful things, also super worth, in my humble opinion.


On the weekends, after having a busy, exhausting week – like everybody else – I travel to discover new cities and art-architecture exhibitions. This one was really so beautiful!

Bracelet from Indonesia, gifted

Bracelet from Indonesia, gifted

Nail art of the week :) and blue winged heart ring

Nail art of the week :) and blue winged heart ring

Electric Gypsy skirt, top

Electric Gypsy skirt, top Amphora


Such a great old building!

Such a great old building!


There is a lace skirt underneath

There is a lace skirt underneath

Beautiful batik print

Beautiful batik print

Lace skirt underneath

Lace skirt underneath


Crystal heel shoes, Asos

Velvet crystal heeled shoes, Asos


Finishing Touch and Mood of the Week


Wishing you a beautiful week with many smiles! Thanks for the sweet comments!

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56 thoughts on “Discover the Rainbow of Humanity

  1. What an interesting project. Discover the Rainbow of Humanity is just beautiful. Thank you for sharing! And oh my word, I can’t believe your friend would actually say things like that. I don’t believe I’ve ever met anyone quite that prejudiced – wow. You’re such a beautiful person inside and out, Denise! :) Always love your posts and your ootds (love today’s outfit too)!


  2. Olá
    Bem interessante esta analogia das cores das pessoas.
    Na minha infância eu deveria ter uns 9 anos até uns 12 anos na escola eu sempre achava que eu era a mais escurinha da turma, não sei porque talvez por ouvir alguém falar.
    Depois já a partir dos 26 anos passei a adorar minha cor.
    Quando me casei aos 31 anos sofri rejeição pela família alemã do meu marido ( pra eles eu era negrinha) , apesar de ficar surpresa com o preconceito não me preocupei porque descobri que na verdade eles deveriam achar a cor morena bonita , fato é que se tostavam muito na praia ahaha.
    Acho lindo cores em tudo a diversidade me atrai muito.Não existe nada mais adorável do que roupa colorida, unhas coloridas ( amo cores fortes) Talvez pela minha origem que certamente é africana, meu pai era negro e imagine minha mãe espanhola.
    Gosto das cores.. elas seduzem nossos olhos..
    Bjos e excelente semana.

  3. Hai proprio ragione sai, cara Denise?
    Anche io odio il razzismo e non sopporto le persone razziste! E’ una cosa così stupida!
    Sarà che ho sempre avuto tanti amici di altre nazionalità (quindi praticamente di tutti i colori) e sinceramente non mi è mai importato niente di che colore fosse la loro pelle!
    Certo però che se tutti fossimo dello stesso colore sarebbe facilissimo trovare il fondotinta, io non riesco mai ad indovinare la sfumatura giusta (non che lo usi molto, alla fine, mi serve solo per coprire le lentiggini quando mi vengono)!^^
    Per finire: bellissimo il tuo look, davvero originale, quella gonna e quelle scarpe sono stupende!
    Sei una principessa bohemienne tu! 😀
    Buona settimana!

  4. I love the idea of that project.

    Your boho outfit is wonderful!

    I also looked at those shoes. You have the best taste in shoes!

    Wishing you a week filled with happiness!


  5. I’m always amazed by skin. It’s the biggest organ we have, and it heals itself. We can’t regrow ears and limbs, but if you get a cut within seven days, new skin regenerates, to me that pretty darn incredible. I love this human Pantone study. In art school we were taught to see the underlying colors in people skins, lots of people have green and blue undertones, it’s amazing. Loving your spring nails Denise. Your Batik Print skirt is gorgeous. Have a great week my friend. :)

  6. You would think in year 2017 racism would be dead, obsolete but nope, shockingly it’s stronger than ever. I don’t know what I can do to change the world, frankly it’s impossible so I’m starting it from home. Hopefully my boys will grow up with the best attitudes, change should start from home.

  7. Liebe Denise, wie schön Du wieder aussiehst! Und ich bin verliebt in Deinen Rock mit der Spitze darunter, genauso wie in den Rest Deines Outfits. Die Schuhe sind auch ein Traum <3 Ich kann es nicht glauben, wie rassistisch diese Person war, die in Deinem Umfeld war. Ich habe noch nie über die Hautfarbe nachgedacht, finde es jedoch faszinierend, dass offenbar kein Mensch genau die gleiche Hautfarbe hat. Ja, wir sind alle verschieden – und doch gleich. Danke für diesen wunderbaren Post!
    Alles Liebe von Rena

  8. Of course I agree, we are all amazing, regardless of color we have the same rights and feelings. Great concept with these photos!
    I dislike racist too, I can’t understand how some people can judge someone due to his skin color!
    I like your ootd, that skirt is fantastic and also the nails and bracelet look perfect!
    Beautiful look!:)

    Have a nice day:)


  9. I know about the project by Angelica Dass. I’d never understood racism and never will. It is sad to say but it’s growing instead of going away. Denise, you look so so beautiful today, love the complete look, and those shoez…….awwww, cute cute cute. One of these days I come and steal your nails, hahaha, another beautiful and unique nail design. love it!! Hope the week will be a bliss, girl. Same here, busy, busy busy, wish the day would have at least 48h hahaha.

  10. This is such a beautiful post! The way I see it, I don’t see people by the color of their skin. I basically see and feel their souls. I stay away from the ones with ugly, hateful souls. I tend to connect with those with beautiful loving souls.

  11. Wow, what a cool project! I hadn’t heard about it, thanks for sharing it! I think it’s fascinating to learn more about how people have moved around the globe. It’s so interesting to think that you’re absolutely right, we all started out from the same place. And believe me, when it comes to white ghost, we here in the great North win all playful competitions with the amount of daylight we have in wintertime!
    Thank you for your kind comments on my blog, I really appreciate them :)

    E from Helsinki, Finland

  12. Hi Denise! I haven’t seen nowhere this project before and I’m glad that I found it on your blog. I totally agree with you – each shade of skin is beautiful in itself, so there are nothing something like “someone’s whiter or darker”. I believe that we’re the same too and we should accept this fact, so (for example) I don’t understand why somebody want to “be whiter” or have the most advanced “level of whiteness” to feel better (I’ve read that women in Korea or so use special products, which help their skin to stay whiter) and I don’t understand someone, who, just like your “ex-friend” is mad about these issues about which I’ve mentined before (because it sounds like purity of class, which was devised by Hitler – I always think that our society is going ahead, not backwards!). Thank you that you shared with this beautiful project and your well-written post, Denise.
    What about outfit, like always you look so pretty, I love your shoes <3

    Hope you're having lovely evening, dear friend and thank you for your last comment, it means a lot to me! :)

  13. Hey Denise!!!
    Im so sorry I havent been to your blog in a while! I barely have time to sleep and when I do get a chance I post on my blog, minimally. Maybe bloglovin isnt seeing my posts? I’ll have to check on blogloving when i get a chance, and I’ll have to come to your blog more often. sorry about that! I love your outfit here, looking beautiful as always, and i love your nail art! so pretty! Ive started using nail wraps and they are so handy and pretty! Also love the quote- leave whatever doesnt grow you behind! hope you are doing well dear friend, I’ll keep in better touch! thanks for all your constant support! <3 <3 xoxoxo

  14. Ma è assurdo che ci siano ancora discriminazioni per il colore della pelle! Non conoscevo il progetto di Angelica Dass, è interessante!
    La tua gonna è davvero bellissima, Denise! Sono molto graziose anche le scarpe e, come sempre, io adoro la tua nail art :-)
    Ciao Miss Sorriso :-), un bacio
    Paola ♡

  15. This is such a wonderful project but it is so sad that racism still exists in today’s society. I do hope that one day there will be no such thing as you are completely right in what you say, we are all the same! :) x

  16. Racism is a very stupid thing. I believe there are several works like this that show that skin color is not a relevant feature of the human being but they are all useless because it is the stupidity that makes some people racist. I hate racists, too. I can not live with someone racist. Congratulations on the post and a lovely weekend for you.

  17. Denise,
    You always highlight something inspiring and this project is that wonderful thing! What a fascinating concept and perfect for today’s world where sadly racism is more on display . I agree so wholeheartedly, it is a hateful concept , racism. We need to heal and come together, and celebrate each others wonderful differences.
    Love your batik skirt and floral blouse, and the heels of those shoes!
    Have a great week!
    xx, Elle

  18. Wow this was such a interesting and beautiful video, I hate racism, I honestly dont see any difference in colour at all, its so sad … on a brighter note your nails look amazing hun! Hope you are having a fabulous week mwah xx

  19. I’m so glad you posted this!! Colour of skin doesn’t matter to me one bit, I am actually always jealous of people with darker skin than my own because I’m so pale. Every single one of us is unique and I never see the skin colour of a person, I see the personality of a person. Lovely outfit, Denise!

    Raindrops of Sapphire

  20. This feminine outfit is absolutely perfect. Well, I’m sure you know these kind of looks are just my cup of tea. I love the colour of this outfit. SO perfect for Spring!

    You look absolutely stunning! You always look radiant dear!

    As someone who is a hobby artist, I’m absolutely fascinated by all the different shades of human skin. I think it is fabulous that there are so many of them…it is a blessing as far as I’m concerned ! Variety of human facial features is another blessing we should be thankful for. Beauty is all about diversity.

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